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Today we’ll be doing a review of 
the Shun classic boning knife.
Comes with the pamphlet,
the knife itself.
The pamphlet comes in multiple languages,
provides tips on how to maintain your knife properly,
along with warranty information.
The knife blade is protected,
and the handle is wrapped in plastic.
The blade length is six and a half inches.
The handle length is four and a half inches.
The total weight of the knife is four ounces 
the blade is made out of VGMax steel,
the hardness on a rockwell scale is 60 to 61.
This helps to keep its edge longer compared to 
softer steels,
is resistant to rust and patina.
You can see the beautiful Damascus cladding,
 a total of 68 layers 34 on each side.
The knife has a full composite tang.
The knife is razor sharp with a 16 degree 
cutting angle with a double sided bevel.
The handle is made out of ebony Pakka wood,
that’s d-shaped meant for right-handers 
but lefties can use it also.
Lefties will probably want to go to their local 

to test out the comfort of the handle.
Here’s a good look at the shape of the handle.
I like the d-shape, it’s very comfortable in my hands
It’s very well crafted and very easy on the eyes.
The shape and curvature of the blade is 
intended to allow you to get closer to the bones with less effort.
It might be a little difficult to tell in this video but the
shape and curvature of the blade is much 
different than your classic chef knife
Even though this is considered a boning knife
you can use it to cut many different meats such as fish, chicken, beef, pork,
and it can also be used to cut through vegetables.
Do not use this knife to cut through any bones 
as it will more than likely damage the blade  
by chipping it it is not meant 
to be used like a meat cleaver.
It is designed to slice through your meats 
and vegetables.
Do not cut on hard surfaces such as stones metal glass,
use on soft surfaces
such as wood cutting boards.
Again, you should not use the knife to chop  
or hack at your meats and vegetables 
instead you should slice through them.
To keep the sharpness of the edge of your knife 
you should hold your knife on a regular basis.
Sharpen the knives only when needed
use a high quality wet stone
to sharpen your knives
Only hand wash the knife and dry them 
Do not machine wash these knives.
If treated properly these 
knives should last a lifetime.
Let’s do a quick test by slicing up a chicken
The knife is nice and sharp and able to
slice through the meat without a problem
The chicken is still a little frozen but the knife 
is still able to cut through without a problem
It’s a keeper!
It is able to handle cutting 
through this chicken really well.
My first impressions of this knife is that 
it’s a very nice knife, I like the weight,
I like the feel of it, it’s very comfortable for me, 
it is very sharp out of the box
Pretty much was able to slice through a partially 
frozen chicken without any problems
The size of the blade makes it much easier to 
handle getting around the bones of the chicken  
compared to one of our bigger chef knives.
The shape of the blade does make it a little bit easier
i’m not gonna say it’s tremendously easier 
but it is easier
So in conclusion,
I think this is a very good boning knife
and if you cut up a 
lot of meat this might be a knife to look into.
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