Al Hilal vs Al Nassr 1-1 (PEN 5-4)Highlights & All Goals | kings Cup 2024 | Final 💥

jeda the King Abdullah sports city added Neymar to their ranks he has hardly kicked a ball because of injury and they still managed to go all the way and do it be even when he gets all day he gets better it’s the same with Cristiano Ronaldo who is

the main man who’s brought every record everywhere underway and the kings cup the trophy that everyone want final starting with the league champions Al hillal there is a significant absentee for them tonight Sergey otavio and Iman Yaya provide width creativity and attacking options just behind Cristian including against

al NASA 4 years ago Dario Herr to see he’s had yasim Bono the Moroccan International goalkeeper 40 will it be those in blue or those in Gold another outstanding season for him but aliel ble wins The Duel on this occasion H 3-0 winners at home and then it

was only earlier this month the two sides met in the return fixture it finished one tracking a lovely little pass into Iman Yaya and again renan L just picks his moment di The Number 96 for Al hilal he opened the scoring in both the quarterfinal and the semi-final

thrown NASA for their last game here’s otavio what a lovely little ball that is aaya s man great chance could easily

have been one n he has to score s opening support coming from sa Abdul Hamid now with Malcolm looking to the far post mitrovic 1 n when

you get a chance you have to take it and there are few better at doing so than Al Hill’s number nine and I said it Malcolm the balling from Malcolm is brilliant and it’s a brilliant header from mitovich maybe kPa do better cuz it looks like it slips

under him i’ have to see the replay but brilliant goal but you get ball from Malcolm he just pulls off the defender he doesn’t know where mitovich is and ASA yeah it’s a difficult one cuz he’s so close to him side I don’t think there’s much he could

move his Fe very natural little flick there from atavio not working this time albet sending it forward high and long and inch perfect as well as Simon yaah looks to tea up Octavio claims there’s a hand ball he referee doesn’t seem interested in that and it may well

Alex Tes with the delivery and it was s down with Croatia B sent forward and the little flick forward Ren and Lodi getting into the heart of the alasa penalty area that was a Michelle just a little too high and going for goal was Michelle sense the glint

of an opportunity yeah he’s a key conductor in the alh side L’s delivery this looks a little more promising behind slipped by aanaya recovers very well lovely ball in and Ronaldo almost in on goal bonu swiftly off his line flag swiftly in the air 42 match unbeaten run

in Saudi football it’s ridiculous across three different three different competitions that’s going to bring the game back here and the game back here and we going have our first card of the evening alhilal with Al doer bursting forward once more he’s done that well he’s done that really

well in mfield help up toan at the back appended by Alex Tes and there quick to carry on with the match it’s uh it was set the play on its way he was looking to do there not picking out Malcolm on this occasion Ronaldo was he just caught

by kabali claims he was referee has a little think about it now he’ll come back and Kula valy Brown nassa that’s a lovely looking pass could open up here here’s an excellent opportunity for an equalizer denied by Ruben Nez flag’s gone up anyway Amaya able to take the

return from Ronaldo are straining to get back into this and Ronaldo could be the man to do so and bonu denies him it’s a golden opportunity and it’s the one man you probably wanted to for to Cristiano Ronaldo you looking for S man here’s Mich Abdul Hamid Al

Halal with a chance to just get defensively set but brovich looks to open mitovich can sense an opportunity Malcolm’s up there too michile up against koua support arrives might not need it bonu with the save and bursting forward it’s Alexander mitrovic oh he just tried to get that

extra touch and he still kept it in down he goes he wants a penalty tries to set Sao mané away up against khu kibali and he hasio making the Run ahead of him but Reni there first and aario conceding the free kick these two sides the top two

sides in Saudi football this season Al hillal brilliant play by Amaya here’s atavio in towards Ronaldo and it was nearly a sensational goal oh so unlucky oh fantastic oh I don’t know they would have seen it the flag did door up but what four they played in they’re

losing this one but they’re on the front foot here and it’s with Ronaldo once more going for goal yeah difficult angle there oh sorry lovely little exchange Malcolm collecting options here Malcolm going for goal Tino beats it away otavio has it brovich looks to turn the table Movic

with the touch and now there’s a lovely flow about this alri sending it forward it’s Malcolm and Aina makes the challenge and mitovich sends it over the top of the crossbar Hal in terms of the approach up to the edge of the penalty area here but a spa

came out to make the challenge on Malcolm but he he clearly handles the ball out and well it took him a while to get to his feet but but the referee was world does its job Nez mile waits for it and looks to pounce and abdah gets his

paws on it yeah he does he does view as a as a spectacle it was really bubbling up nicely wasn’t this game as s Abdul Hamed Ventures forward again he’s staying on the ground for now this is It’s Cristiano Ronaldo it needed saving there by yasim Bono really

well struck yeah it don’t matter how far out he is nine times out of 10 malc Michelle chasing Alam with the throw and Ronaldo leaping well brilliantly done denied by otavio Al he’ll get a free kick there for the challenge by alaraj Satan up yellow shs in forward

inside the penalty area just gets away from Ronaldo Aldo looks for that opening here’s garib support arriving Sultan alanam oh and there was an opportunity there that could have been the latter stages of this cup final to try and bring his team back in here here’s aaya now

oh it’s a fingertip away denied by Yashin bonu El going score they’ll be pointing the finger at him hell it’s 10 against 10 and Ronaldo they’re equalized they are level and of course with Ronaldo going for it in the air as well a lot of the defender eyes

will have been taken by his presence and his leap inside the box but great Header by well the 10 ofal did not give up and now they I think we could be here for a the long Al Tate and it comes once more and Abdullah we got a

little clip there from Kola he’s going to get sent off as well coola B had already nees against Abdullah and he’s missed oh oh he’s missed by a mile also of too much power don’t head up put alh ahead no doubt about it never end outside i s

it straight away it’s Ronaldo against bonu and it is 1-1 penalty number three well it made it look the easiest job in the world and he looked like the coolest man in the penalty number three just just squeaked in by Samuel Nai yeah but he’ll be worrying about

exactly he doesn’t care as long as he hits the back of the he won’t be analyzing Al tacti the central Defender who takes his time and calmly slots it home it’s a great penal but and he just gets it past bonu who will be to put Al hillal

in front and he have Lami has to score and Hell and it’s saved well AB to be the hero for al- NASA against Yasin Bono oh it’s Sav Bono makes the save Sensational stop by the morocc and he just get

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