American Express Blue Business Cash Card Overview & Review! | Best Business Credit Cards 2022

what’s up financial hikes it’s your boy
eric and in today’s video we’re back in
the office and we’re going to be doing a
quick i guess review rundown of the
business card look at this covering up
the number right there but as you can
has my name right there i have the
business right there it looks good it’s
a nice
card um
i’m not gonna lie i’ve used this on a
couple purchases everything went pretty
well for the most part
uh the
i guess the ui on the website which i’m
which i’ll show you guys in a sec uh
looks good too can’t complain
overall this is my first
business credit card it’s not my first
credit card but my first business uh
credit card and
uh it was easy uh to get easy to set up
i actually got a letter in the mail
regarding this card it took me about
maybe six
seven minutes to set this up
able to get it pretty quick and they
came i think the car came to mail
about a good six five

days after i uh
applied for it so it will probably get
to you pretty quickly as well i had a
pretty good credit limit for my first
business card too so yeah overall can’t
complain uh if you are interested in
looking for a business credit card for
your business you should definitely take
a look at american express
now i’m going to go ahead and go behind
the scenes and show you guys how the
setup is if you are logging in on this
card so we can check out the rewards and
how to access some of the stuff on the
cart let’s get into it okay guys so
we’re behind the scenes on the american
express business card um the home page
you know
standard to american express gonna show
this before so let’s go ahead and go to
the benefits
of this page
and so you guys can kind of see some of
that we’ll also uh probably look at some
of these account services too that they
so as you can see there’s a lot of
different stuff a lot of different
benefits with this card you got the
automatic cash back i thought that was
cool you can reinvest in your business
with automatic cash back earn two
percent cash back on the first 50
000 purchases each calendar year one
percent they’re out there cash back
earned is automatically credited to your
i do like that a lot the automatic cash
back i’m liking that a lot expanded
buying power uh expanded buying power
gives you the freedom to spend beyond
your credit limit and get business done
just remember the amount you could spend
above your credit limit is not unlimited
it adjusts with your use of the card
your payment history credit uh record
financial resources known to us and
other factors you got the american
express business app
uh you can simplify the way you and your
employees manage business card receipts
with the american express
business app and we got some more stuff
we got the account manager you can
appoint a trusted team member as an
account manager to be an extra set of
hands to help you manage your account
this is pretty cool too i’m pretty sure
you can use that if you had a
person help me out with your taxes and
whatnot so that’s cool there you can you
know if you have that kind of set up or
maybe hey
maybe have somebody in your business who
are really good with that they can
handle that for you um you got your
employee cards get the most out of your
card by adding employee cards earn
rewards on employee purchases plus track
employee spending with alerts
and summary reports so that’s pretty
cool there you know you can have your
employees with the credit card if needed
and you’re able to easily track that to
good stuff amex offers see how amex
offers can make your cart membership
even more rewarding you can learn more
about all of these
um and lately i’ve got relationship care
service purchase protection car rental
loss of damage insurance ascended
warranty global assist hotline fx
international payments
premium car rental protection and credit
secure so that’s
everything currently on the benefits
side i want to just take a look at the
employee cards
okay and kind of just kind of just
breaks it down again no fee you don’t
want to worry about that you can log in
for that
which is all pretty cool i mean nothing
i can really complain about on that and
you know if you wanted to you can just
pick out you know just this specific
category and you can just look just at
those let me take a quick look at the
account manager learn more on that
okay if i want to get started cool cool
so you can get started just
that quickly
and then uh we got account
services where you can you know just
look at all of your account stuff do
your disputes
paperless or paper uh statements all
and um let’s see
employee controls let me take a quick
look at that
okay cool cool cool so yeah another
place where you can add your um
employee cards
okay okay cool cool cool and yeah and
everything i’ve kind of seen before
all these statement activities where you
can see your statements and all the
different activities that you’ve been
using your credit card for and payments
you know where you can
your payments on your card but overall i
am a fan
of this card for the most part um they
gave me pretty good credit score i mean
a pretty good um credit limit for my
first actual business card which is cool
uh there’s a lot of
easability on getting this card getting
everything set up so if you are looking
for a business card america’s express
may be good for you again this is my
business uh credit card
so this is cool having this
i’m definitely intrigued you know how
i can you know use my points down the
line and uh
yeah yeah yeah guys if you haven’t
already uh definitely be sure to hit
that like button and subscribe and
oh you know what
i don’t know how i forgot about this but
the rewards
yeah have you made it this far yeah look
at this you can
um also use your points for different
type of rewards you got amazon best buy
oh man you got a lot you got a lot of
different stuff even paypal you can use
yourself for you you can you can even
use your points for ticketmaster so
that’s cool so you know you can just buy
stuff first you know for your business
start racking up points and then you can
buy yourself a ticket to take your girl
take your man take your wife take your
you can do something and take them out
to do a you know cool event
amazon will be big right now with you
know all the holiday stuff going on but
you can also use this too to buy more
you know get more equipment for your
actual business and there’s a lot of
different stuff you can go to too so
that’s pretty cool there but yeah guys
um if again if you haven’t already be
sure to hit that like button and
subscribe and yeah if you’re interested
in a business credit card
american express maybe a good one this
is my first one and i’m definitely
enjoying what i’m seeing so far peace

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