Anime newbie watches Attack on Titan OVA Ilse's Notebook Review and Reaction

hi everyone on today’s video I’m going to be reacting to ilse’s notebook some of you have told me that after Attack on Titan season 1 I need to watch this before season two there’s going to be three of us so just right before season two let’s do it but before I get into the video please subscribe to this channel if you are not subscribed yet because it’s a lot of more new reactions coming and you don’t want to miss them so now let’s go into the video foreign sorry just if just for you if you

haven’t watched my previous reactions I do have a theory on that Titan that Titan is going to be important the one that I ate the mom why because it’s a normal Titan but it’s got a lot of details everywhere like the everything is it’s a very very detailed Titan the dum-dum Titans the normal ones they are not as detail you know they don’t have that many details on the face they have human faces some of them a little bit more detailed than the others but this one is very very very specific so I’m just thinking

that is going to be important why no idea yet but just just like that is how it usually works on filming or serious in and everything

it doesn’t have to be with live actresses and actors is the same like this when they put more details into something it’s because that character is important that’s it perks of having worked in the film industry foreign wait so this is the the day that the second attack happened right because they they weren’t there they were in a mission or something I was going to explain that that is good

um I love her she’s amazing I love how passionate she is foreign foreign but also he is right if if he feels that they don’t have enough power to do it the liver is quiet is there Petra foreign foreign foreign oh I was going to say is this the sniffing one how the heck can he smell them oh by their reactions I don’t think it’s the first time that she she just goes crazy about a Titan and goes ah let’s see them and they need to go behind her to go following her and babysit her

foreign go down in the way that she talks to them wait is this when the other Titans came the colossal and the because they they were going to do the same apparently with they kind of like lead them to start going into the walls is it that is yeah foreign he’s looking at the tree okay that was unexpected okay I was wrong you know what is happening oh my God you put him in danger Jesus well he doesn’t die obviously but one moment to the struts good as you can Mitchell the fact that he went

to clean himself even though we’ve seen already oh my God he’s got even boogies uh the fact that that he’s just cleaning himself even though if he waits two seconds he’s going to evaporate this is like he’s he’s very with the cleaning I think as we saw in one episode when they were in the castle and the first thing he was like everyone let’s go and clean so I and and he always mentions feel for you whatever so I think he’s you know a bit like germaphobic or something like that oh my God he’s got

a lot of boogies foreign which makes me even sadder because it means that he cared a lot about his Squad and what’s that um what what a Scout song to go after a course on um foreign spicy wifey turkey because she’s weird no tell me he talks what you miss people who see mirror Hima shove it stop it what is going on I don’t know I’m super confused money foreign no don’t do that you’re going to look like a face I don’t think you wanted to do that oh my God I’m super confused now it’s

like he had a moment of how do you how do you say that of light in all the darkness and it was like oh I shouldn’t be doing that and the fact that he was kind of like not crying but it kind of like sad and whatever and it was when she started to run when I assume that it activated again the prey Chase thing so he came back to to you know to chase her and eat her but it’s like he had a moment like a revelation not a revelation how do I explain myself

I think you know what I mean right like he was his conscience was a bit better that’s what I mean wow I’m really lost sorry did you remember well I did say I don’t remember the episode but I did say something like like when I started to see these special Titans I was like what about if it’s something like let’s let’s talk about Resident Evil as an example some people get injected with the virus and they just become Stupid Zombies just like uh but then other ones it’s like the DNA have something something and they

become like the Nemesis and they become like a strong thing you know I don’t think it’s an injectable obviously but what if it’s something I don’t know probably not a virus but I don’t know a course or something like that and then some people that they get this curse let’s call it curse because I have no idea what it is but let’s call it curse they just become the stupid ones and other ones that are more whatever fitted they become this special strong Titans I don’t know I’m I’m even more confused now is foreign foreign

and again they said that he has facial expressions and and his expression right now is quite sad foreign foreign foreign foreign nice nice okay this left me super super confused what the heck Everest people who is that who is Emir and who is her people well I’ve seen that name Emir for female and male so I don’t know if it’s a he or a she English people and respect them I don’t think we heard that name before have we I’m just trying to remember but I’m awful with names so if we did probably I’m not

remembering but I the fact that it can talk oh my God this left me super confused and I honestly thought that that mission will be the day that that the second attack happened it did it oh my God yeah I have no idea I thought this this things will will let will shed some light it didn’t it gave me more questions nice anyway please drop a comment let me know what do you think and also let me just remind you that if you are a member of this channel you will get emotes and early access

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eternally grateful for it so yeah have a lovely rest of the day and see you in the next video bye

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