Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop (2021 Review)

the acer aspire 5-slim laptop delivers
on every aspect of everyday computing
housing the amd ryzen 3 mobile processor
this laptop can tackle any job no matter
how complex and it’s budget-friendly too
let’s take a deep look to see why this
laptop is a highly sought after budget
laptop for this laptop’s latest price
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okay let’s get started
starting with the design the acer aspire
5 looks like its premium rival the
macbook pro
it has a light sleek and understated
design that makes it pleasing to the eye
without being too flashy
the aluminum lid looks great when closed
and it is held firmly against the
chassis by its ultra smooth surface
as you open it the first thing you
notice is the minimal black bezel
surrounding the display
the laptop dimension is 14.3 by 9.7
inches with a thickness of 0.7 inches
the device weighs 3.6 pounds in total
which makes it perfect for carrying
around the house and easy to take on a
school trip under the hood it packs a
significant punch with amd ryzen 3
processor 4 gigabytes ram 128 gigabytes
ssd and integrated vega 3 graphics

the 15.6 inches 1080p display is a
little dim but brighter than rivals such
as the asus vivobook 15. the screen is
suitable for night work but very bright
light may make the screen a little
the acer aspire 5 slim laptop is a
comfortable device to watch movies and
surf the web but if you’re interested in
photo editing and media creation you may
need a more vivid color display on an
external monitor
the aspire 5’s chiclet keyboard is full
size has a number pad on the right side
for seamless data entry
the keyboard is comfortable enough for
typing and going by the massive build
small hands will find this keyboard even
more comfortable for multitasking you
can use it in a dark room thanks to the
subtle backlighting just like you have
on apple’s macbook laptops
for the touchpad acer strives to give
the trackpad the same aluminum finish as
the chassis
there’s a fingerprint reader embedded
into the touchpad but you might have to
turn off the multi-touch gestures as the
touch drag mechanism can be too fussy to
use surprisingly there’s a function key
that turns off the trackpad especially
when you’re in serious typing sessions
coming to the ports it has excellent
port selection
you’re getting two usb 3.2 ports one usb
2.0 port and a single usb-c port for
your modern devices there’s also an
ethernet port for hardwiring an hdmi
port for an external display a
kensington lock connector and a standard
headphone jack
wireless connectivity comes via wi-fi 6.
the acer aspire 5 slim laptop is an
excellent laptop for catching up on the
latest content it has down facing stereo
speakers that are decently bassy
i prefer to listen to music while the
laptop was perched on a table as
cradling it in your lap can muffle the
the 720p webcams sits atop the display
it serves its purpose when skyping in
with your boss for a quick check-in or
to say hello to a friend but it’s
unimpressive otherwise
you’ll need an external webcam for
anything professional when it comes to
performance our reviewed laptop features
amd ryzen 3 processor 4 gigabytes ram
128 gigabytes ssd and integrated viega 3
graphics card
this configuration no doubt has enough
power to deliver on most day-to-day
the ryzen preprocessor can handle chrome
spotify and firefox all running
most people will find the acer aspire 5
to provide perfectly acceptable
performance for all but the most
demanding processor-based tasks
unless you’re buying for complex tasks
the aspire 5 slim laptop is a reasonable
choice in terms of performance
everyday tasks like browsing the
internet streaming media editing photos
and videos will work like a charm
considering that it uses an integrated
video card you won’t be playing modern
games here
latest triple-a releases will not render
properly and everything will likely
stutter if you need a budget gaming
laptop we recommend the asus tuffy 15 a
budget gaming laptop with a 240hz screen
and a dedicated nvidia geforce 3000
series graphics card you can check out
our full review at the top right corner
as for the thermals while downloading
apps and streaming in google chrome the
acer aspire 5 tugged along without
feeling too hot to handle
when i test ran a full screen hd video
for 15 minutes the aspire 5 measured on
average 71 degrees fahrenheit which is
quite comfortable compared to the 95
degree comfort threshold at its hottest
point on the keyboard between the g and
h keys it read at 86 degrees
the system certainly does its best to
handle heat output but the fans come on
so often and are so loud that it was
sometimes hard to hear dialogue or music
without turning up the volume as for the
battery the acer aspire 5’s battery is a
better performer as compared to last
year’s model that had an underwhelming
acer claims that it will last eight
hours on a single charge but in real
life use you’re getting just under seven
hours which isn’t bad at all
the pros are decent performance good
build quality and well priced
as for the cons the only issue i noticed
is the dim display
overall if you’re looking for an
affordable laptop to stay docked all the
time you’re getting a good deal with the
acer aspire 5.
the capable middle of the line ryzen 3
processor and the integrated graphics
card can handle the work you need to get
done and while the trackpad takes some
time to get used to the comfortable
full-size keyboard makes tech enjoyable
however if you’re looking for more power
longer battery life and a better screen
the hp pavilion 15 2021 edition is a
great choice
you can check out the full review at the
usual spot top right corner it costs
slightly more than the acer but you also
get the added benefit of a sleek design
and more power
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