Are BTS smooth like Butter? (Music Review)

butter is a song recorded by south
korean boy group bts released on may 21
2021 through big hit music and sony
music entertainment
it is the band’s second english language
single it became their fourth number one
on the billboard hot 100
the song is described as a disco pop
dance pop
and edm track at a press conference held
on the release day
rm revealed that while the band wanted
to participate in the making of their
next single
butter was already pretty good and
pretty complete when they received it
so they chose it out of many many songs
that had been sent to them for
he further explained that some of the
parts like the wrap were not fully
compatible with their style
so he changed or added to about half of
the song’s original rap sections
stating that it came together really
quickly since there weren’t that many
rap sections in the song despite there
still being some gaps in his fluency
when he has to write english material
suga also tried writing for the song
as he had actively been studying english
during the year prior but the language

barrier was still a problem so his
suggestions were immediately dropped
with no questions or no consideration
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the song is a standard summer track that
has a happy sunny vibe to it
it doesn’t really have any message or
meaning just like the band’s last
comeback dynamite
it is meant to be a fun summer bop i do
enjoy the song a lot
it’s very catchy and it succeeds in
lightening the mood
whenever you listen to it personally i
think it’s a step up from dynamite the
band members sound more confident and
the vocal performance and processing in
are much better than that of dynamite
however i do wish they tried a new sound
or came back with something more
experimental given how big their fan
base is
and how much support they will receive
from them anyway i know they have the
to give us something innovative and
something fresh but at the same time i
understand that bts are still
trying to establish themselves among the
general american public
and the western market in general and
the only way for them to do that is by
releasing radio friendly songs like
the music video for butter is in the
same vein as dynamite
i would describe it as a more smart and
posh version of the dynamite music video
the boys look amazing as always and the
choreography during the chorus is just
my rating for the song is eight overall
i would say it’s a good comeback from
the boys
it is a pretty standard summer track and
a big contender for song of the summer
this year
i just hope the album contains more
songs which allows each of them to be
more creative and experimental
now regarding some of the criticism of
the song do i think it’s generic
not necessarily the song is meant to be
a fun summer song
and that’s what they were going for do i
think it’s over hyped
not at all bts are huge and anything
they release
will get big hype just like any other
big artists so i don’t think it’s fair
to say that they’re over-hyped
do you agree with our review let us know
in the comments
what you think of the song and what
ratings you would have given it
thank you for watching

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