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john eats cheap and another aldi find i’ve never 
seen this until last week it’s the seafood boil  
raw shrimp corn on the cob mussels red skim 
potatoes andouille sausage and cajun style  
seasoning packet 9.99 for a good sized bag uh 
looks like uh says three servings probably two  
i would guess but you know what for a seafood boil 
that’s five bucks a serving but how does it taste  
three three servings is odd yes yes it is 
and this has got the good old boy frozen corn  
i already know that’s not gonna cook real 
well but uh here’s what we got i mean that’s  
a lot of food i see a lot of shrimp there a 
lot of sausage probably three years of corn  
no only two well that’s odd but that’s okay 
because the corn is the worst part of this anyway  
and those are look those are decent-sized 
shrimp uh they do still have the  
the not the skin but you know you’re still tails 
peel them well the tail and i don’t know they’re  
headed and de-veined maybe but they still 
have the peels on them so that’s what you  
get there’s our seasoning packet now i got 
some water going and we’re supposed to dump

of the seasoning packet into the 
boiling water so i will do that first there’s our  
boiling water it smells like you know crab boil 
that type of thing i’ll put most of it on there in  
there first and the rest of it you can save just 
to sprinkle on at the end so we’ll see about that  
now i’m going in with our stuff i’ll 
do the big things first the corn  
and then try and get this in without splashing 
so we put it all in at the same time all in at  
the same time yep that’s different than the way i 
would do it if i was doing fresh stuff for a boil  
but yeah this this is a lot of food i think for 
two people so i could see it being for three  
smells good it does all right everything’s 
in and now it says cook five to six minutes  
it doesn’t say return to a boil and start so 
i’m gonna go from right now so i’m gonna go uh
well we’ll go uh 5 30. since that’s between 
the two all right it does smell good  
so we’re about six minutes in and my water hasn’t 
even returned to a boil yet and those shrimp don’t  
look quite done yet i want them to get a little 
more pink than that the good thing is most of the  
potatoes looks like they were cooked before the 
sausage is cooked obviously but putting that much  
frozen stuff into boiling water i’m going to go 
ahead and do it about two to three more minutes  
so that’s what we have the seafood boil from aldi  
i’ll start out with the corn because i 
know that’s going to be the worst part
just because it gets mushy there’s no way it isn’t
that’s all right nothing special i got some 
melted butter wait aren’t you supposed to  
like put down newspapers and roll it out on the 
table and technically so there’s a little potato  
a little andouille shrimp and mussel 
all right i’ll try the shrimp first  
they shrunk up a little bit let me get the 
stuff off of here going a little better  
i didn’t put the seasoning on it should i put 
some seasoning we’ll taste it first and see see  
if it needs more seasoning that’s a decent shrimp 
i’m gonna just because i say sprinkle that on top
i want to mix it up get it all coated the 
way it’s supposed to be so i better get a new  
and dewy potato if i’m doing that
all right
i already did that let me get and dewey  
oh that muscle didn’t open up oh it’s 
okay it’s broken it’s okay it’s open
so we’ll pull that guy out 
and try that little butter
that’s a mussel
i think most of this is going to 
be yeah that’s the way it should be  
and that’s okay i mean 10 bucks this 
is a good little meal for two or three
there’s a lot of food in there really
potatoes good andouille i haven’t 
met an andrew i didn’t like
try a shrimp that has a 
little bit of seasoning on it
i don’t like to work at my shrimp i know it’s 
tough with this on there and no this isn’t the  
best this isn’t fresh on the beach you know 
that’s the way you got to have this picnic  
table spread out newspapers on the on the coast 
but for 10 bucks now seasoning is good on there  
you know what i’m going to give this a thumb up  
it is tasty it’s well seasoned it’s easy to 
cook and 10 bucks to feed two or three people  
um that’s pretty good for seafood so i give this 
one the seafood boil from aldi fremont fresh  
market that’s good stuff thanks for watching john 
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