Astell&Kern SR25 Music Player Review

Hey, Ricky from Moon Audio here. Today 
we’re going to be talking about the  
Astell-and-Kern SR25 music player. The SR line 
is part of Astell-and-Kern’s A-and-norma series,  
which is their entry-level line of DAPs. The SR15 
was the first product, which came out in 2018  
and was quite popular among the audiophile and 
non-audiophile communities alike. The SR25 is  
their smallest player. It has a 3.6-inch 
touchscreen with a 720 by 1280 resolution.  
The size is the most polarizing thing about this 
device. Those with larger hands or fatter fingers  
might find navigating the smaller screen a bit 
challenging. I, personally, didn’t have much  
of an issue with it. A typo here and there, but 
that’s pretty much par for the course nowadays.  
The screen was responsive and snappy and 
looks sharp at the set resolution. So the  
SR25 uses the same DAC chip as the previous 
SR15. It was a bit perplexing to me at first  
why they did this, but it comes down to the 
power consumption. The biggest draw for this  
is not only the master hi-fi designation, which 
is tuned specifically for high-resolution audio,  
but also the fact that it is a low-power 
chip that allows for great performance while  
maintaining excellent battery life. The master 
hifi class CS43198 is a neutral-sounding chip  

doesn’t add any coloration to your music. I 
wouldn’t say it’s analytical-sounding, but some  
added warmth is a good option for any genre with 
this DAP. You can read about how the SR25 sounds  
with a number of music genres in our review which 
we’ll link below. The dual-DAC design in the SR25  
lends to an incredible amount of clarity and 
neutrality to your music. That being said, using  
a Black Dragon Cable is going to add warmth and 
musicality to an already robust sound. The master  
hifi class DAC chips are great for what they do, 
finding that balance between accuracy, fidelity,  
and power efficiency, but taking that extra step 
with the Black Dragon really helped my music have  
an added weight and presentation. Portable users 
will be pleased to hear that the SR25’s battery  
lasts longer than any other AK product on the 
market. Maxed out at an amazing 21 hours, the SR25  
will last days on a single charge. In every other 
area, the SR25 is a good successor to the SR15.  
And given its consistent and excellent performance 
and sound quality, we ultimately recommend it as  
a great starting point for novice listeners and 
music lovers looking to up their audiophile game  
without breaking the bank. We’ll link our review 
of the Astell-and-Kern SR25 music player below.  
If you have any questions feel free to leave a 
comment, and, as always, thanks for watching.

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