APOLLO 13 (1995) MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Full Movie Review | Tom Hanks

what is going on there citizens of the reject nation greg here joined by aaron alexander aaron how are you doing buddy oh i’m doing freaking great my boy my boy my boy my boy young chap so i had a list of movies here written down recommended and apparently i’ve never seen any tom hanks movies that’s what i’ve learned in your entire life i watch forest gump here green mile and uh between this election i’ve been i’ve been feeling like watching apollo 13 and this was the one that you said like let’s watch this one and

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ticket to talk talk cop ticket to talk walk to the shock maybe tomorrow i can swallow uh i can’t end it all right there were serious doubts that we could beat the russians to the moon the entire world watched in awe as neil armstrong and buzz aldrin landed on the moon what it would have been like to be back to be around for that man i’m crazy now the important thing

when you’re penetrating the lunar module is your attitude and your relative speed now let’s say this is me here in the command module and this is you in the left this thing sticks out here in front that’s called a pro and tracy i’ll tell you when you feel that thing slide 60s baby god how many movies has gary sinise done with tom hanks i’m sure there’s a collection jim you think it’s too late for him to board no no he he still has time to get out there just needs somebody to wave him off 38

year old american standing on the surface of the moon on this july 20th 1969. ryan gosling did it people first man that should have been me damn it what emotion is he feeling when you were on the far side on eight i didn’t sleep at all i just vacuumed over and over again christopher columbus charles lindbergh and neil armstrong pioneers where’s my mountain the white area there that’s the sea of tranquility and your mountain’s right there on the edge of that in your mountain i don’t see it go vacuum you know that easter vacation trip

we had planned for i was acapulco there might be a slight change in destination really maybe say the moon we’re going to the moon everybody this easter egg i gotta get over there we’re gonna have to get up to speed on this go yeah i’m gonna walk on the moon marilyn i know i can’t believe it naturally it’s 13. why 13. she’s going to be doing so much vacuuming okay s4b is stable slot panels are drifting free the drogue is clear the docking target is clear i wonder how much of this they actually like were

they able to use some real pieces from nasa and stuff to put this together well i’m sure they let them use a good amount i’m sure they collaborated with them a little bit okay we’re stable go ahead and recycle the valves 40 feet they’re all gray captured that’s it that’s it sweet move ken beautiful my rate of turn is still a little too slow there i really think we should work it again okay 13 backup crew it’ll have to wait prime cruise up for another run yeah baby god that sounds boring oh my god i

can never be an astronaut no too boring yikes is a dream sequence oh man this is scary i got scary nipple chills adjusting it here the attitude there pitch roll for a nice soft landing on the moon better than neil armstrong way better than pete conrad wow explaining it to a kid is a very efficient way to explain it to the audience they’ve never kept you from coming to the other launch yes but now i have your mother she’s just had this stroke mom’s fine honey it’s not like i’ve never been to a laundry before

the other wives have not done three i just don’t want to see you die okay oh you’re gonna miss a hell of a show oh wow that’s a pretty realistic touch now that’s a realistic why is this your last jim the best ship with the best crew that anybody could ask for and i’ll be walking in a place where there’s 400 degrees difference between sunlight and shadow i can’t imagine uh ever topping that also it’s your controlling wife it’s a joke people i understand where she’s coming from you you want to break up my crew

two days before the launch jim that’s a lousy time for a fever all right now look jack swaggart has been out of the loop for weeks he’s fully qualified to fly this mission he’s a fine pilot but when was the last time he was in a simulator you can’t break up the boys i’ve trained for the fraumora highlands and this is flight surgeon horseshit well i uh damn oh that really sucks man look i don’t have the measles i’m not gonna get the measles that really sucks you imagine that i got a card i like

we’re coming in too shallow i’m going to manual this guy’s too risky placed by his own rules as a maverick goddamn cowboy out here well we have two days we’ll be ready let’s do it again who’s really good at building up the suspense of everything that could go wrong all the possible whole idea of space travel just terrifies me i heard it was gonna be a hell of a show no who told you that some guy i know you can’t live without me on the moon could have saved a lot of time by shaving in

advance guys no oh it sucks oh my god that’s the worst that’s like my biggest fear the movie’s gonna be cutting back forth in the space mission and her looking for the ring that’s just as much about her looking for the ring and the c story is the the journey of the ring itself the score so powerful swelling i’m really enjoying this movie jim you’re all set after watching four seasons of westworld it’s really weird to see young ed harris right now i’m not used to think you have hair launch control this is houston we

are go for launch roger that houston damn this poor guy he has a nice car yeah this is it a few bumps that we’re hauling the mail this movie does a good job at capturing that wonder too because it is something that like i totally take for granted like we can do this like i know this already happened i feel so tense right now hey wow that’s a hell of a shot wow yeah yeah i suggest it looks great whoa that doesn’t look like cgi i can’t tell the clock is running nipple chills go to

space people this is exciting oh wow come on there’s some great effects in this yeah but the time it came out looks really good yeah no holds up really well get ready for a little jump fellas that’s a cool shot is 13 we’ve got a center engine cut off go on the other four oh already can we hey have a word for you remember thank you proud happiness how are you feeling we’re very proud and very happy when we’re thrilled we’re going to the moon flight we have re-acquisition of signal at hawaii yeah flat everything

looks like that’s pretty much better than that so much is involved in getting this one thing to the boot gonna go ahead and get set for transposition and docking roger that jack ah girls even try covering your mouth oh come on oh no dude come on nasty thrusting forward 100 feet don’t mess this up man the fact that this movie set this up so early in the beginning you were nervous stop staring at him do something come on rookie park that thing 10 feet he’s doing the metaphor caption we have hard doc roger understand you

guys should assume matthew mcconaughey did an interstellar that was way harder there’s nothing oh it’s too bad we can’t demonstrate this on tv wow is that really how they go to the bathroom here it comes the constellation you ryan what the hell that’s really what they do the whole movie was worth it to learn that i’m jim lovell and we’re broadcasting to you tonight from an altitude of almost 200 000 miles away from the face of the earth and we have a pretty good show in store for you tonight still blows my mind this is

the 60s which is like so long ago and are capable of this back then all the networks dumped us one of them said we made going to the moon about as exciting as taking a trip to pittsburgh oh my son’s supposed to be on he’s in outer space i’ve been accused of receiving all the channels we get oh that is so sad so they’re performing for no one well folks as uh you can probably tell the aquarius isn’t much bigger than a couple of telephone booths man i really think they’re putting on a great show

which they are this is the crew of the apollo 13 wishing everyone back on earth uh a pleasant evening that’s cool this is a true story i think it’s not another story i guess to be told that’s cool give your oxygen tanks a stir roger that what the hell there’s a demon on board the spaceship it’s the ring the ring did it whoa no oh geez hey we’ve got a problem here you’re way too chill about this kevin bacon nothing i stirred the tank what did you do uh this is houston uh say again please

houston we have a problem ah they said that oh that’s where this is oh cool i don’t know maybe this is a cautionary warning houston we are venting something out into space i can see it outside of window one right now what a gas of some sort it’s got to be the oxygen oh my goodness oh god we’re not gonna have power much longer the ship’s bleeding to death wow what a hell of a shot we can isolate it there and we can save what’s left in the tanks and we can run on the good

cell you close them you can’t open them again you can’t land on a moon with one healthy fuel cell the odyssey is dying from my chair here this is the last option you were always so annoying sigh my goddamn last nerves shutting down the fuel cells did i hear you right yeah jim uh oh my god survive guys screw the moon at this point you just gotta live we just lost the moon damn it armstrong what exactly what went wrong exactly something exploded they didn’t believe they didn’t believe strong enough they could do it it’s

law of attraction problem man yeah yeah how long does it take to power up the limb three hours by the checklist we don’t have that much time so nerve-racking i don’t like it how much time can you give me a number well we’re looking at less than 15 minutes of life support in the odyssey it’s a great day in new york isn’t it it’s girl watchers oh yeah i like those ingenious girl wife aren’t you glad right now three million fewer viewers watched the uh space shut than did the last one uh i thought uh

um colonel aborman is here at abc ah dude apollo 13 is apparently also losing breathing oxygen from the astronauts electrical failure what exactly does that mean the emergency has ruled out any chance of a lunar landing oh this is horrifying i want to know what’s happening with my husband all right we want to switch control to the aquarius now that house is going to be so clean stress cleaning our rcs isn’t up here yes we have no attitude control on aquarius they don’t have control do we miss a step here control what the hell these

people at nasa have no idea what they’re doing call the russians we’re going the lamb we confirm shutdown jack lunar module now in control roger that houston it would get cold so fast from this moment on we are improvising a new mission oh come on sorry we’ll get somebody to look at that everything’s going wrong damn it we don’t even know if the odyssey’s engine’s even working and if there’s been serious damage to this spacecraft they blow up and they die that is not argument we are talking about time not whether or not these guys

come on i’m not going to sugarcoat let’s hold it down get a bunch of nerds in one room together we expect loss of signal in less than one minute when we pick you back up we will have your pc burn data okay roger that houston we’ll hear from you again at acquisition of signal you want to look oh it’s right in the reach their track will have taught us feeling buzz’s old neighborhood coming up on mount maryland oh you got to take a look at this i’ve seen it see it every night problem now is

not so much a question of an adequate oxygen supply but it is the rate of consumption of water which is vitally needed for the cooling operation man that worry really gets to me god damn that sucks man stand by for your pc plus two burn data gotta tell you i’d need to take this baby down though do some prospecting gentlemen what are your intentions uh such a knee reversal he did it to earth ken what good you’re not dead oh my god he knows nothing about any of this we can skip whatever we don’t absolutely

need and turn things on in the right order maybe it’s your ship we gotta get you in there okay frank i need the sim cold and dark give me the exact same condition oh man is this true what happened like bringing him in that’s crazy i hope this is true this is wild effects yeah running a temperature and none of them has slept since ordered these guys to go to sleep did you sleep up there gonna get awful cold in there for those guys man that must be sleep deprived that’s wild we gotta find a

way to make this fit into the hole for this using nothing but that ah only they could bring edibles i think that make it worse i’ve been going over the numbers again are they called up with a re-entry plan yet cause we’re coming in too shallow we’re working on something check just hold on now you’re supposed to be here oh god damn it hey this piece of shit’s gonna get you old all right that’s cause that’s the only thing we got left jack what are you saying bro well i think you know what i’m saying

oh wait a minute goddamn the blame game i’m not gonna go bouncing off the walls for 10 minutes cause we’re just gonna end up right back here with the same problems trying to figure out how to stay alive aquarius this is houston are we on vox no we’re not unboxed yeah houston this is aquarius go ahead stress a roll of gray duct tape duct tape you need an lcd bag two lcg bags red suit hoses so what is he having them do uh a way to land again the to re reverse it we’re trying to

figure out reentry way i think one thing they have too much of is carbon dioxide with each breath the three men expel more of the poisonous gas into the lunar module cockpit and the scrubbers intended to keep the atmosphere breathable are quickly becoming saturated damn oh that’s what they’re doing that’s what they’re doing is co2 canister select secondary all right you assume the co2 level has dropped to nine and it is still falling that is good to hear aquarius and you sir are stealing missile man all right which one has the leak don’t know that

yet john which the sequence was wrong we’d just have to go back and try them one at a time you need a break ken if they don’t get one i don’t get one i love him so much he is such a sweet guy but now they’re just going to try to figure out a way to get them home and it’s a little bit dangerous are you scared well don’t you worry honey if they could get a washing machine to fly my jimmy could land i am sick and tired of the entire western world knowing how

my kidneys are functioning dwight i just lost level you died can’t spare power for the computer uh houston without the computer what do we use for orientation damn kevin bacon looks like it’s holding together really well that if this basketball where the earth and this softball were the moon and the two were placed 14 feet apart the crew would have to hit a target no thicker than this piece of paper okay people on your toes i think i get it so we’re singing this doesn’t look good yeah mark come on baby one more burn eight

seven six five four oh let’s just go yikes woohoo she’s dancing all over the place come here the ride a little bit 15 seconds i’m losing attitude okay hold it right there no freddie second bring the earth up shut houston we have shut down that’s close enough we’re all still friends here at houston you know what how about that limb huh how about it guess you can keep your job you betcha this is green trail it’s like a long carpet that’s just laid out right beneath me and it was the algae right it was just

leading me home and now you uh you never know what what events are going to transpire to get you home mm-hmm this guy’s like he’s got this in the back the performances are so good it’s like oh dude yeah you really believe that they’re in the scenario yeah they just play it’s so real hello there deke what’s the story jim we’re gonna get that power-up procedure to you we’re gonna get it as soon as we possibly can ken mattingly’s in the simulator right now ken’s working on it can they that’s crazy reverse the flow and

see if we can draw these four amps from the lem batteries before we cut it loose why can’t we do that we don’t have a procedure for that do we you’re gonna lose a lot in the transfer ken yeah yeah but all we’re talking about here is four amps i could have thought of that man reverse the flow the la i love the lemons yeah yeah escape man it’s easy you need to re-simulate all the time is your computer on now up and running i think we got it buddy hey he should be the one

to communicate it yes he’s really want to communicate that’s a negative jim i don’t have the measles blanche these nice young men are going to watch the television with you this is neil armstrong and this is holy are you boys in the space program too master alarm off okay jack uh panel seven b-mag number two power to warm up make them sweat sweat sweat sweat uplink completed we got her back up ken boy i wish you were here to see it i’ll bet you do way to go jack you followed instructions well worst of all

if the pyrotechnics that control the parachutes have been damaged the chutes may not open at all causing the spacecraft to hit the water not at a gentle 20 miles per hour but at a suicidal 300. damn is there anything good on the news the house and senate passed resolutions calling on the american people to pray tonight for the astronauts in rome pope paul led 50 000 people in prayers for the safe return of the astronaut that’s why it’s going to work it’s about time to bail out of this shift right now oh no did he

die dude oh no hold him man a little while longer we’re gonna hit that water in the south pacific it’s 80 degrees out there 80 you got nothing to sweat i love this performance man just like try to keep it together this whole time yeah he’s the glue i’ll look up at him okay the pyro bats look good i don’t think we’re gonna have to tie the other batteries what do you got to say man say what you need to say sorry jack it’s an old habit i’m kind of used to the pilot seat she’s

yours to fly okay odyssey i want to double check some we jettison reentry procedures put in his faith in him she sure was a good ship very well aquarius and we thank you aquarius got its ass kicked man it’s almost time honey okay i don’t i think i can watch i just realized just tell me if they land when will we know blackout lasts for three minutes they’re not back in four we’ll know that’s the first black person i’ve seen in this whole movie i don’t even notice i feel like this movie’s been perfect be

the worst disaster nasa’s ever experienced with all due respect sir i believe this is going to be our finest hour let’s quit being a i expect entry interface in 45 seconds 35 seconds to entry interface it’s been a privilege flying with you but i’m never doing this again holy god we have loss of radial contact roger that expect to regain signal in three minutes oh that’s a terrible three minutes yikes for the command the module heat of re-entry if it doesn’t there’ll only be silence mommy you’re squishing me i’m sorry um that’s four minutes standing

by christ now to see uh houston do you read hello houston this is honesty it’s good to see you again welcome home we’re glad to see you that’s sweet let it out man let it out that was crazy they kept that all last few minutes from the from the world’s perspective hi buckles it for him that’s awesome kevin bacon has been so chill this is apollo 13 signing on we solved our up in the following months it was determined that a damaged coil built inside the oxygen tank sparked during our cryo stir oh my god

i wonder who put that there fred hayes was going back to the moon on apollo 18 but his mission was cancelled because of budget cuts oh man nor did jack swaggart who left the astronaut court that’s that man’s last congress from the state of colorado but he died of cancer before he was able to take office oh jesus mattingly orbited the moon as command module pilot of apollo 16 and flew the space shuttle having never gotten the measles and as for me the seven extraordinary days of apollo 13 were my last in space i bet

i sometimes catch myself looking up at the moon remembering the changes of fortune in our long voyage i look up at the moon and wonder when will we be going back and who will that be we’re not going to see every night with his wife come on well we’re still wondering well he still have not gone back i didn’t realize his last name was swaggered that makes so much sense now i was touching his last name with kevin bacon his last name was swagger yeah oh jack swagger says his real name jack’s i think it

was a t jack swaggart but swagger who’s in there he is a hollywood name i wonder if there’s a real name or not right this is a real story i’m looking it up right now i love that and i liked it a lot that was great reborn it was a movie you didn’t like it i respected it i respected it a lot man i loved it i was so into it ruining classic cinema here aaron never invited back on the channel again after today it was a very respectable well-made movie that’s what i have to

say got an unpopular opinion can’t wait for you to rip it apart it wasn’t bad it was a bad movie i thought it was i thought it was very well made i thought all the performances were really good this was my cup of tea but i hear the one who picked it technical and historical accuracy okay here we go yeah it’s based on a true story okay oh yeah failure is not an option failure’s not a freaking option said neil armstrong i like the singing this choir music 95 raw tomatoes 90 audience score wow unpopular

opinion shame on you listen i didn’t say i didn’t like the movie i know that’s what i hear it as that’s what the internet’s gonna i hear how i hear i know i don’t actually hear what you’re saying i hear how i hear with my ears worst movie of the year no i’m just kidding it’s not it’s not bad it’s very well made i have a lot of positive things to say about we’re trying to justify your negative opinion don’t be a coward if you hate it stick true to your to your beliefs aaron for

an after credit don’t i i’m legit checking to see if he reunited with his wife there was a bummer i was watching this going like hey the wife’s more is written more than usual in these kind of movies that’s cool and then they don’t even unite them at the end worst movie ever doesn’t get a reunite with his mount maryland i mean that’s what he’s going to do when he gets back home he’s going to mount that marijuana she’s going to mount him sorry there wasn’t enough bang bang space action and it’s not star wars

and lasers the are my powers at man that’s what it is man you just gotta you don’t appreciate the the the details cinema yeah yeah you’re just you don’t know you need more jokes and comedy yeah it wasn’t punchy enough yeah yeah you didn’t work i need oscar isaac at the beginning making a phone call to the big ship so we can really you know punch out those laughs you know i needed a last jedi in here that’s what he did at the beginning of the movie yeah yeah i remember that movie now all right

well aaron hater of apollo 13. bring it on bring it i know you didn’t hate the movie um i will let you uh make your defense of my opinion okay what i will say is i really dug how the movie built up the the tension of the mission and all the things that go wrong of the the of the course of the events and i really dug the score of the movie i thought everybody did a great job with performances tom hanks really held it down kind of being that essential figure of the person who’s

kind of been through a scenario similar to this and how he was kind of like the leader of the three of them but i think for for me i’m a one of two kind of movie person and it has there’s no reflection of the movie itself it’s just my personal experience and how i connect to movies and it’s either through like character struggle and or connecting to something personal to the characters or through um through like event kind of like bombastic action or whatever but i’m more of like a more of a character person than

like an event person i think this is very a very technical film and though i respect it i did really um see all the steps and like before i think for a long time for me it was like is this the series of of things going wrong to the thing that we know it’s eventually going to lead to them making it and i was like that’s cool like i i can respect the the process i’m sure in real life it’s really scary kind of going through all of those things it just uh i don’t know

it didn’t didn’t excite me i i wasn’t i didn’t really know the characters super well you know i feel like bill paxton for the first half of the movie didn’t really talk all that much and kevin bacon was super cool the entire time um but i can i can connect and understand like as a human why this is a big achievement both for the world for america and all the people involved you know and you you even though i wasn’t emotionally invested the entire time watching it i definitely did feel at the end of the

movie like the the feeling of satisfaction of like yeah they did it you know so i think the the music really aided with that plus seeing them kind of go through this experience throughout the course of the movie i don’t know i just thought it was a little slow a little slow but you know i like i said i respect it i think ron howard did a great job of establishing all the things that could go wrong in this scenario and then watching it play out and the tension of that really showing um what what

this experience could be like you know what’s it like in space for your ship to not work and then every time they come back to earth it felt like it was like okay like this is another scenario like a blocker to them getting back and then cut to the astronauts okay this is another blocker for them getting back but we know that they’re going to get back at the end so i was like okay this is this is a ride but uh yeah i don’t know i just didn’t uh fully i wasn’t like emotionally invested

within the characters themselves like the three leads of the movie but yeah i guess uh it wasn’t forced gum for me but yeah i guess that’s i guess that’s just my opinion but i like i said i respected it i think ron howard did a great job music was very well uh done yeah greg what’d you think what’d you think of the movie i think you’re a aaron this is perfect uh i definitely didn’t have the same experience you did uh i i i felt like nor do i want to make this a conversation where

i’m just like disagreeing with you because yeah i i definitely got i i got pretty emotional uh quite a bit and i i was definitely on edge for a lot of it i i think i can understand why you’re why one’s takeaway would be that i i could see that the opinion of i could definitely understand the opinion of that for me i think i just got a little bit of a deeper reading of it because i’m more intelligent than you in every corner of life i feel deeper listen as someone who just did a

video about unpopular opinions i have i care less if you don’t like this movie or not uh you know i just watched it like it has no effect on me if you like this movie or not uh i think um like to me the character was really in the form of it’s a lot deeper than that more nuance because these three people especially tom hanks is is like from the very beginning you see that his whole life is just an obsession with the with getting to the moon and being able to you know walk walk

the moon and in some ways kind of hinting that he feels like he’s a better astronaut than neil armstrong even is and that’s his whole obsession and what what the real test of the characters are is to prove that they’re great astronauts and that they’re worthy is not in the form of all right we have a plan to go to the moon and we’re going to do it smoothly and bam that will prove that we’re great astronauts it’s proving themselves through the perseverance and the struggles and the knowledge and the ability to improvise in one

of the craziest life or death situations one can handle like that’s the testament to them being great astronauts is that something went terribly wrong and even though they’ve completely failed their mission now it’s about here’s what will make show what makes them great astronauts right here and also the willingness to to really not give up i think uh the tagline for this movie is failure is not an option so there is that intensity and i think a lot of the performances they were going i thought this movie had a great balance because you got like

different kinds of space movies right you you have like your big sci-fi fantasy ones like a star wars or even something like an interstellar which is like science fiction right and and then you have uh a movie like first man which is there’s the hyper realistic version of this and i thought we might because while i never seen footage of this film i was just under the impression it might be more like a gravity you know where it’s like this ain’t real and i thought this had a great balance of making a like a like

a hollywood rousing movie backed with going for as much realism as possible but without it getting too bogged down and trying to be as realistic as possible like i don’t know what’s true and what isn’t so i think like with you know tom hanks’s character as he’s like has these nightmare you see like you own once he has a nightmare and then every time he has a big he has a big like the dream is right in front of him like screw it land it we can go on the moon and then he realizes like

everything he really has is not this mission everything he really has is back on earth you know that whole thing about um look at mount maryland like i’ve already seen it and then when he does that thing with the earth at the end you know mirroring what he did with the moon like this is everything he has is back there and that’s what really matters to him and not and not the moon as much as he thought it did so that’s that’s what counts and i think the the performances were so strong because everything was

so contained like it was always the right amount of being on edge while trying to keep it cool and then you also got to play up the like i i’m with you and i was making the jokes all the time about like kevin bacon always looked like he got ahead of together like well bill paxton and tom hanks always look like they were getting progressively more tired and sick and like kevin bacon’s kind of looked like kevin bacon promotes like it’s like a little bit a little bit stressed you know but for the most part

i looked all right physically uh and you know he is the most in shape one of them all so i i think a lot of that was really coming through those little character moments there and so that’s why i do feel that the one thing that this movie really robbed me of is that reunion with his wife because so much of the emotion that i felt was strung out of me wasn’t seeing the people back on earth and the the worry and the fear like with the family and what that must be like in that

condition you know of i this is this is their biggest fear this is a life or death thing and i honestly think that you know it’s a real thing that people do they go to space and i i take it for granted that we can do that and this really reminded me of yeah these are there are like i like i love you know gravity and inner stuff i actually love those movies especially interstellar i really love those films and uh and i like you know movies like first man as well and then every once

in a while i see something that reminds me of oh there is a great cost that could occur from doing this and um yeah so i i i felt like i got a lot of the emotion from it and while it’s not as clear-cut of a character piece it’s more of an observation of who we are as people in a moment like this because they’re constantly surrounded with we should just give up or there’s no possible way it’s constantly figuring out and i thought there was a great the one who had the best character written

for me was gary sinise lieutenant dan and i thought he was really well written because you know like his performance was so i’m used to seeing gary sinise play a little bit more aggressive people like a lieutenant dan or even his character little appearance in green mile or the villain in mel gibson ransom another movie directed by ron howard now that’s a thrilling movie have you seen ransom no no oh dude i think you would totally dig that i love that movie it’s so good get me back my son uh this is so good damn

i forgot ron howard did that till right now oh that’s a good movie anyway um yeah that uh i i just like seeing how people are changing through the course of the immediacy of a situation and so to me that was gripping enough and with gary sinise of he i thought he just struck that right cord of someone who definitely had resentment towards being ejected from the mission he had this resentment but he tries to be supportive and he still has that yearning and longing and then he’s able to still be a part of the

mission in a way that’s more meaningful that showed like there’s purpose to the fact that he wasn’t able to go you know because it’s really if he wasn’t able to stay back and do the simulations he wouldn’t be able to figure it out so i thought that was actually kind of beautiful i i liked it a lot i’m part of the mainstream on this one i’m not cool like you i’m a hipster now i uh i definitely see what you’re saying for sure like persevering through failure or when you don’t actually achieve your dreams and

how do you how do you rebound from that i think for for me those elements were present i think the the technical aspects of the mission took primary focus for me in the story over those uh personal aspects of persevering through failure and i definitely like i said i do see them as present i just um yeah i don’t know if that was like the focus of the movie and like and he was him being so driven and determined to try to get there and like really being super upset about not being able to get

to the moon or like him having resistance towards the fact that he wasn’t able to get to the moon i think i would have connected to it a little bit more but i definitely understand that those teams were there and i thought it was there i mean he had a whole vision a dream about that i’m not saying that it wasn’t there i said it was there i don’t know maybe the the execution of it didn’t like i said i think it’s it’s a movie that it’s that it’s very well made um yeah i just

it didn’t excite me but i appreciate it i respected it and it i learned something new about history this feels like a very well-made history class movie that’s what i’ll say all right uh so our friendship is effectively over i understand yeah yeah yeah i um i was looking to sign the papers after you know you know just um i didn’t bring a pen though like do you have you have extra pens for me to like you are not allowed to use my pens okay effective immediately okay i’ll use my own blood i’ll like i’ll

just get a stick and just like you can simply leave i mean that yeah that’s an option and walk into traffic i like to run i just wanted to be over with fast you know i want it to be a slow painful death because we do not share the same emotional response to apollo 13 because everybody knows if you’re watching a movie together you have to have the same experience yeah no i mean that’s why marvel and dc fans get along no i i get it man no i don’t i i actually do completely i

understand what you’re saying and as someone who has had opinions about a movie that i’m like everyone seems to love this you hate winter soldier that’s true that’s what i said in my video said worst worst makuu movie ever so yeah no i mean i i really appreciate it i thought it was i mean i thought at times like you could have used like maybe one or two scenes of them just really in the in the dread and trying to talk and maybe talking about like or maybe bill paxton he’s like maybe i should give

up you know i like kind of that scene when they were starting to argue with each other i liked that scene that scene was really good i like that like the characters getting emotional scene but a lot of it’s about them keeping their cool and i don’t know i want to see some i want to see some jazz i want to see some some toxins i know you want to see some spice and see some spices like uh i i get what you’re saying i want to see ed helms punch somebody like this is serious

i mean ed harris at harris at harris point helms within this would be very distracting and a little annoying that helms not as funny as people think that’s your hot take is he really that funny did he hold down the office not really you know he was great in vacation that was i never watched that movie the turning point him freaking out in all three of the hangover movies clearly the highlight of all of them yeah he was clearly the one uh actually i do like it but uh it was good but um no i

i think capture i think that that kind of it’s also like a masculinity thing of the 60s i think as well you know like with ed harris who’s just so he would have moments of outburst but then even at the end it was like it would make sense to me this guy wouldn’t fully cry like he would just get a little tear i’ve seen some emotional ass at her like the guy is not incapable of bringing himself to an emotional spot that’s not the issue it’s it was a clearly a deliberate choice uh to to

like oh you know that he would that guy would just shed a minimal tier and even on being on the mission it’s like you got i think they they have to stay focused uh but you know in terms of like a movie yeah i think i could have used a tiny bit more of like that of oh you know that the key to them getting this mission done is they have to keep it together and they’re falling apart as a group and they have to i thought there was going to be something a little bit

more with kevin bacon new guy on the team like he’s not they know him obviously he’s at the party at the beginning and stuff so they have a history with him but in terms of being the the trio to do this and there is that doubt that they have of him at the beginning when he’s messing up in the training i thought there was gonna be something more to that you know like i thought we would we only kind of teased a little bit of that with you know bill paxton obviously kind of indicating that

he thinks he might be responsible for what went wrong on this mission when they’re starting to blame so i think kind of sitting in that dread and that and having some conflict there because i think that our the emotional scenes are a little bit like spaced around like tom hanks comforting uh bill paxton when he’s freezing to death or when tom hanks loses his with like the sick of you monitoring my meds in uh with a medical unit yeah and so i think it’s there and i think the emote a lot of the emotion comes

from the at-home stuff you know like with the especially with especially with the wife the scene with the grandma got me that got me a little bit i gotta be very emotional i was like i was like little girl started crying i was like oh dude that messed me up she’s gonna be the one that’s i i do think i don’t i i really feel like that’s such a missing piece as the reunion with his wife and like yeah we keep if we if we’re not cutting to nasa or the outer space we’re cutting to

the wife like she clearly has a whole journey going on here i would have liked the movie if you saw his wife i i think could have changed things man i don’t understand why it sounded i i don’t understand the choice for why it’s not why we don’t have that scene i i don’t get why we don’t have that scene ron howard was like no we don’t need it they don’t care about that they care about the mission i’m sure someone in the comments is already explaining to me thoroughly of why it’s not necessary uh

go ahead do your thing helps the engagement so yeah go for it my personal feeling is like i think that is i i think that is a thing that this movie i’m like no we need that we need that reunion so the whole movie that before that she’s like i don’t think i can go to the launch i needed kevin bacon to reunite with that girl at the beginning of the movie that was my big takeaway hot girl at the beginning hot girl at the beginning like that i tell you about how i came back

from failing my moon mission i’m about to tell you yeah i think you know it would have been good well um i really enjoyed it i’d love tom hanks man that’s not like i realize i’ve only seen like his uh his uh i i want to see more of his ones that are like after 2000 really yeah i’m like oh i haven’t seen philadelphia i hadn’t seen forrest gump i hadn’t seen grandma like i didn’t like watch tom hanks movies like what what the like this has been a whole discovery for me i saw big

i have seen big and i and i think i saw splash something tells me i’ve seen splash have you seen terminal yeah that movie’s great that movie me up i’ve seen terminal i’ve seen saving private ryan um and uh i’ve seen the polar express but captain phillips lady killers like i i’ve i’ve knew i’ve ever seen larry crown i i know of tom hanks movies more than i’ve seen them but i’m like damn like his biggest movies of the 90s other than saving private ryan i hadn’t seen that’s kind of shocking to me sleeping in

seattle sleeplessly i’ve seen the business yeah you’ve seen the 90s one is that 90s yeah oh was it yeah it’s not like a 80s it could be it could be bullshitting i’ve seen all the i’ve seen all the meg ryan i’ve seen the whole i like joe versus the volcano and you’ve got mail okay i’ve never seen those i guess i just haven’t seen his big hard-hitting dramas in his best film i haven’t seen his best movies is what i’m getting at i still haven’t seen philadelphia he won the oscar for that did he really

i saw that it was uh him and denzel right i’ve never seen that one i saw pictures i’m like wow okay he looks like he looks there’s different phases of him in this i’m like i wanna i wanna check that out he won the oscar for i’ve always known him my whole life he won the oscar for philadelphia and very i i he might i could be way wrong about this um i’ll correct you yeah feel free correct me if anything he’s one of very few people to have pulled this off especially when the oscars

actually meant something he won the oscar for philadelphia and then the very next year he won for forrest gump really yeah wow i know christoph waltz was in glorious bastards and django i don’t think they were the like one year apart it might have been a couple years apart no yeah um but but uh but yeah he won like two years in a row yeah because in glorious bastards 2009 and django’s 2012. actually tom hanks and christoph walton are moving together has that been done that’d be so very cool i want to see it now

can you think about that as a combo i think yeah i think tom hanks he’s such a he has such a natural charisma to himself and he doesn’t look like your typical leading man at all no and so that’s what’s like kind of cool about tom hankston is he he does look like your everyday kind of guy and he had he doesn’t really even have those like classic hollywood leading man looks you know he’s got like super kind of like balding head a little bit of hair up here a little bit of weird smile yeah

he felt like a very distinct look about himself but he’s he’s a great leading man he really is a great leading man he’s a fantastic actor so uh yeah i i think um i enjoyed this movie a lot sorry you didn’t i i didn’t hate him let me just indulge you earn i was if i had to put it on a 10 scale i’d say it was a 7 out of 10 for me that’s not bad you should have led with that i said i said i respected the movie people wouldn’t have thought you hated

this film the whole time i’m happy that the critics love it i really am wow that’s a lot of red tomatoes let’s go to the audience okay look jamie c on rotten tomatoes agrees with you it’s good in places but dull and others there we go all right okay i’m sorry i’m just getting past all these five-star reviews oh these perfect oh there’s one negative one it’s in spanish can’t read it um okay four and a half i don’t really like long scenes in space but that was nice sounds like an opinion aaron would have

oh god sorry i have five stars i like gravity like he was good most of these are just five stars okay look eugene said uh this film was somewhat tedious and especially boring if you two are fed up of america saves the day films you almost certainly dislike this film okay i’m not that i’m not that best off opting the modern takes on life in space which provided much more interesting actually did you see that they they were able to to um they developed the device because they thought space has no sound but there is

a sound emitted so they develop a device where you can hear the sound of space what and uh i think it’s from like collecting all the gases from space and it is like a haunting noise it is like a terrifying noise it feels like you’re in the vortex of hell with my headphones on i was like this is a really unsettling sound i don’t think i want to hear this anymore guys it’s really hard to find these uh low star reviews uh oh here i got another one after many five-star ones from the audience not

critics just regular people you know voting it’s not all that great it’s just another mediocre film with not much it just skip and watch something else like the 1983 film the right stuff i like the guy after him never tell awesome that’s the odds never tell this um hold on go there’s another one that was like that was me this is like well made space movie where is it three stars well made period piece space exploration film boom there you go man i was in the edge of my seat you tried going to space and

dealing with you guarantee one one trip i would die five seconds up in the air he’d be like this is the most terrifying thing i would myself i get very like i see past the filmmaking with space stuff and i get really thrusted into the feeling of being in like what it must be like to be in space so when something goes wrong i’m like that’s very uncomfortable i i i it easily plays on an unsettled feeling for me so yeah i’m very easily manipulated by it you have more empathy than me i do i

could have used it without that one scene with a black guy i felt like they were trying to placate to what culture though you know what i mean yeah yeah no that was the only thing that i felt seen like i was the only yeah my people it’s like shoehorn shoehorned in i felt that was the 60s nasa was racist his grandma definitely hated black people yeah oh for sure anyway uh anyway we’re done we’re done here thank you guys for being here um you could go hate aaron on social media hate me and he’s

writing a think piece about why you’re wrong for liking apollo 13. yeah all of you guys are trash and the superior one because i know how movies are supposed to be i know the first thing about making a movie as someone who’s made never made a movie before i know exactly how to do it thank you guys for being here we’ll catch you guys soon

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