aurion boxing bag unboxing| review| tear the clothes | arun views | tamil

(intro music)
hai friends all are welcome to the arun views yeah today have buy a punching is large box i buy from amazon
(opening the box) after there is a fitnesss product you see it . the parcel be in cover package
its is good it came in box . yeah. i open it. inside the box
a blue color bag.. it is so big. the box is so is made in india product.
it is too big . they sticked made in india.. it is so strong its 3 feet
its company name aurion and they printed never give up. there is a hanging chain also.
before it what materials we want to keep inside the bag . you go and see it
(packing the punch bag with music)
(boxing with music)
(during packing fun time with music)

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