Amazfit Active review – Small, Beautiful GPS Smartwatch (Apple Watch feel!)

Friends, this is Amazfit’s new smartwatch Amazfit Active This smartwatch looks like an apple watch The look and feel plus when you use it it feels almost the same This smartwatch is of premium category So Amazfit Active has been launched in india let’s unbox it and check whether you should buy this smartwatch or not keep watching… So this is Amazfit Active The key specs are mentioned here It comes with built-in GPS You will get a great battery life Common features which you get in other smartwatches are also given in this It comes with AI powered training

guidance by Zepp Coach It has an AMOLED display of 1.75 inches HD AMOLED display And inside the box The product is packed in this way Actually this smartwatch is quite different compared to other smartwatches 2 things which you will notice immediately first is that Its design is quite different Actually it is quite small but it is of premium level To some extent it looks like an apple watch It has a unique type of curve on the screen It is a bit bulky but you don’t get that feel The curve on the screen makes it look

a bit different But it is a very exciting color, and the color of the strap is also quite interesting Now these are available in different color options

Apart from this in this box There is a user manual booklet This is a charging dock This is a magnetic charging dock Behind the watch there are charging points you have to match this So it sticks like this There is a USB connector here So in this way you will be able to charge the smartwatch When you will install this smartwatch for the first time It comes with this

type of watch face which is not so exciting But because it has an AMOLED display If you press and hold and change the watch face Especially if you pay attention to the watch face It gives you a feel of an Apple smartwatch Actually the curved display used on this because of that the look and feel has changed It looks very premium The feel is also very premium Let me tell you that this smartwatch is expensive, it is not that cheap I am sure many of you have understood it by looking at the looks The strap

is made of artificial leather It has a spring mechanism in case you want to replace it This is a lavender-purple color variant Especially females will like this let me change the watch face There are more watch faces available This one looks very good In fact you can use the application to install more watch faces This smartwatch has only one button This is the microphone Here is the speaker vent You can call with this watch There is a heart rate sensor below and other sensors are also given here If you check the bottom of most of

the smartwatches You will get an idea of the quality of the smartwatch by seeing that only As soon as you twist the wrist, it turns on If you swipe from top to bottom, you get all these options These are common features if you have ever used Amazfit smartwatches then you will get the same features Watch face and time If you want to change the time format I keep it in 12 hours format You can also change the date format There is also a bluetooth option If you have headphones, you can use this option And you

can attach the headphones This is the display option Screen on duration and Always-on option is also given If you prefer Always-on You get two options You can follow the watch face style Or you can define whether you want analog or digital In fact this is an amazing option see this is also good I have selected this I keep it in all day so that it shows me the always on option So here I am on the home screen After some time, always on will be activated see, it is very interesting But when you use Always

on, the battery life will be reduced So you can use a smart option There is an sound and vibration option workouts, preferences This is the system setting options If you press this button This is the menu options Again, it is in a very good style list style readiness, PAI, heart rate, blood oxygen one tap measuring There is a workout You get a lot of options in the workouts like outdoor running, walking, treadmill There are a lot of options which it can track There is also an option for ZEPP Coach this is basically an AI coach

which is the activity you are doing or the activities that the coach tells you if you follow it On the basis of that it makes plans for you workout history, workout status It can monitor stress levels It can also monitor sleep The good thing is that this watch is quite slim and lightweight So you can sleep with it There is also an option to call I will dial a number let’s see what happens Now the phone I have See with this it is automatically connected The voice you are hearing is coming from this watch The

sound is coming through its speaker for women, cycle tracking option is given See this is the weather option music, alarm, calendar sun and moon option is also given If you add city it will tell you when the sunrise and sunset is going to happen There is a built-in compose this is also a very interesting and important feature which you can use There is a breath mode option stopwatch, timer, find my phone There is a to do application So basically you have to install the ZEPP application From here you will get information about your physical activities

In fact it will be very easy to read the data on the smartphone compared to smartwatch See here all these exercise modes are also available You can also monitor the sleep pattern There are options for workouts and from here You can change the watch faces from here You will get very good watch faces here In fact the default watch faces on this watch are not so special But as I said because this is an AMOLED display So very good type of watch faces you will be able to download from here You will be able to

install system updates from here Now females will like this smartwatch And especially for such people whose wrist size is small It is very good for them Because most of the smartwatches available in the market their dial size is very big It comes with a square dial The finishing is very good It has a built-in GPS The GPS lock is very fast You will be able to use this watch for calling sometimes the calling feature is usefull, by the way I don’t use calling feature much But as I said in some situations maybe it can work

for you The battery life is quite good You can get up to 14 days battery life But that also depends on what features you are using in it If you are using more calling features then the battery life will be less Especially if use Always-on display then you can get battery life of 3 to 4 days But with always on and off and suppose you exercise for 1 hour during that time the GPS is on then you can get battery life of 10 days or 12 days So battery life is very good Nowadays in these

watches a new feature is integrated which is called readiness When you will use this watch for a few days Then you will see the readiness score From that you will get an idea how your body reacts means how much exercise you are doing how much you are sleeping how is your sleep pattern In general how is your step count during the day activities So on the basis of this you will also get the recovery score So this is a very interesting insight which you get in this watch I mostly recommend Amazfit smartwatches because the quality

is quite good Plus the accuracy is also very good Now this smartwatch is going to give you consistent results All the watches I review I do specific type of activities like walking in the morning during that time I wear this And I get almost the same type of results And here I ignore more or less 500 steps If there is a big difference in step counts Then I use it for a few more days To see that if I am getting the same step count or not So basically I see the consistency, I don’t find

pinpoint accuracy in the watches because when you take 500 steps whatever reading you get After that you take 500 steps again you will get a reading which will not be exactly the same unless you are a robot Because our walking style is different and these smartwatches, they doesn’t count your steps but on the basis of your hand movement or on the basis of the sensors It decides how many steps you have taken By the way you can sync it with Apple health or Google fit application which means you can share its data with those applications

Heart rate and Spo2 reading is also very accurate So actually this is a very good smartwatch and I especially liked its size It is a small smartwatch but it looks very pretty Now its pricing is around Rs.12,000 The link is given in the video description keep watching…

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