Amazfit GTR Mini Review – Smartwatch Combining Style and Functionality for Any Occasion

This is Amazfit’s new interesting smartwatch GTR Mini Keep watching… This is the smartwatch and its box packing I have started using this smartwatch Inside the box, apart from the smartwatch You will get this charging dock This is a magnetic charging dock and there is a booklet in the box For charging, there are charging points at the back and this magnetic dock sticks like this So this is the process of charging this watch This is a very amazing looking smartwatch comes with a circular dial Its weight is 24.6 grams it is a very lightweight When you

wear it on your hands you don’t even feel that you are wearing it It is so light and slim It is 9.25 mm thick It’s slim and is 42 mm in size It looks good on hands and the strap fits like this I like this design because the strap can’t come out accidentally and it fits comfortably It is a very good-looking smartwatch You can wear it for long hours It gives a classy look In case you want to replace the strap then there is a spring mechanism You’ll be able to easily replace the strap I

like the circular design See it has a button and the button is at the top Usually, it is at the sides but this design is

good too Functionality wise I like this design The display quality is great it is a 1.28-inch display it is visible in sunlight This AMOLED display gives you a different visual experience visual experience You can read the display easily in any lighting conditions It comes with 80+ watch faces support to use it, you can swipe from up to down then you’ll get quick settings options like you get in other smartwatches you

can swipe from down to up to read the notifications By swiping left to right you get all these options you get weather forecast You can see it is displayed in a great way You can control the media on your smartphone You get PAI value here You can press the button once then you get menu options The menu is placed well it is easy to use You get a good idea about the menu by seeing the icons for example, this is the settings All these options are available I will go to display and in this, you

get the Always on option you get an Always-On style It follows the watch face I have set it to all-day You can set it to automatic it is Always-On now After some time the main display will turn off and always on display will turn on See this is an Always-On display If you’ll use this option then the battery life will drain fast I loved the default watch face It is dual core powered and battery life is good This watch does not have a mic and a speaker So you can’t call but you get vibration alerts

It has built-in GPS which can accurately monitor your physical activities for example when you do physical activities like walking then the GPS will lock automatically This is a 5-satellite GPS and it has a good lock you get a quick satellite lock I am indoors so it won’t work but when I go out I will get a lock in 4-5 seconds You need to install the zip application An update is available. I will do the update You need to install the zip application on your smartphone here it is you can see the application Here you can

see the details of your physical activities This watch can accurately monitor your sleep It monitors heart rate and SPO2 accurately as well These are my physical activities You can see the GPS data in this The step count is also accurate You can use this application to set up your health monitoring auto heart rate monitoring it is set to 10 minutes of monitoring means it will check your heart rate every 10 minutes It does not have a continuous heart rate option it is a minimum of 1 minute It can monitor your sleep, and breathing quality that

is in the beta stage You can activate stress monitoring and SPO2 from here It will automatically monitor now Also for additional watch faces there are many options available These are very interesting watch faces Especially I like this type of watch faces because it is a circular watch Therefore these types of hand watch face looks very good on this It can track 120 sports activities While performing any activity you first have to select here but in case you forget then this smartwatch can automatically detect some sporting activities This smartwatch has a very good accuracy battery life

is up to 10 days or more than that I have got 8 days of battery life According to my usage, which has 1-hour walk every day and during that time GPS is also used The frame is made of stainless steel Overall the quality is very good So this is Amazfit GTR Mini and its pricing is Rs. 10,999 It is available on Amazon The link is in the description KEEP WATCHING…

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