Arby's NEW Big Game Burger Review!

hello everyone this is running on empty Food review well hello ladies gentlemen and everyone watching welcome one and all to this newest edition of The Running on Empty Food review series I’m your host the report of the week always a pleasure to be here when it comes down to fast food and uh all of the various chains of course encompassed therein the way I always like to look at it is you have all sorts of releases by that I mean there are the sorts of genetic releases where it’s just some sort of item that everyone

kind of saw coming or it’s relatively unremarkable there isn’t a whole lot of interest to it for instance if you have a burger place and they just release another Burger it’s like oh wow I didn’t really I didn’t see that one coming or if you have a taco place that releases a new Taco over new wing place that releases some new Wings it’s like doesn’t mean that those aren’t good items it’s just is it all that surprising but then you have those sorts of releases that are unexpected that aren’t what people saw coming for instance

Taco Bell when they first released the nacho fries french fries from a taco place you know that kind of that catches people’s attention where when they released their wings chicken wings from

a taco place you know and you see these sorts of things occasionally Arby’s I think was hoping to do one of those sorts of releases here when they released their big game a burger now when you see the name big game burger what do you think of it first right what’s the first thing that comes to your mind I thought of football the big

game it’s a it’s a new hamburger for the big game right because review after review lately I’ve been trying football release after football release after football release the last video were some wings from KFC for football and then there was that little Caesar thing for football so the big game but that is not what Arby’s was going for here and you know there’s that whole thing was like a half a half truth that was a really bad joke but I think some people maybe did think that but nonetheless this instead big a game the meats

this is a burger that they are releasing that has a combination of venison elk and beef and that is the big game burger and it comes with Swiss cheese crispy onions garlic dill pickles and it is topped with a steak sauce so Arby’s when they say we have the meats they mean they have all the meats and including the wild Meats as they might say but anyway what I was getting at with this this is one of those items that sure you think of Arby’s and you’ll think oh roast beef chicken that sort of stuff

not necessarily elk or venison they did have I believe a venison Berg of a few years ago and that generated a tremendous amount of interest because it was one of those items that I don’t think a lot of folks necessarily saw coming but in this case the interest isn’t there it’s it’s it’s amusing this is one of those releases that I genuinely think that they thought was going to cause quite a stir but the reaction isn’t there most people just kind of shrug their shoulders and like I don’t know right or the reaction is not

necessarily all right I’m gonna drop everything and I’m gonna go over to Arby’s and get myself a big game Burger it’s just like well uh that’s bold of them I guess there isn’t a whole lot of interest there isn’t a whole lot of excitement I’ll admit myself when I saw that they were releasing the big game Burger I wasn’t all that interested either that’s just my that’s just my my realistic honest reaction I’m trying this out today of course because I got some requests to give it a shot and we’ll see how it is but

personally is this one of those items that really motivates me to want to go over to RB’s and try it out I I can’t say so I can’t say that’s how it is for me but nonetheless it’ll make for an interesting review anyway combination again of venison elk and beef in a burger swiss cheese onions garlic dill pickles and a steak sauce and it’s available at the price of a nine dollars for the sandwich itself so uh nine bucks but they say well you’re getting these meats that you normally wouldn’t get from Arby’s and it

is a limited time offer so going to be trying it out right here see how it is some people love it some people hate it that’s what I’ve seen so far and uh like I said I am not one to really eat these sorts of gamey Meats but nonetheless I’ll try to just give an honest review and uh you know if I like it I like it if I don’t I don’t comes in the wrapping right here and you could see has a special sticker on it big game Burger with some sort of landscape in

the background and you can see right there the Arby’s top hat with some sort of antenna protruding from it I’m not sure if that’s like a sort of shortwave radio antenna or what but um obviously a little bit of like a radio themed logo this time around I guess because it’s like you know if you’re out there in the wild you might be off the grid so you need you know you might need a little radio or something to keep in touch and here it is it’s a big burger I’ll give them that you could

see the steak sauce right there pickle bun there is the cheese the Swiss cheese blend again definitely a larger sort of burger and you could see more of that sauce right there the steak sauce and there were those onions the crispy onion strings and then on the bottom bun the pickles and more sauce now being that this is a bigger burger what I am going to do is I am going to cut it in half also that way you could get a cross section and I could more accurately try it out I’m going to pause

the camera real quick while I cut it just for the sake of time and I’ll be right back all right back at the back at it now with the burger in half and there’s another cross section for you just so you could see what it looks like slightly pink in the center you might say what does it smell like it does have that sort of um again mind you I am not the uh not a frequent at all consumer of these sorts of meats but it does have what most people would think of that’s sort

of like a gamey smell to it so you know what it looks like you know what’s in it you know what it is has to it with that said I will now try it out and uh like I said I might not be a fan of it I genuinely just might not like it I don’t know this isn’t something that I try all that often but let’s see let’s see how it is if it’s good it’s good if it’s bad it’s bad try it out the big game burger from Arby’s going in okay foreign thank

you going with some light refreshment today in the form of Dr Pepper so here’s the interesting thing about this burger and what a bad thing but some people might perceive this characteristic as a like I said not necessarily bad but it might not necessarily be what they were hoping for either and here is what I mean by that you you will smell it of course and you will you will notice right off the bat that it certainly has this sort of scent that is again it doesn’t smell like how a normal Burger would you know

you obviously be able to to tell uh based on the sense that it is not a 100 beef burger and I think that you will get a lot of folks who maybe this item will seem perhaps exotic in a way and they’ll really want to be able to taste it they’ll really want to be able to to think all right I’m going to be able to finally just taste that that venison elk blend and really be able to discern it here’s the thing though as far as the actual Taste of the burger itself is it’s

actually far far lighter than I expected it to taste to the point where it would even be difficult to to say that it doesn’t taste all too different from a hamburger not that you know there are slight differences but it doesn’t really I was going into this expecting it to taste a bit different than what I wound up with and not that’s not in a bad way it doesn’t taste bad I need to stress that but I think when I went into this with a certain expectation I think a lot of other people will as

well especially folks who maybe don’t have these sorts of meats uh very often they might just be going in expecting a sort of for lack of a better word a very wild uh sort of gamey type of flavor and instead when you bite into it and really what do you taste you really taste a lot of the steak sauce the onion and uh you know again the meat which is just very it’s this very basic and I think some folks will just think this is it you know this this is it this is all that

it tastes like I mean it’s not bad but I was just hoping for it to be a be something a little different than this I think that’s going to be a reaction that many have so that’s what I want to stress here because some folks might go out of their way thinking that this is going to be really overwhelming in a certain way and they’re really seeking out that aspect and you’re not going to find that it’s Pleasant and like I said it is way lighter than I thought it was going to be much as

a matter of fact I couldn’t even tell you that I could discern particularly the venison the elk or the beef it just has there’s no identifiable characteristic it’s just a meaty and it doesn’t even have much of a gamey taste to it either it’s slightly different from a beef burger but not all that different it’s not even all that different texturally speaking it’s one of those things where it’s like there were a couple bits and pieces that might be a little more chewy but for the most part it’s tender it’s juicy pretty flavorful butter like

I said it’s more comparable to a generic Burger than anything else now I should also add this is not grilled I think it’s flash Pride that’s that’s my impression of it anyway and you have to be aware of that too so don’t expect it to have that sort of you know like Char to it straight off the grill or anything to that extent but still but what it is it’s tender it’s flavorful but it’s more comparable to again a genetic Burger I will say that the steak sauce and the pickles are a very nice accompaniment

they have a nice Savory tanginess to them that does complement the meat itself see I was almost going to say the beef because that’s what it’s mostly relatable to and granted there is beef in this but they claim that it’s 30 33 33 33 percent of each I would be willing to say based on the taste this is like you know 85 percent beef and then minuscule little percentages of everything else that’s what it seems like to me but uh anyway the pickles and the steak sauce still go very nicely with the meat complements it

perfectly I should add though that the garlic and the Swiss cheese well you could definitely see that swiss cheese on it it’s not as prominent a note as you would necessarily expect it to be so if you’re getting this and you think oh it’s going to be this this uh really gamey cheeseburger that’s not how it’s going to be and you just need to be aware of that the Swiss cheese is kind of just there I can’t really even taste the garlic the crispy onions are there but again they’re not as potent as I’ve noticed

them being in some instances uh really the star of the show here is that steak sauce the pickles and again the meat but again that meat is more comparable to uh beef as opposed to Elk and Venison and I think some folks despite the uh despite the outcome is what I was trying to say being Pleasant I know some folks are going to be disappointed by this and they’re going to think I don’t want to taste all the beef I want to taste the other stuff more and you’re not getting that and that’s going to

let some folks down so nine dollars it’s pricey I probably wouldn’t get this again to be honest but wanted to try it out yeah it tastes totally fine overpriced though and again I think some people would have been hoping that those elk and venison notes were much stronger than they really really were because you can’t really taste them and that is a bit of a bummer so therefore out of ten Pleasant product but is it what people were hoping for I don’t necessarily think so therefore I’m going to be rating the Arby’s bigger game Burger

I’m just going to give it a 7.1 out of 10. it’s still all right for what it is but I know people would be expecting something a little different that’s all that I have here thank you for watching and until next time I’m your host the report of the week

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