Apple Homepod Mini Unboxing/Review!

hello everyone welcome back so today 
we’re unboxing an Apple Homepod Mini  
which is pretty cool so let’s check it out  
so as always apple has their premium 
sort of packaging which is really strong
that is really really strong i like that 
apple always has to you know really strong  
packaging to protect the item okay so that 
is actually a pretty small box i’m surprised  
it is mini so that’s what it’s supposed to 
be so here’s the homepod mini box so apple  
always has the standard like white 
theme to it which looks really cool  
and then there’s the top and there’s just more 
information at the bottom so let’s get this cut up
okay i really like that apple standard 
sort of feathery feel to the box
wow okay so you’re greeted first just by 
the home pod there’s the empty box there  
it’s actually really sturdy so if you’re worried 
about shipping no need to worry about that okay  
that actually feels really nice so we have 
this sort of like fabric and it sort of like  
comes outward a little bit and then there’s the 
cable is directly attached to the thing and then  
we have a nice braided cable actually and then 
let’s get this more stuff down here what is

um stickers yay i’m keeping that and 
then we have more information back here
yeah how to connect it and that 
kind of stuff and we also have  
what apparently they don’t include in the iphone 
12 is a usb c power brick adapter how many watts  
is this 20 watts wow they include this with 
the homepod but not with the iphone that’s  
just sad they’re like not this time anyway that’s 
really shiny it looks really nice that’s a usb c  
all right and then we can just take this stuff off 
get this and yeah so we have a nice braided cable  
it’s actually pretty strong so that means 
that’ll last pretty long and then we have  
a usb c down here which would connect to this and 
that’s like that and yeah so it seems pretty cool  
all right so let’s connect this so let me plug 
this 20 watt adapter that they don’t include  
with the iphone 12 in and for some reason 
they only put it in the homepod which is sad  
anyway okay so there’s a light that’s really 
cool i really like that so now just loading
that actually has a lot of bass i 
like that so that means this must be  
pretty good sounding when it comes to sound 
obviously they tried and it on the iphone  
automatically detected the homepod so let’s 
set this up i’m just gonna put this on okay
not now don’t do that  
don’t continue agree transfer enter enter these 
four digits to continue eight eight five nine
okay so that’s actually pretty quick you 
just select your settings real quick and  
the iphone automatically detects it so 
i believe that this is the final setup  
right here so now we wait i really 
like the design that’s really cool
and hopefully the sound sounds good as
okay while we’re waiting for that let’s look at 
the size so this size is actually really small  
compared to this post-it that pretty much 
every person has it’s it is slightly bigger  
but like it is pretty much almost the same size 
this is a 3×3 post-it so they’re pretty much  
the same thing welcome to homepod you can’t tell 
but i’m waiting to get my attention say hey siri  
let’s get started say hey siri what can you do hey 
siri what can you do i can do lots of things like  
turn on the lights give you a news update and tell 
you about the weather now you try say hey siri  
play some music well i won’t be doing that for 
copyright information so that’s cool it actually  
set up pretty nicely and quickly so that’s really 
efficient all right so now we’re just going to  
test out the sound but before we do that let’s 
talk about what this actually is so this has  
according to apple it has the s5 chip which is 
according to them their most powerful chip in  
a speaker like this it has a what is that called 
neodymium magnets to power the sound it also has  
the radiator sound things with the bass and it 
has 360 degree audio and four noise cancellation  
microphones which is really cool you can basically 
put it right next to your television playing a lot  
of audio and say the command and it’ll still 
hear you which is pretty cool so one thing is  
so let’s say you say hey siri play something from 
youtube hey siri play something from youtube the  
app hasn’t added support for that with siri 
so i believe that uh sam- i mean apple did  
not add support for um youtube yet or spotify so 
that’s a bit sad but you could also play um with  
airplay and play whatever you want on your phone 
so let’s test out the speaker that’s a lot of bass
okay you could also control it with the taps as 
well so you can basically control it and skip  
the music and stuff so that’s cool and the bass 
is actually really nice because like i can feel  
the air around it shaking that’s probably the 
radiation sound and then there’s the mids of  
the mids obviously and the highs are really good 
sounding as well alright so here’s a close look  
up at the homepod mini uh before we get into that 
let’s talk about the cable a little a little bit  
so what’s really cool is that this is braided 
so that looks really nice and it would be much  
stronger and this is a usb c with the standard tip 
that apple does so that’s cool and we also have  
this power brick with the usb c at the end this is 
a 20 watt power brick where the iphone 12 doesn’t  
have it which is sad i mean that is a waste of 
energy and a waste of money for production lines  
i would just give the power brick with the iphone 
12 otherwise it’s not that not as bad anyway  
so here’s the homepod mini so the mesh is 
kind of like lifted off of the actual thing  
and then like a sort of pull off and then like a 
double layer you could also squish this i wouldn’t  
recommend doing that but it does get squished 
and you have to be careful of it being stained  
there is also a black one that won’t be stained 
as much so yeah at the top we have a sort of glass  
lighting pad here so that’s really cool you can 
basically touch it and do your touch control  
double tap to skip a song tap to play and 
volume controls so that’s pretty cool and  
then at the bottom we have this rubber it’s 
not really a rubber it’s more of like a  
it’s it is rubber it’s more of a like a plasticky 
rubber it’s more wax so we have a apple logo  
base down here and there’s the cable that 
stays with the actual homepod you can’t take  
that off i mean i get why apple did that if the 
cable breaks you got to replace the whole thing  
so that’s sad anyway so when we get this ruler 
here it’s about three inches here a little more  
than three inches it’s like three point six 
about there oh wow that’s doing its little  
dance light show and then we have the width 
which is about another three inches or so a  
little more than that so here we have the three 
by three post-its so when we measure the height  
that’s the height and then when 
we measure like the sort of width  
that’s the width is pretty much the same 
thing so yeah looks pretty cool thank you  
for watching i’m Ibby and also don’t forget to 
check out my merch and the product link in the  
description down below and also don’t forget to 
subscribe i hope i’ll see you in the next one

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