Aesthetic unboxing vol.2: Kira n Misha earrings! review & unboxing | eng subs

Hi guys welcome back to my channel, with me Natalie
Today I’m gonna do another aesthetic unboxing
as you guys already know from the title, yes, I’m going to do an unboxing
this is a Korean local brand jewellery
It’s Kira and Misha!
This video is a bit different compared to my previous aesthetic video review on the sustainable phone case
Because today, I also wanted to share my journey on how I get the earrings
So, the first time I discover this earrings is because of Joan of joanday
I’ve been wanting this earring and ear cuff since last year, I’ve been eyeing on it for so long
At that time, I didn’t want to buy it straight away
I have this mindset that, I have to think about it first for a long time, before I decided to buy the item
so I tried not to be impulsive in what I buy
because I want to be 100% sure of what I’m going to buy, didn’t want to ended up regretting it
Ya so, long story short, I think about it first and after that…
a year later, in early 2020
I went back home from Perth to Bandung, Indonesia
and yeah after that
I didn’t think much about it anymore, I do sometimes look it up here and there
but I didn’t like wanting it like crazy
Long story short, because I watched Joan’s 2020 vlog all the time this year
and I also notice, Sunnydahye onni also wears it *and its really pretty*
and it got me thinking again, cause its really pretty
I thought to myself; should I just bought it now?
and then I went to the website and saw
it turns out that they only ship to some limited areas only, due to covid
and it turns out, they didn’t do shipping to Australia, buy they do ship to Indonesia!
so then I was like
At first I wanted to just buy it when I went back to Australia, cause its less hassle there compared to Indonesia
theres tax, far parcel collection, long process
So thats what I want at first, to just buy it at Australia
But after I saw the notice from the website, that it doesn’t ship to Australia currently,
So I was like, okay maybe I’ll just buy it from here (Indonesia)
Then I went to their website
and yeah finally I get to fulfil one of my wish list after a year of thinking
at first I had a hard time choosing the color: between gold and silver
because usually I wear gold accessories, so I’m afraid the color will clash and wont match
but from the beginning, because I saw Joan wearing it, I have already decided to get the silver one
Because I think silver earrings suited me better
and it turns out looking good as what I expected
I think if I wear gold earrings, I will look a bit older (?)😂
I don’t know but…
thats what I feel
but here is the earrings!
this earring can elevate your look instantly even if we only wear a simple t-shirt
so this is truly a statement piece kind of earring
Oh and I have a bit of a story, so at first
the ear cuff could not fit my ear TT
so the gap is too small for me, and
I tried many times and the ear cuff always ended up getting stuck
I was so stress, the ear cuff always get stuck and its hurting my ears :’)
I have waited for this parcel to came, long process Indonesia, tax, etc
and it doesn’t fit.. I just wanted to cry inside lol
I was a bit stress, why wouldn’t it fit me?
because it was fine when my sister tried to wear it
it just slide in straight away, fits perfectly
meanwhile, I get a hard time wearing it instead XD
but then finally, I get my dad to help me to make a slight gap to the ear cuff with pliers
and thankfully it finally fits now
If it doesn’t fit at all, I’m gonna cry :’)))
I’ve waited for so long
but it definitely worth the wait
because its really good and high quality
I want to add something first before I continue,
remember, at first the ear cuff didn’t fit me right? so I emailed them for a solution
and they responded back to me!
They provided me the solution and they gave me the video tutorial on how to fix it with pliers
this earring be used daily
and it looks really chic like
Dasha onni herself :))
I’m sorry its not a pure unboxing cause I’ve impatiently opened the box already
and I literally wear them already
because, I just can’t take it, I want to see and use it straight away :))
Cause I’ve been waiting for so long and I’m very excited when it came
because EMS normally took 2 weeks to arrive, but now it got delayed because of covid
so in Indonesia, if its more than $3 USD they will charge us an extra tax …
In Australia they have a different limit so, sometimes when I buy stuff, its not as complicated and I don’t have to pay unnecessary fees
So, basically it comes with the parcel box like this
and they wrap it with a tissue paper with its aesthetic sticker~
so each of the products comes with a box
its so pretty
even the packaging for the earrings are made of paper which I love the idea of sustainability
its really pretty and aesthetic✨
Sorry I’ve opened the packaging before hand but
but can you just take a moment to appreciate this beauty :’)
so each product also comes with a mini pouch to store the earrings and the ear cuff
the shape is really different and unique, I never seen this kind of design before
truly a one of a kind, unique piece
and they have the “KNM” stamp mark on the products, it looks really good and cute
truly a high quality product
you’ll know it instantly only by just touching it
and again… I really really love the unique design
you can use it for your daily look, as it is simple and chic at the same time
So this is the Sasha earrings in silver and Sasha ear cuff in silver color too
don’t forget to store the earrings and the ear cuff differently
so it doesn’t scratch the other products
So its really easy, insert the ear cuff from the thinest part of your ear cartilage and then just slide it down
at first I only wanted to buy the ear cuff only but I feel like
the ear cuff and the earrings will look really good together
I love the simple look and it can make our look chic as well
The ear cuff and the earrings looks really good together
I think this earring is also versatile, it can compliment many different kinds of outfit
casual, formal, feminine look, or simple look
okay guys, I’m currently filming outside now and its really warm here :’)
and I’m wearing a jacket as well
I hope that you guys can find this video helpful
for those of you who live in Indonesia as well, and wanted to know how to order from Kira n Misha
I just wanted to share my experience as well in this review, so it could help you guys
and also to help any of you guys if you are also have a trouble wearing the ear cuff for the first time
I’ll recommend you guys to make more gap using a plier
I’ll see you again on the next aesthetic unboxing!
again, I hope this video could be helpful to you guys who is interested to purchase Kira n Misha as well 🙂
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