AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Episode 3 REACTION!! 1×03 "Omashu" Review | Netflix Live Action Series

thank you to liquid IV and Babel for sponsoring this video more on them after the reaction what is going on there citizens of the reject Nation we are here to continue avatar the Last air bender episode thrust today of course if you did not catch our reactions to episode Uno windows that is up here on the Chanel Olivia how is you uh if you’re asking how I am yeah I knew it I knew going do it I knew you were going to show me anyway that’s her answer to how she’s doing and uh guys how

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I cover several things exclusively with highlights and watch alongs included all right babes you ready to get into it yeah I got to

put my glasses on let’s do it well back to the first episode are we no I don’t think we are just reminding us I think this is bossing say Earth Kingdom maybe I’m making that up everything is set we strike tonight shouldn’t we wait that’s Kevin from Super natural we don’t need numbers we have our anger we have our grief anger hungry anger for the first time in a century we have hope

that’s right this got to be Earth Kingdom I want you to meet someone willing to risk everything for our cause who she’s lost too much I have no idea who this is my mother and my brother in The Siege at Boston say she works at the palace she’s willing to help us I am a genius Fire Lord oai must die tonight oh maybe it’s maybe it’s the Fire Nation evil dies tonight it is Fire Nation look at all the fire it’s got to be Fire Nation right yeah cuz this is the same location where they

were in the first episode what if they succeed in totally sub expectations show’s over are we going to watch them get slaughtered I don’t know we expected that all decent Fire Nation citizens would have welcome being freed from your tyranny don’t you mean Unity interesting seeing the civilians who are not for the cause have I not led us to the brink of bringing the entire world under one rule our rule that’s tyrrany dictatorship py how many more lives will it take another Century of loss and suffering do not speak to me of loss interesting to

get more of Fire Lord oai this early on we didn’t get this till what season two then again we in the Fire Nation have always prided ourselves on our resourcefulness traitor isn’t that right aula that’s a Zula no epic way they we’re getting a Zula early too oh my God yes I love this girl yes Father I am so excited I love aula I love this batshit crazy there is one out there who cannot be stopped the one who will restore balance to the world the one who has returned to us damn this T Beast

look how she’s enjoying it oh my God I love her I cannot believe we get both of them so soon Zuko has found the Avatar your brother has done the impossible just as I had asked get in there Zula jealousy jealousy he’s smart make them compete the Avatar I already love this actress and her portrayal I love the fire lord set that they brought to life I am so excited why did we got them so early honestly I know it’s so it’s surprising hhu the water whip arms weight shift wrist snap shape of water the

way they visually realize the water makes it feel like an entity like got like there’s a life to it there is life to water basic bending forms are mostly just physical movement when you get into the harder moves like the water whip you really need to reach inside and feel the energy flow giving lessons Arby you don’t even know what you’re doing the monks always told us to find a place where emotion meets Spirit Place deep in thought tap into your feelings and gather energy from them tap into your feelings like anxiety rage depression oh

my God she’s doing it anxiety rage depression she’s going to blun bed hang right away oh boy that’s okay I bet it was my fault I should never be a teacher monks always said I never listened what a sweetheart he is so I think that’s what they said I think that’s what I never listened I never listened it’s time to go we shouldn’t stay in the same place for too long a he’s so cute I liked her too yeah she was cool of course I have no idea what she saw in you hey what’s not

to like their chemistry is better already yeah look I think I think it’s another air vender uh They’re All Dead headed for that mountain that’s a was you I love his Charisma I can alert my contacts no I told you no one else can know of his existence he really brings Zuko to life there fire nation forces everywhere they should have find out which is why I suggest you allow me to contact a few trusted sources acting like he needs permission manipulator very good I really enjoy the actor man of ship has arrived perfect timing

to the Fire Nation is Zola going to show up here nah I feel she probably show up in like a couple more episodes I spoke to some of his crew where is J failed his officer training program three times did I ask for your opinion he wasn’t giving an opinion he’s stating a fact who’s trying to help this is so zugo he was only trying to help yeah he was gossiping about a superior officer an officer you don’t like that’s beside the point so it’s okay there is an order to the way we do things

here we are Fire Nation even out here he’s just trying his best omashu was carved out of a living Mountain it’s one the wonders of the earth Kingdom of the world actually where’s our cabbage incredible delivery system that winds through the whole city the people there the artists scientist Builders scientists people just waiting in line oh man what did I tell you before four oh my they don’t take kindly to Outsiders in a masu what makes you think we’re Outsiders no reason oh is this wait is this the jet episode we have a friend we

need to see we just could use a little help getting inside it is sorry it’s out that at the turnup sack surey can make that look good too this is jet I don’t is it no know amashi is one of the last Earth Kingdom strongholds he is cute fire Benders haven’t been able to take it yet that’s why they’re so careful here so how do you know we’re not a threat just the feeling I hope he’s of age hold there State your business edit to Market oh it wasn’t a great crop this month she told

me I wasn’t watering the turnips enough there was a reason I married her irrigation am I right my brother-in-law would agree if he could speak if he could struck mut at first just the other day he made us laugh so hard all right that’s enough move along this guy’s not social how beautiful like the different cultural influences they throw here this feels more Middle Eastern there he is look heang buddy hey watch out for my a see it they know what they were doing they know exactly what they were doing whole moment I’ve been waiting

for you’re not air bender of course I’m not oh hey we can’t see what she supposed to what now see oh great air bender that’s a water bender water bender 2 seconds in are you all right are you hurt Dad I’m oh yeah I remember this I just landed how was I supposed to know there’ be another bombing you mean that wasn’t an accident nothing the Fire Nation does is an accident their spies are everywhere in the city oh so congratulations guys good job you’re an air bender do you realize what this means we finally

have a way to take the fight to the enemy you could drop bombs on them rain down destruction air power is their weakness you could take over the world pretty great huh that’s the mechanist to the king of omashu he’s responsible for maintaining the best parts of the city like a delivery system you’ve seen it right play but a small role hey don’t be so humble if everyone in omashu were as dedicated as you this war would be over the Fire Nation would be on their knees by now if there’s spies everywhere should you talk

like that we have to go just promise me you’ll really stick it to the fire Benders make them pay their heads on spikes this stuff is incredible I mean look at this those are for cleaning under your toenails they can get bloody e did you see the mechanism on that sorting machine is spring powered in genius I should have done that with our kayaks back home oh no you cannot be a savior right now Ang is really taking in the destruction the Fire Nation can cause the oppression he didn’t get that when they slaughtered his

entire people I know but this time he’s witness to it being the after isn’t just about fighting it’s about helping people if I’m going to save the world I have to do it one person at a time that’s why I’m staying in a m one person at a time I was going to say I want to help and I think I can because I’m the Avatar he’s done the impossible he’s done nothing oh my gosh you got the best friends here huh Zuko may be banished but he’s out there exploring the world if I were

him I wouldn’t want to come back she’s got that Cadence down technically he is first in line to be fire lord not that that he deserves to be but now he has hope and that’s dangerous what can you do about it you’re here he’s out there there are always ways to get in the game if you know which pieces to play actually having the scene with her and her dad earlier shows that the dad pits them against each other illustrates it better here you pretend like you don’t care what’s going on out there but I

know you hate the Fire Nation as much as I do man’s resigned I have a hunch boat where the bombers might be gathering it’s high up on the mountain can’t really reach there by myself but with your air bending just there acting so suspicious daddy my sources say an air bender was spotted there omu enemy territory but not to worry there ways to gain entry if you know the right people which I do Uncle L and I will go if anything happens we won’t be able to help you the prince and I will be fine

we know what it means to be on our own oh you have no idea I know oh there’s like no water res face there’s nothing there completely bounced off her I don’t remember this storyline it’s coming back to me slowly yep he’s a traitor kind of even if we didn’t see the show is pretty obvious I mean he’s talking in secret I feel like that’s jet Greg she only had one other love interest Fire Nation but that means the mechanist is a traitor kill him come on this guy’s taking law to his own hands mechanist

has been working for the Fire Nation building devices selling Secrets s they’re in danger I’ve got to warn them they’ll be fine doesn’t look like he can turn his head it’s got like a Batman suit I think he doesn’t want his wig to fall off who are you you call me jet I knew it just mess with yes zom chat the whole time damn Jet and aula one W for me today you’re look at that you remember any of this I feel like this happened much later in this in the first season on the show

The Animated show I don’t remember when it took place but I remember the plot but the way they they adapting it is really well paced I think it Incorporated now makes a lot of sense and I think their adaptation handling placement is great I wasn’t sure you’d ever catch up big talk for someone who’s unnumbered and he seems more swab this jet good thing I brought friend then oopsie yeah I much prefer jet here yeah oh yeah he’s cool hey ruy yo I brought friends too just like like cutting the clothes awesome shooting there long

shot excellent mean swing pipsqueak nice moose and a feeling you knew how to handle yourself yeah he’s like cool and Collective yeah cool attacking that flame head thanks pipsqueak he’s the Duke I’m pip sque it’s great to have a water bed on our side who are you people we’re the good guys where’s she taking him pipsqueak knows how to take out the garbage cut him up into pieces he is like so Charming come yeah oh there it is there it is so Charming here I see I see it here whereas in the animat I was

like what the hell Kara get it together girl he more alluring install a bleed valve to regulate pressure and you’re saying you implemented this with water-based Transportation had to make our ice dodging ships more maneuverable your father must be proud of you about that my daddy’s gone he’s got more important things to worry about he’s a warrior the world is filled with Warriors there are far too few great Engineers no this is just a hobby this basic mechanical building it’s not always easy to find your path in life but when you find it you must

embrace it I feel like each episode has been getting better I really am like loving this yeah it’s getting a lot better each episode finding its footing I think he sometimes wishes I was more like him I want him to see that we have to do everything we can to save the world because if not us then who roll the Avatar thear is off doing her own thing I know learns about the scientist guy she’s like yeah I’m not going to warn he’s going to he going to hang out with jet a little hook gang

for a while not I still don’t understand what fire Benders are doing in the earth Kingdom City as the war dragged on King lost his nerve the corruption sprang up all around him so you just took it on yourselves to fight the fire Benders Not Us Then Who not us and who that’s the theme that’s the theme of the episode two sides of the same coin we’re orphans refugees at least that’s what we were what do we now smell or be Freedom Fighters I’d follow you I’d follow follow you anywhere buddy I don’t know if

he’s of age stop talking blasting jelly few jars could BL half the neighborhood Sky High the fire Benders weren’t behind the explosion my mother was a fighter in my family when the Fire Nation came to our village she held them off while my dad had me a well they’re doing a great job with jet I really like him get you emotionally invested in it yeah I remember really disliking this plot he seems like actually caring yeah instead of EX yes that’s it he’s not so smug yeah he’s still confident but in a way that’s endearing

yeah it was quiet the night my mom died dead parent Club bonding I think it’s been affecting my bending I don’t know anything about bending I do know you have to use everything inside you help you fight what do you remember when you think your mother the incineration the smell I remember getting to work preparing breakfast and every day she would stop when the sun rose she would watch him smile a that’s so sweet remember that remember the sunrise he is so Charming here telling her to fight with love holding on that energy she confided

in him and not a hell yeah lessons we learn along the way over our dinner we don’t have to be afraid of our pain true that we just need to decide what we’re going to do with it be a comedian uhoh prolong eye contact kind of rooting for them I’d be in your dead if you kept me informed on the progress of your mission particularly as it relates to Prince Zuko she’s messaging that one guy I will keep in mind your loyalty and cooperation when the time comes for such debts to be paid princess aula

good news the best you’re the best around you know the officer on Prince Zuko’s crew uh oh the one who slipped you the information about the Avatar I’d like to speak to him sir oh no where’s Katara I haven’t seen her all day I was helping s with his Airship model ta and I found where the bombers have been ganging their explosives we also found these ropes from the turnup cart it you’re not going to believe this I know who’s behind the bombings what no Jet’s not the bad guys Z has done nothing but help

us well Jet’s a con artist who lied to our faces he didn’t lie he didn’t tell the truth great debate I saw Sai talking to the fire bender for all we know Sai could be working with the King’s Men to root out spies you’re wrong this is just like you qara uhoh willing to believe anything as long as as it helps you this is a really well flushed out debate I’m so sick of you treating me like I’m a little girl then grow up oh no wow the way they built to this scene was clever

going to prove you’re a jerk well I don’t need proof for that that was really funny oh would you like to try one of not right now buildup to it oh it’s Zuko oh this is so well done I just got to forget the animated show because I remember any a lot of how this is supposed to go we just launched a big mission things might get a little hot for us around here Mission what mission I mean you were there when we confirmed the mechanist was a traitor I need to take care of him

what are you going to do told you I know how to take out the garbage oh no so sorry oh it’s fine I’m so clumsy are you Hur no no no no harm done no harm done oh no how did you not notice that is our chance to burn out this City’s diseased heart Saka was right got a fair point you are the bad guy t uh now I’m like I don’t know it makes sense the live action show has done it’s made us root for Jed kill them all innocent people are going to Die

Jet it’s a sacrifice that has to be made look at him that’s the price of Freedom that’s right J fight in the animated we were like this guy’s obviously bad like right from the beginning like see yeah shut up and gloat later right now we need to stop sigh CH planted a bomb on him was the fastest way to the Palace I love that they were just sitting there staring at that map thing like oh I’m so excited for this this guy again get ready to say that plenty of times go this is my fight

oh they’re going to actually have a one-onone fight keep your fire bending in check or you’ll have the Earth Kingdom Army to deal with need fire to defeat this boy oh I like the music oh this is so cool go little man nice I’m vibing way more with the serious tone yeah they’ve made it work really well yeah nope y you’re revealing yourself I don’t think he’s as concerned about revealing himself as Zuko is that was great camera work man Z you should try punching more oh this is really great use of the environment around

them it’s very Jackie chanes all routes lead to the Palace no they are ready 1 2 3 oh i’ would be so scared there’s no way stand in fight for what you’re an enemy of the Fire Nation and that’s it that’s why you’ve been hunting me for 3 years how do you know it’s been 3 years I read your diary bro you have my notebook that’s my personal property say it my cabbage I really buil up the cabbage is l oh no fight in the Name of Love I love that they’re like he could have

ran and knocked that briefcase out of his hand by now your hands were trembling son I think he’s got more arrows just the one we must leave now you’re so close that’s the theme right always just like put something else on your face save yourself what oh IO you’re the best don’t go back Earth banders uhoh wo oh excited to watch the next one I know I’m really loving this show all right reject Nation so today I want to share something with you that has been a wonderful addition to my health and fitness journey that

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improving uh by a lot I I really feel like this tone and pace is the way to keep the show who knows how the rest is going to progress uh but I I think like the development of the character is great what’s up I think Boomie is Legend of Kora no no no I know when Boomie shows up Boomie is the brother of that guy no I’m almost positive I boom’s boom’s the old guy Boomie is the brother of people haven’t made it this to that episode yet R’s so mad at us mov is 1,000%

in in he’s in first he’s first season Avatar he’s the old I remember I remember being like who’s this creep no and now I’m thinking we have it wrong and weom the last episode promise you it’s it’s a it’s it’s are you sure cuz I don’t want to look like an idiot cuz we were talking about booming last episode and I’m like I’m pretty sure boom is the brother in The Legend of Kora no he’s not no no but boom’s this EP boom’s I don’t know if he’s this I’m assuming he comes this season I’m

assuming I’m assuming he’s here I’m assuming he’s like the next episode or the episode after if the by the trajectory I don’t remember the timeline of how things go um but I I am finding myself like I’ll get like earmark reminiscence of like oh yeah jet like we said I was like I was messing with you he was like yeah Jet’s supposed to show up I don’t think you were messing with me you don’t have to cover up your I was messing it was J I think you just know obviously jet from the top it

was jet it’s okay you didn’t know from the I didn’t know if the episode was going to reveal it this episode uhuh sure Greg sure that’s fine it was obviously I don’t think you knew if I don’t know I’ll admit it no you won’t you won’t look smart No I gave that up like three months ago why do you think everything I do is the first time watching no no it was obviously uh jet he’s so much better in here it was obviously jet when he said be when he said but I wasn’t sure when

when they first picked him up when you first said it but when he said Beware of omashu um that’s what I was like okay that’s jet um but yeah I think uh like I remember like some feelings but when it comes to specifics of what happens it slowly comes back to me but I think I’m able to divorce myself enough from the animated show and take it divorce you know take it on taking on its own merits and just accept what the the show is like the first episode was really going this is so much

like the animated show and then as it’s been progressing it’s becoming you still you see some similarities but honestly I don’t remember I don’t recall anything of I remember the thing about the dad a little bit uh the scientist dad I remember her falling for jet but I don’t remember the plot lines converging like that I don’t I don’t know if they did converge like that honestly cuz I could have swore that jet in the animated series was like all in the forest that’s what I mean it’s it’s all kind of confusing and been so

long at this point yeah uh but the way at least it’s executed here I thought made for a great strong through line of showing qara having her personal side quest jet having his personal side quest with the so of course when it comes to like no they’re the bad guy they’re the bad guy they’re not going to believe each other and they’re going to have to prove each other right well you mean uh uh Saka Saka sorry said yeah I get the names I can’t to get everyone’s names mixed up um uh Saka and qara

and and and then how it even brings out a side of their personal obstacles they have to overcome within in their own Dynamic so I thought the writing on that was really really well done and uh the you know the flushing out of omashu as well getting a little bit more of a middle eastern culture flare was was great there are parts to the fight with zuk uh I like I like the cacophony of everything it’s just like become this bombastic uh thing but there are parts of the fight with uh Zuko and Ang that

I really enjoyed and there Parts where I I get a little nitpicky about because I know they have to work with it’s in an animated medium it’s much easier to sell you on this tall guy versus this little boy you know but here there’s parts of it where it was I I could feel I don’t know how I don’t how do I describe the feeling do you think little people can’t beat tall people no that’s not what I’m saying I think that’s what you’re trying to you know what I’m trying to say cuz I could

beat you up right now I know I’m saying this is like a a young adult versus a little boy and the way the choreography was you could feel the at a qu okay sometimes in fight scenes when they’re like swinging for the head like if before fighting they obviously swing like way above the head and I felt like that was the a lot of the fight essentially like metaphorically speaking was that when it seemed like he could have easily gotten a few licks in there with his punches but he kept going for like these kicks

that gave the boy enough time to anticipate to allow the dodging in space again it’s nitpicking I’m but you don’t know what is a controlling the air maybe he blocked the foot we didn’t see it they slowed down a lot of the foot all constantly controlling the air Greg he could have punched him just been a little jab to the face he got him a few times could have bam you’re down you’re down little man no he’s take that little air bander and remember has to be careful because he doesn’t want to alert the Earth

Kingdom I know he could have punched him instead of like let me load up my roundhouse kick let kick way above your head aesthetically pleasing little little punch punch oh you’re so picky I could also pull out a gun and shoot them and they don’t do that they don’t have those kind of weapons here you can have the engineer make one sure but he didn’t have one on him okay but the engineer he could have he said I don’t need my I I’m going to use my my kicks Bam Bam Bam face so I want

to see him punch little boy I think they’re doing a brilliant job moving I did love the episode though I did moving on from you wanting little children be beat up For Your Entertainment uh we know what Greg wants to see next episode bam bam bam I think they could have sold the believability of the fight a little bit more I think it did a job I think you’re being super nitpicky I I think some people are going to % be like come on Greg and then there’s going to be a very a minority of

people be like I get what you’re saying Greg what number one in the comments if you’re on my side going to be a tiny margin who would be like Greg I get where you’re coming from but most are not going to agree and I’m speaking to that little percentage right there little you’ve got a problem huh yeah yeah I think they do moving on from you wanting child abuse in the show no I’m saying it could have been more believable moving on they are doing a great job interweaving the characters and the relationships yeah Zuko

and a you get more of them fleshed out here iro and Zuko you get more fleshed out here Qatar and Saka you get more fleshed out here sure yeah um dude I’m so happy we got aula so fast oh yeah that’s right isula is here and her friends or two friends yeah May and something else may is the one who dated Zuko yeah babes you said we could spoil in the review you said that in an earlier episode was that in the video yes that I keep it in the video I don’t know if you

did I don’t edit your videos well sorry guys if we spoiled it this stays in the video cut out the part of me talking about them dating and just leave this okay let people try to decipher what we’re discussing sure this is on you anyway I really enjoy I don’t remember if I left it in the video you you can’t say it here and then not correct yourself later you can’t say something to me and then be like take backis sure I can no you cannot well you should watch the videos I don’t well if

you watch the videos you not even subscribed and then really it’s both of our faults it’s your fault it’s both of our fault it’s your fault let me show you how kick a little kid anyway can we please can we please talk about that a for his hips he would have gotten a great even Point andly kick the kid he aim for his feet could have jumped he was aiming above his head aim for the hips and’s got nowhere to go can we please talk about all the amazing things this show is doing because I

really am enjoying watching this yeah I don’t feel forced at this point I’m like no I don’t feel forced at this point this is enjoyable for me yeah it’s good I really I really like it I love isula I think the actress is great I think she embodies the character of isula very well that that slight tweak of insanity just hiding in the back there about to force his way through I think the way they because aula comes in so much later in the show itself and in the animated show and I think the introduction

in the show the way the dad relays that information like oh I want you to feel competitive I want I want you to get that that drive and that Envy going or whatever the feeling would be it’s like the dad from ironclaw it is the dad from ironclaw yeah and I I think that’s smart which gives you more of an understanding uh to the characters because yeah you got to find a right pitch it’s easy it’s easy to go over the top when you’re like I think what they’re doing a really good job doing is

knowing when to give a change to Performance and knowing how to cast and direct the actors in a way where it still feels reminiscent enough of the animated counterpart but also grounded enough for a real life adaptation you know what I mean and I think they do like I everyone’s casting is really good I think they found that with aoula cuz aula is like a you know what’s what’s the warer like devilish you know know slightly unhinged yeah and and you got to make her a little bit more real instead of like full-blown psychopath which

you might evolv into spoiler Greg Jesus know yeah I know I know I did it God even talking about broy Boomie all the way of Legend of Kora you’ve spoiled that show now you know if if zuku just did like this Greg Little like left hand right hand Bam could easily got him easily like a little bam like a little bam at the same time little kid wouldn’t know what to do no he’s a little kid he’s G to duck he’s get little come at a diagonal angle a little boy come here little boy come

here a little boy he’s got he’s got so much more reach on him God so you’ve got longer reach than me but the jackiechan elements I thought were really smart using the environment to the and the the props and everything was smart think that’s more I think that goes further back than Jackie Chan no Jackie Tran invented props he was a prop maker okay that was his original profession sure yeah and then Buster ke and stole from him oh is that it yeah Charlie Chaplain yep what’s a Charlie Chaplain oh my gosh do you not

know fourth grade education and okay and uh it’s a specific reference there and the uh the the yeah everything’s cool here you see with jet I remember feeling I remembered not enjoying not being Charmed by him and just being like come on you’re falling like it felt cliche I was annoyed by guitar it was cliche you know I was annoyed by guitar people were annoyed at us for being annoyed cuz I think they were annoyed at me AV is perfect I know I think they were annoyed at me I’m pretty sure that’s when people are

like oh my God she hates everything uh well I like this well they made I think they really get you to they they they tone down the Cockiness and the smugness and make him more attractive yeah he’s he comes across more sincere and even getting into his backstory his motives you you feel more compassion towards him even even when he’s like we got to take out the bad guys he doesn’t like have a mustache twirling turn all of a sudden yeah uh it still seems like the same character yeah it’s believable I think they did

a really I think they did a great job job with jet I I think that is an excellent excellent portrayal yeah and not just a portrayal but an improvement upon the animated version yeah in my opinion that might be hot take here but I personally preferred that as well like the fire yeah okay we’re done anyway uh this is an unhinged ending anyway guys do you think that Zuko could have easily punched the boy hear thoughts down below you know it’s you know it’s possible it’s possible but it’s also possible he doesn’t Greg get over

it just saying you know they’re probably going to have multiple fights they got to like sell that move on okay we’ll hope he knocks his teeth out in the next episode Greg just for you just for hits that are little he was hitting him are you blind he hit him plenty of times here ring on the kicks was bothering me maybe he likes using his legs more I get it it’s a fighting style but maybe he’s worried about using his fist with the fire coming out that’s a lack of control well he’s a kid he

doesn’t have control all right guys leave your thoughts down below we’ll talk to you soon Adelia Chamberlain hey Adelia Adelia my dear I really feel like you want to write more in life and I can just see it happening for you where you’re you’re at the typewriter that’s what you adilia is is a hipster writer so you’re at while you are working on your novel and every time you make one little error on your novel you’re like I got to start from the complete beginning again because I have a typewriter and I understand uh the

process of it so cuz like writing on a typewriter makes it just feel more alive makes it feel more finite and I understand that so much in your personal life you kind of just want to get away from so you kind of write like an ALT version of yourself where you’re like you got a character that named Bedelia but we know it’s it’s really a deia’s fantasy and what she kind of wishes would happen with like the people in her personal life what could become of them and then what ends up happening as you’re typing

these Pages it starts to happen in real life whatever you create on paper starts to happen in reality and then what do you end up typing in your last chapter Obama becomes president yet again again you saved us wow you saved us at least 40% of the audience here real rejects will agree with that sa 40% you saved us which may be a failing grade but that’s not how population Works doesn’t matter Adelia your ability to write scripture to resurrect people into office yeah it really a gift cuz Obama’s not dead to pull the strs

yes to resurrect his political career of course it is so amazing and I really think you could have done it for other things maybe solve world hunger maybe solve you know uh anorexia maybe solve solve like the economic struggles of the world solve my bank account you know there’s a lot of things you could have solved lending crisis now you got Tire old Obama in he just wants to rest he just wants to put out his playlists and produce movies but I know that’s going to piss off certain people that you want to piss off

yeah cuz I know the way you think mhm what if what if you wrote those people just to be different people what do you mean just like write them a whole new personality that way everyone would be happy do people yeah adilia can do that but then what would happen if she did that adilia would get bored that’s true you should have to mix it up that’s the worst consequence of this situation you should do a deal is you should write your dad to be a werewolf write your mom to be a vampire right like

a a family member you don’t like to be like a leprechaun and then you know see what would happen if they all bid each other and then they that’s the possibilities there’s so much you could do a d don’t limit yourself yeah don’t limit yourself what your imagination endless I think we did I think we gave you your best shout best of all the shout outs of every shout out for the past like several years Case Closed we’re done

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