AquaTech REVIEW – Elite vs Base – Conversion Kit

Hello Beautiful people, I’m so excited because…
My order from AquaTech…
This is one part…
I’m going to use the control finally.
I’m going to record videos…
For the first time,
I changed this piece of my water housing
I upgrade buying the conversion kit
and I’m going to buy a new body camera
and use control.
I didn’t change the water housing but just only now piece.
Let’s go!
Welcome back to my channel
I’m so happy because…
First of all, I’m talking in English.
Secondly we are going to
see the differences between…
AquaTech water housing
in an elite model
and in a base I model.
This will make a big difference if you are thinking to get into
the water photography and go up the level
professionally, record videos and do whatever you like with your camera in the water.
In order as the previous videos, I show you.
I talked about my base water housing from
AquaTech, which is Australian brand. I
love Australia I love Australians I love
you guys
you’re the best people in the world.
Let’s begin showing you, first the base
water housing in AquaTech.
What is ”the base”?
What does ”Base” mean in AquaTech?
It’s just guys, no control of your camera.
No control is so easy.
So, it means that you don’t have any buttons
for changing your settings in the water.
If you are curious to know how to set up your water housing in an AquaTech Base I
just check for the previous video where I’m talking about the different
Now the Conversion kit
As I showed you, you just have to push and you are done!
Now that you are 100% sure that your camera is in and connected
you take the conversion kit. If these are in this way,
As you can see
Remember to have everything flat
now that the water housing is closed
as you can see we have the buttons and of course you can change everything.
I can’t wait to show you, in the next videos
me in action in the water
how the videos are coming with a .
So don’t forget to subscribe for watch more and more every week.
I decided to start recording video now because this is my journey.
I will just share everything that I can feel with my camera.
May I press? May I do this? How can I wash it?
Make sure that when you buy your body camera, AquaTech will still produce the conversion kit.
Because you will feel when you really need to do something more with your camera.
So: ”No CONVERSION KIT for you camera5D2”
This is why I decided to buy Canon5D4, just for taking picture in the water.
Water housing are build for one body camera. That’s not true.

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