Anvil F7C Hornet Review | Star Citizen 3.12 Gameplay

for many long time backers of star
they will recognize this as the de facto
original fighter
of the star citizen franchise at one
point the unchallenged king of fighter
how does it stack up in the game right
i’m farrister and in this video i review
the star citizenship the anvil
f7c hornet star citizen is currently in
alpha testing with the hornet as one of
the flyable ships
she’s flown by a solo pilot and is
described as a medium fighter
although in reality she’s on the heavier
for those of you who’ve seen other ship
reviews on this channel you’ll recognize
the usual format for this video
it’s split into five sections starting
with a ship
tour assessing combat performance
reviewing handling
and visibility looking at the operating
costs before finally
summarizing i’ve included timestamps in
the video description to help navigate
to each part of the review
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part one ship tour
and as an old style

fighter craft the
hornet is solely
a cockpit space you enter via a ladder
on the left or port side of the ship
and this takes you up into your pilot’s
the interior detail is nice but this is
all the interior space you get for your
money part two
combat performance your garden variety
hornet comes armed with slots for
three fixed size three weapons depending
on your model
one of those might not be filled but
the hornet comes with lots of weapons
options for example you could swap out
the fixed
nose slot for a gimbaled dual size 1
and you can swap out the cargo module in
the middle for either
a dual size 3 gimbal or a single size
4 gimbal that gives you a lot of options
to mix
and match particularly if you’re
interested in tailoring your hornet
to your own preferences for this video
that’s exactly what i’ve done and so
you’ll see mounted
three mantis repeaters and a revenant up
top for extra punching power
and the firepower of the hornet is
actually really strong even today
it’s not quite as well armed as a
hurricane but then
not much is and the firepower that the
hornet brings to the party
is more than sufficient for even
medium-sized targets
it’s maneuverable enough to be able to
keep guns firing on target
and with some swapping around of the
stock bays is able to carry
size two and three missiles for extra
stopping power
the two size one stock shield generators
quite badly need an upgrade
as although this is a fighter the hornet
makes use of civilian components
that said this is a ship that is
notorious for losing parts before it
explodes and you may often find yourself
limping back to port missing a wing or
but still going strong
part three handling and visibility
so starting with the obvious yes the
hornet is plagued by the presence of
cockpit struts
which partly obstruct the pilot’s view
it’s a shame but
it seems to be an aesthetic choice to
make this feel
like a rugged space brawler rather than
a sleek
fighter jet in reality you get good
visibility out to the sides
and above and the strong roll rate of
the hornet
means you can largely keep an opponent
within your sights
should you choose to and that seems to
be the name of the game for the hornet
the thruster placement is excellent
which gives the hornet
excellent translation performance
assuming none of your thrusters have
been damaged in your current fight
that means you can point your nose
really responsively
the hornet has decent acceleration and
decent braking
it’s not the fastest but it’s not slow
by any means
and with generous application of
afterburner can be tamed somewhat
that’s true planetside 2. it’s not as
nimble as a gladius for example but
you’re able to comfortably fly fairly
fairly fast and fairly safely
likewise landing is a fairly consistent
experience in the hornet because it’s
very predictable
which is a really nice attribute for a
fighter to have
as far as the stock quantum drive goes
it’s really
really slow but it also has really good
range meaning you could traverse the
entire stanton system in your hornet
should you choose to
part four operating costs
so it’s important to point out that the
civilian hornet model
the f7c does come by default with a
cargo module in the center
which carries two scu of cargo storage
that means that in theory you could
with your hornets but you really don’t
want to
retaining that cargo storage means you
lose out on the potential
of a size four or two size three weapons
it’s a neat customization feature which
seems to be more akin to a travel pod
that you might find on a modern fighter
rather than something hugely useful
somebody may well have figured out a
great use for it in the comments
but for most pilots the hornet will make
money completing
combat contracts which it does really
even if you need repairs the total cost
of repair
rearm and refuel is likely to be within
a couple of thousand
alpha uec which the hornet can cover on
even the least risky combat missions
and it can capably stretch to some of
the more challenging contracts too
and so part five the verdict
so the hornet does a pretty good job at
what it’s meant to do
brawling with space fighters there’s a
hint that it might be able to flirt with
doing other things
but with nowhere to walk around and no
the reality is this is a combat
it has a rugged brawler-like feel to it
which is in contrast to the lighter
fighters such as the gladius
there are a lot of customizable options
for the f7c hornet
although some of the more specialized
versions such as the tracker
the ghost or even the two-seater super
hornet are
separate ships the base model f7c
can swap between various weapons
hardpoints in the ball
and the nose and because the f7c hornet
civilianized you’re incentivized to
actually upgrade the components within
it comes in at 125 or 1.5 million alpha
the pledge price is a tall ask simply
although the hornet is a better combat
ship than most of the other starter ship
it’s more limited in functionality and
at an
increased price back in 2014 it was a
more compelling option for those who saw
themselves as
combat die-hards but the reality of
buying ships in game is sinking in now
and even if you’re a big hornet fan you
may be wise to
save your real dollars get something
and use space dollars to buy it instead
but do you agree what do you think of
the hornets let me know by sharing your
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