Anbiux webcam from Shopee | Unboxing review | Video test

Hey guys
Welcome back to my channel. Today I will be reviewing webcam that I bought from Shopee
..and I will be reviewing for you guys

So, today I will be reviewing Anbiux webcam
and this is it
I bought this from Shopee around RM50
..and if you are interested to buy this webcam
i will put down the link in the description down below
and you check out the link.
So what’s in the box?
you will get 1 webcam including the user manual as well
which provides you with the details regarding the information and specification of this webcam
So, if you’re interested, you can click link down below
Okay, close up view
This is how it looks like
This clip can be open
and put on your dekstop. Okay, in terms of the specification,
it has 2MP camera
I think it is good for
conference or video meeting
so this is useful for that reason or you can use it for streaming game
even though it is 2MP, it is still bright
whenever you use it in the dark the image is still quite bright.
This webcam supports high definition resolution 1080p, 720p
or you prefer lower than that, such

as 480p, then
it can be lowered to that using your software.

depends on your own preferences
This auto focus of this webcam can be adjusted using the focus ring
by rotating it
to adjust its sharpness to maintain clear image

There is also a built in noise cancelling microphone in this webcam
to reduce any noise
or unwanted noise
that is unavoidable
but I do not recommend to use the built in microphone
because the built in microphone is not really good in terms of quality
so it is better to use external microphone
because it is better and the sound is more clear
if you use the built in microphone,
inside of this webcam is not really recommended
even though it has noise cancellation

so it is better to use external microphone. In terms of its frame rate,
it can reach up to 30fps, if you prefer
i do not personally recommend to buy this. it’s better for you to buy logitech or any other similar to that
So, this webcam you don’t have to install driver
you just need to plug in and play

using its own USB
and this webcam also supports all windows
it has a….
sticker. So if you feel like, it’s not new
actually there is a sticker sticking to it
So, without wasting any time, let’s try this webcam
ATTENTION: Sorry there is no voice recorded in this video. While recording the whistling sound won’t stop. So i decided to turn off the microphone

So if you want to buy this microphone, I’ve already put
the link down in the description below
..and if you have any question, just comment
down below
I also put the price down on the description below
if you have any question
more on this webcam
on how it works, or how you can install it
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INSTALL, just plug in and you’ll be OKAY 🙂
ANYTHING, just ask me
Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you guys soon
in my next video

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