Apple Vision Pro – ¿Merece la PENA? Análisis a las reviews y OPINIÓN

Well, friends, the time has come. The Vision Pro is here. This week it goes on sale and, of course, We have already had the first reviews of the American media. And, of course, what I did yesterday The afternoon was about watching them quietly. on my couch and, well, also get some conclusions and some reflections that today I want to share here with you. In any case, as I understand that many you haven’t seen any related video yet with the Vision Pro, Don’t worry because in this video I’m going to do like a reaction bar opinion

to two of the most popular videos that I of course I advise you to see, What is the unboxing that Márquez Brownlee uploaded and the unboxing bar review first impressions from iJustine, okay? Of course there have been others, also Diverge has published his, which I advise you to see, Wall Street Journal, finally there have been some how many but well of course I have what to choose and well I have chosen these two like this Of course I’m going to leave you the links. to these two reviews to these two videos in the description for

that well of course the look calmly and of course also to give them all the credits for the clips that I’m going to include here

for good a little bit in context everything I am going to comment on If you think, let’s start talking about unboxing that Marques Braulí did for this Vision Pro which certainly attracts a lot of attention because well, as I say, Marques has not done still a review but an unboxing and it The first thing that catches your attention in the video is actually the size of the box of the Vision

Pro. In the video of him he shows a large box in the That’s the Vision Pro, then there’s another smaller one. in which the optical lenses go and on the other side is the optional travel case for 200 dollars more. In the box the most striking things check that the Vision Pro, well, comes with the strap standard that fits behind the head, but also includes the optional strap that add a band to the top for, well, better adapt the grip and ensure that it does not feel so heavy when you have been using it for

a long time. The battery included in the Vision Pro, according to What Marquis said is quite heavy. Specifically, it has 3,166,000 amperes. And well, according to the data that Apple shared, well It gives about 2 or 3 hours of autonomy. Specifically, Marquis in his video criticizes that You know 5000 mAh batteries that, well, are integrated of course into other phones and they feel much lighter than the Vision Pro battery. A curious detail is that the Vision box Pro also includes a book with different illustrations on the use of the product and even Recommendations on how

to store the battery cable after use, so Be careful, be careful not to roll it in any way. A cleaning cloth also comes in the box. the front lenses of the Vision Pro and also It has the product name screen printed on it. Then in the video of him after unpacking, well, Marques shows the protective case that covers the front glass of the Vision Pro and good, it also shows the different magnetically attached elements, such as the light seal and the cover that covers the edges that come into contact with our face when we have

it on. Another of the first things he tries is how Both straps adjust to the head, the standard and the classic that we have seen in all the Vision Pro ads, which is the which is configured by default, apparently it is very easy to adjust in our head since they include a side, a little wheel, that adjusts the Vision Pro to our face. The problem is that, according to Marquis, everything the weight of the Vision Pro falls on the cheek and it’s not too comfortable. Now, fortunately it is very, very easy change the straps on

the Vision Pro, since well, in the video he shows the process, which, as I say, is very, very intuitive, already that there are little orange eyelashes on The sides, how good, indicate where They are fixed so they can be put on and taken off easily. For marquis, the dual strap is the best option, by far yes, well, the Vision Pro is going to use for long sessions, the bad thing It’s good, of course, there will be people who doesn’t like having the strip on the back superior, especially if it is someone who is using the

Vision Pro outdoors and along She has better combed her hair and well, obviously The mechanism is going to ruin your hairstyle. One of the doubts that he resolves in his video is how to use the Vision Pro connected directly into the current, it turns out that well the battery that we are going to have to have connected at all times it has a USB-C input that in addition to charging it to be able to use it anywhere place will allow us to use the Vision Pro during long sessions while we have them connected to a

power source with the charger of 30 watts that is also included. And finally, in his video he shows how they fit together. optical prescription lenses in the viewfinder in case you have purchased them optionally. Actually, hey, it’s pretty simple since It works with a magnetic system so no It’s not going to have any kind of complication. As I say, with Marques Brawley’s video we can reach to some conclusions about what the packaging is like of this product, surprisingly large as you have seen and well what the mechanism is like to attach the different accessories to

the Vision Pro. Really a very very good video of about 20 minutes that I have summarized for you as far as possible. We now go to iJustine, a video where she goes a little further since it does include quite a few demos she has done with the Vision Pro in operation. In her video she highlights how intuitive she is the act of looking at any element of the interface and how thanks to the tracking function eye when you make a certain gesture with the hands, perform the action you want to do. One of the first

things that good also shows when you set up the Vision Pro, well it’s a look at the App Store which you then return to The video advanced a little further and well there This is where the Vision Pro comes out From the outset it will have many applications of iPhone and iPad that will be able to move perfectly in this team. It also shows how FaceTime works with the function that Apple has called persona and that creates an artificial image of us so we can make calls directly using the Vision Pro with other people and

They can see us. Let’s see, I particularly have to recognize That demo seemed a little strange to me. because well the faces seem to have been taken out from some strange movie, right? with a strange look, I don’t know, You are seeing it yourselves, right? Also the hair is a little strange, but hey, The face theme is incredibly real, I mean, it really looks pretty good. I don’t know, They are going to perfect this way anyway. because it’s in beta, I mean, this obviously As time goes by, it will improve and I even understand that

it will make everything better have to see around the face. I also found it very interesting how iJustine has explained the process in her video to create your character, so to speak, that At the end of the day it is like the configuration one of Face ID, you have to do a series of gestures and well, she shows it more or less at minute 13 of her video. I advise you to see it in full later. Now, something that has caught my attention a lot attention in the video of it is the good quality that

They have the Vision Pro cameras. She puts them on around minute 12 and well, she is already beginning to show what she sees, No? That is to say, a little bit, the whole atmosphere of the room where she is recording the video And it’s true Let’s see, she has a little noise, but nothing comparable to the noise they generate, for example, the MetaQuest 3 cameras, which I, for example, I’ve been testing for the last two weeks. And it is true that even in areas where there are A lot of lighting has noise. On the other

hand, the Vision Pro looks very, very good. And let’s not forget that they also have a resolution 4K, which in theory should further enhance the fact of finding faults. So, At the moment, from what I have seen in videos, It looks very, very good. With the digital crown, it also shows how When you press it, the icons appear Vision Pro applications in the scene, and then to slide between the pages, you have to make a gesture that also seems to me very natural, and it is to catch with the finger, to pinch, as if you

were turning the page of a video, oops, from a video, yes, of a book and you slide the fact of simply turn the page of a book, that’s how you move through the interface pages as much as you want switch to other applications on the Vision Pro. The truth is that I found it interesting. At minute 14 or so it also shows another use of the digital crown, when for example you are watching a video on Youtube through the browser, if you slide With the digital crown you can modify the environment. She shows how she

configures by default the of the moon, but also in that part it shows how the eye tracking function works, since she looking at the center function control and activating it with your fingers, You can now modify the view simply by choosing the different options that Apple includes. Precisely since we are talking about the part of virtual environments, a very good thing is that if you want to be completely immersed in this virtual world or partially immersed, you can do it. Since depending on the turns you make to the crown, the world is becoming virtual or

He still partially sees real space. That is, you can choose if you want, obviously. get in fully or just partially, keeping some elements of your space current, where you are. Another good thing that the Vision Pro has with respect to its competitors is that if you, for For example, you are in a virtual environment and you are someone comes to talk to you, that person will appear partially blurred in your environment and she will also be able to see your eyes in the Vision Pro lenses, so that you do not completely disconnect from the environment

that you have around you and, of course, of their people. And now let’s go to one of the parts that me, particularly, The demo caught my attention the most iJustine has done. Her for example when she is showing the keyboard virtual Vision Pro she explains that there is three ways to interact with it, one just tapping the keyboard in space, another with eye tracking and of course The third option is through voice dictation. Well, when she has shown how tracking works ocular, I said, dammit, this works great, let’s see, at least the demo that iJustine

has made for Of course, you will have to try it and take out each one her conclusions, but the fact that you are looking at the key what do you want to write and simply with a request you go selecting it, the demo she made really looked pretty fluid and I mean it didn’t look like a slow process, and it is also intuitive to After all, when you are going to write something normally you follow the letter with your eyes what do you want to press, So hey, I liked it a lot. Right now one

of the most being generated with reference to the Vision Pro it is about the usefulness What this device can have for the user in everyday use. And let’s see, obviously the use of Vision Pro for entertainment apps, well I think it is obviously a key factor, but Apple also wants to position it as the device that opens the way to what they have called spatial computing. Hence, for example, there are already applications like Keynote, as for example iJustine shows in her video, with which we can make presentations simply using a keyboard or mouse that we

can connect via bluetooth and also we can use the Safari browser as if it were a Mac. There are of course more applications as I say she in the video she does some demonstrations Plus it also opens some Apple Arcade games. And let’s see, to Justine, those of us who have followed her for a long time time we already know what she is like, she is a person who Everything that Apple releases is lived with great passion, and it’s true, you see the video and she is very excited because it really is a very impressive

product. But during the demos that I was already doing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about whether I really I was seeing something disruptive, let’s see how I say she hears because she expresses it with great joy and very happy for the opportunity she was having and I really tell you, I’m dying of envy I’m looking forward to trying a vision pro but I understand that many people when they see these videos have many doubts whether I would pay $3,500 for such a product. To me, for example, one of the things I liked the

most is when She also goes to her and her relaxation room. She says that she is going to start editing the video that we are seeing with her MacBook Pro but using the Vision Pro as a screen. And let’s see, for example I say, oysters, well Yes, it would also be one of the possible uses that you would have with the Vision Pro, along with, for Of course, the use of the Vision Pro for applications for entertainment, to watch a movie, series, etc. But of course, I am a private user that I work with my

Mac and where possibly, Hey, I would like to be able to enjoy an experience as immersive as, well, I could give this product. However, Apple is going to get that public up right now he wasn’t interested in this guy of products is now? Because let’s see, the feeling I have is that Apple has perfected the experience of use that we had until now in viewers of this type. I believe, we could go so far as to say that we are in front of the most advanced viewer on the market by far, with functions such as

tracking eyepiece, which seems to work well, very good camera quality, of course a very careful interface, premium design and materials, screens with incredible resolution, 4k for each eye, but, but, I can’t find it in the Vision Pro, at least right now from the videos I’ve seen, a killer feature, so to speak, a killer feature, it looks a little strange, but you understand me, as a characteristic Breaker, what do you say, oysters, this is milk No, no one can match this, of course I can. watching several videos what is clear to me is that the advantage

they have with vision pro compared to its competitors is the integration perfect between different devices from apple of course being able to use hundreds of apps that you already have on your iPhone and iPad and good compatibility with certain services not for example facetime that we could only have with the vision pro and not with those of the competition and well of course yes better quality sound image now this compensates for pay the equivalent of 7 well almost 7 goal quest 3 which is its main rival right now we could say I don’t know, well

you could follow me going on a lot but I want to see your opinions ok leave me your comment below and I must tell you two things, one that I intend to make a video of the metacuests 3 and show many little things so that you can see how in reality already with products like the ones that are right now on the market and they are worth six times and a half less than the vision pro already They can do many things that maybe for many people would be enough and do not require a pro

vision and then on the other hand very very soon we will make a video with the Vision Pro, Until then I can say, oh well I’ll tell you. If you liked the video friends, you already know, you can leave your like, subscribe so you don’t miss anything and see you very soon with more content, tomorrow God willing because You know, we are The Bitten Apple, I am Fernando and I promise to do it. Bye friends! SW

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