Animal Movie Detailed Review – Good And Bad Aspects Of The Film 🤔

Hello friends, welcome to our channel Filmy Vani . Friends, finally the year 23’s one of the last much awaited movie Animal has been released in theaters today. After seeing its first day first show, we have already got the experience of watching the movie. If I say one line. If I share, friends, this film has proved to be an entertaining film for me, which has made my money totally worth it. I guess I got to experience the joy of two films in one ticket through this film, although the beginning of the film is very high. It

is with tone and the film keeps running in top gear till the interval comes. At the point when the interval comes, you can literally believe that the audience was not at all ready to see the ads and they wanted to know what was going to happen next but the fact is. It is also that after the interval, there is a major drop in the film and the momentum that the film had maintained from the beginning till the interval is seen getting lost somewhere. The good thing is that during Bobby Deols entry and climax . This

film again picks up the same pace and overall we get to have an amazing theater experience. You are requested not to leave the theater immediately

after the film is over because here we feel like this not once or twice but thrice. That the film is over but in the end of the film we get to experience something or the other. Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has left many surprises for the audience, so I would like you to stay in the theaters till the end , friends. Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga had earlier Arjun Reddy and its remake

Kabir Singh were made and there was a lot of controversy regarding both these films and it was said that there is a lot of violence in these films, on this Sandeep Reddy Vanga had said that I will tell you what is violence. I will show it in my next film and to be honest. What director sir had said, he has shown here and there are many such scenes here which you may not be able to see with your eyes at all. However, the good thing is that Sandeep Reddy Vanga has done it. He did not

focus only on violence. In fact, let me tell you that we get to see action of violence only at two or three places in the film. Apart from this, he has focused the story of the film on the characters, their relationships and emotions and when after a long gap, we get to see the action of violence. When violence type things are seen then this gap increases the excitement among the audience and we also have a lot of fun watching these scenes. Well, if you like Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film making then totally thumbs up for you

but if If you have a problem with the depth of his films then I would say that you should stay away from this film because there is a lot in this film which is morally incorrect and seriously it is much more than what was shown in Kabir Singh and Arjun Reddy. If we talk about the story of the film , I feel that the makers have not tried to hide the story of this film at all. What we felt from the trailer is the story of this film. The basic plot of the film is based

on father and son. This is also the biggest USP of this film because very few such films have been made in India which are exploring the father-son relationship. The son loves his father very much since childhood, but the father ‘s attitude towards him has always been rude. This very thing creates a rebellious nature in him and later on, when someone attacks his father, this very thing creates an animal in him. The kind of character sticks of Ranbir Kapoor’s character is to be honest. Fully justifying the title of the film, now who attacks her father, what

is his rivalry and amidst all this, we get to see a lot of twists and turns, to see which you will have to watch the film, friends, in this film. For the first time, Ranbir Kapoor has been mentioned as a superstar and to be honest, for me he is a superstar, he has all the potential of a superstar and with the opening of Rs 100 crore, he has declared that there is full probability of him being called the next superstar, I guess. This is Ranbir Kapoor’s first film where he is shown with massive elevation. Other

wise, before this he was seen in most of his films either romantic or coming of age drama type films. Hance proof that he You can also do action. Friends, here Ranbir Kapoor has been shown in different ages and he has been seen giving his best in every role. The way Ranbir Kapoor has played his character, he is totally impressive. Ranbir Kapoor’s swag and his style make it clear that he is amazing in action and has brought every kind of emotion on himself. Friends, let me tell you that this film has been a game changer in

his career and will be written in big letters in his filmography. The film has also got an opening of Rs 100 crores and with this, it is the film which got the highest opening in Ranbir Kapoor’s career. At the same time, Rashmika Mandanna has every chance of becoming the highest grosser film of her career. Rashmika Mandanna has done good acting and her chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor is strong, although there are movements at many places. Talking about Anil Kapoor, he is in the role of a stick father. His screen press is tremendous and at the same

time, his dominating factor seems to be reducing with time and it is clearly visible in his eyes. In these shorts, Anil Kapoor has given a very strong performance in the role of Ranbir Kapoor’s father. Talk about Bobby. As for Deol, friends, the minus point of the film will be cut only on Bobby Deol. I feel that the makers did not use Bobby Deol properly. Even in the second half, the thing that we felt was missing was Bobby Deol. Fans, Bobby after the interval. We were waiting for Deol’s portion but the makers made him wait too

much in bringing him. I guess I feel that instead of focusing so much on the family in the second half, the makers should have focused on Ranveer vs Bobby Deol and that thing . Bobby Deval could have taken the second half to the next level. His screen presence is less but wherever he is seen, he has been the high point of the film. I guess more work should have been done on his character. Let’s talk about the music of the film. The director of the film has merged the music of the film with the action

and this thing enhances the experience of us viewers. Let me tell you, the Arjun Valley song comes during the interval fight and when we get to hear the Arjun Valley song in that fight . Our experience of violence gets further enhanced. The song ‘Sab kuchh luta denge’ in the voice of B.Praak comes in the climax fight of the film, the picturisation of which was amazing. I guess this was an experiment which works perfectly in the finale of the film. I get to hear the song Papa Meri Jaan only and I literally saw in the audience

that two people had tears in their eyes, perhaps the reason for this was that perhaps their father would not be there. Literally, this film also makes us emotional. In the climax of the film, we get a We get to see the scene of father and son, this scene was very emotional and touches our heart, the BGM of this film is amazing and talking about the screen play, the screen play is also very good, here the scenes come first and then they come back. We get to hear the story later but this may be a bit

confusing for the audience. Friends, some scenes of this film also have their own impact. After KGF, machine guns became very common and every hero has a machine gun in his film. Was seen using a gun but Ranveer Kapoor has used a machine gun in his film named Made in India. I guess the other actor cannot go higher than this. Also, there is a scene in this film where Ranbir Kapoor Bobby. Eyes kill the heart. Like me, you must have the courage to watch that scene with fire in your eyes. Well, I don’t want to give

any spoiler but I am definitely indicating that in the end you will get to see something that you will love. Seriously, maybe you can even forget Rolex. However, whether its second part will come or not, you will know only with the end of this film. However, from my side, this film is four out of five stars. Friends, watch this film comfortably for 15 to 20 minutes. Also, more work should have been done on the character of Bobby Deol. Due to these two factors, I am deducting half the points from the film. However, if we talk

about mental guidance, then you are thinking of watching this film with your family. Well, if you try to find the problem here, then you can find many problematic things here, which will definitely not have a good impact on the society and all these things are morally incorrect. Now this thing depends on person to person. How does one take these things? Anyway, here is a special video of mine today. How did you like our video? Please do give your opinion in the comment section below. Also, if you have seen the film Animal, then how did you

like that film? please tell me also

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