Apple AirPods Pro 2 Unboxing and Review!

So it’s been over three years since we had the initial launch of the airpods pro but here we are three years later and finally Apple have given us the airpods pro 2. and today I want to check out some of these features and give you my initial thoughts and do an unboxing and a review for you about these new airpods Pro 2 and see how much different they are compared to the original Generation Well with that guys let’s get started with the unboxing so today actually I got two parcels and one of them was the

airpods Pro 2 and the other was the Apple watch Ultra app and if you want to see the video of the unboxing of the Apple watch Ultra and also my opinion of it of a person who’s not really an athlete then make sure you subscribe to this Channel and also hit that notification Bell but let’s get started then with the airpods Pro 2 unboxing so straight away the second generation airpods do look very similar these Pro box it’s very similar to the first generation you’ve got that sort of 3D sort of touch uh where they

sort of airpods stick out got the Apple logo on the side airpods Pro written here not air plus pro 2. like I said just airpods Pro Second Generation and then we’ve got

the Apple logo and then we’ve got some other bits and pieces here as well so yeah just the usual sort of stuff and then on the back here it does actually say the airpods pro second generation with magsafe charging case so that is different to the first generation that it doesn’t come with them but the actual sort of way to open it you’ve got

these sort of stickers not stickers a little paper sort of peely things these are the same that was on the iPhone what I did an unboxing of recently so Apple trying to make everything as Eco as they can and the Box opens up really nice and easily oh they’ve got traditional sort of tile here with all the paperwork and there are the airpods pro 2. well the airpods pro Second Generation and this is sort of a plastic actually I thought this would be paper it’s not as plastic so oh dear Apple not being so Eco

here I don’t think but there we go these feel exactly like my airpods Pro original so put them to one side let’s see what else is in the Box here and get it out uh what have we got here we’ve got a cable so this is to charge it and this one is just a traditional sort of USBC to if I can turn it around to you guys and show you that lightning Port end it’s a normal it’s got a braided cable anything like that just your standard one and then here if I’m correct I

think these are the different size buds if I can open it here there’s always fiddly to open these a little bit they try to make it easy but it’s a bit hard there we go and there we go we’ve got the different sizes um something you just notice here if you look here is actually we have on the very top we have an extra small size medium and we also have a large so that’s different this time around so just put that back in here for the time being push them out of the ways get

rid of all of this let’s have a look at the airpods pro sort of information so this airpods Pro here let’s open card oh it’s quite a lot of information actually showing you how to set it up open them up press the button on the back make sure you put your right sort of earpod size in like I said you’ve got that extra small size this time how to charge it on a magsafe charger and the lightning how to do all of that and then oh there’s some information on the back too oh yeah of

course how to actually work the airpods how to pause answer calls and everything like that and change it from different sort of ways you know from active noise cancellation to transparency and what else we got in here just to use your kind of warranty you know disclaimer things no stickers though no stickers at all let’s have a look none at all inside there so that’s just what’s inside that box let’s push them to one side and the cable let’s have a look at the airpods pro themselves then so let’s open this up for the first

time and oh wow yeah they look very similar to the first generation um let’s just take one out here uh yeah they even feel the same they feel very similar um the build quality is exactly the same if you’ve had some airports Pros already so there’s nothing really different there a tool you’ve got that sort of black sort of smaller stem bit on there um but yeah overall these don’t feel that different to the first generation they’re nice and light let’s get the other one out here just show you that one as well not really

much difference just gonna be mirrored as you can see it’s exactly basically the same the case itself inside it you can see it’s got the charging copper bits inside there would charge the actual airpods themselves the case does have this for little tags you want to add that on so you have it round your wrist or whatnot that’s different and the back’s very similar with the bottom no differences there but the bottom has changed you have got the USB C to lightning end but you also got this new U1 sort of way and that’s to

cause sort of the way if you do lose your airpods sort of case you can track them it’s a bit like having an air tag built into them that’s how that technology works and that there guys is the unboxing so there we have it guys there’s the airpods pro 2. and to be honest they’re very similar to the original airpods I’ve got the original airpods just here the airpods pro first generation remember I’m calling these airpods Pro too I shouldn’t really be calling that they are the airpods pro second generation I do get confused with

apple where they do like iPhone 14 not the 14th generation but you know for the airpods it’s the second generation we can’t call them the airports Pro too well that’s just my little rant there but there are some differences here on the airpods pro as you can see the size of the case is slightly different on the airpods Pro 2 but the actual overall size of the cases are almost identical the actual bottom of the case has actually look exactly the same except for on the airpods Pro 2 you get that new U1 band sort

of Technology what allows you to find your airpods it’s basically one of the Apple Air tags that are actually inside one of these devices you know the chip and everything’s inside one of these so you can easily find them if you did actually lose your airpods whereas the first generation doesn’t have that ability and of course it would have because at the end day that technology hadn’t come out from Apple at that time so that’s why it doesn’t have them but there are some other differences too if you look at the actual stems here the

actual main airpods themselves you can see the sort of black sort of bits on top here they’re smaller on the airpods Pro 2 and also at the same time as well I think the actual size of the airpods pro 2s are actually slightly smaller but it could just be me and just in case you’re wanting to know can you charge airpods Pro the original ones inside the airpods Pro 2 case well I did a little experiment to find this out so just to show you here guys I’ve got my airpods Pro second generation you can

tell me by the side just opening it up there and this is my iPhone 13 Pro Max we’ve still got it you can see it says airpods Pro two second generation gonna take those buds out oh there’s airpods out and this is the first generation this one is here I’m gonna take the right you can see it it’s got the longer black sort of like stamp bits on it on the top and then also just to show you guys again this is the original case you can see there’s nothing on the side there that’s how

you can tell I’m going to put the airpods into it and look at that straight away mismatched airpods Pro so you can see the second generation airpods Pro does not like it does not like being in this case the iPhone’s not happy about it saying it’s completely mismatched okay lots of messages now so I’m gonna put them in this one let’s obsess it even more get rid of that and open it up and there we go mismatch airpods Pro again it’s not happy at all that these airpods have been switched around and in fact just

to get rid of that uh what I’m going to do I’m going to open it again I’m probably gonna get the message again I’m going to take one out of each of these and I’m going to swap just the one um in it so let’s put this one in here the new one and oh it did work oh look at the batteries though oh they’re going hectare look at that on my phone they’re going berserk it really is confused it does not like it at all um yeah it’s not like it’s trying to refresh it

doesn’t like them until it’s very very confused by this so yeah I wouldn’t recommend if you’ve got The Old airpods Pro and the airpods pro second generation switching the uh pods around so there you have it guys no you can’t swap these between the two cases so if you wanted that sort of U1 sort of technology to find your airpods case with the old sort of airpods it can’t be done Apple will stop you from doing that so at least we know that for now and that’s a good little test to check out however though

let’s check out the actual sound quality of these airpods so I plug these airpods into my ears and they feel just as comfy as the first generation as I also did mention you can get that extra small size now but my ears are about a medium sort of size I can’t believe I’m actually saying I’ve got a medium-sized ear because I don’t know if you can measure ears but according to Apple you can so I’ve got medium sizes and I took these airpods Pros out for a spin now one thing I noticed straight away was

Apple were not lying about their active noise cancellation technology it is definitely far superior than the first generation I could definitely hear more sounds and it was blocking out definitely loads of sounds around me in that noise cancellation mode whether that’s a little bit worrying at the same time because literally when I was trying to cross roads and things like this I couldn’t actually hear a car was coming you really do have to use your eyes like you should really do but you know normally you can hear things around you and if somebody crept up

behind me I would never actually hear them at all with these airpods in my ears so swings and roundabouts there that it kind of throws you off but you do also have that new transparent currency mode as well and after checking that out it does seem really really good apple again mentioned that they have a way of sort of blocking out sort of noises out and about that are like really really loud and that does work funny enough near where I’m living right now there’s some Road Works going on and actually yeah it was blocking

out some of those sounds a bit more and I could actually hear sort of other sounds like birds tweeting around me and that was really really cool to see that with these airpods I’ve also had the chance to check out the spatial audio on these airpods and they are really really good I think we’ve got to this point now with spatial audio that what more can you add to it um to be honest in my opinion unless it’s just my ears I cannot tell the difference between the first generation airpods Pro to the second generation

but that is just me I did plug these in and like I did I did a sort of a FaceTime call and I couldn’t actually tell the difference between both these airpods whatsoever with that spatial audio but like I said that could just be me now one thing I haven’t actually been able to test out with these airpods is actually their battery life because literally I’ve just unboxed them and testing them out but Apple are claiming up to six hours of battery life per stem and that’s with um sort of active noise cancellation active as

well so that’s pretty impressive something else was really impressive this time was built straight into the airpods Pro 2 case is the ability to actually charge it on a magsafe charger and whether this be your actual Apple watch Max Sage charging or you can actually use the traditional one where you use your iPhone with either one you can actually charge up your airpods Pro 2 and that’s really cool because with the original generation airpods Pro what you actually had to do was buy a separate sort of case for your airpods and then basically yeah you’d

have to pay extra and then charge them up that way but it’s good to actually see that these are actually built in now and also the price of these both these airpods are exactly the same so you’re getting all these extra features over the features that are inside this so in my honest opinion for the price of these new airpods Pro 2 and remember that is 250 dollars yes you can pick up the airpods pro for cheaper now but when they did originally come out they were 250 I would actually say you’re getting quite a

lot here and they’re definitely worth it I would say if you can get these airpods Pro The Originals sort of for a really really good price so if you can pick these up for say about a hundred and sixty dollars maybe 170 dollars brand new yeah they’re still worth it and they’re still worth getting but at the end of the day the airpods Pro 2 does give you that Superior sort of sound quality and that sound quality is absolutely amazing in this that it’s definitely got richer sounds and that’s all thanks to that H2 chipset

inside it I would say it is worth the 250 dollars to pay over and that’s even over the likes of say the airpods free that I have here as well because the quality is so much better but there is that still that option of guessing the sort of original airpods 2 what you can see here and they do give you still the best value out there right now but if you can stretch a bit further and get the airpods Pro 2 you’re definitely going to see a difference at least between the second generation’s airpods 2

and also the airpods pro 2. and with that guys it’s time to wrap up the video will you be getting yourself some airpods Pro 2 in the future or some other different airpods like I said we have so many different variants now we have the airpods free airpods 2 and we also have the airpods pro original are you going to be picking one of these I would love to know write it down in the comments below and also at the same time guys it’s time to wrap up the video so if you have enjoyed watching

it please do press the like button and also at the same time if you want to hear the latest Apple news reviews and comparisons please make sure you subscribe to this Channel and also hit that notification Bell until next time guys I will see you really soon bye bye

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