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Hello friends, welcome to our channel Filmy Vani, finally tomorrow i.e. on 1st December, this year’s one of the much awaited movie Animal is going to be released and along with it, Vicky Kaushal’s highly akali movie Sam Bahadur is also being released. Today’s video of ours is basically a pre-release video where we will discuss what these films are indicating to deliver from their teaser trailer and leaks and what is our expectation as a viewer from these films as well. We will also talk about the box production of these films , so friends, subscribe to the channel

and stay tuned with the video. The year 2023 has proved to be the most successful year in the post Covid period. This year many big films have earned records. The year is at its end. And now only one or two big films are left for their release, in such a situation, Ranveer Kapoor’s movie Animal has come out to be a very shocking surprise because there was not much hype about this film in the beginning of the year or should I say that there was not much hype about this film in the beginning of the year.

There was not much talk about this film in between , but as the glimpses of this film started coming out, this film

has gained such momentum that today we can easily make this prediction by looking at the advance booking of this film. That after Jawan Pathan and Tiger 3, this film will be the fourth highest opening film of the year, although it is also expected that this film can break the record of opening of Tiger 3. However, this year many Bollywood films are in Hindi. Simultaneously, Tamil Telugu and even Pan India versions have been released

but to be honest there was no information about the release of Tamil Telugu and Canadian versions of those films and the makers here were not able to release their films properly but Animal is proving to be a film which has been released very seriously at Pan India level and a good craze is being seen for this film even from Telugu, Tamil Nadu, Kannada and Malayalam industry. Jawan, directed by Atlee Kumar. The way it got a start in Tamil Nadu, in the same way or should I say even more, this film of Sandeep Reddy Vanga has

got a start in the Telugu state. Till now the film has got advance booking of Rs 2 to 2.5 crores. Friends, let me tell you. This is the earning which big Hindi films are not able to earn even on their day one from the Telugu state. This is the advance booking of this film and the final collection will come out to be even more shocking. Now let’s come to the question of why this film of mine will be sold. What are the expectations and what am I assuming that I will get to see in this

film? Friends, from the way the interviews of the directors of this film are coming out, it seems that the director is very concerned about his project. I am more confident, due to this my expectation has also become very high from this film and I hope that the overall experience of this film will be very satisfying for me. Friends, sometimes when we go to watch a film, there is a doubt in our mind. It is not known how the film will be, whether the makers have made the film properly or not. There is a kind of

doubt about the film, but in the case of Animal, I do not have any kind of doubt because of the teaser and trailer. There is assurance that good work has been done in every department. This is a T-series film. The production value is also very high and at the same time this film is also looking very rich. Friends, the tone of this film is very high and this film is already It is being assured that here you will get to see very extreme violence, Ranbir Kapoor is looking great in his role, the songs have already

become chartbusters and if we talk about the story of the film, then friends story wise also here we will see something new. Here the relationship between father and son has been explored. This is a film by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, whose films are very simple story wise but his presentation does not let you divert your attention from the characters and the film. If I say the basic story line, would you also be feeling the same that Ranveer Kapoor loves his father very much but his father, played by Anil Kapoor, is parenting Ranbir Kapoor well because of

his business and root behavior. Unable to do this, his attitude has always been strict towards Ranveer Kapoor, this is the thing that creates a beast inside Ranveer Kapoor. Anil Kapoor has an empire, now the empire will also be a competitor and in the back drop of this, we have Bobby Deol. The plot will be introduced, there is a gun shot on Anil Kapoor and as the main character, the name of Bobby Deol is appearing in front of us. Ranbir Kapoor will come to the front line and take revenge of his father and here in the

film we will get to see We will get to see the beast avatar of Bobby Deol vs Ranbir Kapoor. Friends, amidst all this, we will get to see high voltage action sequence, extreme violence and imagery sequence, blood war and a lot of emotion. This is a simple story which we are still able to think but direct. Sandeep Reddy is Vanga but if he brings some change in all this like that Anil Kapoor may not be Ranveer Kapoor’s real father or Bobby Deol may be Ranveer Kapoor’s brother, such rumors are continuously going on in the film

industry if such If things happen then it will be very shocking for us audience and I feel that in this film we will get to see two stand turns of very big level. I am very sure about the violence department of the film, friends Sandeep. Reddy Vanga had said that I will show you what violence is in my next film And To Be Honest. The real glimpse of violence can also be seen from the trailer of this film. I am quite excited that tomorrow I will be one of the first through this film. I am

going to gain the best theater experience. Bobby Deval is still a surprise factor for me. Whether he can speak or not will be known only tomorrow, but it seems that the makers have done a lot of planning regarding him. Teaser and Trailer. A very limited version of him was also shown in the film, as far as the makers have tried to hide Bobby Deol, this makes the expectation quite high that they have made a big plan for Bobby Deol when the makers have revealed their villain. If you are able to portray well, then Ranbir Kapoor’s

victory in the end will make his supremacy even higher. If I give my opinion regarding the box office prediction, then I am finding this film to be a short shot blockbuster. Friends, the opening of this film is in 2023. It is worth keeping in mind that this film has got adult certification, this film is being released on a non-holiday and at the same time this film is clashing with a good film, despite this the advance of this film is The booking will turn out to be very strong, this film is easily beating Day 1 of

Gadar 2 and with this, this film will be the fourth highest opening film of the year, although it will be very difficult to beat Day 1 of Jawan Pathan. It is difficult but it definitely seems that there is a 50-50 chance that this film can beat the day one of Tiger 3. However, if we talk about the overall box office collection, I feel that Jawan Pathan and After Gadar 2, this will be the fourth highest grosser film of this year. The club of 500 crores is still very tough for Bollywood films. The journey of 300

crores to 400 crores will be very easy. Now it depends on the word of the film. But if the word of mouth of this film becomes very positive then it will be very easy for this film to beat the record of Tiger 3 and target the record of Next Gadar 2. I think at the moment it will be like that of tomorrow. The next release is Syam Bahadur. Friends, I feel that this film is releasing on the wrong day. I guess if the makers of the film could have avoided this clash and given a good

release to their film, it would have been very good for this film. However. The clash of Gadar 2 vs Oh My God Too has already proved that if your film is good then no one can stop it from running and content wise this film is very promising from its trailer, although the budget of this film is only 50 crores. Which can be recovered very easily from Thut Karr Run. It looks like an extremely well made film and I feel that this film can do a business of 100 to 150 crores. If Animal Lee had not

been there then it would definitely have made 200 crores. Although the film was a bit tough in front of Animal, but the director of the film is Meghna Gulzar and Vicky Kausal has done tremendous acting in this film, his body language, dialogue delivery, everything is excellent and I feel that this film has got a lot of attention. I am going to get critical attention, however, I will watch both the films. Do you want to see Sam Bahadur or not? Do tell in the comment section below and also what do you think is the right decision

of Sam Bahadur to switch to Animal. Do share your opinion in the comment section below. So friends, here is our special video today. If you liked my video, please like, comment and subscribe to my channel, thank you very much.

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