Ambulance (2022) Movie Review

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action film by the name of ambulance which 
will be coming to theaters this weekend i  
got the opportunity to check it out in theaters 
the other night and i’mma let you all know what  
i thought about this action film and if it’s worth 
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comments let’s have a discussion starting off  
with michael bay himself are you a fan of his work 
and if so what’s your top three michael bay films  
but let’s talk about this film in particular were 
you excited for it once you’ve seen it what do  
you think i

want to talk pros cons your favorite 
moments least favorite moments and everything in  
between in the comments below so for me personally 
i’m not gonna lie i enjoy michael bay films for  
the most part i’m a big bad boys fan i enjoy the 
rock armageddon i had fun with transformers one  
and being from chicago the dark side of the moon 
and even an underrated film like 13 hours pain and  
gain i enjoy his films for the most part but i’m 
not gonna lie he has some pretty trash movies like  
some of those transformers sequels were absolute 
trash that movie he did on netflix a couple years  
ago what was it six underground pure garbage in 
my opinion but i’ll say this about michael bay  
i like that he has a distinct style you know 
when you’re getting into a michael bay film right  
i think of him morning scorsese you know quentin 
taratino christopher nolan just to name a few they  
have a distinct style and i always appreciate that 
versus like sometimes you go and watch a movie and  
be like wait who directed this they pretty much 
tried to rip off some of those directors i just  
meant in regards to emulating them so i appreciate 
you know what you’re getting with him and he has  
a style but i want to start this off with this 
review positively speaking in regards to things  
i didn’t expect from this film starting off with 
having some heart caring for the characters and  
introducing them to the audience starting off with 
yaya abdul matina ii who just a side note here  
i’m a big fan of his work sky’s the limit when 
it comes to his career i see multiple oscars  
in his future but putting that aside will sharpes 
his character and immediately when you meet him i  
sympathize for him i cared for him i was rooting 
for him you see that he’s a veteran he has this  
bad string of luck recently he is a caring husband 
a caring father and you can see his motives you  
know what drives him to the decisions that he 
makes in his film so i appreciated that narrative  
match that with issa gonzalez who i’m a fan 
of her work so far and just seeing her as cam  
this young emt who is someone you think of one 
thing you meet him like oh that’s not what i  
initially thought and then by in the film she to 
me she has the most growth in her character and i  
really enjoyed her narrative and speaking about 
caring and sympathizing very early on the movie  
she has this scene with this young girl and i’m 
thinking to myself like i did not expect to care  
and have these emotional reactions so early 
on this movie and then match that with jake  
gyllenhaal who i’m a big fan of his work i think 
he’s one of the best actors working in hollywood  
he plays a danny sharp who’s this expert bank 
robber and he is just there’s always that type of  
character in the michael bay film which i think 
michael bay tries to put like a little bit of  
himself in some of his characters like this rock 
star this character that’s chaotic and crazy but  
with the way jake gyllenhaal plays his character 
he’s very charismatic i really enjoyed his  
character and i thought that he was just having a 
blast in the role and i was having fun with him so  
just performance wise very engaging endearing 
very charismatic and i thought the trio you know  
just pairing these uh these actors together number 
one yaya and jake gyllenhaal as these two brothers  
they were very believable it reminded me a little 
bit of mark wahlberg’s four brothers where there  
were brothers that love each other care for 
each other would do anything for each other  
but there’s some beef there’s some tension there’s 
some unease between that relationship so i enjoyed  
their chemistry as brothers and then throw in 
issa gonzalez in that trio i really enjoyed the  
performances i thought they had good chemistry and 
i was very engaged with their performances which  
also i don’t want to leave out the supporting 
cast i had fun with them i think of an actor like  
garrett dillahunt who plays captain monroe i had 
fun with him so i thought performance wise i was  
very engaged and also speaking of things i didn’t 
expect in this film by no means am i comparing  
this movie to the quality of this next film here 
but it reminded me a lot of when i’m referring to  
the pacing and the movement the film is 
constantly moving it’s high obtained action  
it reminded me of mad max fury road which is one 
of my favorite films of all time again i’m not  
comparing this film to the quality of that film 
but it reminded me of how fast we’re moving we’re  
constantly on the move and i was very impressed by 
that and also it has some you know some shades of  
michael mann’s heat as well as brianna 
reeves andrew bullock’s uh speed so it has  
some of those similarities but again the action 
which i’m gonna get into here in a little bit  
very entertaining which actually brings me to 
going to things i come to expect from michael bay  
film the action is off the chains like it’s edge 
of your seat action regardless of how you feel  
about michael bay and his baism this man knows 
how to shoot action he knows how to build tension  
this was a roller coaster of a ride like literally 
you’re just like i’m sitting there like shaking  
into my seat like i felt visceral emotions being 
a part of the action which i thought was some of  
the best action i’ve seen all year so again if you 
love action you’re really going to be entertained  
and very engaged and maybe even exhausted at 
points by the action in this film and also there  
were a couple standout scenes without giving too 
much away that i did not expect coming like wtf  
moments for me one involves a surgery and another 
one involves this diversion which i thought was  
like whoa we’re getting serious and we’re getting 
kind of dark here so i will applaud those two  
particular scenes when you see the film you’ll 
know exactly what i’m talking about so let’s  
talk about my criticisms now again this 
is a silly dumb fun action movie and  
when i go into those movies i shut the 
brain off i leave it at the front door  
but sometimes the brain clicks back on and there’s 
just moments in this film that just logically  
didn’t make sense from a script perspective from 
a logical perspective from decisions that the  
characters make it’s just like wait why is this 
character here why are they stopping right now  
why is this happening right now so there are 
moments in the script that i felt like it just  
didn’t make any sense so i will just say it when 
it comes to that uh aspect of the film and also if  
i’m being honest i mentioned how jake gyllenhaal 
is like this expert bank robber and he does do  
some things that are very intelligent in this 
film but there are moments where i’m like wait  
he’s supposed to be an expert i’m gonna be 
honest with you all the whole bank robbery  
the plan was f from the jump like his crew that 
he had seemed like this is their first time doing  
that and it was just decisions like wait how 
are you all expecting to get away with that  
robbery again goes back to my logic point that i 
mentioned as far as criticisms some of the stuff  
just didn’t make sense in regards to the plan 
at hand especially with this expert bank robber  
but that was something that annoyed me which 
speaking of annoying this was just a small nitpick  
the film gives you a reason that at a certain 
point they’re the the characters aren’t mysterious  
like they know at a certain point of film who 
these people are but there are moments where i’m  
just like why do you keep saying your name why are 
you giving the characters your whole backstory it  
was just very annoying like you’re supposed 
to be bank robbers but they know your whole  
life story it was kind of annoying in regards 
to certain points in this film but getting into  
a comment that i want to make here as far as as 
criticism michael bay a couple days ago mentioned  
how he thought the visual effects were [ __ ] now 
listen he’s a director he’s also a producer so he  
has skin in the game he has money in his film he 
can say that he has every right to say that as a  
director and producer but i think that’s the 
conversation you have behind closed doors so  
i’m gonna put michael bay on blast here some of 
his direction was [ __ ] and particularly i know  
michael bay because i used to watch a lot of his 
behind the scenes for those movies i mentioned at  
the top of this review he likes to take control 
of the camera and shoot some of his own action  
and i’m not gonna lie there were some shitty 
shots in this film in regards to the movement  
of the camera some certain decisions that he made 
as director i thought was [ __ ] so if you want to  
say that about your visual effects team i want to 
put that criticism on you as a director which by  
the way there are i mentioned shots how i thought 
they were just kind of i feel kind of nauseous  
watching this film there are these drone shots 
in this film like drone coverage and you could  
to me i might be wrong but i feel like michael 
bay got this new drone camera that has super hd  
quality 8k quality super high fast speed that he 
just wanted to use it on this film and he used it  
like a kid with a brand new toy there were these 
shots especially at the beginning there’s like  
drone shots throughout the film which i thought 
were just kind of pointless but at the beginning  
of the film when the bank robber’s happening 
there’s like these 15 20 like shots that are just  
drone shots we’re just like this is completely 
unnecessary so again goes back to just direction  
decision and camera movement which sometimes i’m 
not the best but the last thing i want to mention  
i thought the ending for my personal taste was 
a bit clumsy in its execution when we get to the  
end of the film without giving anything away 
i thought the film tried to implement this  
social commentary regarding police and not doing 
their job and not helping someone in need that i  
felt was a little bit off and just wasn’t handled 
properly in my opinion and just overall the lead  
up to the ending was pretty intense and pretty you 
know tense filled and the tension was there but i  
thought that the actual ending was just clumsy in 
this execution so before i give you all my overall  
thoughts and let you know if i think it’s worth 
taking your time to see it in theaters make sure  
if you haven’t already to like the review share it 
comment your thoughts in the comment section and  
of course subscribe to the channel overall this is 
undoubtedly a michael bay film with high obtained  
action explosion car chases some wild bits of 
comedy but also this film has heart charismatic  
characters likable characters and very a lot of 
wtf moments in between it knows what it is it’s  
not pretending to be anything else and at the end 
of the day i go to see a horror film to be scared  
i go to see a comedy to have a good laugh i go to 
see an action film to be entertained at the end of  
the day i was thoroughly entertained and i’m gonna 
give this film a 3.5 out of five but hey that’s my  
thoughts i want to know yours in the comments 
once you’ve seen it from your pros your cons  
favorite moments favorite characters what were 
some things that didn’t work for you all let’s  
have a discussion in the comments and again top 
three michael bay films let’s talk about that as  
well i appreciate you all watching this review if 
you stuck around to this point in the video make  
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thank you for watching review hope you enjoyed it 
hope you’re staying safe as you all can see on the  
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