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hi hi friends back again on the effemy mova channel how are you all friends yuhua
What if a robbery occurred in the midst of a Zombie pandemic,
yes The film that we will discuss this time has a background about robbery,
this film titled Army Of Thieves tells the story of a a very legendary man
named Hans Wagner He is a special designer of a safe that he made as a
masterpiece during his lifetime. then after he died no one managed to
open the safe until the time came for a youtuber who often gave tips and
explanations about Hans Wagner’s stories appeared How the story goes without lingering we
start the
film when a man explains who is hans wagner and why he is so
so loved by many people. hans wagner is a famous designer
who created three magical safes that he believes no one will be able to open
at least that’s what hans wagner did in his life and now the safe
never opens at all that’s the explanation of a youtuber named
Sebastian who likes to share his video explanation to people
Sebastian is a bank employee who starts to hate his job he has to serve
customers who are chatty

and fierce one day when Sebastian just got home from his office He
suddenly got a comment from one of the videos uploaded on YouTube the comment
contains an invitation anonymous people who test the ability of Sebastian in opening
a safe course interested it made Sebastian finally he made contact with
the anonymous until Sebastian was given an address to go there
when he arrived, Sebastian went inside and it turns out he was
immediately put to the contest memb open the safe
everyone started hacking the safe in front of
them and nervously Sebastian started it as well
as the other participants started to successfully open the safe and
finally some were able to open it even though he was in last place
the semifinal round began and now the safe that must be opened looks a little even bigger Bastian
succeeded And now he has reached the final and has to fight a tough competitor who also advanced to the final
when the competitor started immediately Trying to open the safe but not
with Sebastian it turns out he has the skill to
see the combination of the safe and he even makes his opponent not focus on
time less than 30 seconds Sebastian just started
hacking the safe and finally he managed to win
when in his victory euphoria he saw a woman who smiled and made him interested the
next day as usual he went to the office to buy a drink but he was
surprised by the woman he saw in the box. NTES paved safes yesterday
revealed he turned out an anonymous account on YouTube Sebastian and
told Sebastian contest paved the safes of the
woman named Gwen Gwen explained that he
was international fugitive and he knew the activities Sebastian during this
Hai to prove it turns out he also stole another customer at the cafe
Gwen’s goal is to recruit Sebastian into his team at first Sebastian refuses
Gwen’s invitation because he is not a criminal but after Gwen says
that they want to hack into Hans Wagner’s safe Sebastian finally agrees to it
Gwen also says this is a good opportunity because the world is busy right now with the Zombie outbreak
Sebastian returned to his boring activities and at home he
watched TV and accidentally dreamed that he was being chased by Zombies
yo yo
After thinking carefully that morning Sebastian who was given the address by
Gwen set out to meet Gwen at a house and then he went to To enter
and be introduced to several colleagues who will be partners in the safe hacking mission
, the first is Corina, a reliable hacker
who has hacked one of the biggest film studios
, the second is Rolph, the best driver, there is no opponent, guys
and the last is Brade Gage, a man who calls himself a leader in this group.
Sebastian nervously spoke in his heart not
expecting to be side by side with international class thieves
in the afternoon they began to explain the three safes they were going to steal the three safes
were in various countries, namely France in Paris, the
Czech Republic which contained in Prague and the last one in Switzerland
all the vaults belonging to hans wagner are owned by a billionaire
named blay tanaka who is known to be very cruel, after all careful planning
gwen immediately decided to go to the first safe which was in Paris
Sebastian was surprised because he had just joined them and immediately g in
action guys with the nervousness of fear that he has Sebastian
trying to calm himself when he arrives there gwen tells their plan
first Sebastian will enter first if he goes to the toilet then
gwen will follow while stealing the key from the guard at the front door
then gwen pretends to be a customer to gain access
after that Corina entered to trick Teller into letting gwen
pick up Sebastian and after that gwen took Sebastian to where the safe was
when Sebastian first saw hans wagner’s safe he was really fascinated then
he touched the file while he told the chronology and reason
why did hans wagner create the safe before he started everything he warmed up by
stretching his fingers and playing classical music after a few minutes Sebastian finally
managed to hack the first safe made by hans wagner Sebastian really didn’t think it
would work, he immediately died suk and he quickly took the money that was in the safe
After everything was done the last diversion was
done by Brade he talked to the Bank Teller to divert
sebastia and gwen to move out of the bank and straight into the car the
action they did quickly stole the attention of the interval they
immediately conducted an investigation and targeting of gwen and Brade
who have been using false names real names Brade is Alexis
now Interpol has done analysis and their
Jump to plan and schedule the troops that theft Secondly they
will be caught which Based on information safe both located is located in Prague
Let moved to the basecamp of the fugitive thief where their first successful action really
made the members happy they also had a party while all the members were having fun
Sebastian instead turned to gwen who at that time he saw gwen dancing in the middle of the room
Corina who realized it was too ga tells that he also likes Gwen since he
worked with him but no one knows how Gwen’s real life is
then when Gwen is in Sebastian’s room asking if
you are okay but Gwen answers and invites Sebastian to come
in there then they talk What’s the reason Gwen did this Gwen
explained that in fact he was the son of one of the rich rogues
who made people lose money because of that Gwen was very
fed up and decided to leave his house when he was 16 years old
Gwen started meeting brade at the age of 19 and that’s where their actions began to occur after
that Gwen also told Sebastian to come closer he said that he really wanted to go to
Nevada America where the Zombie outbreak was concentrated there, Gwen really wanted to go there because he really
wanted to find the last safe belonging to Hans Wegner who was informed that he was there
then the scene moved in Prague the next day rolp waiting leave them at the bank where the
second safe is there the interpol seems to have prepared to arrest Gwen and Brad
before they act Gwen divides their respective tasks first
Sebastian pretends to be a manager by using a new identity that
Corina has prepared through the results of hacking Bang’s system even though only 16 seconds
ago Sebastian entered and went through the inspection process first after everything went smoothly
Corina led Sebastian to where the safe was, because he had to take care of two
people Corina was forced to disconnect with Sebastian first to take care of gwen
then after everything was ready they both moved and met in an elevator when they
were in the elevator they were both in an akward position that made them unable
to move suddenly after the elevator door opened it turned out that the guard was ready to hold
them lucky Gwen immediately took action he beat the two guards with
his own hands even though gwen brought a gun he was reluctant to let me go shoot the gun
Sebastian who wants to help him can only pray while scared in the
elevator as a result gwen manages to knock out the two guards and it’s time for them to
hack the second safe which is much bigger and more difficult and cooler
now it’s Sebastian’s turn to act as usual He does the ritual first
and explains philosophy of hans wegner’s second safe while listening to classical music
when he started hacking suddenly one of the turns of the safe went inside which
means they felt Sebastian’s presence after a few seconds of the round Back
out Sebastian explained that this was their last chance
because if he failed this safe will be locked forever
while the time goes on never hear from gwen,
brad takes action He puts on a mask and goes into the bank to mess everything up
Interpol realizes that it is moving quickly,
but they are wrong BANK, WOW that insolent cheated again stab At least they have to
go back to find the whereabouts of the bank which is the second safe.
Inside the bank, after a long time, Sebastian was in
action, he finally managed to open the second safe of Wagner
Gwen and Sebastian took the money immediately,
then Brad also managed to cause chaos in the whole bank.
After Interpol arrived, Gwen Brad. and sebastian had managed to get out, brad managed to get in the car,
then gwen also managed to get in, but when sebastian was about to get in, brad did something he didn’t
expect, which was he deliberately dropped sebastian and left him
yo yo he saw all his colleagues leave making Sebastian have to improvising he continued to
run from alley to alley until he found a bicycle and tried to escape from the pursuit of interpol
Sebastian finally managed to escape after he got on the train that took him to his house
while in the car Gwen looked disappointed at Sebastian’s blad treatment This made it
even more heated Gwen arrived -suddenly decided to get out of the group
But corina, my favorite hacker, also decided to go and chose to go with Gwen
Brad, leaving them both in the middle of the road they decided to go back to looking for
Sebastian Bastian who was very lethargic at that time could only look down and walk to his house,
at home it turned out to be Corina and Gwen was already inside and surprised Sebastian
then they apologized for everything that had just happened to him
of course he accepted the apology he didn’t care what
brad had done because he didn’t think he was an official member of them
then gwen explained again that he wanted to form new team
to realize his ambition to pave a safe deposit box belonging to the third hans wagner
initially rejected but Gwen Sebastian to seduce him how important Bastian Sebastian in their team
went back to bless and direct them to plan their action back with three
scenes team formation
change when Interpol began to know the idea Sebastian’s group and
planning an unsuccessful arrest during the
last action they rushed off to Switzerland where the third safe was located
when the troops were on standby at the casino suddenly one of the members got
an information about Gwen and Sebastian’s conversation they heard
that the team would execute the safe at five mornings
ago when the clock showed five in the morning Interpol quickly approached the Casino to
ask the Casino to move the safe but again they entered into the plan that Gwen made
and immediately interpol fell silent when they found out the safe had been moved an hour ago,
Let’s go back to a few hours before apparently corina pretended to
be an interpol envoy to inform that the 3rd safe would be the target of
the thieves and asked the casino to move it later when the safe was on the
way Gwen and sebastian hijacked the truck and beat the two guards inside
Now the safe is in da In the truck in which Sebastian was ready to take
action, he hacked by not forgetting to listen to classical music.
Corina, who was still at the location, noticed a GPS cell phone belonging to Brad
which was not far from her, but when he was about to tell Gwen, Interpol
suddenly caught Corina, lucky Corina had already told Gwen to run first and
he immediately destroyed his cellphone by kicking at the car that was driving towards him
when he was caught Corina was immediately interrogated at the Interpol place asking where Gwen was
going to run away But because she remained silent until finally she was threatened and brought into the car,
Let’s go back to Sebastian’s struggle to hack the third safe at that time he asked
Gwen to stabilize the truck he was carrying so he could focus on hacking
slowly the locks one by one managed to open even though the truck was on a
tortuous and steep road and finally After a while Sebastian screamed and
give information that he is After opening the third safe, Gwen cheered happily
and then Gwen stopped the truck at an intersection and took the money,
but when they were about to leave suddenly Brad came pointing a gun at them
both because Sebastian as a new person had tried to change his position,
Brad shot his gun. it turned out that Gwen had damaged the gun first
until finally Gwen turned around and handcuffed them into the
truck then Gwen and Sebastian ran away using Ropl’s car Then
Not long after that they were both caught by Interpol
now the safe was neatly robbed by both of them and they were about to
run away heading to Nevada America but when they were preparing to escape by boat suddenly the
leader of Interpol was already there and asked them both to surrender
didn’t want to Just stand still Gwen tried to put pressure on Interpol But
because they had no other way I chose to negotiate and finally gwen asks Sebastian
to leave because they have no other way, gwen chooses to negotiate and finally gwen asks
sebastian to leave, because all interpol wants is him, sebastian leaves,
and gwen promises when he is free he will look for him and the last scene in the film This
shows two people looking for a locksmith in a shop in which Sebastian is located. Sebastian
is now a safe specialist but this time he has a special guest because
it turns out that they both have plans to find the whereabouts of Wagner’s last safe,
named Goter da Mero. join them finished
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