Astro Ultra Box Review and Unboxing 4K UHD

hey guys welcome back to my channel
harishma 1410
we will be unboxing this brand new
astro ultra box okay this astro ultra
has 4k ultra high definition
where it will look crystal clear on the
tv screen
before we get started with everything
let’s see
many switches
search button when you click this
will appear where you can search any
programs that you want
okay for example
it’s way better than the previous one
button and when you
these are the numbers for the channels
that you want to choose
if i choose to watch the channel
seven zero one
if i wanna watch the channel seven
there’s also a voice recognition of
where you can click on this voice
recognition button
not only spots but all the other
the astral ultra box no longer has the
extra smart card
when you need to insert it right now the
drawer box only supports
a sim card which is as small as the sim
card as a phone
okay so as you can see this is the sim
card slot where you can insert the sim
and also there is a micro sd slot where
if there is no more memory or normal
uh space for your cloud recordings you
can insert the micro sd card
to support all your storage recordings i
think that’s all yeah
this s google supports cloud recording
where all your recordings all the
programs that they have recorded
will be saved in the internet okay
securely and see
this brand new ultrabox has the ability
to record
all channels at just one time all the
programs that you want
you can record in one time rather than
the old
one the pvr box it only can record two
channels at one time and you only can
watch either one of them
to complete the recording but this one
you can watch any channel
and record it anytime you want if you
a channel halfway don’t worry
because you can play it from start using
brand new astro ultra box
and i think that’s all we have for today
that’s all about the austral ultra box
thank you so much for watching i
appreciate that you’re watching
and i’ll see you in the next video okay
the next video
will be unboxing the brand new samsung
crystal uhd 7 series
tv television if you want to watch this
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thank you very much goodbye this astro
ultra box
only can be used where if your wi-fi
mbps or the speed is above 10 mbps
so you are free to use this astro
ultrabox because
it is wi-fi based okay

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