Afghani Mutton Ribs Pulao & Chicken Wings BBQ | Food Review

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We already did few food reviews

Continuing with that today we have a new cuisine
Its a dish originated from country named Afghan
Its basically Pulao
Its called specifically
Afghani Mutton Ribs Pulao

Along with that we have we have another dish called
Chicken wings BBQ (Afghani style)

So in this video we are going to try
these two dishes
So lets start the food review
Its actually prepared using Basmati rice
Dry grapes
All ingredients are cooked along with the Baslmati rice including Mutton ribs.

Main attraction is Mutton ribs
As salad its Cabbage
Soup also comes along

Its looks so thick in texture

Its two portion comes with the dish (Qty based on restaurants it may change)

Also unsalted yoghurt mixed with crushed jeera

The other dish we are trying is Chicken Wings BBQ (Afghan style)

Looks so tasty and well cooked

Can feel the chicken very soft while touching it
Salads are cucumber and a piece of lemon
Okay, lets try mutton pulao
Mutton just oozing from the bone itself

Am going to eat a small portion of mutton meat and rice first
It’s so delicious

I can’t hold so lets try another bite mixed with yoghurt

Add more dry grapes
and other veggies..

I have already tasted Pulao in two ways with and without yoghurt

Both ways I felt it tasty
I recommend to eat with yoghurt
Having the rice itself also preferable because of its favour.

If you got a Afghani food serving restaurant near you, please go and have a try.

Please comment to the video once you tried the food.
Chicken wings BBQ looks so tender

Lets taste the Chicken wings BBQ
I got no negative opinion about the chicken wigs
As we said about the Mutton Pulao
chicken wings also so favourable.
Can feel the spices on it.
Due to the grilling process it takes to another flavour level.

We don’t require any kind of sauce to be added to eat
Its spicy
can feel chilli flavour also

Lets try the soup

Ingredients are shredded chicken and its broth



Also sweet corn
Soup is so thick in texture
Lets taste the soup and will see the feedback

Sorry Dal also there as an ingradient

Can feel the taste of pepper in the soup
But the taste it will hit you is Tomato
cook added more tomato in the soup
I don’t recommend the soup as much because tomato flavour is dominant in soup

If you find a Afghani food serving restaurant, please go and try the same food
Afghani Mutton ribs pulao and Chicken wings BBQ

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