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We at FlipReview brings best honest review for every product/ services. IF you are interested to advertise with us, kindly follow the below guidelines.

1. Publish your blog on flipreview

We are always looking for partners who can abide by the norms of honest publishing. We at flipreview focus on providing public reviews related to products / services.

Below are some of the rules for publishing

– Blog clearly states the product/ services

– It has to be a review about product/serivce in the words of reviewer

– A link to a youtube video is a plus for a review.

– For pricing contact [email protected]

2. Get your Product reviewed by FlipReview

Below are some of the rules for product reviewed

– Product needs to be shipped to our location

– All shipping cost will be bear by you

– You can send the bullet points about the product but not the entire scripts.

– No products will be purchased by Flipreview. You can choose to get the product back after the review (shipping cost will be bear by you)

– For pricing contact [email protected]

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