Aussie watches Mission Impossible for the first time! Reaction & Review

oh God he’s gonna die oh God rest in peace hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Mary and today I am watching the first mission impossible released in 1996 directed by Brian De Palma I don’t know much about this film other than it’s a spy film and it has Tom Cruise in it generally speaking growing up I didn’t watch a lot of Tom Cruise films over the last two years I’ve seen Tom Cruise act in Rain Man and Top Gun and he’s an incredible actor he’s an incredible

performer and an incredible stunt man before we get into it I want to remind you guys about the uncut version that’s going to be over on patreon so if you guys want to support me over there I really appreciate it there’s a library full of movies that we can watch together and there’s also Early Access and bloopers and pools and all of that good stuff that’s down below in the description bar and in the pin comments where you can also find all my social media handles Instagram Twitter twitch Discord Tick Tock Facebook as well as

my two other channels my gaming channel Cherry please and my Vlog Channel very Cherry so guys let’s jump into the first mission impossible are you watching a

movie it looks like a movie but it’s it looks like it’s not a movie Dmitry mediev this so looks like a movie that he’s watching so weird they poisoned him whoa whoa oh my God Tom Cruise looks so young okay so it was a set oh she is beautiful oh the music I definitely know the music having lived on planet Earth for as long as I have I’ve definitely

seen promos for Mission Impossible movies so this song I definitely recognize and it’s a Bop goddamn it’s a Bop it’s happening so fast I don’t know if I should be paying attention to Mission Impossible there we go perhaps you’ll choose one form wow this is how they watched movies and planes in the 90s huh yes uh-oh oh yeah I’m from earlier Ethan Hunt in five seconds um I hope he paid extra attention self-destruct wow is he already in Prague looks like it could be Prague ah there we go Prague Sarah you’re at the party already

in contact with Ethan you’ll run the game together I have nothing to wear at 4am that’s oh 400. oh 400 that is early can we get a cappuccino machine in here I don’t know what you call this I call it cruel and unusual it looks even worse than the sled you made in that Barn in Kiev thank you hey take it easy on my wife’s coffee I reckon he likes his wife Drake Hotel Chicago is that supposed to be fancy that list gets out into the open names of our agents in every country in Eastern

Europe will be up for grabs to the highest bidders that is not good they’re exposed they’ll be executed they’re friends can you hear me I know in your room oh you’re in your piece I know he’s using waltzer he’s our guy She’s So Young compared to Austin you mash them together hasta lasagna don’t get any onion chew it that’s gonna be hard I see scum I like to chew very fancy Opera uh it was boring the Opera was boring huh I think it depends on the Opera go to multitasking here how are you Miss Norman

he’s in pocket on the stairway oh I love this so many things are going on there’s glitzen though oh is it zooming in to go to the tunnel oh wow that is so cool so they can spot him with the glasses basically wherever he walks as long as they follow sort of nearby hmm this poor bloke I would not want this job ah very cool unreliable fellow as I recall constantly late the senator looks like he’s got some sort of mask on his face isn’t real much positive entry permitted cool see how easy it is

to spot him that’s so cool I think that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen actually he said he said the way she’s talking to you oh oh my God I’m such an idiot the Senators actually an idiot it’s actually Ethan Jack open the doors oh my God I’m so silly I was like his face looks fake duh cause I thought I saw Ethan unmasked earlier but I think I was thinking of someone else yeah wow good job guys ah there he is oh boy check out that chunky computer hey huh oh on the cover

hey what is happening now oh this wasn’t in the plan I’m not doing anything this wasn’t in the plan can he hack it oh oh God I bought mission power hurry it didn’t work oh no oh God he’s gonna die oh God rest in peace oh my God I like that guy still coming to you this is going sideways you’re gonna have to hurry bro okay he’s got about five minutes he’s smoking a cigarette uh I don’t know if he’s gonna make it in time someone following him the package is in the open yeah he

heard you something’s up can you lose him No abort abort we’re being ambushed Ethan oh God doesn’t want to that’s your boss he’s telling you do abort one man’s already down it’s taking Madison to his own hands he can’t do that this is dangerous now that’s going to leave them isolated and Stranded what if they need backup uh she’s like what are you doing bruh I know he wants to help but I don’t think this is a good idea oh no oh no it’s Jim oh no oh god oh he’s dead oh no he was

a husband that is devastating abort abort don’t you reckon it’s a bit late Jim already told you to abort I think Sarah’s turned off communication what’s up with Sarah she just ah still there watching oh my God Sarah what are you doing it is way too dark you are alone I don’t like this holy crap oh my God that was the cochlear wizard oh this this is bad they’re being targeted one by one do not follow you’re gonna get killed hmm holy crap Sarah too oh my God all of his friends oh no oh this

is bad the police are just said it’s gonna look like he did it didn’t even recover it this looks so bad the hell is he doing they’re dead They’re All Dead my team my team is dead followed who knows at this point he’s moving around how to just stayed where I was at the telephone booth okay looks like you found him I know how much Jim in particular meant to you Ethan personally as well as professionally this is so sad he’s just by himself now I think we’ve lost enough agents for one night you mean

I’ve lost enough agents he lost his entire team I would feel guilty too I didn’t listen to Jim it’s another team drunk Russians on the embankment at seven eight o’clock yeah oh the waiter’s standing behind Hannah at the top of the stairs oh capacity for anonymity and for corrupting susceptible God operation he referred to as job 314 the job he fought gallitzin was doing tonight so they suspected him the actualist to secure blindly galitson was a lightning rod he was one of ours tall was a moment oh my God I wonder who was the actual

mole in his team you survived so they think it’s him just because he survived that doesn’t make sense dying slowly in America after all can be a very expensive that’s true the gum how it feels to chew five gum stimulate your senses lucky he had that these are always colleagues though I feel like by doing this he’s made it look even worse for himself I I would just think he’s definitely guilty after seeing him do that he must feel so alone in this world right now I can’t believe they were willing to get so many

Asians killed just to find out who the mole was and he’s not even the mole not found so disheartening Holy Bible 314 who built for themselves places now lying in Ruins hmm Book of Job chapter three one wow so specific need to discuss ASAP but look at the way emails used to be sent oh no oh he’s a little oh my God oh it’s just in his head trauma oh what hey is that Claire oh Claire’s alive it was the car that had the other girl in it they’re dead They’re All Dead oh my God

I want to say before Claire but I don’t know if she’s the mall God it’s being so rough with her oh my God it’s almost like a sex scene we don’t return here until four o’clock oh 440. yeah that’s true that is a good point are they gonna make out okay it’s just getting very close and into it assumes mold they’ve been tracing and I’ve been in the employee of an arms dealer Max ridiculous I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna and I’m gonna tell him he had nothing to do with it clear yeah that’s

true message waiting corner of nekasanka and precopy sitting at the bus stop bench for a match imagine meeting like a Tinder or a bumble date like this like sit on the bench smoke a cigarette put it out on the left hand side of the bench that’s how I know it’s gonna be you the price of admission creepy who that’s Max I need a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and you thought showed up I might give it to you why not you gave job 125. um the penny aggressive but playful job is not playful ah she

suspected but this job sold you it’s worthless it’s bait part of an internal mole hunt that is true I can’t look at the information and see if it’s worthless true no it’s so bloody eh I’d say you’ve got about two minutes scary he’s like I told you so oh a silencer oh I like that shot reminds me of a top-down video game looks like they evacuated everybody has pressure points bars you can find something that’s personally important to him and squeeze personally important to Ethan Hunt maybe Claire to do dear boy you are a good

sport Thanks Max what is it Maxine I was expecting a man I’m not gonna lie I want the entire list 10 million 10 million your personal assurance that job will be at the exchange she likes him I don’t know I’m still a bit softer clear Dynamic really weird but sure or exactly it in Langley in Langley where is Langley anyway oh what are we downloading information what kind profitable profitable information 10 million dollars worth the only man alive who actually hacked NATO ghost Club wow I haven’t said I had anything to do with that with

that with that that exceptional piece of work did the equipment when we’re done I guess you’re all out of excuses sounds like a good deal see there’s no modem access to the Mainframe which means I’d have to be physically at the terminal that’s a bit sketch for him the only person allowed in the room has to pass through a series of Security checks that should be easy for a hacker and a six digit access code are only deactivated by a double electronic key card it’s very secure first is sound sensitive anything above a whisper sets

it off really even the body heat of an unauthorized person in the room the temperature rises just I love the security it’s insane 30 feet above the floor that vent is guarded by a mile wow I’ve thought about everything I look at his worried face system is on the floor and is pressure sensitive slightest increase in weight will trigger the alarm sterile environment look at it I’d love to work here the question is what does he want he wants you to get off his case at least he has Claire on his side honestly I’d have

felt really bad for him if he was just alone the entire time considering all his friends died oh good I like that he has lines that he won’t cross I could actually really do with some food that’s why you always keep your coffee in front of you not to the side foreign oh he did okay good okay she’s a very beautiful lady even if he did suspect he’d be like yeah whatever oh oh good love the technology in this film gosh darn it look at the time I gotta go oh oh God my bad holy

crap wow silence indeed okay from this point not quiet silent no question this is a bit awkward so uh how’s the weather where you guys are living at how’s your family how are your friends what’d you get up to on the weekend it’s like I’m watching that movie ah the the scary movie where they couldn’t talk I forgot the name of the movie there you go it’s all happening oh oh the poison Claire gave us it’s like all ASMR he’s in the SE I love it I’m not complaining Tom Cruise’s butt is kind of thicky

I never noticed it before not perfect on him obviously not my type just making an observation poor dude wonder what she what she even 72.9 degrees Fahrenheit 92.8 getting lower and lower so stressful oh my God high pressure working environment am I right noclist is there are you gonna like print it out or something download it onto a drive or a desk I should say oh no way in hell there’s a rat right now that is the last thing that they need oh God this guy’s about to come back this ain’t good oh oh my

God what are you gonna do what are you gonna do you can’t kill it that’ll make a noise oh my God that would freak anyone out that would freak me out for sure oh thank God successful he literally just needs oh wow that was so close holy crap oh my god oh he killed it he killed the rat pull him back up pull him back up oh my God that would hurt his body planking in the air like that oh thank God he needs to puke again brought him a little bit more time oh God

no the sweat no way catch your sweat oh God this is stressing me out he’s coming back oh God ah come on you’re gonna have to be faster than that please nothing else go wrong holy crap dude oh my Lord oh Missy oh God no whoa what the hell dead bloody I hope he just gaslighted himself and thinks somehow he himself put it there keystroke log file download oh yeah he definitely knows something happened what is that gonna do make him go sleepy weepy everybody had to evacuate a successful Mission I mean ideally they wouldn’t

have left any tracks but regardless of the knife they’d have known because of the computer Max with rulers who had gold who filled their houses with silver I don’t throw the Bible like that what’s the matter you ‘ve seen this trick that’s cool I didn’t know he was a magician he’s awfully handsy with Jim’s wife eh do you actually think I’d let you have the necklace look fair enough this knock list is worth a lot of money Drake Hotel Chicago oh rest in peace gym placed by The Gideons recruiting assignments again Drake Hotel Chicago actually

something clicking in him about Jim I’m going to try and get some sleep her husband just died I don’t know if I’d be acting like that if my husband just died they’re awfully handsy with each other it’s just a bit odd yes he did after all that what makes you trust me because if you knew what you’re getting into you never would have done it why can’t he just hang on to it if you want something done right I say just do it yourself this is really bad what does that look just looking out at

him I’m still susive Claire I have to come in is to have the ridiculous charges against your family dropped really I don’t trust this guy at all how devastated do you think you’re gonna make him by marching my local Donald down to the county courthouse good point he knew that it’s not dumb oh it’s just his head again he’s gonna keep seeing Jim I reckon Jim meant a lot to him stop coughing next to drag myself wait to save us you must have just missed you wait what he is alive what what smaller countries don’t

computerized Customs records so I watched your daughter and she turned up in England wow it was kid rich get rich he’s the mole that’s why he’s trying to put all of the blame onto Ethan of course now don’t die Jim silencer what the hell shot what is this insinuating that Jim’s actually oh okay not Kittredge Jim the knife and I went into the car that was meant for Claire that Claire was in and Claire got out clear it was Claire Claire I can’t believe this oh Jim Jim did it and you realize you’re an obsolete

piece of Hardware not worth upgrading you’ve got a lousy marriage and 62 Grand a year lousy marriage a meeting tomorrow on the TV on route to Paris why is he telling him this love Claire and Luther stick with me on the train Krieger Krieger was also in that Montage shot I was in a cafe waiting for a reason and there she was Claire depending in there God knows what she’s had to do to forget me to keep going get the job done I know what he’s insinuating we’re on for tomorrow I should just sit on

the floor like that she wants him but he knows that her husband is still alive wow that is very very fast with the money first so how did he know that she was going to sit there she looks like a queen by the way like an actual Queen silver briefcase combination three one four oh wow about him when you get the money job a mysterious job he not see that Claire’s sitting right there try it try it again damn it I’ve got to get this through before we hit the channel are there any pocket cameras

there’s surely Polaroid cameras that could take a photo of it transfer in progress are good go to the baggage car Kittredge being on the train though is pretty worrying but also not because he has no idea of his own staff oh maybe he does Ethan’s right behind me oh my God I cannot believe this but I also can I was always source of Claire I just didn’t know that she knew that her husband was still alive oh my god of course oh wow him and his masks Ethan hot darling you remember him don’t you oh

great just exactly when he knew something of a question before or after I showed up in London before London oh wow after you took the Bible from the Drake Hotel in Chicago they stabbed it didn’t they yeah they did if you knew about you why the masquerade or I take the risk um but he didn’t know about you but I was supremely confident having tasted the goods oh my god oh covet thy neighbor’s wife yeah that behavior was not on I agree one thing Jim huh what’s common oh everybody knows Phelps now what Jim oh

he shot his own wife oh Jim oh my God I think he really loved Claire holy crap so fast oh my gosh look at his face this is nuts oh oh good God ah transfer lost connection terminated he’s poor innocent guys he’s trying to do their job and drive a train how are they okay I would be freaking out oh my God oh my God oh my Lord that was so close oh oh my God people are such snakes oh my gosh look at that green screen hey hey it’s the theme song oh it’s a

gum oh shoot oh oh he really took a risk there oh my God jeez that was so close to his throat poor train conductor poor guy I think this is what you look the only trustworthy guy was the hacker I can find something I have that you need nuts news day being off the disavow list it’s about list okay no longer why don’t you come back with don’t know why I’d be doing it yeah I would scoot the hell out of this CIA life does it feel to be a solid citizen again man I don’t

know I’m gonna miss being disreputable call this lady again oh no please give him an actual movie and no secret message this movie was super duper fast-paced I know we talk about the pacing of films quite a lot in my reaction videos at the end where I review them and I’m like oh the pacing was a bit slow all the pacing was just right this movie’s pacing was really really fast and you had to catch on to things as quickly as you could for me subtitles really help just for me to read what’s going on

as well as see what’s going on in front of me I had to turn the subtitles off because it was while getting out for some reason on Amazon Prime but I really enjoyed this film I think it’ll be an interesting franchise to get into I’m not a spy movie Fanatic in general I’ve seen one of the Daniel Craig James Bond movies in the cinemas only because I’m a big fan of Eva Green and also I cannot remember for the life of me the actual plot and the resolve of that movie but this film it was

highly entertaining there was this one scene when they were at the CIA headquarters in Langley that scene was probably my favorite because it was just so anxiety invoking and the stakes were so high also I just felt so bad for poor Ethan Hunt throughout the entire film because he just kept getting double crossed and by people that he really trusted he loved Jim both professionally and personally and he got stabbed in the back by him and then also Claire as well and his entire team died so you really feel for this guy he learned that

he has to double cross as well like he double crossed Max and he gave Max away to the CIA despite the CIA thinking that he was a mole for two years despite the CIA taking his mum and his uncle into custody for drugs despite the cards he had been given he always wanted to do the right thing so I really respect the character and at the end I’m assuming he was given a mission as well and he is going to be the lead in the next mission I’m assuming that he will take on the mission

because there are so many Mission Impossible movies to come even though he told Luther that he didn’t know if he was King on continuing on with this lifestyle and I don’t blame him it is not a lifestyle for the faint so sad for Claire by the way she got shot by her husband I always thought that that marriage was pretty weird I don’t know how that even struck up but it just didn’t feel like a right marriage I was always sus of Claire despite what she said her husband the leader of the mission told them

all to meet here at 4am it does make sense because that’s literally what he told everybody to do but I was still sus because she was the wife and she was the only one that survives so also when Jim survived and I saw him survive I was even further suspicious of Claire that scene where Jim was accusing ketrich of being the mole and then you could see that he was sort of calculating in his mind and we were seeing shots of what actually happened that was slightly confusing I had to think on it a bit

and then I realized that no Ethan Hunt actually suspects Jim and Jim thinks that Ethan just believes him so the movie was really fast-paced I loved all the action shots as janky as some of them were with the green screen in particular at the end with the helicopter I still loved all of the action shots it was super exciting and really anxiety invoking as well the music was just impeccable Danny Elfman of course I should have known I’ve known this music track for a really long time it’s super famous had no idea that Danny Elfman

was responsible for it so Bravo daddy Elfman very good job great acting as well Claire’s acting was a little bit it was okay but everybody else was really good I wasn’t familiar with any of the other actors other than Tom Cruise but I thought that they did a really good job it is a shame that Krieger also turned out to be a little bit sketchy but I think Ethan Hunt always had his guard up and the only person he actually ever truly trusted was Luther and he was correct he was right in trusting Luther Luther

was the only good guy there it’s quite a shame actually it’s even a shame that kittrich suspected hunt for two years and I don’t think it was explained how his parents got that much money in their bank account other than I think Max gave job turned out to be Jim 125 000 and Jim gave his parents that money trying to stick him up for the last two years that’s the only thing that I can think about because when Max first met Ethan hunt hunt asked for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and Max was like

no way am I giving you that much and then he said well you gave job 125 000 at the time job’s identity wasn’t known to us but that’s the only thing that makes sense so I enjoyed this film it was entertaining it was really fast-paced but I enjoyed it so let me know what you thought of this film in the comment section below and without any spoilers do let me know which is your favorite Mission Impossible movie what did you think of this movie compared to the rest of the Mission Impossible movies I’d be really

Keen to know your thoughts also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it really does help my channel out and you can find the uncut version over on patreon you just need a copy of the film so that you can watch it along with me there will be a timeout I can be on one screen the movie can be on another screen there is a library full of movies Early Access bloopers polls over on patreon and it’s a really lovely way to support me if you are able to and I really appreciate it

so thank you so much down below you can also find all my social media handles Instagram Twitter twitch Discord Tick Tock Facebook as well as my two other channels my gaming channel Cherry plays and my Vlog Channel very Cherry so guys thank you so much for watching Mission Impossible with me hope you’re having an amazing day take care of yourselves and I’ll see you in the next one bye everyone

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