AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Episode 2 REACTION!! Netflix Live Action Series | 1×02 "Warriors" Review

thank you to liquid IV and Babel for sponsoring this video more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject Nation it is time to watch the second episode of avatar The Last air bender if you didn’t catch our episode one reaction that is of course up here on the channel Olivia you excited to see if this show gets stronger better Harder Faster de Punk baby you know what I’m talking about I am excited ah yes you can hear the Elation in her voice right now ladies and gentlemen you know what to do leave a

like that’s first order of business bend the Subscribe button and click the notification Bell thanks to prepper for helping us head it down these highlights full length reat watching along let sync up with your own copy of avatar avilable for super sexy Rejects at our patreon page and of course we covered Avatar and legend of cor over there exclusively for super sexy rejects but I’m excited to see what happens let’s see what happens in episode do I’m sure it’ll turn up the notebook didn’t find the Avatar you did you did take the little diary because

we are in a more quiet part of the world that we have an advantage how many places can there be for an avatar

to hide there’s a whole world Koshi Island is only a few hours from here Koshi Island Avatar kioshi was the fiercest of Warriors and a master of what they called The Avatar State maybe something in her Shrine will help me control my power before you kill someone our duty is to protect the like Dad told us to we do have a duty and it’s to protect the avatar ever since he came into

our lives things have changed for me before I met him I couldn’t bend enough water to fill a thimble and now look what I can do I know lot changes in 20 minutes is it our favorite off the the the true champion of the show it is it is hey that’s our food so cute what’s this this scroll has been passed down among the water benders of our tribe for Generations grandma something got a lot better huh now that you’ve gone out into the world you should take what belongs to you you are a water

bender she looked right at the camera hey you ready to leave there’s something I have to do first that is so cute respect my whole life you were there for me and I wasn’t there for you goodbye Kat I’m sorry they just put rocks over the body the version of burying I guess you want to join us Mama Momo he looks like a Momo doesn’t he just like how you look like a Saka bet you taste like chicken oh he’s so cute Zuko you must try this it’s got Zuko constantly pouting whale poeg very good

for Vitality Vitality will the Cabbage Patch man be here oh yeah cabbage if word gets out everyone in the world will be looking for him one thing you must learn is how to get what you want without divulging your true intentions that’s called manipulation he needs the book how to win friends and influence others there she is giant scary lady this looks like such an expensive show Saka should you just go in there hey K workers oh yes okay I remember where we’re at you are trespassing on sacred ground he’s the Avatar ridiculous there would

have been signs if he was the Avatar yeah saying this is the Avatar sign I don’t know what life has been like here I don’t know what life has been like anywhere I’ve been away for a while you just have that good wisdom that ing wisdom if I can learn to be the Avatar maybe I could bring place I know a world where people were happier back he does possess that wonder what harm is there in letting him look through some books it’s not about them but if he is the Avatar how can we turn

our back on him like this Suki you’re too young it is Suki I’m not too young I just haven’t seen the world that’s some great eyes Shadow oh there it is chemistry we will open our village for 48 hours I trust that you will respect the limits of our generosity I mean 48 Hours actually seems like a pretty long time I’m the guardian of my Village too so so how are you protecting your people if you’re here what I’m not I may I may not physically be there I have to save the world first he

adopted it how does it go again I’m protecting Ang so I’m protecting we have a lot in common we’re both Warriors right I’m not just a warrior I’m a Koshi Warrior godamn rat got put in his place I like a I like him too we don’t get many VIP visitors around here much less the famed Dragon of the West seem like a dig I’m sure we can track down what you need very kind Commander Xiao ah ooh brooding suck needs to put a bell on you what there’s food in the village hall uh wow she’s

bold they removed Saka sexism but they let her oo I know she’s bold it’s Progressive Avatar right there take that tree you’re natural well these are just the easy forms it’s more than you could do before right true you’re a real water bender Kara you know you should be practicing too the Avatar needs to master all four elements she’s right avoiding practice doesn’t mean you’ll avoid the responsibility she’s right it’s just katoo used to be the one who trained me we’ll do this together we not going anywhere oh they got chemistry I told you to

let it build or you could just unuse you for target practice is like an NPC oh just try that g stick where yeah just try a good J Jump stick are you really an air bender well yes I am you got to have some level of Faith there’s one air bender right you know I mean yeah he knows how to connect to get through to people like he did last night that’s his real power the ball ball that’s how he’s going to beat the Avatar oh no we’ve avoided a lot of things by living the

way we do this whole theme of the episode is don’t avoid he’s a threat and the sooner he and his friends are off our Island the better I forgot how like Rude the adults are get it together he thinks he’s found the Avatar according to his crew gather any reports of unusual sightings in the last few days anything out of the ordinary no matter how small and do it fast sir I like what he’s bringing to the role yeah I think it’s great it’s very different too from the animated counterpart you mean the bad guy

whoa you need a bell lady cool awesome awesome that was pretty good that was pretty good us Southern water are no more for a hand can’t fighting anym oh no oh right now this is her way of flirting man he stoping out he’s just walking away I didn’t even say anything did you know she was an orphan lived on the streets until she was hired as a house girl for the richest family on the island she was quiet and kind Cinderella how’d she go from this to that trauma only Justice will bring peace they’re really

building her up a lot think they’re going to do a show about her that’d be cool back home the other kids used to say I was lucky because I never really had to train but I did have to train it wasn’t just luck not to devel my Powers but to keep them under control control I’m I’m sorry if the Fire Nation was going to kill them it was going to be in what if I never learn how to control my power how many people will I hurt but imagine what will happen if you don’t even

try she is a great moral support the other avatars are inside you you want someone to teach you you just need to figure out how to connect to them the answers aren’t inside here they’re inside you you buddy child’s boat it’s gone he heard something about a flying cow near Koshi Island so he set sail at dawn he knows about the Avatar somehow he found out oh somehow uh all of your people ratted on you but see I think this is great because there’s no Reliance on CGI at all you know that’s so this feels

like I don’t you would need c that’s right then the Koshi Warrior n dismiss bye get out of here my boyfriend’s here oh see this is cute it’s very cute whoever they got to play sui is great too yeah she’s great you know you got to get way lower buddy show off your moves Greg go no no no no no this a Saka time man they have just been eyeballing each other the entire time hille do you see it I have a tar kioshi help me damn he he just did it they’re already they’re like

all in I know but he learned about 30 seconds ago and he just like activated it it’s about time I didn’t know how to reach you it’s about time she said damn y’all are picky I think he interacted with a different Avatar in the at this point in the animated show I think it was the old one the old guy yeah there were times I thought I’d never find the Avatar but it’s almost worse now that I know he’s close why because now the chance to go home is real oh okay sometimes hope can be

a cruel thing sir we’re approaching kosi Island just going to end on that note huh thought there was going to be more that comes after that sometimes that can be cruel you need to turn your opponent’s power against them reflect their strength that’s how you save the world World thanks um you’re a great teacher get your desires under control to be honest where I’m from there’s not much call for a real Warrior she just removing the makeup I think you’re a real Warrior not like you you’re not even a bender and you’re the fiercest fighter

I’ve ever met not being a bender means we have to be even better than vendors exactly we can’t reshape mountains and burn forests so we have to fight with what we have yep what matters is not the power inside it’s the will and desire resilience desire you Harlot I’ve always wondered what the world outside was like but I never had the courage to leave I’ve always wondered what I find oh I know handsome boys interrupt mommy y the Bell you hear it too you hear you hear too I don’t know which jokes were the original

or not they’re funny it’s the town alarm someone’s coming you must fill several roles and many of them require unparalleled strength that’s why I need to master all the vending disciplines adorable kid the Avatar State gives you the strength of a thousand vendors it’s dangerous if uncontrolled yes but it can also be the Ultimate Weapon and it’s so cool too yeah wonder why the vision world has like purple Hue throughout all it knowledge of your opponent knowing where he might go is more important than speak and and so where there is one Avatar there may

be another he might be where that other Avatar statue is located see that big thing over there maybe you went there I understand you had an unexpected visitor just the other day you must be mistaken yes I’ve heard Koshi Island is had an admirable history of staying insignificant jeez there’s been no need for the Fire Nation to get involved in your Affairs I’d hate to see all that change because of an Outsider he’s good you won’t mind if we take a look ourselves I expected as much he’s got he’s got great body language too I

think this is a really strong episode yeah whoa jeez I like this episode way more than the last one oh yeah that’s great what if I hurt someone along the way and how many have already been hurt because you haven’t been here man just disciplining the out of this kid the guil trips being the a Avatar means putting your duties above all else even your life you seem like a traumatized Avatar I was like you once I was kind but then I saw what was at stake a dream and then a dream and I will

show you what will happen if you fail tragedy awaits the noise and unless you do something about it another race of Benders will be wiped out just as the air Nomads were the Moon Yeah Momo damn them fans are killing it what a great team they are look at this look at him go wow this Fire Nation sucks woo we can’t hold him off for much longer where is your friend you said he could help us where is the Avatar he’s meditating he’s going through a really intense Guilt Trip right now you guys well both

sides will fight harder because the Avatar has returned hope does not come without a cost I’m getting through one way or another what happens to you is your choice he brings good multi-layers to Zuko man avoid your duties any longer and not only Will you fail to save the world you won’t even be able to save this island from the danger you’ve put them in right now while we’ve been talking shit’s been burning this is your fault H your fault they’re all going to be wiped out cuz you talking to me asking all these dumb

questions And So It Begins Zuko guar that was a great use of a flashback good PTSD flashback you wanted to know about the power of the Avatar let him go I will show you what that power can do oh it’s her and Ang’s body I think okay I think that’s what we’re saying oh damn that was a surprise yeah I think we’re seeing her in Ang’s Ang’s body but it seem like Zuko saw no I think they’re all seeing it how she is terrified back to the sh they’re like Stormtroopers completely useless I told you

but she was still able to project herself to that degree I guess so to use like fire and water well because the Avatar state allows him to have all of the Power of all the past avatars yeah yeah I get that it was like I don’t think we’ve ever seen it like manifest like that before this is all my fault I brought this here which is why you have to go there’s nothing here that we’ve lost that can’t be replaced she has Faith now and you’ve given us something far more valuable in return a reason

to believe again hope in our village in ourselves and in men and in the Avatar and in the Avatar no get the hell out of here I wish we had more time I do too thank you Saka for bringing the world to me a a she’s giving him her fan don’t worry we’ll fix everything the S Ro as everywhere Zuko clearly isn’t going to give up and he’s dangerous sh’s did a good job at establishing the necessity for the other two though Koshi said I can only call upon one the past avatars when I’m in

the shrine oh so we’re going to see way more kind of excited about that we need to get to the northern water tribe because something terrible is going to happen something only I can stop oh I know where we’re headed don’t worry K you don’t have to do this alone you have me Tara and a flying ball of fur what more do you need where’s Momo there you go don’t tell anyone about the Avatar I fully understand the sensitive nature of this information is so good I know working together we’d be able to devote twice

as many resources we would be honored to have your partnership and your loyalty I knows how to play to your Supreme Eminence I have news for you I know this information may arrive as a shock and you might be tempted to dismiss it this looks straight up like Lord of the Rings it is I have witnessed these events with my very eyes that is why I can report an astounding development the Avatar has mat it’s uh Daniel Day Kim don’t know who that is from Lost D I thought that episode was so much better it’s

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Babel we shall not just learn no nay we shall conquer the world of communication or as they say in Spanish we’re done with this ad Greg they have a lot of stuff to get through the first episode they’ve got to pile it in Exposition there was like zero Exposition here zero Greg there wasn’t any to the extent of the first episode yeah no I I don’t think Exposition in it is inherently bad yeah you Expos everything Exposition is NE is n you need exposition to explain stuff it’s the handling of of it uh yeah I

thought that was a much better episode it actually went against the grain of not it alleviated a lot of the con concerns that I was actually having I thought the scene by the lake or the river what is that pond the swimming pool with uh qara and Ang yeah it was a what was that a river it’s a river yeah okay what uh that like oh okay bam they got good chemistry here and Creek it could have been a creek could have been a creek could have been a river Creek I thought the Whatchamacallit um

Saka and Suki nice chemistry again my main my main thing was I feel like there’s lack of chemistry and I and as long as performers together having chemistry Xiao I think he’s doing something very different than what we got the animated counterpart which is kind of a generic bad guy villain yeah and I think what I forget that actor’s name but he’s in a lot of stuff uh and he I think he’s bringing such a great uh expressiveness and like great body language to the role and he’s having so much fun with it whilst uh

his intents are so clear through every line delivery that he has I think he’s really really good overall I thought this was a much like better paced episode uh there was great emotionality to it and they’re they are switching things up I don’t remember like clearly what I what I remembered from this was when Saka was like girls can’t do the girl defend then and then he learns his ways and then he gets all Kyoshi Warrior up in the animated show and so they still took those elements they even put the makeup on on the

show yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they get and they took those elements and they they made it their own here and then what they’re doing with uh the the Avatar State allowing him to in I I remember you could like I don’t remember all the rules it’s been so long even since Legend of Kora but that the whole thing with like the projection of the Kyoshi Warrior Avatar uh I thought was really cool it’s it’s different and I I I don’t want it to rely too much on that you know because part of the fun

is watching Ang learn and kickass instead of just going yeah just Jack yourself into another Avatar and go whoop some ass but but they established he can only do that at a shrine yeah so there’s a there is some rule I don’t remember what the rule is there is some rule like like an office hour rule when you can clock in with the Avatar the special Avatar when you can clock in and you can I don’t know there’s there’s always like alignment issues or something like that yeah there there’s something there but okay it’s making

that R clear it was good and uh yeah overall I thought like this was a significant I I would say like if you’re going to start the show you should definitely watch the first two so that way you get past a lot of the other stuff and then here was it felt more grounded more realistic more tangible the seriousness of I felt like the last episode was a bit at times a little tonally conflicting where here was mainly serious but whenever there was humor it didn’t uh work against this seriousness like they found the humor

via through the characters at appropriate times yeah overall I like this one uh what a change seriously I’m have no complaints this is like surprising I really enjoyed this episode I thought it was engaging I think it took care of the chemistry issue I think we saw them build the chemistry here yeah um and it’s more believable as the episode goes on I really another huge chance change my favorite is Zuko so far which I couldn’t stand that little piece of in the in the animated film couldn’t stand it in the Animated Series but I

really every time he’s on the screen I think the actor is super engaging I really like him and iro um yeah I I’m really I’m really digging where all of this is going and I have no I have no complaints I think uh it’s fleshing itself out it’s giving itself time to breathe and we’re along for that Journey that’s what it feels like like to me it feels like we’re along for the journey with them of learning to be a group together learning to be a team and learning a get over his insecurities and then

eventually work on learning the other elements so yeah that’s the one part of the that’s still carried on through here that I I feel like is a little too repetitive of of the way everyone is kind of saying the same thing to a like like all the time the guilt tripping I can’t I can’t deal with and it’s to the point where like it’s so you’re all saying the same things to and and so once like the the interaction with qara I think is is nice because it gives a a different Cadence to it there’s

a different uh tone to the way she talks about because everyone else is like stop avoiding your aing face up man so like most people talk to this guy and I I so I really like you abandoned everyone yeah when you get the levity there with cuz I’m like guys it wasn’t his choice to abandon me people you know yeah yeah and and I kind of like the sage wisdom of if there’s the only time I actually got pulled out for a slight second was when we were with kosi Warrior lady and I my my

Rec because normally I’m not comparing this to the animated show when I’m watching it actually and it did make me flash to because this was a notable change I think and it did make me flash to when he does first like start talking to an avatar and and they’re they’re so like wise and calm and understanding and Zen and then of course is experience the first time is like you better quit being a eh get your together little boy you know and I I like her though I like the presence of them I do think

the show is still like consistently shot really well and there’s great uh technical designs to it and uh I I I do yeah I would agree with you I think I think Zuko I think the benefit that the actor has here without spoiling anything is the variations of the journey that Zuko does undoubtedly go on and I think that actor is able to bring the multi layers right up front yeah so I think as a strength because yeah I didn’t I couldn’t stand Zuko in the animated show at first he he became one of my

like favorite characters but in the first season I remember being like I really just don’t like him like I I don’t like listening to him I wasn’t a fan at all and I think the actor is bringing everything from That season one counterpart but he’s infusing it with more depth because because he’s able to and he knows a little bit more about Zuko probably scene with him andara already you see that hesitant he doesn’t want to hurt her I’m like I’m like okay I buy this character development in the depth a little more that we’re

going to see later down the road yeah because yeah the animated show he’s just like I’m just a friend mad mad all the time yeah I get it all right I people are super sensitive to their shows but it was it was annoying and and here I I am really liking what he’s bringing uh to to the role and and iro as well is being the the mentor who’s trying who’s don’t want to say too much the mentor and and uh bringing a lot of that wisdom to to the role as well but also trying

to guide him to being the ultimate Prince he can he can possibly be also trying to be like but also you know create your own path yeah like I’m trying to teach you all the skills you want to learn but also you know maybe maybe find your WR path in life at the same time very curious as to I actually feel like the Fire Nation like when you’re with them is I have a very opposite experience is when I was watching The Animated show when I was I find myself a little more invested in that

stuff here in the live action then in the anime show I didn’t I I didn’t enjoy it you know at first and uh like season two is when I was like oh this getting great and then season 3 like for us the for us the long story short of the animated show was like season one we thought was all right and season two three were like oh it great stuff um I think I love the ending of season one which is the thing I’m I’m curious is where we’re ending this season because they’ve already mentioned

I’m pretty sure on the show the ending with the north was the season finale of the season one yeah I mean and they’re already mentioning that they have to get there there’s only eight episodes so I think we saw a what are we condensing here I think we saw a flash for I think I think when he was talking with the Kyoshi Warrior we saw what the what’s going to happen I think yeah the to to make us go oh that’s what he saw and then maybe would that be the same outcome yeah I I

think that’s what they were doing because they they flash on the moon and I was like oh okay I’m worried are we going to get season two stuff in this season I don’t think so I feel like I understand what they’re doing because okay I I don’t remember how how long the animated show was in the first season but they were only 22 minutes long and this is like 45 minutes to an hour long so you can theoretically condense you know two to three episodes into one right right so I don’t feel like they’re they’re

overdoing it and it seems like they’re handling it overall with the right level of pacing and such because it’s not like adop adapting like Naruto or or or one piece even for that matter or one piece was like you know a billion comics and stuff like there there’s only a certain amount of episod epod in the show and so you can for the most part do a pretty faithful uh translation Momo Momo I love super adorable so cute again have I I know there’s been a couple of little things I pointed out in terms of

comparing to the animated show the there is a quality that I do find myself sort of craving that I wish was brought to the animate to to here and maybe it is just about readjust adjusting my motor emotional skills here is it is so serious you know oh fascinating I um and I I want a little bit of that a little bit of light even though it was weird because I thought Avatar was always at its best when it was super serious uh but I do am kind of missing some of that liart I don’t

see that here because I see it in in the light-heartedness like the moments everyone knows I love Naruto and I see see that Mo that hope that Naruto gives his people that that he’s able to have that wisdom and talk with the villains and turn them into good guys I see that in a in these moments where he’s out with the Villagers playing with them where he’s giving these people hope that to me is the light-heartedness you know that that levity that we need so I’m not I don’t see it as overly serious I feel

like yeah I think it’s really well done so far especially in this episode I think this episode’s way better in terms of some but that’s what I meant earlier when we were talking about it of how I I was able to recalibrate to the tone and I do think the humor comes through via the characters the light the light comes through via the characters you just want jokes and everything he turns everything everything should be Marvel yeah everything should be Thor love and thunder everything in your daily life you turn into a joke so I’m

not surprised you just want conent jokes that’s not true laugh laugh only if it’s about me I don’t make it a joke you my capability no yes when it comes to my talent my skill how about your stent right now that is that is off the charts man um it is actually a pheromone scent that I bought off Amazon it’s not working Budd I think what’s happening is you have been seduced and you don’t to run out of the room you are not you just can’t handle you can’t accept it that right now you are

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feel like he would be is Boomie season one yes he would be this this episode or or two episodes Bo super campy animated wise I don’t know how they’re going to translate that I feel like they can pull it off I feel like they probably could some a little worried depending on the actor they’ve done pretty good with the the other actor yeah everyone’s really good everyone’s really good yeah yeah we’ll see we’ll see I’ve liked the side actor so far yeah for sure all righty guys cabbage man I want cabbage man oh yeah see

can you pull off cabbage man in such a serious show yes we need cabbage man I need the cabbages my cabbage this the funniest ongoing joke man it’s literally through every season it’s incredible I I love it so much oh yeah where is cabbage man all righty guys we’ll see you soon thank you so much pandemic Jones yes pandemic it’s time for a new pandemic with the season of Love it’s time for you to be the cupid pandemic pmic Cupid pandemic Cupid pandemic Cupid that’s right Mr we’re always talking you say the word pandemic and

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