AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Episode 1 REACTION!! Netflix Live Action Series | 1×01 "Aang" Review

thank you to liquid IV and Babel for sponsoring this video more on them after the reaction what is going on there citizens of the reject Nation we are here to start the Avatar The Last Airbender liveaction Netflix series joined by my wife who I watched all of Avatar and legend of coral with on patreon Olivia Olivia you looking forward to the show I am looking forward to the show yeah you could hear the excitement in your this is pretty much what I S like 247 I know when you proposed me I said oh yeah sure

whatever yeah and I was like yipp it’s happening I am looking forward to this show I am the wife that’s what you dumb me down personality was yeah first thing you say is my wife I don’t even say your name to people in real life I just go you call her Greg’s wife 100% he’s not joking I don’t know I’m not joking I don’t even know your first name sometimes I’m taking a guess yeah it’s been a long time since we watched the Avatar show you know I feel like it’s enough separation has happened where

we can still accept it on its own merits and not be doing a one toone comparison because like I said it’s been a

couple of years now at this point that being said during the reaction process we will make sure that in case you haven’t seen it we’re not going to talk like what’s supposed to happen in future episodes and whatnot can’t promise that during the review sections but during the reaction we’re going to be a little bit more cautious you guys know what to do leave a like on this video subscribe click notification get

notifi on reaction with the next episode of Avatar is up here on this Chanel thank you prep for helping us set down these highlights and full length Reaction watch long SE with your own copy of avatar The Last Bender available for our super sexy rejects over at our patreon page and John and I cover several things exclusively with highlights and watch alongs included let’s get into it ladies and gents ooh the comet the show did not start off here oh all right looks pretty cool so far good costume design good costume design stop Fire Nation

Earth bending oh okay awesome awesome already better than the Shyamalan movie that’s what counts hey we like that movie up to a certain point oh no oh he almost made it why isn’t his friend helping him cool oh what about all those animals come on help him what’s happening why isn’t it getting up they need the scroll get that to the earth king they’re going to start a war go now oh I know where we are on the timeline nice that looks great oh I really like the effects here there’s a grit to it Neato

who is this guy new battle plant are already on their way to the Earth Kingdom Fire Nation King yeah that means all eyes will be on the earth Kingdom all eyes but ours ooh when your king receives those plans he will redirect his forces to your borders and rally the support of the other nations and the entire world will turn their attention to the Earth Benders yes okay you wanted us to know of course we ar the real Target no my sights are set higher air the sky why are you doing this why not man

we’re bad because it is our time wa but tactically the air Benders are not the threat this isn’t about the air Benders it’s about the goddamn Avatar this is about one who lives among them the only one who could possibly stand in our way but the Avatar is yet to be revealed or we could have see the slaughter of the air Nation why we have to kill them all oh cuz we didn’t actually see it in the animated show water oh they’re doing it Earth fire cool for Millennia the four nations have lived in harmony

a peace made possible by the Avatar oh very cool Koshi oh the one of the older avatars the one person with the ability to master all four elements and protect the delicate balance between nations way to hint at all the when one Avatar dies their spirit is reborn into a new body in an eternal cycle it feels like when Japan does a live action adaptation of one of their animes new Incarnation has yet to emerge Fire Lord San the ruthless leader of the Fire Nation epic launching merciless campaign to conquer the world gal lactus his

first step is to eliminate the one person who could stand in his way the next master of all four elements an air bender who may not be ready for the responsibility of becoming the Avatar little balding it’s taking it with such like serious gravitas but it’s also like appropriately Nickelodeon cheesy oh very cool we are going to see we going to see the slaughter the air Temple damn it looks like Avatar the James camera movie now right hey hey they threw down on effects uh-huh now you’re just showing off buddy I mean aren’t they all

airers they all like do stuff like this like he’s not really just do it better than them all yeah come on do the ball show off you skip training again you know I already know all this stuff and get your act together kid you may be more advanced than the others with great power comes great responsibility there’s much you have to learn and believe it or not there may come a day when you wish you’d spent more time with your teachers in like a 100 years from now that’s like to me you and the other

students better go help set up for the great Comet Festival there’s still a lot of work to be done before the air Nomads from the other temples arrive oh they’re all congreg together of course how many are coming look up there where’s my bison uh where’s your stuffed Opa I know I forgot it in the other location all of them oh boy I was really Ain nothing bad going to happen today do did you tell him it wasn’t the right time we don’t have the luxury of waiting for the right time is that the dude

from Doctor Strange no no okay we need to go talk to the council now wait no they’re all the dude from Doctor Strange Ang is powerful but there’s much he still needs to learn he can’t just skip to being the best about responsibility he needs to know who he is they are really setting up the character development the role of the Avatar is a heavy responsibility not meant for a child but it is not our place to choose who bears that burden well he’s got to train for a while Ang must leave immediately to begin

training in the other bending disciplines and we can only hope that it is not too late for him to make a if they handled this properly this could prove to be very effective to get you emotionally invested Last Air Nomad to be the Avatar when she died the next Avatar was born into the following nation in the Eternal cycle mhm the maroku and the Fire Nation the next Avatar will once again be an air bender surprise hint hint you have always been special the most talented air bender I have ever known I never asked to

be special but you are H you are the Avatar how do they know the Avatar Fire Nation is embarked on a dark path their actions threatened to throw the world out of balance only the Avatar can save the world of course this kid would flee look at this just like thrusting into him right now you have to leave right away so you can begin training in the other discipline leave my friends leave home no this would be a huge burden for anyone but you’re not just anyone Ang dude this poor kid you’re strong and kind

always remember who you are thank you muasa remember who you are why do I have to be different can’t I just keep pretending I’m your friend a you will always be my friend a h I wasn’t sure how I feel about them showing us this stuff but I really like it I think for Live Action purposes it it does work so far at least how interesting I really think it was necessary I think it helps them get you into the personal motive yeah and if we’re going to see the slaughter of all the air Nomads

it builds up a sense of loss hey abaa AA couldn’t sleep either huh he’s like yo bro I heard sucks katoo says I’m supposed to be the Avatar me monks don’t even trust me to feed the baby bison and I’m supposed to save the world and then establishing their friendship not someone who can stop a war the other kids always say I’m lucky because the things I can do but I trade places with any of them oh I think he’s really good this actor I don’t want the responsibility I’m scared of my power I’m scared

of being alone a the kinship between them oh opa’s crying he’s got a little tear you’re right just needs to go up with things always make more sense at least for now y yep yep oh gosh he’s going to go up and then see them all be slaughtered isn’t he Jesus that’s exactly what’s about to happen I don’t think we’re he’s going to see it happen whoa It’s like Lord of the Rings yeah the Orcs remember no survivors interesting how they keep the delivery like the animated show like the the Cadence of it damn woo

nice damn where where’s everyone else where’s guys handling everything oh come with me quickly oh the children won’t somebody please think of the children man a you left like seconds if a just waited like 30 seconds jeez all this destruction a really good job at the choreography yeah the fight choreography is really great demonstration of all the powers infused with actual martial arts oh who are you again whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa telling you air bending is the coolest one getting kind of rough baa maybe we should head back home maybe you should

not really hammering in this tragedy right now aren’t they Jesus oh you’re right he doesn’t see them right into the corner a showing the destruction of the statue too oh actually maybe the statue stays in place oh my God jeez my God yeah honestly if Ang was here probably just get killed oh I mean we knew they all died but still it’s uh being privy to it oh and he tried turning around too oh poor Opa dude was that necessary oh my gosh oh wow this is a little more mature than I was anticipating yeah

he just turned her into Ash Jesus I know Thanos I mean this is they got to like destroy everything because they need to make sure the Avatar does not come so it makes sense oh oh poor Opa man he’s probably so scared come on man very cool like a human torch over here it’s happening synchronistically you may have prevailed on another night oh but their power is the highest at the comet power of the com yeah feel like this going to be a cool reflection for later on in the series very cool a the ball

he did the little ball and homeboy thought he wasn’t ready Katara no that’s Saka you think you’re so funny haha he it’s definitely Saka is it Saka Saka can’t water bed unless they change it for the show to piss us all off that’s qara yeah Saka can’t water bedara like what are you talking about that’s clearly guar come I like the outfits they’re doing a great approach because they’re getting you to see their tribe their cultures beforehand before going to where the show actually started we’ve been Manning the wall in 3our shifts but it’s I

think I know who that one is from now on two people at at all times meaning twice as many shifts is there a problem didn’t think so okay back to your duties I like his delivery and now we’re at the the start of the animated show you’re water binning again weren’t you don’t worry no one could see me not that it matters of course it matters if anyone from the Fire Nation finds out you’re a water bender no one from the fire nation has approached the village in years uh you spoke too soon Honey an

otter penguin could Bend more water than I could are we going to see those Penguins water bending is what built our culture our way of life keep keeping it alive is our duty keeping ourselves alive is our duty I know that and if Dad were here but he’s not here I am more emotional weight given to him off the bat good job I’m not doing this I would be scared shitless right now I’d be crying you okay this might be a lot to ask but I wish that they had some like uh cold air breath

to make it more believable what is that huh weird or like more Rosy Cheeks yeah just little pink lips to sell the cold that way it feels a little more tangible yeah my boy let’s see that scar I don’t know who they cast I don’t know who any of these guys are I don’t know why I’m acting like I know who these guys oh that actor maybe I can Flo over in some ice good teasear see it yeah boy finally he’s a lot closer than he realizes damn what are you doing you’re not thinking of

leaving him a strange glowy Iceberg just exploded and left behind a mysterious little bald person with crazy Powers too we can’t just leave him out here I don’t like this why listen me I’m just responsible for the safety of the village I get that he’s worried and concerned but he doesn’t seem surprised at what he just witnessed at all I know he’s just like all right well no come on what are you doing like did you not just see what happened he looks Dead Oh Opa still he looks dead this is an air bender air

Benders don’t exist anymore well we won’t get any answers until he wakes up that looks comfortable oh nap sounds nice right now the only settlement in that area is water tribe Village in the South Pole territory that’s where we have to go where do you think we’ll find the Avatar yes because of the light sometimes light beams are nothing more than celestial glit glimmers in the winter sky that is not a Celestial glimmer for 3 years I’ve chased down every Whisper of the Avatar father has banished me until I find the Avatar and that’s exactly

what I’ll do huh it’ll all be worth it once I return home in glory to take my place as the right flare to the fire lord perhaps it’s time to consider that the throne isn’t everything wa buddy for me it’s my destiny I so far think those are two very well adapted performances I’m very excited to see the relationship build more cuz I think they’re both really good actors yeah actually having that uh prologue with seeing what happened with the a temple really puts this more into Ang’s perspective as opposed to being like mysterious observant

about who he is this is tomorrow yeah well you see he’s just excited to be around more kids that cuz that’s what he liked to do back home he’s like oh how fun what are you thinking have you completely forgotten your training what did I say about keeping your guard up he could be the enemy the enemy I’m not the enemy then who are you how do I get here you tell me Opa where’s Opa have you seen him that’s not strange at Alla he is an inventor uh yeah he’s got the markers I got

little Goosebumps have you seen opa my sky blason six legs horns Sky bison repeating it doesn’t help what is this you know how to make an entrance buddy Sky bis the weather went crazy just after I left home the southern air Temple where the air Nomads live not all the air Nomads but most of them had just arrived for the great Comet Festival oh buddy long ago the four nations live together in harmony then everything changed hey that’s the opening that’s the opening of The Animated show yeah only the avatars could stop them but when

the world needed him most he vanished and so the Fire Nation marched and laid waste plunging us into a time of Darkness it’s all your fault day one responsibility day to guilt driven Airbenders haven’t been seen in Generations the last time that the great Comet was seen in the sky was 100 years ago yeah I would get the hell out of there too he may seem like just a boy but he’s much more he is the last air bender that’s the title of the show oh my God wait till you find out he’s the Avatar

she just laid a heavy ass guil trip on him our mission is vital to the future of the Fire Nation and so we will find the Avatar and we will see our homes and families again or we will die trying great speech really uplifting 100 years all my friends everyone I know they’re all gone believe me I know how hard it is to lose the people you love I mean I mean you’ve got your brother and your grandma he literally has nobody he’s got nobody when I was little I didn’t really understand the war until

the night of five miners came they destroyed everything in their path they kept the height difference between them I was just saying it’s throw me off live action wise the fire Benders are ruthless the Fire Nation has conquered most of the world but the water benders are still fighting back especially in the North and the Earth kingdom is still holding strong yeah uh they’re doing some stuff there in that Earth Kingdom your skills have never been sharper I need to be at my best when I face the world’s Ultimate Warrior now how about a nice

cup of jasmine tea say we find the Avatar and you’re able to defeat him a mission your father believed to be impossible and so your return home may be unexpected hm unexpected you’re wrong wrong guy’s got so much compassion in his eyes mhm he seems like a good grandpa you know I think out of anyone’s chemistry they have really captured their chemistry the best so far I’m the only water bender left in the village the monks told me bending is about energy and balance finding balance can feel the energy I really like him he’s a

Charming kid yeah he’s even got like the the voice of a little child a little baby egg no he’s a a sincere performer tenderness to him yeah nice I wasn’t even really trying that’s good don’t try do s at the Fire Nation I know we spotted them get your post now after all this time what could they possibly want that thing that showed up him this Grandma you are the Avatar thing I knew he was hiding something what the hell when the world needed the Avatar the most he vanished what the hell because he’s a

coward he ran and people died their fit socer is so intense need to go hide S I want toara now they’ve removed his sexism with intensity y’all just heard he was trapped in ice for 100 years his whole people were slaughtered and you’re like you abandoned us five Jesus Christ calling him a coward I’m like you just heard he didn’t know I am Prince Zuko we merely seek someone who does not belong here turn him over now or I’ll burn this place to the ground you can’t do this you can’t give him to them he

doesn’t belong here oh we all hand held now but remember what mom told us too that we have to protect those who can protect themselves he’s lost everything he knows Saker don’t you see he’s the Avatar and he lied to us about it did you ask him I know how hard this responsibility has been for you but there’s more to being a leader than just catching fish you have to give people something to live for hope that’s what the Avatar is he’s hope yep and we need that just as much as we need food and

shelter true that’s what religion is for you need purpose and religion oh that’s a little what’s that thing called it goes away and it comes back Boomerang uh I’m Saka son of aota Lord of uh snow and ice snow and ice I thought you fire Benders had some guts we overpower them it’s no contest well where’s the glory in that where’s the ego honey accept he’s got no bending skills more I know like what were you thinking Saga wow he’s doing great actually all things considered he is doing amazing against the fire bender who needs

an army now Ang sneezed leave him alone it’s got the cute little he’s not meant to be intimidating cuz he’s a little boy I’m into it man I got to chills oh we get see I’m so excited yeah water trap yeah throw those rocks we are no mess for the Rocks enough games burn the whole place to the ground no I’ll go with you just leave him alone I’m the one you’re looking for uh obviously buddy we could kind of tell get him wait it’s okay qara no one has ever fought for me before uh

your whole nation but okay Saka we have to help him make sure to reinforced the braces on the gate I saw some real sloppiness out there today don’t let the younger Huns push you around you got to let them know who’s in charge let’s go save that weird kid so much more assertive now I know remember bumbling dumb Saka I know I loved him I know it’s so fun can I ask you something forgive me I am iro Son Of Fire Lord aulon show him respect why did the Fire Nation start this war funsies say

it is within our nature to expand and consume others believe that true stability in this world can only happen under our rule so the drive to conquer is drive for peace they’re coming from a good place you know peace comes from respecting life not killing and destroying H sometimes you got to do what you got to do buddy it doesn’t matter how this war started it only matters how it can end and the belief is that by capturing you the Fire Nation can finally bring that about is that what you believe no I look forward

to many more conversations with you Avatar but by me not answering that it gives you an answer I’ll have some jasmine tea sent to you it’s quite soothing oh irro remains my favorite right now he’s the one from the Star Wars shows no one knows what that is Greg wow I could be a little good thief we could go another way you’re not serious there’s no way you’re getting me on that how did they know how to fly him he’s doing most of the flying is just making him feel like they’re invited to his flight

is what’s happening I know but you have to say yip yip to get him to fly so how do they know to do do that this dude is obsessed with me Jesus avatars I love that he’s reading his diary these are really well fleshed out sets be fun to like visit these let’s turn our house into one of them he hasn’t done the air ball thingy he did do the air ball thingy oh when he’s riding the ball that’s for fun rides around on stop stop him woo my man open fire now oh damn whoa

booya Hey kid Saker my best friend do it I don’t know if it’s a show itself or it’s just stalgia but keep getting chills at certain moments who was that guy he had a weird diary gu seems pretty obsessed with me look what I found in his bedroom can’t believe you guys came from it this time we show those flame heads they can’t just step all over us you know the fire Benders aren’t get give up they’re going to keep coming after you aren’t you guys freezing up there Jesus so where do we go with

the added wind up there they got there pretty quick huh hey man you got to condense a season or maybe that’s how it happened in the animated show I don’t remember did they get there that fast I don’t remember I think so but I don’t remember if it happened in the animated show it’s Justified I definitely have some criticisms but I want to reserve it till like we’re towards the end of the show in case it changes oh now this would be a huge burden for anyone but you’re not just anyone and you’re strong always

remember who you are what’s happening it’s cool they capture like it’s horrifying at first you know damn can he hear you I can’t imagine a better person to have been given this power see it was important to see this yeah you are my friend you will always be my friend I like how when we originally saw that it was like a two shot and then now you go back here it’s say POV that’s actually really good wire effects a but there is a I think the production design looks really good though yeah what was that

monks are going M you know the thing about losing everything is that that’s when you learn how strong you really are it’s when you learn to fight or you realize you’re completely alone they made the ultimate sacrifice for me I need to make sure their deaths weren’t in vain complete my training and master all the other bending skills so I can bring balance back to the world that’s right oh is that all it’s only after we’ve lost something that we realize how much means to us little hearts how we do anything to get it back

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short but it’s the pilot the first episode of it and um yeah I mean I liked it I did I overall liked it I have some I have some things that I’m like you know when it comes to certain shows I wait a little bit more to see if things get better or improved d uh over time but right now for the positives that I would say uh production design is excellent I think the fight choreography while sometimes the way it’s shot could be a little bit less like kinetically handheld I think the coreography they

do a really great job at where you have um a nice blend of martial arts and uh the bending abilities as well I I feel like I I kept feeling you know you know I said I think I said at one point when we were watching it when you see like a like a even just a trailer for like a when Japan does like a liveaction uh adaptation of one of their animes that was the vibe I kept getting when I was watching this it kept reminding me of that a lot of seriousness to it

and at times where it’s cheesy where I I’m Charmed by the cheese and at other times I can’t tell if it’s unintentionally cheesy in intentionally or unintentional out of any any of the um dynamics that I think they brought to life in a really strong way even if I hadn’t seen the original animated show the the part where I felt like oh there’s actual real chemistry here it comes in the form of Zuko and iro like there’s an actual Dynamic blend between the two of them and so yeah I think like it looks cool looks

pretty I like the prologue and it’s so so far Lighty years better than the liveaction of Ni shamalan movie so they passed that far and as long as you pass that bar I feel like you’re in good graces but there there are some things that I am a concerned about that I will get into it’s not even like a comparison to the the original show honestly it’s just as a television show itself that I I I wasn’t too keen on um but just first episode what do you think what a fascinating turn of events here

because sh please put closer to your face I’m very critical of the animated show and I think it’s because I had everyone was telling me how great it was so I went into it with like super high expectations and whereas here I I went in with the little little expectations nothing so you really like the animated show I do like the but I I was also very critical at the beginning were yes I was I think we both were I was a little softer on it and I think it’s because I had high expectations whereas

here I’m I’m forgiving I really liked it I honestly the only complaint I have is the special effects especially for the air bending which is my favorite in the animated show I think it looks really sloppy here but then I feel like for liveaction how else could they have done it to show that the air is moving I have some real critiques with the special effects at certain moments when he goes into the Avatar state it looks very cartoony for me at the end like at the beginning it’s fine but then at the end when

it’s like closeup on him it’s very cartoony um it just looks super fake I can’t get over I don’t know if they’re wearing Prosthetics but a lot of the noses look like hville noses and I can’t not see it a lot of the water tribe people they have hovil noses and I’m like is this like a prosthetic a choice or is this then I feel bad I’m like what if that’s the actor’s nose you know like I feel awful but it’s multiple people within the show so I’m like I feel like this is a prosthetic

unless a lot of people have hille mses in real life I don’t get it but I really like the actors I think we haven’t seen qar so fleshed out or S Saka they’ve changed his character a little bit um which could be concerning down the road because he’s supposed to be that light-hearted feel to the show yeah um but a the actors doing a really good job in my opinion of that childlike essence of that naivity you know I feel that with him I really like iro and Zuko the actors they chose there I do

wish they had done a bigger scar on Zuko to me it looks like makeup like he just got punched in the face it it doesn’t scream like he got burned if that makes sense yeah it it looks like a typical Saturday night with me and Greg you know but storyline wise for the pilot I love that we got to see the air Nomads and the slaughter of them cuz it really puts you in the perspective of a is completely alone yeah I really enjoyed it I think it’s a really first it’s a pilot it’s going

to be like campy at times and uh what’s the word I’m looking for um they talk too much to exp heavy Exposition heavy Exposition but it’s a pilot um I really wasn’t a fan of that I honestly hate justification of I mean I’d say the same thing when I was watching last of us I’m obsessed with The Last of Us video games but just because something happens in the game does not automatically mean that oh because they did it in live act like I hate the justification people go it’s how it is in the comics

it’s how it is in the animated show it’s not a onetoone translation right away like there are physicality qualities here that would bother and I think like this first episode did kind of suffer from Exposition and the animated show translates so different than in a live action show it does the way it happened here I could feel the this is the problem when you try to condense a bunch into I forget how many episodes the the first season was but not they not only expanded with the first like 20 minutes here but then they’re also

condensing like two to two episodes into into into one as well right so then it becomes like repetitive and and they’re yeah exactly and they’re like let’s really hope the audience gets us I’m like you’ve been repeating so much information the information can overtake emotionality sometimes when you’re doing that and I think the actors that they got for like a uh qara and Su uh not Saka and the three of them I think they’re they’re good actors uh especially a and I feel like they’re at their best and and I I I tend to be

significantly softer when they are child actors because I feel like it’s not right I I personally can’t be mean to child actors I I think I will be mean to them yeah let me tell you you got to learn uh no and I think some I I but I I I just from certain scenes I could see that it was also coming down to not just acting but also D the way they’re being directed I think like Ang is great when he’s just being his sincere child right but then there’s other parts where I’m like

H and I could say the same I say the same for the other two as well sometimes though I do feel that um I could hear them line reading if that makes sense like I could hear them reading from a script and I could and I feel feel sometimes there’s a bit of stiffness at times when this requires a little bit more emotional depth and I will notice that especially again I say it comes down a direction because when you throw them into certain environments but they don’t feel like they’re actually a part of that

environment then suddenly it feels fake and they’re just being told to like deliver the lines like take the one scene when they’re are flying in the sky with Opa qara and and Saka this is their first time up in the sky like that and they’re not responding or reacting and the way they go to like the next scene doesn’t often feel like they just endured the events of what just went down like oh we just went a uh took you away from the Fire Nation guy and you escaped from there but they’re just so casual

about it uh right away as opposed to I feel like there’s got to be a bit of an intensity or an urg there’s no urgency is the thing how fascinating see and because they’re children I’m more forgiving of it because I feel like children move on from things quickly and also have a harder time understanding a high emotional impact on things the line delivery is very childlike to me I’m like okay I mean I’ve worked with kids I could 100% see that in everyday life a child struggling with their emotions so it comes off as

like a line delivery even in real life with events you know heavy events like this they they don’t understand the high emotional toll and they’re kind of just thrust into this new event and they kind of roll with it kids are more forgiving that way with real life events so I’m more forgiving of it here in the show I am not forgiving when it comes to the grandma who I couldn’t stand so funny I couldn’t stand that Grandma being the grandma no she’s she’s literally reading a script she’s it’s a book in front of her

oh my God there’s like nothing there and I I couldn’t stand on the grandma acting here I really couldn’t uh that’s fair I just think like kids today in in situations today is not uh equivalent to this world where you got these kids who have been forced to be adults at such a young age you know with qara and Saka but a is still learning to be an adult that’s what his whole journey is that’s why I’m saying a lot of his lines when when he is just I think a lot of times he is

very natural it’s there’s certain weighty scenes where it it does not translate he’s literally been awake for like a day I know but he’s get delivered a heft of information it’s some and it’s the chemistry between the three I don’t think any of them have chemistry I don’t buy the chemistry between the three and that’s why I keep going back to Saka and if they had chemistry it would be different yeah whereas like Saka the name is all confused Zuko and iro I believe the Dynamics I believe the chemistry that is a young actor with

an older actor exactly well I mean I’ve seen plenty of movies where children still have chemistry and I think there’s a lack of Chemistry Between their ear three leads and maybe that’ll and the reason why I don’t want to be harsh on that is because I’m like that develops chemistry can develop they probably shot the first episode first so it takes for chemistry to develop I’m forgiving of it here because and I’m forgiving the exposition here because it’s the first episode I give a lot of passes yeah I’m letting it build if the exposition continues

throughout the show it’s going to be a big problem obviously it it just depends how you do it but think we’re supposed to watch their journey of bonding together so it would make I’m forgiving of it for at least like the first two episodes but then I want to see bonding I want to see that connectivity happen you know kind of like with iro and Zuko you see them throughout the show get closer and closer so I want to I want to see those moments I don’t want those moments to be taken away storyline wise

I think sometimes when they try to go for more realism though they can sometimes lack expressionism with performances you didn’t have a problem with goddamn grandma with her straight faed no like I even I don’t even remember the grandma the animated show no I’m talking about here the gr on my here I I don’t know I believed her I oh my God I did see now I question your taste and everything play it back play back that reasonably believed her whereas I no it’s so bad whereas like a lot of this is working for me

from oh yeah that I saw years ago like it’s work it’s good but it’s still been so many years that I I can still watch it as like a new show and and I think as as far as a new show goes I I am wondering like if I didn’t see the original animated series would I be if we weren’t yeah would we be like let’s watch the second yeah that’s the concern that I have right now it’s like all right going to keep it open-minded I liked it I didn’t love it and I’m not

just saying that to be nice like I I liked it I do have my concerns about how it would progress but yeah right now it’s like no one piece and watch that I don’t know one piece at a I don’t know actually how old that lead guy is but he’s supposed to be a kid I don’t know how it might be an adult plane again I was going to say I’ve seen pictures he doesn’t look like a kid whereas these are clearly children I like I see that’s one thing I like though is that they

actually cast at least for the a at least for a for sure A’s a kid you know and I’m assuming Qatar is a kid too and and for and I like that they actually cast like a child Act that scene where a is talking about he doesn’t want people he doesn’t want to be alone it’s cuz he doesn’t want to be treated different for being the Avatar he’s got tears in his eyes I totally believed that I thought he was really good there yeah I thought he I I’m not saying I don’t think he’s bad

the reason why I could feel there’s a lack of why they can be a little stiff is not due to individuality performances it’s it is due to Ensemble yeah and and I think we got to give honestly that that’s so important though for a show is like you need the s cast out chemistry yes it is the first episode so yeah let’s see if it develops it’s the first episode I’m forgiving but I I 100% agree with you if I hadn’t seen the animated show I would not be interested in Contin I number one I

probably would never have watched it in the first place but but we’ll see we’ll see maybe it gets better maybe it gets stronger I would say but what do you guys think did you love it right off the bat was it everything you hoped it would be did you have your qualms looks good feels good looks cool cool yada yada yada and so far generally good cast all right let’s watch the next one male lynon male now I have seen your you know um uh school counselor face on our patreon for a very long time

got your button up and your your your nicely Comb hair you kind of look like uh approachable like who’s the guy from it looked like Jared from the subway commercials when he was trustworthy or the Verizon guy you know are you hear and like in a really tiny profile pick that’s kind of what you look like the Verizon guys is better and I know why you keep wanting to talk about James Bond with us after so many years because that’s your fantasy that’s who you want to be you want to be Bond mm’s Bond the

thing is though dude is it’s not going to happen and I know what happens now in this direction is someone gets the crazy easy idea like fine if I can’t be bond in movies I’m going to be bond in real life and sure doesn’t work out for you at first you start going to bars dressing fancy male shaking notur and then bam women are coming up to you you’re playing poker you’re winning you’re doing good then you try to become a secret agent but you haven’t had the years of training you don’t know how to

don’t know how to coer fire a gun you how to sustain torture survive you don’t how to blend in with any I mean and frankly if you don’t speak the language you don’t have to seduce either so then what happens you end up just being deemed a a psychopathic murderer when who dresses nice and has this weird Bond fantasy and now now you are shaming the bond name because you could not cope with the difference between reality and fantasy and you weren’t appreciative of the life you had in Sweden or Switzerland the BR family would

like you to stop they have written AAS and deist they think you’re tarnishing the brand they are trying so desperately to reboot right now so what happened in this journey you didn’t become Bond you became a bond villain oh even better I did dude it’s like The Incredibles just there imagine that Bond villain yeah he wants to be Bond so bad he’s such a Stan exactly that he becomes is like the worst version to try and get Bon’s attention oh it’s crazy right and he’s almost as good as everything that happens in real life dude

it happens in real life to people all the time that’s what I’m doing you right real life all the time always M best of luck to you this how you become immortalized

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