AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Episode 4 REACTION!! Netflix Live Action Series | 1×04 Review

thank you to liquid IV and Babel for sponsoring this video more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject nation is time to watch Avatar of The Last Airbender episode 4 what’s that in Spanish Greg that is uno quatro yep that’s it all righty guys well uh We’ve really been enjoying this show a lot been getting better each episode in our personal opinion and what do you guys think I liked it right off the bat but okay I liked it too I just like it way more now leave a like on this video people

bend that subscribe button to get notified when a reaction is up for episode and uh preper got so focus on that thank you to prep for down these highlights full length Rich watch along with their own copy I’ve tried the last time been available for super sexy rejects over at our patreon page thank you all been joining you guys rock and over there we cover several things exclusively with highlights and watch Longs included let’s get into action pipes there’s been a mistake the fires weren’t my fault and neither was the fight Earth Kingdom soldiers aren’t

particularly tolerant even under the best of circumstances TI T and these are most definitely not the best of circumstances oh cool and zuka they

capture him too with any luck he’s probably halfway back to his ship by now he started the fight and left you behind him ran away I’m really starting to see what kind of person he is what do you think will happen to us that is it true were you working with the Enemy it’s complicated uhoh papa papa they would kill us the only reason omashu has been left alone is because of

whatever small service I provided them is that what you call giving weapons to the enemy like Iron Man no no no just minor designs nothing of any value in war anything can be turned into a weapon in the wrong hand true gayen erso you know what it means to make hard choices your father had to leave your family to go to war leaving you just just a boy we do what we must to survive my father would have never done what you did you’re not my dad you’re not my replacement I found him he in

prison people just keep walking through this door with bad information is there a lock on that door no one knocks no one’s going to notice that scar I was like uh something looks different about you man he oh hey Boomie Boomie I’m doing all right with my forms but shaping is hard they were they were friends at first I don’t remember this that means you’re going to that means you’re going to see booby there’s nothing like earthbending masonry that’s what makes their cities a Wonder gravity defying Tower impenetrable prison I like the parts of omashu

that aren’t so depressing Fair cities are like people they always have their Dark Side M pretty dark on all the sides these days there’s a gray my brother the fire Lord sees things through only one lens Victory or defeat black and white thinking not even family not even the loved ones lost along the way that’s why Zuko is so hot to catch me hot get it so he can win this war for his dad Zuko’s Victory lies not in winning the war you underestimate the power of daddy problems you could show him this isn’t the

way he’ll listen to you you will he always do that much he owes you that much on the contrary it is I who owe him oh oh far more than I can ever repay I know I like that they’re developing this relationship with between them you can get us into the palace not after today I’m sorry I can’t coward the secret tunnels hidden under the mountain it said that the founders of the city used them to meet without anyone knowing a fairy tale you told me you’ve seen it Rus writing his dad out well those

who go in never come out vengeful Spirits guard the passages not just secret tunnels secret haunted tunnels there there’s nothing I can do about the palace guards we’ll worry about that just help us get inside man you need some solutions problem solving aren’t you an engineer where are you taking him to the pit an earth Kingdom labor camp no one who’s been sent there has ever been heard from again you’re not as lucky you’re going to see the king I remember this now what is it it’s my Fire Nation contact you up then go to

the Earth Kingdom generals and let them know they can set a trap to round up these spies the fire Benders made it clear any resistance and they’ll send everything they’ve got at us let them come the Avatar has returned to the world it’s time to stop hiding oh man dude it’s time to fight you seem like you want blood more of a horror touch this episode I just remembered who he’s the king he was caught fighting destroying property menacing the people I forgot he was the king I just remembered it when they rolled him in

the room Lotus rout pinear dried Jasmine Lotus root Pine bark dried Jasmine scalding hot water steep for 2 minutes there he’s got the voice down the voice I remember he is not just an air bender he is the master of all four elements the savior of the world he is the Avatar and he’s very very good at Rock skipping Boomie there you go hello Ang Boomie how are you still alive more importantly how are you still alive I’m still a child he revealed himself early e what idiot told you to put pine boach in it

you did throw him a feast wonder if they’re still going to get the fight oh yeah they revealed himself early well there goes half your powers dump that right on the floor honey I’m brooding jet now you hear the music change I thought you were on our side on my side thought we were going to have a family together you told me to remember my mother and I did I remembered she never wanted bitterness to fill my heart that’s how I know you’ve ended up on the wrong side you’re not fighting for anything you love

you’re fighting because of hate yeah take your own advice man just like the firebenders I nothing like the fire Benders I really like this actor oh shouldn’t put your hands on her man he wasn’t doing it in like a negative way whoa goodbye jet I Loved You jet look at the power you have that’s because of me that wasn’t you that was me yeah that’s right yeah girl you you don’t belong here I was assigned prisoner transfer Duty I’m late the old fire bender was taken to the pit the other one’s still here well you’re

just going to stand there choose your path for your meal I offer you two Choice short ribs from Kangaroo Island kangaroo they jump into your mouth’s face I don’t eat meat that’s right you don’t was this a test no more like a a game you always liked games didn’t you who’s this actor Frozen in an iceberg that must have been nice it was a nightmare how bad could it have been huh the world is on fire and you got to sleep through it all that is dream all the Airbenders were wiped out and I wasn’t

there to help them oh those monks were always a bit flighty am I right I need to get to the northern water tribe as soon as possible so I can save the water benders let us leave like how they’re portraying it like power corrupts him smart yeah I was going to say I don’t think it’s power corrupting him I think he’s jaded have you been fighting the same fight for a century have you watched your whole world burned down around you there a hell of a shot you may be 100 years old but you haven’t

lived for 100 years not these 100 years can’t make me believe you’ve lost hope who really mhm challenge accepted we are going to get the fight this was the only opening in the mountain do you hear music oh yes well good grab that would you shake it I don’t remember this at all he’s getting into it her face that was all kinds of right so what are you doing here you remember these guys what are you doing here Acoustics best Inu hear that that’s what we’re all about Harmony music Love hell yeah so rad if

these guys are okay being here the tunnels probably aren’t that bad tunnels no these aren’t the tunnels those are the tunnels we have to find our friend well in that case you should probably see this it’s a tale of two lovers I remembered om man and Shu met on top of the mountain that divided their two Villages The Villages were enemies so they couldn’t be together but their love was strong so they found a way it’s cool they learned earthbending from the badger moles Badger moles they built a laborate tunnel so that they can meet

secretly I love this animation style I love how they’re interweaving all of these together ma didn’t come Shu wielded her earthbending power to bring the villages to their knees she declared the war over both Villages helped her build a new city where they would live together in peace hhi as a monument to their love wow that’s really cool I like it’s just going in the details of that one painting that’s great remember that especially if you’re going to go Into the Dark Void from which no living being ever return there’s nothing to be afraid of

in there there’s no such thing as angry Spirits I am loving how they’re doing this they’re doomed Fame Dragon of the West is in their midst fire a nation General who laid Siege to basing sa for 600 days someone might be tempted to take matters into their own hands now is there anything I can do to make your journey more comfortable I’m fine oh come on don’t hesitate to speak up I think he I think it’s understandable and I’ve got all the time in the world they’re earthbenders he laid Siege to boss’s thing it makes

sense he’s he’s pissed off at him it’s like some type of lotus that’s coin that’s like like a white coin I’ll keep that in mind for later there’s fire all over the north I don’t have a choice a word of advice the direct p is not always the best path there we go it means you should be careful where you stand what is this take your shirt off doy show us loone cloth booby whoa wanted to punch him in the face Greg maybe I’m trying to show you there are no easy Journeys for the Avatar

and maybe I just wanted a bite a rock candy that’s some interesting makeup yeah they didn’t get an old guy to play this part should have got an actual senior citizen there’s got to be 112 year old around here somewhere that wielded out I’m coming Uncle I love their relationship here this way is that what the map says map’s un clear but I got a hunch good good A Feeling an instinct you see that instinct based off W put out your light is that a big spider I’m not going to be happy if that’s a

big spider well what do you know multiple baby spiders love is brightest in the dark you have to let it get dark so you can follow the light that’s how you find the PATH it said love is brightest in the dark not glowy rocks poetic license like the menal said I’m not a little girl girl anymore and you keep acting like you know everything when you couldn’t even tell that a traitor was flat out lying to you says the girl who fell for a terrorist him you don’t get to tell me who I can talk

to and you don’t get to just ignore me I can’t if you’re being an idiot dad put me in trou you’re not Dad Truth Hurts wait that wasn’t nice of her to say he’s acting like his dad I’m always on guitar side gu we’re not in Wolf Cove anymore are we I guess not imagine if grand grand could see us now yelling at each other just could go for some of her seal jerky or noodles seal jerky we’ll get some soon you really think so can we postmate some seal rcky we don’t eat seals we

I could still see you you’re right I mean io’s on a path of atonement he doesn’t know that he just sees the man who like I know being in the military we got special privileges my brother though he had a soft heart uhoh uh he’s going to do something dangerous he gather food and water from a Splatoon and give them to the children uh-oh you killed his brother Ira he was on watch yep then that you torched the eastern wall oh by the time we put the fires out there was nothing left of him to

bury oh he was 19 all those lives lost all that fighting and bossing say still stands was it worth it appreciate the maturity on this we were War I was a soldier you were a butcher I appreciate the flip side of we seeing ir’s really dark past affecting a character here yeah I can still smell smoke when I go to sleep at night oh man that’s PTSD War pushes us to the edge is that your pitiful way of saying you’re sorry for what you did I wasn’t talking about me it’s really well done cuz I

don’t hate him even though I love iro I understand his emotions you you have no Humanity you know nothing of loss cuz up until this point I just been like oh grandpa oh I love you little Grandpa pinch your little cheekies yeah and now you’re like oh he’s got a dark past he really did some messed up stuff he abandoned The Siege yes after his son was killed like we know about there there it is so his son dies a hero and he’ll be forever known as a coward he knows loss take comfort in knowing

that Lieutenant will forever be hailed as a champion of the Fire Nation thank you OA his sacrifice will be enshrined in Legend very sorrowful episode what a great honor for you and for lieutenant pretty scar who is this oh Scarface when my studies weren’t going well and father wasn’t happy Lieutenant gave me this he’d want it whoa for finishing first in his officer class this is so powerful it should should belong to someone destined to do great things gave me strength W and strengthening their relationship and bond right now too that’s smart in his uncle’s

darkest moment lieen never needed it because he was the strongest person I knew a oh and he sits next to him wow that’s what he was talking about he owes Zuko more than he could ever repay gave him hope D oh excellent job here that was so well done I like they Incorporated the backstory but you see the actual effect it has connection and the trauma as well that iro carries and the weight of his the consequences of his actions he lost family just like us he knows how those memories can hold you back he

got me to see that I’d only been thinking about how Mom died and not how she lived this episode’s a lot about how to handle your trauma and the people who help you through that trauma you know s told me I should be an engineer that was my true calling but it was nice to hear someone tell me I had something to offer the world besides my Superior fighting skills what I said about you and Dad you led the tribe and protected us with nobody to help you dad never had to bear that kind of

Burden alone you had it harder than him wow this is really getting me you guys love a good brother sister relationship bonding moment oh that’s not right the crystals were just crystals like I thought I take back everything I said you are a loser we were here before but this wall wasn’t how is that possible the tunnels are changing creepy the Boomie I know is a fun loving happy kid who loves to skip rocks and always thinks about his friends shot was such a weird horror twist who cares about responsibility let’s play one final game

wonder if they’re going to really commit to this do you remember this fight scene from the show so much was like this is so weird you versus me to the death I like his very young body hey man he’s he’s survived all this time for a reason oh yeah that looks like Watson that is Watson whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa awesome do it we’ve all seen enough death it’s a good fighting mhm oh no we need to go I think you should no time really shown Zuko’s softer side a lot more early on it’s

really well done because I care more about it bad yours are terrifying yeah I’m like they’re kind of cute in the animated show but I’m like oh it’s terrifying here what’s going on are We Dead love is brightest in the dark it wasn’t about the crystals I think this is so brilliant I don’t remember if this like that anime show but the way it happened here was like didn’t feel like coincidence at all they sense feelings and react to them anger fear but mostly love how do you think they do with verbal commands we’d really

appreciate if you could show show us the way to the Palace please I love you yes I’ve never been so happy please pumy you don’t have to do this some of us have to fight even when we don’t want to that’s what it means to be in a war see there you go Greg you’d have known about that if you’d been around but you weren’t Jesus more guilt you can’t rely on anyone even your friends especially your friends clear it clear clear clear oh wow it’s time for the games to end that armpit here was

disgusting it’s so gross yes s booby could easily stop it this isn’t a game yes it is one that requires you to make impossible choices who gets the last of the food scraps the orphanage or the soldiers torture are you okay well kid you sure know how to bring the house down you were wrong you can rely on your friends that’s the only way I’m going to save the world you think like a child that really so bad remember this I used it to call a friend that’s what I’m going to do now you’re right

I wasn’t here for the world more for you but I’m here now yeah talk your way out of these situations say like Naruto does amazing Fire Nation forces are on the Move they’ll be here by Dawn you’re under attack fortunately a sword tipped us off aha it’s time and wasu rejoin the war but I do have one more challenge for you my cabbages what are you doing here Uncle same as you getting ready to embark on what is sure to be a memorable Journey you want to come with me I’ve come fully prepared all the

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have punched in at least once or twice in the last episode that’s what I think about that opinion okay Ramble On go ahead you’re the one who talks all the time I know not C seemed like like like the lot I love the episode I thought it was really well done I love that they’re interweaving stories that happen in a singular episode an avatar into the long-term story here so it’s like multiple episodes smooshed together but it’s done really well like that love one love the the love kiss you not remember that from the first

one no well I won’t spoil it but it’s a whole separate episode H and they’ve inter wolven it here I don’t know if they’re going to bring the component that was in the animated show that made it like what it was in the animated show because they did the whole brother sister thing and then the the overall theme Here is relationships and overcoming the trauma with the people around you with your friends and family um and I think that’s really well done and not focused on like a romantic singular interest if that makes sense yeah

so I really I really think they’re doing a very very good job of condensing a lot of episodes into a long-term story here in the short amount of time they have for what Eight Episodes yeah well they’re not they’re not just singularly condensing they’re also expanding on and they get creative with how to you know have characters interact I mean where to add new things to expand upon the story that we may know other people may not know but you’re getting fully more in my opinion more fleshed out yeah stories here elements to make it

more flushed out and you know there’s there’s qualities that come in in terms of the animated show that come in later on in the animated series that they’re bringing over earlier yeah uh in ways that still feel earned that make authentic yeah they feel sincere to the journey and they they make it for a different journey and and like I think the most obvious one is is with the main focus being iro yeah and Zuko here you know seeing like iro at the funeral and the the words the words he exchanges with iro at the

funeral and then how iro is there for him before he sets sale choosing to go kind of at the last minute parallel because you see Zuko sit next to his uncle at his darkest time and then it’s paralleled where his uncle is sitting NE standing next to Zuko during his darkest time saying you’re not alone you know it’s a parallel that’s very well done yeah for an episode called into the dark so much about it is love conquering during the darkest times in our lives and getting these softer sides of Zuko earlier on because yeah

I mean Zuko’s I mean at least for the anime counterpart I remember just he was so gung-ho Mr angst all the time there’s a while before whiny complaining in my opinion I didn’t like him I didn’t enjoy watching him it was they eventually loved him uh when more of these aspects started coming into the full but that was like way later you know so but to implement it here it creates a different journey and I think it’s kind of necessary for for liveaction storytelling because it’s not a onetoone where trying to just establ like what

they’ve made distinctly clear here is fire lord oai is the ultimate villain um whereas the I remember in the animated show experience they were trying to sell you on Zuko is the villain in the first season and then the world would get bigger uh where but but I loved I love what they did here because yeah I mean we know of io’s backstory but seeing the a effect that it has on other people in a way that feels like true like War suffrage yeah effect and I I like how he doesn’t try to gain this

Soldier sympathies you know like it would feel he’s not so apologetic and like I’m so like or being like I understand I went through my losses too you don’t know like there’s nothing about that like he knows he can’t change the Soldier’s mind and he stays Stern uh there in some ways he’s kind of giving the soldier what he wants which is the soldier wants to punish iro the soldier wants to fight the soldier wants to see him as someone without humanity and and he’s giving him that you know so I think it’s it’s very

nuanced there uh I think this was like other than a couple of like silly moments that were intentional silly this is a very serious most mat this is a very mature episode um like it feels very adult you know because then on the flip side you get the trauma that this Soldier experienced at the hands of iro I then you get Boomie as well and what Ang’s departure from his life meant and while I don’t like the overly guilty because I think it’s pretty clear in didn’t choose to leave he wasn’t like escaping so I

feel like that’s a message that’s lost so a lot of the time when they’re guilting him I’m like it’s not like he fled he thought war was coming and he ran and purposely locked himself in an ice thing for a hundred years it wasn’t his choice he’s here now you know but there’s still that resentment of feeling abandoned for all those years and what he had to go through for all those years yeah well everyone the belief that everyone had for all this time was that he fled in some way you know that’s no no

one saw him leave I thought it was that they killed him because they said they killed all the oh yeah it’s true maybe yeah well regardless uh but isn’t the Avatar reborn in a some way right yeah the Avatar is always reborn um yeah I’m not sure I I do think I think it was a little bit more I remember the fight really well with boom but if I recall correctly Boomie in in the animated show boom’s like weird and welcoming and creepy and he fights him and then he reveals that he’s Boomie yeah I

think it happens at the end yeah and so they did a complete inverse here where he Reveals His boom up front and and I don’t recall Boomie harboring all this resentment yeah towards him and like I said there’s a lot of like actual changes that I think in terms of adapting that I think are more effective for this version they’re telling agree and uh I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the boo I you know what it is it’s not that I didn’t like it but I did find it the least effective out of

all the stories cut to here like like I it was the one I was looking forward to the most and it was the one that I didn’t find that emotionally impactful uh cuz like like everything with Saka and qara I thought was more fleshed out more nuance and I think what the execution they’ve been doing with Saka has been really really good because he’s not they find moments to still bring out that that goofball that we love at him and the the side that shows that yeah while he’s like capable and everything there’s still like

a dweeb inside of him that comes out but that’s not what he’s dumb down to yeah you know yeah he’s kind of like dumb in a while before you’re like oh he’s just the comedic relief yeah and and here you see that they they show the respect of where he’s had to rise to and taking place of the father his father not being there and the the kinship between him and qara I think is really strong here like I thought this episode was very important for that yeah and of course everything with Zuko and and

iro was incredibly impactful both on their solo Adventures but them as a unit and why their bond is so strong and I think making it really clear up front like this early on that they’re not like just an antagonist you know that there’s something way more to them they’re also characters who are on a a path of understanding that maybe their allegiances are not in the right place but then when it came to like Boomie and and Ang um I kind of felt like the the lessons were not like I don’t feel like anything was

really earned from learned from that for a yeah no it was for a or or anyone really I mean the lesson being Bo learned yeah I guess Boomie learns he instills in him that whole thing of no I will like instilling Faith again so I I understand that I I I thought it was a bit Meandering in in this execution I found myself becoming less and less interested the moment we kept cutting back to it interesting uh to me Ang is Naruto so I’m like yeah I know he’s he is that character yeah so when

he’s that anime character that sits and talks and like calms everyone down and like the talk no Jutsu type thing that’s his superpower um so it didn’t bother me uh it is the less impactful storyline of the episode for sure in my opinion but I wasn’t like I I don’t know maybe I should I I get what you’re saying I should care more about Ang story here honestly because he’s the main character whereas I finish this episode I’m like I can’t wait to see iro and Zuko like I want more of iro and Zuko whereas

we should want more of Ang’s journey I have notice that we’ve been liking the show more and more and it becomes less and less about Ang story yeah weirdly enough and I’m wondering like maybe this is one of the I mean there’s still four more episodes to go yeah but so far on this journey like episode one like we liked but our enthusiasm has definitely come more into the Forefront at least on our subjective viewing from episode two through four and that’s usually when the other characters are are becoming bless you are are becoming more

center stage and and taking more of a more of the screen time and stuff and it’s nothing on the actors really it’s I I don’t really not really giving in a lot to do most depth no it’s not and I don’t know that also makes sense he has no connectivity to the world well it’s kind of it kind of feels like a little repetitive yeah everyone he just shows up and people guilt yeah you know whereever you been you been dick bag and uh yeah but I mean there’s still four more episodes at the end

of day he is the main character and the show experience in the beginning it was like a my favorite character for sure and then it then I would fluctuate between I would hover between other characters think it was always Ang for me yeah Ang was great and then here he’s it’s not it’s not the actor’s fault uh and and again this is structured in terms of focus very different you know like the animation is like 22-minute episodes and you’re just watching Ang and Boomie for like two episodes whereas here you’re cutting between different story lines

that are all having a thematically um line up with each other it’s done really well it’s done really well but usually it’s the Ang story that is not the most interesting yeah yeah I agree I agree with you uh which could be maybe the show’s biggest detriment by the end it could be but also I think it’s really smart to build up the side characters who are going to have larger Parts outside of a later down the road I am wondering with it being CU you know like they are kind of combining elements from other

Seasons already yeah how many seasons do they want to do for Live Action and kids grow up you know like how many are yeah how how many are they expecting out of this is the question well they do that and they do three seasons is it Netflix like three seasons and then you’re they do three seasons and then you do Legend of cor yeah oh man Legend of cor live action that’s GNA be dope uh it’s going to be dope but I’m I think this is my favorite so far of the animated series and really

yeah I’m I’m really loving this honestly I’m super engaged I respect your opinion um I don’t respect yours so that’s okay that’s okay um age to disagree I can respect that you don’t respect my opinion I know you can CU I can walk all over you Amen to that Amen to that sister but I hated Zuko like I was not connecting to him in the animated show and I felt like it was being shoved down my throat blah blah blah that one guy telling me I’m going to love Zuko eventually I’m like I just don’t

get it I don’t get it I don’t like him I find him whiny he’s so well fleshed out here but you do love Zuko by I remember our experience when we got to the thirds we were really on board with him in the second season he does some and then the third season we loved him I remember that third season I loved him but I didn’t for the first half of the third season remember I got a lot of hate for that but that’s part of the back and forth of Zuko that you’re supposed to

have and in the animated show I think I think you’re supposed to have that and I really respect that a lot I respect that I care so deeply about I feel he’s a fleshed out not one-dimensional character here Fair whereas I did in the first season of The Animated show I felt he was super onedimensional I feel like you’ll get crap not for your opinion on the live action but for what you’re stating about the animated show that’s usually how it goes I’m expecting people to go watch our reactions people like I I respect what

you’re saying about the live action but what you said about the animation my concern doing this reaction was people are going to go to the patreon become patreon members watch my reaction be like this hated the animated show for while you didn’t the JY I had heavy criticism you you were a strong feeler I had heavy criticism yeah you’re a strong feeler you have strong opinions like you’re you’re you know how you think and you know how you feel whereas I’m I’m always like trying to figure out how I think and feel you know how

you think and feel and and so when you love it you love it when you you’re pissed at it you’re pissed at it and I think I remember our journey with the third season being like yeah it great like we I also remember a lot of the comments that I got so the journey along the way I am the Zuko of this reaction Duo sure so I’m fully expecting to have a a some controversial opinions but for me this is working really really well I think it gets better every episode I think gets better every

episode I can’t quite meet you on that one specific opinion about this being the best in them but I I I still man really love Legend of core and then they really messed some stuff up Legend of core that was the journey that I was most like wow what is every I talking about this is amazing and then it was like oh god oh this is what everyone’s talking about then it got great again but then it got bad again I remembered for the most part being pretty solid no we we did not like Season

Two Season Two was the rough one but three and four were pretty three I remember three B was pretty awesome and then four was like kind of hovered but it for the most part um but I really I I am I am liking this a lot and uh it’s it’s it’s surprising and I I appreciate their I appreciate that they’re not doing just a onetoone adaptation as well like they they are splicing and they are creating as and they’re building upon and they’re giving flashbacks and unexpected ways and nuances and areas that one wouldn’t expect

and because they’re structurally dealing with a different type of episode run time uh it’s it’s it’s a lotting them an opportunity and you can’t I don’t think you can do a onetoone adaptation of the animation like I it would be weird and jarring and pointless you know it would it would be it would be really silly to just do a one to one and and maybe I I I understand Nostalgia and I understand people wanting usually to just be a one to one uh but what’s the point of that yeah there’s there’s no point and

they’re giving us something that feels a little bit more serious so sometimes some of the more goofy stuff can feel a bit out of a place to me with the tone like some of the boomy stuff it a little it was like there’s not tonally driving with the rest of the episode for me and so that was the part as a as a fan of the animated show to go oh this part I’m really looking forward to and this part is not really working for me as much but everything else is really working well the

cab made the Cabbage man my cabbages oh hell that worked for me that was I’m so happy we got cabbage man keep bringing him back keep bringing him back cuz like she’s just like randomly everywhere everywhere throughout the whole show you’re like there’s a cabbage man he’s always like my cabbages my cabbages what became a jet he was just frozen there should a post credits scene no jet comes back remember nobody in this episode jet just like somebody let me out no he’s got like a bunch of Peter Pan friends around him they’re gonna come

around yeah Rufio that’s who he is he’s Rufio yeah his little Peter Pan Lost Boys little lost boy crew Lost Boys never seen that movie you’ve never seen Peter Pan never seen The Lost Boys I’ve never seen the animated Peter Pan you’ve never seen the animated Peter Pan no should I do a reaction no you should just watch it with me uh no no no that’s not the way life works I’m aware of it now I know have you never seen The Lost Boys either no wow oh reaction no no please God what can we

not have an authentic life we’re YouTubers I am not you’re mared of one there is no authenticity in our life everything you say makes me go should there have been a camera pointed at me I’m aware I’m aware could I have monetized this conversation we’re having in some way okay well I want a divorce so and if we Vlog the journey I could pay for those divorce that’s the thumbnail title he’s like perfect thumbnail reaction to episode uh what four divorce to divorce me question mark with a shock face and you say you’re not a

YouTuber you know exactly what you’re doing you’re the real Mastermind behind all this alrighty well I’m gonna go work on editing thank you guys so much talk with you all soon Chase Garder you have easily one of the most noun names hey you have a noun verb name sure verb noun name I’ve ever heard in my life yeah I don’t understand why you haven’t opened up a gardening business ooh where you’re just doing it while running the whole time just like I’ll I’ll run from one yard to the next doing it as fast as I

can it’s your whole gimmick you have to be running and chasing down and what do you do you chase Roots down my friend you’re chasing down the best place for photosynthesis to occur in the garden my man imagine that kind of life that you could have there and then check this out while you’re Garden chasing as as what is what they call the activity you find a dead dead body in one of the gardens right it’s all full of like worms and it’s it’s skeletal structure it’s disgusting it’s all completely rotten into the core and

you found it and then you decided like take it out you call the police for them to go pick it up and then what’s there in your gardening business a little fancy Medieval book what is this book oh there’s how to read instructions going on here and fortunately the client who you are now guarding for they speak the ancient language there of to read even though she they’re like don’t read from the book you’re like um I’m Chase Garder I chase after things that’s my job is to dig up the truth Chase knowledge and then

boom you read from the book and that corpse comes to life plot twist that corpse is actually your biological girlfriend oh yep it’s a miracle by DNA science you were able to find and revive her yeah man it’s a family reunion and a family reunion all at the same time you live your life happily together that’s what that’s what Chase gardening incorporation does what the chase gets you when you don’t give up immortality that’s what I’m talking about you got this I think that was about as smooth as going to go smoothest one of the


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