Apple Watch Review | Life. Changing.

If you asked me which Apple product has made
an impact on my life the most, my answer would
probably come as a surprise to you.
Maybe it’s the iPhone — the revolutionary
device that changed smartphones forever fourteen
years ago.
Maybe it’s the iPad — rewriting the definition
of a ‘computer’ since 2010.
Maybe even AirPods — arguably the best wireless
headphones out there.
But no, my answer to that question would not
be iPhone or iPad or AirPods — it would
be Apple Watch.
This is how the Apple Watch has changed my
The first Apple Watch was unveiled over seven
years ago, and most people thought of it as
a worthless, useless accessory that’s just
a smaller version of an iPhone.
Like, you already have a computer, and a smartphone
— why would you want a smartwatch?
It’s another gadget to charge every night
— why would you give yourself that hassle?
No one would buy this — because why?
You don’t need an Apple Watch!
Well, they were all wrong.
The Apple Watch is not only the number one
smartwatch in the world —it’s the number
one watch in the world period, overtaking
Rolex in 2017.
I am one of the one hundred million that have
them today.

/> They’re virtually everywhere.
Enough of the history and statistics.
How exactly is the Apple Watch life changing?
There’s two reasons.
First….. it’s made my life easier.
“Oh no!
Where’s my phone!”
“Oh wait, I have an Apple Watch!
I can ring my phone in two seconds with just
a swipe and a tap!”
“Oh wait, but it’s dark!
How am I supposed to find my phone if I can
only hear it, not physically see it!”
“Oh wait, I can just long-press this button,
and my phone will both ring, and flash!
Finding your phone easily with Apple Watch
has definitely made many days more convenient.
And it’s not just that — the fact that
I can receive notifications on my watch without
having to look at my phone every single time
it dings?
The fact that I can just text on my watch
instead of having to get my phone all the
Apple Pay on Apple Watch?
The fact that I can see my upcoming events,
weather, activity, battery, and did I forget,
time, all at once?
It’s these little things that just work
and make life more stress-free — it’s
the magic of Apple Watch.
Maybe I can just finish up this video.
Maybe that’s the only reason why the Apple
Watch has changed my life — it’s made
it easier.
But no, there’s more.
This one, I think this is more important.
To put it in one word, ‘Fitness’.
The number one reason that the Apple Watch
has changed my life, is, well, fitness!
It’s encouraged me to work out since day
one, and at first, I was quite lazy and I
didn’t want to do that, but the Apple Watch
said no.
It kept motivating me with notifications to
reach my move goal.
Stand up.
Finish a challenge.
So I told myself, okay, let’s do this.
Let’s start working out with this watch
and make it more useful than it already is.
That day, one year ago, was the start of my
fitness journey.
Working out with Apple Watch has been an amazing
My model features an always-on display, so
I can see all my workout metrics: time elapsed,
heart rate, calories burned, pace, and more
without having to move my arms.
This motivated me to just keep going.
Get my heart rate up higher.
Run faster.
Burn more calories.
And it all made me feel better about myself.
My wellbeing.
My health.
And then there’s awards.
There’s always something new to motivate
you to keep working out — hey Brandon, you
reached a new move streak!
Hey Brandon, you completed your challenge
this month!
Hey Brandon, you won against your friend this
This just motivated me even more to keep going.
Keep working out.
Just keep on doing it.
With the release of Apple Fitness+ last December
— two months after I got my Series 6 — I
decided to try it out.
Since I had just gotten a new watch, I was
eligible for a complimentary three-month trial.
And it just made exercising more fun.
Now I can follow a workout video, and choose
any type, trainer, intensity, focus, and time
I want to do.
Plus, I can see all my metrics on wherever
I’m playing the video on.
iPad. iPhone.
Even the TV.
And whenever I close one of my rings, or all
of them, it plays an animation on the screen,
saying great job!
I haven’t even talked about the major health
features on this watch.
There’s ECG, allowing you to take electrocardiograms
anytime, anywhere, whilst also detecting if
you have atrial fibrillation.
There’s Blood Oxygen tracking, allowing
you to check your blood oxygen level also
anytime, anywhere.
This has actually been quite useful for me
since many months ago, I had the thing.
You probably know what I’m taking about.
And I saw a decrease in my Blood oxygen level
in that time period.
And there’s so much more to this watch.
Interchangeable bands and faces.
Fall detection.
Automatic emergency calling during accidents.
Sleep tracking.
This watch literally saves lives!
And although it hasn’t saved mine yet, it
has definitely changed it.
And it’s changed many other lives too.
The Apple Watch is the best Apple product
Apple sells.
It just is.
It has made me feel better about myself and
be less lazy.
It’s given me something to look forward
to everyday.
If you don’t have an Apple Watch, get one!
If you do have an Apple Watch but don’t
workout with it — you should.
It’s fun.
And it’s life-changing.
You won’t regret it.

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