Apple Pencil Pro Review

Hi friends, how are you? I am Nabeel. I have brought you the unboxing and review of Apple Pencil Pro today. And there are many amazing features in this pencil that you have not seen before in any Apple Pencil. If you have not seen our review of the iPad

Air 13 inches 2024 model, then do check it out. I will drop its link in the description. And I have also taken this pencil from iSense Apple authorized. Their link is also in the description. You can purchase it online from there. You can order it anywhere in India.

And you can also unbox the Apple Pencil Pro. You can see the different designs and artistic work that they have done. It says Pencil Pro here. And it also says Pencil Pro here. Its MRP is Rs. 11,900. So this Apple Pencil is Rs. 12,000. You can see the

seal on the back side as well. We can break it like this. And we can take it out. And we can see some documents inside it. And our Apple Pencil Pro. Now the Apple Pencil Pro is the same size as the Apple Pencil 2. It only says Pencil

here. And it says Pencil Pro here. When I connect the Pencil Pro with my iPad Air, you can see that it is connected. And the Apple Pencil animation is also here. It is also telling

you how you can use it. You can see all these things in it.

And this Apple Pencil supports Find My. You can write in this Apple Pencil normally. And you can squeeze it. And when you squeeze it, you can see haptic feedback on the top side. Because it has a haptic motor. And I will squeeze it again and show you. You

can see all these options here. And it supports hover here as well. If you can see it properly. As you can see, the pencil is moving here. Hover is also working here. I can already know where exactly I am going to touch. So I select the red color

here. And it starts writing in red here. When you squeeze inside this Apple Pencil, you can see other options by tapping on the triple dot here. Like the option to add a signature. Or the option to mark up. And there is also a setting here. Where you can

enable and disable draw with finger. And you can also access the pencil settings. You can see the whole tab here. Where you can see what you want to do. Where you want to take a screenshot. Where you want to take a quick note. You can see all these

things here. And here you can see an option for shadow. What is the shadow option? To show you the shadow option, I have brought you back to the notes. Now if you can see the pencil shadow on our screen. This is not the actual shadow. This is the

artificial shadow that Apple has given us through the software. Now to prove this, we have to squeeze here. After squeezing, we choose the eraser here. Now when we choose the eraser, you can see that the shadow has changed. And we can see the end of the eraser here.

Similarly, if we change the pen here, the pen nib is showing us the shadow separately. And then you can see the regular toolbar here. You can also tap it like this and change the tools. You can also bring the tool that you want to bring. Here the next

level thing that they have given is gyroscope. What happens because of gyroscope? I have selected a tool here in these notes. Here I will tell you an example. Look, as I am drawing a pencil and marking it here. In that angle, this marker is being applied here. And

if you write something with this. Like I write here, hello. So here you can see that there is a thin stroke somewhere. There is a thick stroke somewhere. Because of which you can do very good and artistic things with it. And you can be very creative with it.

It will give you an effect just like using an actual pencil. These are some examples that I have told you. Notes application is very basic. But you can work very advanced with it. If you are an artist or if you want to use it in Final Cut Pro

video editing. If you want to go for Apple Pencil Pro, then keep one thing in mind that Apple Pencil Pro will not work on any existing iPad. There is a minimum requirement to work on it. Whether it is an iPad Air 11 inch or 13 inches. Or iPad

Pro M4 chipset. Which one will be used? M2 chipset or Pro? M4 chipset. Apart from this, it is not working on any iPad. Or if you don’t have a Pro requirement. Then you can go for Apple Pencil USB-C. Which will work on iPad Air 2024 model. Apart from

this, no other Apple Pencil will work on these iPads. So how did you like Apple Pencil Pro? Do write to me in the comments. I hope you liked today’s video. Do like and share. Subscribe to my channel. Goodbye. Thank you. Thank you.

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