Activewear Review: Men's Bandon Pine Polo #6545 & Men's Bandon Navy Polo #6546

Hey Zyia family how’s it going Brandon here in 
another one of this week’s new launches right  
now I’m wearing the men’s Bandon Navy polo we’re 
also coming out with this in a green color but  
really kind of a fun new design on here as you can 
tell got the nice stripes going all over with the  
blue and the white mixed in another cool feature 
you can see when you see it in person there’s  
thousands of little ventilation cuts 
here so the shirt is super lightweight  
super breathable but really has a nice look to 
it you got the nice embroidered triple Z here of  
course you have the moon on the back got the two 
buttons here going up to the collar so really is  
a nice shirt it’s going to be great for anything 
that you want to make sure you stay cool while  
still looking classy but like always 
I’m 5’7 I’m 165 and I’m wearing a medium  
which is my true to size and that’s a really 
nice fit on it so hopefully you guys love it

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