Apple Watch Bands- Sport Band Unboxing Review – Series 6 5 4 3 2020

hey guys welcome to Fantas Tech we’re
going to check it out the Apple watch
classic sport bands today talking about
the designs it’s cool on your skin it
sits so snugly on your wrist that it
moves with you as if the watch has
become part of your body rather than
torque against your wrist it doesn’t hit
you even after playing hours of roller
derby with it hidden under a wrist guard
and sweat bath and while my sport band
occasionally got dirty and cleaned up in
seconds with a make up one the half
clasp also gives the band the smooth
underbelly that won’t catch on clothes
corners or laptops from afar it just
looks like one piece of smooth rubber a
slight outward I’m and patterning on the
underside of your wrist the only
indication that there might be the way
or tail in a band hiding underneath
undesigned alone the matte flora will
last a ribbon displays its colors
and fluidly connects to the watch body
anyone would love Apple’s decision to
encase the lungs themselves in floor
elastomer on a sport steel or even
addition watcher the band looks just as
classy it works with just about any
model of Apple watch the design of the
sport band is almost identical to bands
found on Apple designer Marc Goossens
old I keep on watch line it’s an open
band design with a high performance
floor or elastomer a nice way of saying
high quality fancy rubber and a tuck
under clasp to keep the band secure and
sound and moreover it works well

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