Audio Modeling Swam Brass Pt 3 Trombones Demo Review (4 FREE Swam Brass iOS Apps To Give Away!)

hey everybody welcome back to another 
episode of Gavinski’s tutorials  
today is the third in a three-part series 
on the swam brass apps by audio modeling  
in my first video i went into the trumpets 
second video focused on the horns and tubas  
and today’s video is focusing on the trombones 
before i say anything else i want to just mention  
i’ve got four copies of any swan brass app for 
ios to give away to subscribers to the channel  
if you’re not a subscriber yet you can subscribe 
now that’s fine all the details of what you’ve  
got to do to win are in the pinned comment at 
the top of the youtube comments section now  
before i continue with my introduction i’m going 
to let you hear one example of how great these can  
sound so you’re going to hear three different 
trombones playing together and towards the end  
a trumpet solo coming in so let’s have a listen to 
that and then i’ll continue with my introduction
so i’m sure you’ll agree these really 
sound incredible uh they can sound very  
very realistic and in any in any case that 
you think they don’t sound that realistic  
it’s not the

problem of those apps it’s the 
problem of my playing um i’m not a great  
keyboard player i’m not a brass player and so on 
now um let me just continue with the introduction  
so i just want to say if you haven’t 
watched the first two videos in this series  
i would strongly recommend it so the 
first video focused on the trumpets  
but i also went into various important aspects 
of how to set the app up correctly for example  
to use with whatever mpe controller you might be 
using to control it or whatever keyboard and so on  
um in the second video as well as looking at the 
tubas and the horns i also went into a lot of  
detail about how to set up geoshred as a virtual 
controller that you can use to play these apps  
expressively i think that’s very useful because 
it’s great to play these with an mpe controller  
and not everybody has an mpe controller i think 
geoshred is one of the best and cheapest options  
for you to play these expressively with if 
you don’t have a physical mpe controller  
and even if you do have a physical mpe controller 
some people might prefer geoshred because of some  
advantages like how quickly you can play on 
the glass screen or how easy it is to set up  
custom scales and things like that now also in the 
first two videos i had a lot of musical examples  
including lots of examples of these played 
in a very ambient way uh kind of experimental  
putting on some a lot of effects for example 
putting on heavy amount of reverb and so on  
i think they sound incredible like that so 
it’s worth going back and looking at those  
first two videos to get more musical examples 
today i want to keep this video very short  
so the example i just gave is the only real 
detailed musical example of some of these playing  
together that i’m going to give the 
main focus of today’s video will just be  
a brief comparison of how these five apps 
sound similar and different from each other  
the other thing that i want to 
mention here in the introduction is  
some of the pros and cons of buying these 
on desktop and buying them on ios i want to  
help people make the best decision for them where 
will be the best place for them to buy these apps  
now on ios one big advantage is you can buy 
the apps individually if you just want to buy  
one trumpet for example you can do that 
on ios on desktop you can’t just buy one  
of these instruments you’ve got to buy bundles 
so that’s one advantage that ios has now maybe  
one advantage that desktop has is that there’s a 
50 discount for students so if you’re a student  
you could for example if you wanted to buy the 
whole bundle on desktop you could get that for 300  
half the price of the regular bundle on 
desktop so that’s also worth bearing in mind um  
another thing worth mentioning is on ios 
there’s no big bundle there are three  
smaller bundles the trumpets bundle the horns 
and tubers bundle and the trombones bundle  
and i mentioned in a previous video that the 
reason for that is that apple does not allow  
15 apps in a bundle so that’s an apple limitation 
so on ios you can’t buy one big bundle with all of  
these you can only buy the three smaller bundles 
or you can buy the apps individually another  
thing i mentioned in a previous video and that 
i want to repeat here because it’s important for  
people to be aware of is that in the ios apps some 
functions are locked i’ve explored these in detail  
and i can say that in general these are pretty 
advanced parameters that are not that important  
to the average user there are some things that 
i think that people would like for example some  
things about the half valve amount that can 
make a bit of a difference to the sound or  
the mute size and mute tone but in general these 
are already really amazing sounding instruments  
they’re very expressive i think that most people 
will not really miss these locked parameters  
these locked things will become available as 
in a purchase at some point probably is what  
audio modeling has said but they haven’t said when 
and they haven’t said how much they will cost so  
that’s another thing to bear in mind now um let’s 
continue with this video and let’s have a listen  
to the differences between these trombones i don’t 
know if any of you have seen the movie chinatown  
roman polanski one of my all-time favorite movies 
and there’s a great old jazz soundtrack in it  
so this is where i heard this song first 
bunny berrigan can’t get started it’s an old  
jazz standard i guess from the 30s it’s so cool i 
love it so i’m doing my feeble attempt of playing  
a bit of this into a very useful app 
photon au which can record mpe midi so  
let’s have a listen to how this sounds i’ll 
just go through all the different apps i’m  
going to start with the alto trombone and then 
we’ll hear the same thing on the tenor trombone  
notice though that some of these by default are 
actually transposed right to make them a bit lower  
when you play on the keyboard so do pay 
attention to that so we’ll go through  
all five in the middle we’ll just compare how 
they sound give you an idea of the timbre okay
so here’s the double bass
now there’s very little difference 
in the lower range of these  
just two semitones let me play a couple 
of notes on each octave for you to compare
so i prefer definitely the timbre of the double 
bass one down lower and the base one higher so
there is a bit of a difference in the 
in the vibe of these okay base one
so there’s about four or five 
semitones difference between  
the base and the tanner base 
not a huge amount of difference
is the lowest note on the bass on the tenor bass
is the lowest note okay let’s compare so bass
obviously the tenor bass goes 
a little bit higher as well  
okay so let’s compare the tenor bass and the 
tenor trombone go down again so tenor trombone
is the lowest it can go  
so there’s quite a bit of difference 
in the range of the tenor bass and the  
tenor so this is the lowest tenor bass can go
this is the lowest the tenor 
can go so let’s compare
okay now let’s compare the tenor and the alto  
so let’s see first the lowest 
note we can get on the alto  
okay this is the lowest note 
on the alto and on the tenor
ah okay because the alto is not 
transposed the tenor is let’s just  
change this transposition so they’re both 
the same so this is the lowest on the tenor
and on the alto it’s here 
it’s just a few semitones  
one two three four five semitones difference
so let’s just compare up high
so there we go ladies and gentlemen well just 
in conclusion um these sound seriously amazing  
there’s nothing like them on ios except 
the geo swam apps in geoshred which are  
the audio modeling apps in geoshred  
uh incredibly realistic incredibly expressive 
just beautiful sounding beautiful sounding
they sound really really great as i’ve said a 
few times with a bunch of effects on them as well  
sound great with big reverb on them just beautiful 
beautiful for ambient and experimental music  
i mean all kinds of things you know you want to do 
funk stuff you’re going to want a horn section in  
there obviously jazz classical i mean even pop 
or whatever you could find certainly room for a  
trumpet and things like that um but yeah for me 
personally i think these have immense potential  
for beautiful ambient and experimental music i 
really love them i just want to say a few things  
the price is expensive by ios standards and 
i do wish there was a better bundle available  
i think that these would sell a lot more if there 
was a jazz bundle for example with you know a  
flugelhorn in it a b-flat trumpet um maybe one 
trombone you know a tenor trombone or something  
and a few other things and then maybe you could 
have a classical bundle where there would be a  
few other different apps instead of having the 
trombone bundle the trumpet bundle and so on
but i also want to say about the price of 
these i mean obviously i wish they were cheaper  
because um then more people would buy them um but 
i also understand why these are highly priced i  
was having a conversation with pat scandalis from 
maforte the developers of geoshred the other day  
so he was a student at stanford and he studied 
with julius oh smith who is considered the  
father of physical modelling and he was just 
showing me one of the books that julius wrote  
and it was you know six inches wide a 
hardback book i mean absolutely massive  
and this is one of a series of i think he 
said four books maybe on physical modeling  
so you know the amount of knowledge that goes in 
to making instruments like this it’s insane you  
know uh you can’t just be your average coder and 
go in you know here you need you need great coding  
skill but you also need like serious serious 
musical knowledge serious knowledge of dsp  
uh you know there’s so much involved in designing 
instruments like this you really really need to  
understand all the subtle details of what it takes 
to make a trombone sound like a trombone what it  
takes to make a trumpet sound like a trumpet so i 
do understand why these are expensive instruments  
i just wish they were cheaper so that more people 
could afford them because at this price on ios  
they’re a little bit of a an exclusive thing 
but i would encourage anybody you know even if  
you can’t afford to buy all of them and personally 
i’m really glad that i’ve got them all they’ve got  
their subtle differences but they are beautiful if 
you can’t afford to buy a bundle or three bundles  
for that matter um definitely get one or two you 
know because they really really really sound so  
great um as i said also if you don’t have an mpe 
controller don’t worry too much on ios there’s  
geoshred which can act as a virtual mp controller 
there’s also velocity keyboard by blue mango  
and there is kb1 by kai aras so look into those 
if you want to you know learn more about the pros  
and cons of each of those don’t forget that 
the audiobus forum so a-u-d-i-o-b dot u s  
go to audiobus or just search on google 
ios music audiobus forum you’ll find it  
that is a great place to go and learn about apps 
and get people’s opinion about different apps so  
yeah treat yourself to at least one of these 
preferably before the intro period ends at  
the moment they’re twenty dollars for one app and 
that’s going up to 30 after the 22nd of february  
anyway really really beautiful instruments i’m 
very glad we’ve got these on ios okay everyone so  
i hope you enjoyed this i 
hope you learned something  
i hope it helps you to make a wise purchasing 
decision and i hope you’re subscribed so you  
don’t miss out on more good stuff from me 
i’ll see you in the next video take it easy

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