ADB AppControl 1.7. New tools and tweaks. Update Review. EN Subtitles.

Welcome to update 1.7!
and now I’m going to show you something interesting 🙂
such as this new RAM usage indicator
The more free memory you have, the better your device performs
but the best part is here 🙂
I’ve added a lot of new useful tools
here you can find information about the device
such as serial number or processor architecture (ABI)
and this is how the screenshots work now.
really nice
and this button will allow you to run scrcpy
Scrcpy is an application that allows you to control the screen of your device
To install it just follow the instructions
Download it from the developer page on github
Many thanks to Genymobile, the developer of scrcpy – he does an amazing job!
just download the archive and select it in the program window
all ready to go.
Use your mouse to control the device
these buttons work, too.
you can even try to turn on the camera
Sometimes you need to hide the icons in the status bar
select the icons you want to hide
I’ll hide the clock, and the vpn key and the wifi icons.
and it’s even easier to get it all back.
changing the screen

resolution can be very useful
lower resolution will reduce battery consumption
and increase fps in games
scrcpy will have to be restarted 🙁
as you can see the resolution has changed, but the text is too big
we’ll fix that by lowering the pixel density
Now it’s okay.
and getting things back to the way they were is just as easy
Select the appropriate resolution and pixel density for your device yourself
By the way, the reboot button is now here.
I started working on adding fastboot to my program
If you need fastboot you can use this console with the quick commands
for today, that’s all
thanks for watching!

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