Hello people, how are you doing?
Hope you are well!
As you may have seen in the title of the video, today we’re going to review the Adidas Adizero Boston 9
And we are going to see them a little bit on the treadmill
To see how they respond at different speeds.
I have the Signal Pink / Core Black / Copper Metallic colorway
Uh well, it’s basically pink with black, and some details in copper
They are sneakers that were released in early 2020
I didn’t want to miss this video, but soon the new model will be released
We will see if they are called Boston 10 or if they change the name
Some basic data for you to know
They have a drop of 10 millimeters, the surface to which they are oriented is the asphalt
The ideal pace, I think… under 4:40 / 4:30 minutes per kilometer
They have an average weight… it can vary with the size, an average weight of 238 grams.
They are neutral, and totally mixed use
Super versatile
Distances: both in training and competitions… short, they can be used in track, 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon.
Some things regarding the technology

the outsole we find Continental rubber…
All those who have Adidas shoes know what I’m talking about… it’s unbeatable.
The truth is that… on wet asphalt they never fail
The midsole combines two materials
Boost, the star of the brand, very cushioned, and with a perfect energy return
And Light Strike which is an EVA that seeks to make the shoe lighter and softer / smoother
The upper is a mesh of various fabrics, very breathable, virtually transparent
The fit of the shoe is perfect, you can put on and take off very easily, the tongue is very wide
If you loosen the laces a little bit you will be able to put them on and take them off without any issue
I’ve had them since about November last year
And I’ve used them for long-distance training, speed training on the track, intervals, tempos, fartleks… and even races
If I had to compare it with a model of another brand, I would say the Pegasus
With one difference, let’s start from the premise that both are mixed, super versatile…
But I would use the Pegasus more for slower paces
While the Boston would be used more for when the conditions or training requires faster paces
I would use the Pegasus for a long run of 18-20 kilometers starting at 5:15min/km and increasing the speed progressively
On the other hand, if I had to run at 5:15, 5:10, 5:05 with the Bostons … I’d rather not use them and choose another model.
It’s the first time I use the Boston
I loved them, super light, the grip when you tie them is great
The truth is that they wrap around the foot and are very grippy
It’s practically like running barefoot but with a help in terms of energy return
If anyone was looking for shoes to do strong paces, go for the Boston, or a similar model
If you want to get even more speedy, I recommend the Adios
And if you want to go a little slower, the Ultraboost
That’s it! Now I leave you with the Reel running on the treadmill at various speeds
See you next time, bye bye!

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