hi welcome or welcome back to my channel i’m hari 
and i am back with another reaction to aurora  
and today we are watching her perform the 
murder song and this one was performed in  
the nobel peace prize concert back in 2015. oh 
my god it’s the nobel peace prize guys oh my god  
it is even i think it is given to people who 
make the world a better place and she’s singing  
the murder song oh my god i’m really intrigued 
to see what kind of a song this is and if you  
haven’t watched my other reactions to aurora 
i’ll leave the links down in the description  
and with that said without further 
ado let’s get right to the song guys
five four three two one
five four three two one
oh oh so that is part of the song 
i was thinking that it was just  
added to you know in addition to 
the title of the song but it is  
starting of the song okay five four three two 
one it’s like the countdown towards the end okay
the okay
against my head
i close my hearts
he knows okay everyone knows the art of 
storytelling arora has while she’s singing  
you know she enacts the

words of the song 
it’s like she’s telling and acting the song  
out while she’s singing and it’s just amazing 
guys you know it adds a kind of a visual impact  
to the song in addition to the audio 
impact she has with her voice and  
the guy playing the guitar he’s doing a great job 
as well he’s got a really good voice and okay he  
really can sing guys please do let me know who’s 
the guy down in the comments and let’s continue
and he holds my body in his arms he didn’t 
mean to do no harmony holds me tight  
oh he did all to spare
oh my god the words and their eyes are 
piercing through my heart right now  
and oh my god what a song to sing at the 
nobel peace prize concert oh my god well
and here i go
he holds my body in his arms he didn’t mean to do
in life
what oh my god you know when times we 
are very depressed devastated we kind of  
go into this crazy mode to put out words out 
there and she’s doing with the song you know  
it’s like she was the one who was literally killed 
by a guy and she said that he did it for mercy  
that he did not want her to go through all that 
devastating pains here she was about to go through  
oh my god what what an impact she asked 
guys oh my god why was this song chosen you  
know who chose this song what was the reason 
behind the song to be sung at you know well  
please pray sponsor you know the story 
you know please don’t let me know down  
five four three two one
five four three two one
five four three two one
the gun is gone and so am i and here i go
what oh my god when it is only her 
voice and when you’re kidding you know  
it has a really kind of a unknown effect guys 
oh my god i do not know what the right word is  
but when you listen to her voice alone has 
a really unknown effect you know it’s so  
magical and mystical i don’t know what to 
say guys we need to see that and so am i  
five four three two one the gun 
is gone and so am i and here i go
oh my god what oh my god oh my god our voice 
always lifts up the spirit and this song kind of  
had a deeper impact than i thought it would have 
no it’s it’s named the murder song guys oh my god  
and all it tells about is the pain of a girl 
who’s been killed and oh my god it’s as if  
the spirit of the girl itself is coming forward 
to sing the song and arora’s art of storytelling  
through her music is just overwhelming guys oh my 
god this is so magical what she has and what she  
can present to us in her songs this is so amazing 
and so happy that i have got to witness i do the  
magic again in this video and i hope you enjoyed 
this reaction as well and if you did please push  
master like button share your thoughts down in the 
comments and make sure to subscribe if you haven’t  
done it yet and i shall see you in the next one 
until then this is me hari signing off guys bye

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