Apple Watch Bands Series 6 5 4 : Sport Loop Unboxing Review 44mm 40mm – 3 2020

hey guys welcome to Fantas Tech we’re
going to check it out the Apple watch
sport loop today talking about the
designs the sport loop bands are
designed for comfortable and breathable
it is very comfortable and it’s
something you’ll only really notice
after a few days casual yet versatile
they look great in general and are a bit
more versatile than the sport bands
which can also blend into a smart casual
outfit pretty well it’s not as
professional as leather but it only
really stand out in a bad way in a
proper suit easy to take on and off
self-explanatory easy to wrap around
things found of regular use for this in
cases wrapping around my phone whenever
about to take a shower at the jail you
can wrap the watch around iPhone with
the watch face along the back so don’t
have to worry about it scratching the
phone screen it’s also a lot easier to
find in the gym bags when they’re both
together wrapping around the battery
pack while charging this is very useful
if you need to charge Apple watch and
put it in a bag while you can still
secure it with a sport band I did four
years it’s much easier with the other
bands you can sweat while working out
with this band and it dries very quickly
thanks to the tiny loops one of the
biggest complaints about Apple sport
band is that sweat can get trapped under
the band
the Nike version of the sport band tries
to solve them
by having lots of holes in the band but
that still isn’t a perfect solution with
a sport loop unlike the sport band I
never really noticed sweat I do notice
that the sport loop will get a little
damp as it absorbs sweat but then it
dries out pretty quickly I haven’t tried
swimming with a sport load but I have
gotten it completely drenched in a sink
the nylon band absorb a small amount of
water but not enough to feel like it was
getting heavy
nothing like a wet cotton cloth rag and
it dries pretty quickly once your arm is
out of the water soft breathable and
lightweight the sport loop features a
hook and loop fastener for a quick and
easy adjustment the double layered nylon
regions dense loops on the skin side
that provides soft cushioning while
allowing moisture to escape on the
reverse side the attachment loops are
securely anchored for superior
durability let’s enjoy

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