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In this video, I’m going to review American
as Paneer Pie written by Supriya Kelkar.
I have already reviewed the other book – Ahimsa
from the same author.
If you dint see that already, don’t forget
to check that out.
Before the review, I wanted to tell you all,
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My uncle is so brilliant at both physical
and mind games..
Especially at Chess, it is very difficult
to beat him.
I have played Chess against him and lost many times.
One day, we got in to an agreement that, when I win a game against him for the first time, he would buy me a book.
This pact, made it more exciting and I started looking for all possible ways to improve my game.
I played against the computer several times and guess what,
one fine day, I won the game against him and he got this book for me in kindle Ebooks.
And this, is the story of how I earned this
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Ok..This is unusual
But let me do this..
I’m dedicating this book review to all my
friends in America.. and the reason for that
is to encourage all of them to read this book..
Watch till the end to know why..
Lekha is the only Indian American girl living in Oakridge, Michigan.
There are two versions of her.
Home Lekha, and School Lekha.
Home Lekha is a very punny, happy girl who enjoys eating Indian food and loves Bollywood songs and movies
She has very supportive parents and one and only best friend, Noah who is also her next door neighbour
But at school, things are a little hard for
School Lekha is teased for her bindi birthmark, for what she eats, and how she smells.
So she attempts her best, to cover up the
difference and tries to fit in and feel included.
Instead of confronting, she always chooses to ignore the racist remarks.
Now, moves in a new neighbor.. Avantika
who is a girl of the same age as her and she came right from India.
Lekha, and Avantika have many things in common, yet they are different.
Though she finds comfort in finding someone who shares common interests, she feels exposed
at school as Avantika is proud of her culture, and displays it willingly.
Avantika also never shies away from taking down and speaking up against bullies who make racist remarks
This complicates her relationship with Avantika.
Will Lekha re-evaluate her relationship?
Meanwhile, there is a racist incident that
occurs in the town and a candidate who is against the immigrants gets elected..
Given all this, how will Lekha react?
Will she find her voice?
To find that out, you should read American as Paneer Pie written by Supriya Kelkar.
Now, having read both of Supriya Kelkar’s
Young Adult fiction, this book, and Ahimsa, there is something common in both of the books.
It is how the Author does the character development of the Protagonist.
Be it Anjali in Ahimsa or Lekha in American as Paneer Pie, both of them are not Ms.Perfect when the story starts
But they gradually evolve, undergo transformation and get empowered to make brave choices.
I would say the book comes with two important messages.
“Respect the differences” – This one is for
the bullies who discriminate people based
on color, race or any other factors.
The next message is for everyone – “Stand
up for what is right”.
The message that the book brings alone makes it a strong reason for why kids should read this book..
The story line and the message is the reason why I would recommend this book
for all my friends who live in multicultural and a diverse environment..
Hope you all like this video.
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Leaving you with a wonderful quote from Rosa Parks
“You must never be fearful about what you are doing, when it is right”.
Thanks for watching..

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