Alita: Battle Angel | MOVIE REVIEW

Hello guys! Welcome to Movie Spy. Today we
are gonna talk about a movie named Alita.
In the year 2563, the Earth is ruled by the
sky city of Zalem. The ground is now Zalem’s
garbage dumping place. One day, the scientist
Dr. Dyson Ido is wandering among the garbage,
looking for some spare parts to recycle. In
a pile of garbage, he finds a cyborg who is
still alive but only the upper half of the
body remains.
He brings the cyborg back to his place, attaches
her with a cyborg body he prepared for his
daughter, and names the cyborg after her daughter,
Alita. Having no memory of her past, Alita
starts a new life as Ido’s ward. She meets
Hugo, who saved her on the street from being
hit by a robot. They quickly become familiar
and always hang out together. Hugo later introduces
Alita to Motorball, a racing sport played
by cyborg gladiators. Hugo’s biggest dream
is to earn enough money and then move to the
wealthy sky city of Zalem, to be one of the
One night, Alita finds Ido going out secretly.
She follows him and finds out that Ido is
armed and is following a woman. What she sees
make Alita wonder if Ido is the serial killer
who’s been

murdering cyborgs lately. Alita
tries to stop him, but a gang of cyborgs shows
up and injured Ido. It turns out that Ido
is a bounty hunter and the 3 cyborgs are the
serial killers Ido trying to capture.
The woman in red is setting up a trap for
Ido and trying to kill him for good. Seeing
Ido in danger, Alita starts to fight instinctively.
In a few minutes, she kills 2 cyborgs and
injures the one who named Grewishka, but she
got slightly injured as well.
Ido brings her home for treatment. Alita doesn’t
understand why she is such a good fighter
and what makes Ido decide to be a bounty hunter.
Ido explains it was because of his daughter,
who was murdered by a cyborg killer. And his
wife, Dr. Chiren, cannot forgive him for their
daughter’s death and left him. He then decided
to become a bounty hunter and kill all the
evil cyborgs. And the cyborg body Alita is
wearing now was meant for his paralyzed daughter.
Ido tells Alita, her heart comes from a cyborg
high-tech which has long lost now, maybe that’s
the reason why she can fight so well. Alita
believes all the information is buried down
her memory. She starts to go out and do all
kinds of things she believes can help her
memory come back. And Hugo is always with
her, helping her.
One day they come to a lake, where a sunk
spaceship of the United Republics of Mars
is buried deep down. Alita comes down to the
ship as she vaguely feels something is attracting
her. Surprisingly, she knows how to operate
the spaceship. In the meantime, she finds
a highly advanced cyborg body that pretty
suits her, not surprisingly, she’s the only
soldier who survived the war.
Alita excitedly brings the body back to Ido
and asks him to install it for her, maybe
she can remember more with it. But Ido refuses
for her safety concerns. This body is from
the enemy and it might get Alita into trouble.
In the sky city of Zalem, the overlord Nova
notices that Alita is one of the URM soldiers.
In order to kill Alita, Nova gives the task
to Vector, who is the manager of the Factory.
Then Dr. Chiren, who is currently working
for Vector, she helps Grewishka and installs
him a super-strong body.
Meanwhile, Alita angers because Ido refused
to help her install the new body. She is provoked
by some cyborgs in the bar when the upgraded
Grewishka finds her. Grewishka is so strong
now and he dissembles Alita again during the
fight. Right when Grewishka is grabbing Alita’s
heart, Ido and Hugo show up and save her.
The body is highly damaged and Ido has to
install her the cyborg body found from the
Mar spaceship. Alita becomes even stronger
with the new body, she finds Hugo later and
confesses her affection to him. They hug and
kiss each other happily in the moonlight.
Grewishka’s failure doesn’t stop Vector’s
evil plan. He sends for Hugo and tricks him
into believing that winning the Motorball
race will grant him the opportunity to enter
Zalem. Hugo wants the chance to Zalem so much,
he convinces Alita to fight with him in the
Motorball race. What he doesn’t know is that
Vector has summoned a bunch of cyborgs to
secretly murder Alita during the race in order
to collect the heart from her dead body. Alita
is outnumbered and barely escaped from the
racing court. When she finds Hugo, he is being
hurt by Zapan.
Alita saves Hugo from Zapan and brings him
to a deserted church. Hugo confesses to Alita,
he is hired by Vector to rob cyborgs of their
body parts to sell. He is doing this because
Vector promised him an entrance to Zalem as
long as he has enough money. But he has decided
to quit the criminal job already.
Dr. Chiren, who has been paying attention
to Alita as she looks like her daughter. She
walks over to them and tells Alita to cut
off Hugo’s head, but secretly connect the
head with her heart. In this way, Hugo will
be considered dead, but her body can supply
energy for the head to remain alive until
they manage to go back to Ido and install
Hugo a new body.
After getting home, Ido helps install a new
body for Hugo. Hearing what happened, Ido
tells Alita, he and Dr. Chiren are actually
exiled from Zalem. And the fact is that there
is definitely no way for the people on the
ground to enter Zalem.
Knowing that entering Zalem is just an impossible
dream, Alita goes to Vector furiously to force
him to tell the truth. Vector says that Hugo
will be absolutely sent to Zalem, but will
be in pieces. Then he says “Don’t you
think these organs look like Dr.Chiren’s?”
In the meantime, Grewishka suddenly appears
and attacks Alita sneakily. When Grewishka
is walking to Alita to get her heart, the
new body reminds Alita of her past as a warrior
of the URM, she remembers how they plan to
stop Nova’s brutal rule, how she fought
all the way from the Moon to the Earth, how
she got injured, and how she was dumped as
a dead corpse after the defeat.
The memory makes Alita understand that the
overlord of Zalem, Nova is her enemy.
With extraordinary fighting skills, Alita
easily kills Grewishka and Vector.
When Alita’s trying to find Nova, Ido calls
in and tells her that Hugo has wakened up
and is now climbing a cargo tube to Zalem.
Alita immediately catches up to him and pleads
with him to go back with her. However, a serrated
defense ring dropped by Nova shreds his body
and throws him off the tube. Alita tries to
catch him but cannot pull him up. Hugo thanks
Alita for saving him before falling to his
Months later, Alita has become a rising superstar
in the Motorball tournament. Cheered on by
the crowd, she pledges vengeance by pointing
her plasma-charged sword toward Zalem.
That’s all for today, thanks for watching!
See you next time.

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