Apple Vision Pro 48 Hours Review ⚡ Worth The Hype, Not The Price!

Alright friends, let’s talk about the Apple Vision Pro. And it’s been with us for the last 48 hours & it’s being used continuously. I’m using it & our team is using it too. Even now, it’s excitement hasn’t diminished. And it’s a mixed bag. It’s a mixed bag on the positive side. But there are some things that we still know that it’s an Apple product of the 1st generation. And generally, Apple doesn’t get it right in the 1st generation. So people don’t prefer the 1st generation of Apple products because there are some shortcomings. Now, there aren’t

many shortcomings in this but there are some inherent problems. Let’s talk about the basic problem, i.e. its weight. If you haven’t seen our unboxing video, then do watch it. And that’s when I said that it’s so heavy. It’s 650g. If you’re standing, the main purpose of it is to move or stand & then you’re using it. There’s a lot of issue. Whether you have this strap or the other strap, in fact, it’s more difficult to use the other strap. It’s much easier & more comfortable with the head strap. But after wearing it for 30 minutes,

the discomfort starts increasing. If you wear it continuously for 2 hours, there’ll definitely be marks. These marks will definitely come because it’s heavy. And not

just that, you put it in & along with it, its power source is heavy. It’s around 400-500g & you have to carry it along with you. And then the wire also hangs. Sometimes, it feels like you’re sitting & doing something & suddenly you have to stand. You have to keep in mind that it also happens along with you. So, that’s a little difficult. 3rd thing, & this might not be a

problem, it’ll be solved later. But it’s region locked, only for the US. So, your Apple ID & Apple account should be of the US. We did something & got the account, but it’s very difficult if you’re operating out of the US. Let all these things go, once you put it in & see the screens, what do you think? Definitely, there’s a wow factor. I’m saying it seriously, there are some apps & games which will literally flore you. I’m going to tell you about many interesting apps & games which you should watch & show. But before

that, if you’re watching for the 1st time, then don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! There are many interesting videos coming up. And there’s a lot to do on the Vision Pro, it’s going to be fun! And in this video, I’m going to tell you about 10 different things & apps. I’ll also tell you what all you can do. But before that, the quality Apple has provided with the Vision Pro, the image quality you get & the quality of the audio when it works, that is absolutely top notch! Apple has nailed it! These virtual headsets are not a

new concept. There are a lot of them, I’ve used the MetaQuest which I really liked when I used it for the 1st time. But there’s one thing that stands out in the Apple Vision Pro. The cameras & sensors used, the eye movement track & when you open & close the apps with the movement, the touch of your 2 fingers, that is implemented so beautifully. It means that if you want to open any app, just look at it & it gets selected. Just touch it & it gets opened. And this is very difficult to do. The

movement of your eyes should be exactly to the track & they’ve done it. And the cameras work fantastically! That’s why if you want to play the guitar, you can do it as if you’re playing it in reality. Because it can track your finger movements, eye movements, it’s amazing! The MetaQuest that we got, I noticed that it’s more towards gaming. It has a joystick in the hand, it’s virtual but you can play games beautifully. I won’t call it a gaming headset. You can play a lot of games on it but it’s not focused on that. You

can do a lot of things on it. For example, AR & VR headsets are focused on gaming, productivity, apps & multimedia watching. But this AVP, Apple Vision Pro does a lot more! This is an educational tool, a medical tool, a productivity tool. If you want to meditate, you can do it beautifully & immersively. If you want to create music & you’re a DJ, you can do it very easily. And it’s very intuitive. It’s great for architecture, design & creativity. You can design your entire room, change your beds, colours, faucets, etc. Obviously there are apps for

it & the ecosystem of the app is still restricted. There are about 600-650 apps & as the ecosystem grows, it’ll go crazy. I’d say it’s limitless & it has limitless possibilities. And I’m saying all this because of Apple. Because when Apple gets into something, it automatically becomes an ecosystem. And already there are quite a lot of apps which have floored me. And I forgot to tell you that due to the app ecosystem, we still don’t have the Netflix or Hotstar native apps that we use here. But at the same time, the more popular apps in

the US market, for example Apple TV Plus & IMAX, you’ll install them & there’s a demo which I’m showing you. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting in an IMAX theatre. The surround sound, the spatial sound, the picture quality is just next level. I mean seriously, if you watch a lot of movies on it, then there’s no need to go to the theatre. You’ll get a better personal experience of watching a movie than theatre. Now friends, if you’re into manufacturing or you like to build things, then there’s no better medium for education. Because there’s an app

called Jigspace, which is literally a rocket engine, that you can separate parts by parts & see how it’s assembled. I mean it’s amazing! Not just that, there’s another app in the medical field, where they’ve shown the heart & you can zoom in & out. If you’re having a heart attack, arterial fibrillation, then you can see in 3D how the blood flows, how the beats & heart colours are happening. That’s so immersive, when you watch it, it’s just wow! And at that time, you forget about the heaviness, to be honest with you. And I’m talking about

the heart, there are microscopic cells & you’ll get a complete understanding of what’s inside. For students, especially those doing medical, they’ll actually come to know what’s inside, even if it’s microscopic. I mean in the education field, the scope is limitless. Now if you’re interested in astronomy or astrophysics, there are many apps for that too. There’s a Mars rover, which is completely shown in 3D. You can actually see the Mars rover. So when you’re sitting at home, you’ll get to know about the components, how the Mars rover is, how it’s made, everything! There’s an app called

Solar, where you’ll get to know how Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, planets & stars look like. There’s Night Sky, so you’re standing in a building in London or New York, in a clear night sky & watching it. That’s the feel you get. If you want to meditate, wow! There’s an Apple app called Mindfulness, where you can do 5-10 minute exercises. You get so much calmness & you go into a meditative state. There’s also an app called Audio. There are multiple apps. I’m saying that as the apps grow, the app developers’ creativity, their thought process, what all they

can do, now they’ve been given this medium, now there are more apps to come, but there’s definitely a lot of potential. Not just for this, it’s beneficial for your work too. There are literally multiple big screens on your table. For example, there’s a simple laptop you’re looking at. With this, you can have 3-4 huge screens. There’s a lot of work going on & you can do your work there. You can do video editing, photo editing etc. If you’re an artist, you can creatively draw certain things. So there’s a lot of benefit in productivity too. And

I’ll tell you what, I saw this on social media & Twitter. There are different screens pinned. So if you come to the living room, there’s a big TV. If you go to the kitchen, there’s a screen above the fridge where it’ll tell you exactly what’s inside & what groceries should be there. So you can do all these things with this. And yes, you can do normal things like zoom calls, video conferencing etc. You can do it very beautifully. And there’s such an experience in this, that whoever you’re talking to or calling, they’re sitting in front

of you. So you know, the distance that we know, when we do normal video calls, we can see the video from there. But it feels like you’re sitting in front of them & talking. And finally, let’s talk about gaming. As I said earlier, you can play games in the arcade. As big & good games come out, you’ll be able to do more things. But like I said earlier, this headset is just not about gaming. You can do everything else with it. Now friends, why am I excited about this? It’s not exactly for Apple Vision Pro.

What are the other brands going to do? Because it’s for $3500, literally for Rs 2.5-3 lakhs. People aren’t going to spend that much. It’s going to be on the fringes. People will buy it for a specific use case, otherwise not. But all these things that Apple has done, Apple Vision Pro, they’ll implement similar things in other brands. And you’ll get those headsets for around $1500. MetaQuest is already getting it for $500-600 & you’ll get similar headsets for $100-2000. I’m excited about that! There are so many good things, but as I said at the start of

the video, there are inherent problems. Like it’s heavy & you have to carry the battery pack all the time. These things become a little restrictive. That’s why I said, despite having so many good things, I found it a little restrictive. That’s why I have mixed feelings. If you can do all these things in the MetaQuest goggles, in that particular form factor & you don’t have to carry a power bank. What can happen? And it’s very much possible that we’ll get something similar in 2-3 years. This is basically the first step into what’s going to happen

in future. How will we communicate, play & work? It shows you how we’ll do all the other things. That’s all for this video, until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!

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