Angel 2×20: "Over the Rainbow" – Reacción y Review – Reaction With Subtitles

Hi guys how are you doing? I’m Mauroliino.
We are on a new Miramos Angel and I guess it’s time for us to go to find Cordelia so let’s watch the episode.
That had to be done.
We saw crazier things.
The outfit she’s wearing is really cute.
That thing looks like a werewolf.
I’m using headphones because…
… lately the sound was kind of funny.
The speakers. And I’m trying to fix it this way.
And do we know how to open a porta?
Because I think the book is gone with that other guy.
Or it is still here?
It is here! Good.
She’s in danger!
I don’t know if there is time to waste on thinking.
You will come with us.
It was that the language? He didn’t sound like the other guy.
The other was more like:
And we need you…
Don’t be a fool…
Are they racist?
It is cutting distance.
Guys, her outfit is beautiful.
No! You have to tell us things about that place. Don’t be selfish!
The girl went through that portal, right?
He said five years?
They left it without a battery.
They have to find another place then.
Yes, he was right.
How it’s that you are not going?
That must be to not let her run away.
Is she like a maid now?
That’s the one from the library?
I don’t remember the face but she looks like someone who has being here for a lot of time.
And Gun looks like he’s going to screw things up.
How would the horns feel?
Is it like a bone out of your hear?
I feel like I know that girl from some other place.
He has learned a lot during his time here.
He has to close that door.
And tell them that he is proud of what he did.
And can’t they go holding hands?
Or maybe inside his head!
Like what Willow did with Buffy and her team.
Uy, I know him.
From Lost!
He said six moth and that’s a lot of time.
Oh, look the animal back there.
You can deactivate it.
With whom is he talking to?
Did he left the massage to Buffy?
Look, there are a lot of human!
It looks like the studio from the GTA.
Oh, will they use the car?
Maybe it is better to be save, so why don’t you put it? Just in case…
Look if they end without heads.
Come on Gun!
Oh, look. He was calling to Gun.
The Captain of the Titanic…
I think…
… Wesley salud give to Angel the leadership.
We all know who is the real leader.
The book stays behind. How are we leaving?
Did they write on their hand a…
… a way of open the portal again?
Nothing is happening!
And shouldn’t he be more on fire?
I love how happy he is!
And also you can’t force it out.
We don’t have a book. Are they stupid or what?
And what will you do to her?
How idiot is he?
They are a lot, maybe he could scare them becoming a vampire.
This is interesting though.
The way they are approaching the slavery issue because it was like this before.
Because he can’t break it.
What did he said?

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