AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Episode 5 REACTION!! Netflix Live Action | 1×05 Review

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that’s where you get the full length Reaction watch line where you sync up with your own copy of Avatar the lastar Bender of course we covered Avatar and legend of Kora over there as well exclusively and John and I cover several things exclusive with highlight some watch songs included episode 5 let’s get Spirited Away hey like squat in this episode let’s get squatted beautiful they’re trees how many are there five

six time Jump I said bye earth king and now we’re going to get attacked boom me ring that’s my line yeah I know wow she learned this quickly DJ Kora let call her Kora Flying Cow bison that’s what they call him which is the plural of bison and singular your bending has gotten really sharp you’ve been inventing New Moon that’s a mark of skilled Bender I have been feeling pretty confident he’s a little cutie I know he’s adorable we’ve been running into the fire Benders a lot more often they want you it was bound to

happen even without Sak’s tragic dating attempts hey how was I supposed to know she was a fire nation soldier Okay who are they talking about no idea must have skipped the whole episode I was going to say no no oh even aa’s sad he’s like what the hell y’all it’s like when San cut down all those trees it is that’s a movie title right yeah Mia Zak Fire Nation no wait really all this ash of fire must be the Fire Nation my fault saar’s job to protect the natural world that’s just as important as helping

people correct and fighting fire Benders we learned that Legend of cor how many more Forest have died because I wasn’t here because I don’t know what I’m doing we should start training let’s go learn water bending and fire bending and Earth bending God oh what are you digging for buddy I love him let’s get rid of John get a Momo okay grand grand says life is a cycle out of death comes New Life this will be a forest again it’s like years we were making two very different points there seeds for the future not past

mistakes Spirited Away so are we going to go to Spirit World this time you think so this early is this a ghost you lost my name’s Saka rhymes with AA Waka Waka she looks very brave do you have a name maybe we can come up with one for her how about Kaka hiip and paddle opsis oh oh sure it’s a little better he’s cuter and cuter every episode he’s of age right I don’t know oh God Saka no wait what is happening here something bad happened here didn’t I you’re a keen OBS servering we have

seen our Sheri of war was that how the forest was destroyed the fire bender ERS just wanted to clear a path as they moov through the mountains oh these trees are in the way I mean we have highways yeah kind of done something similar our animals stopped grazing it it it’s almost as if the land itself had gotten sick a few days ago we sent out an expedition to search for food they never came back my son XI young he was with them he’s telling a lot of business to these strangers we know what it

is like to live in fear but this this is something deeper something Beyond this world like a spirit levent one you’re right the people are Beyond this world I can get them back wow what an interesting start to this episode any news no sir how many places can there be for a giant Sky bison hide oh you’d be surprised buddy one of the resupply merchants mentioned something about kids playing with ice blocks near Sunland pass but he was probably mistaken so someone saw ice in a place where no ice should exist most people would call

that unusual wouldn’t they unless they were an idiot like he’s kind of dumb I’ll send some men to investigate no I’ll have to do it myself as always well it’s a lack of Delegation on your part you know Zuko’s not wrong here Commander xia is very yes go crazy lady Go working with no support in a forgotten little corner of the world and yet he found the Avatar he found if it were me I’d send more resources to xia water the most promising seeds you taught me that like are you my daughter stop yapping you

may be right tell Colonel shenu to mobilize The Archers and alert the chancellor I’ll be redirecting some funds Daddy loves me again and aula shouted and discover the Avatar Zuko did he’s the one who displayed resilience and dedication this is so what a flip that’s what I expect from a future Heir not self- serving flattery and koi whisper what a flip putting her more in the underdog position to get Daddy’s approval yeah yeah wow which makes sense I me they both think Daddy’s look at his smirk he’s well aware of what he’s doing I mean

it’s it’s still probably the same direction it’s going to ultimately go but I think that’s interesting to reestablish the motives I think we’re going to get more aula Zuko relationship building hopefully too the spirit world usually the two remain separate but there are places where the barrier between them is stem and I believe the fires weaken the barrier even more when are you going to learn water bedding the avar is the bridge between the natural world and the spirit world I can feel how close the two are I mean they have an immediate situation they

got to deal with right now all of this is my responsibility I need to get to the North so I could save the water benders I also need to help these people so they don’t lose their homes and the ones they love you’re not Superman dude I need to find where the spiritual energy so strongest and where’s that I’ll not it when I find it you almost said something specific Forest moves oh no you bring Katara with her with him to just spirit world oh never mind they just got way ahead for some Reas yeah

interesting a shrine to the spirit of the forest this is the place found that pretty easily once his Spirit crosses over his body will be vulnerable we need to protect him and how will we know that this works I’m not sure I’m getting hungry hey do you mind I’m trying to concentrate here you got so Snappy I think Saka is my favorite of the group so far of these three yeah definitely whoa It’s a total like 90s ghost now Saka I think it worked what is happening right now they got brought to the spir world

too what is happening I don’t know I’ve separated my spirit from my body but somehow I brought you guys well get us back get us back now I’m I’m sorry trippy oh I wish they stayed like ’90s ghosts we’re in the spirit world oh don’t mention the Avatar agreed and we should tread lightly the Fire Nation May control this territory but it’s still Earth Bender country we don’t want to cause trouble weever ever cause trouble I heard some water benders might have been around these parts not long ago did you see them no perhaps this

will help smooth did you see the water benders no but I heard the Avatar might be traveling with some water benders what did you say the Avatar oh is that right mooki but the Avatar that’s what those pirates said no it wasn’t the Pirates it was that Canyon oh no oh no they’ve all just accepted the avatars back too it seems they’ve heard about the avatar help me she’s crazy oh yes oh what is heret a interesting CGI animal right there don’t die you idiot I only get half if you die what are you looking

at a low life Bounty Hunter o low life big talk for a little boy hey I’m not little go me Uncle I’ll let it pass cuz your dad’s kind of cute ohos space should have known they would have let mercenaries run wild here he’s like she call me cute we should hi her yato used to tell me that the spirit world and the physical world are tied together what happens to one affects the other he also had a way of making things easy to understand I’ve always felt I was a spiritually attuned person me too

oh was that a frog or a froggy thing I have no idea how he got in here the villagers are probably trying to find find a way out none of you belong in here who said that sounds like the guy who voes ey in the show no human belongs in this real oh that is one big birdie I am no birdie I am the spirit of knowledge itself this is really great CGI work here with the giant owl Ang who are you talking to they do not hear what you hear here you are the Avatar

You Were Meant to have one foot in this world they however are Interlopers cool shot the more dangerous it will become for them dangerous dangerous Bird’s not going to eat us is it that should be the least of his worries that is really cool I think it’s great CGI I want an owl now too I want this owl there are creatures in here that will do far more than devour by your body they’ll eat your soul he what’s he saying he says he’s not going to hurt us and that’s what counts what did you mean

about danger there are things in here that will reveal truths to humans it will show them who they really are oh they’re hearing is like being told I look like Randall from Monsters Inc it’s the truth I needed to hear I love that all they was they were here was hoot hoot hoot hoot Prince uko there is much you can learn from these P show players they are untrained but that only means their minds are open to new ideas expand your mind and so they are ready when a solution reveals itself I hired her no

June is the best at what she does she’s a mercenary if she fails she doesn’t get paid and she doesn’t eat let gave all my money to that guy back there I know you’ve always believed there is a right and a wrong way of doing things rules but the r rules are different out here Commander Xiao knows this and he is already making moves while we have yet to draw our tiles okay has to learn how to work with the actual civilians keep your mind open Zuko in different parts outside of Fire Nation tell me

about this Avatar I like her I could watch more of her yeah I wonder why she seems like a really good character she’s a great actress isn’t she huh great acting and that’s the reason why would watch why you would just stare at anything she’s in all day huh yeah yep can’t take as out the show my God invisible animal oh did you see that Saka relax the ow said we’d be fine as long as we stuck to the path right a those Footprints are the dark truths that sck of you what did the owl

really say he said it could be dangerous for you guys in here that you might have to face the truth no how bad could the truth be uh yeah I can deal with the truth but I can’t deal with is getting eaten by some giant spirit Monster Holy balls please tell me that some Spirit language only you can understand and it’s saying welcome friends would you like some cake that’s not what it’s saying oh my gosh this is horrifying that will said it’d be okay as long as we stay on the path we’re on the

path we’re on the path oh no we’re on the path we’re on the path get off the path get off the bath it’s the spirit of the forest wounded oh yeah okay I see they’re doing like an amalgamation of a bunch of different stories here hey skuy why’ you pick up someone your own size you’re not his own size feels so stranger things there now I didn’t mean me it didn’t mean me it’s a St it looks like a stranger things well they’re like the upside down room but I I remember which creature this is

now Godzilla now they’re all separated huh I want one of those too pain pain oh my God it talks oh my God it’s adorable pain actually they’re just scratches not you hey bye now he’s hitting on the fox you got to stop man you got to stop that spirit it’s in a lot of pain I I love this fox Greg I need to get to my friends before they get eaten by that monster it’s not a monster that’s what pain does to you it changes you well these scratches are making me pretty irritable he avoids

His Pain by making jokes I don’t get what that character is like remember the creature attacking in the animated show was like a town that it was attacking and now they’re putting the spirit world like how they put the owl from this location too she said the fog can be dangerous I’m trying to watch this I don’t know what’s happening I don’t remember this at all I’m like Ian it’s very different still I don’t remember them going to the spirit world I don’t remember them going to the spirit world though think they did making the

spirit world like an utter nightmare oh my god oh good transition I really got you huh well it was like a weird stretchy face of her welcome to your Purgatory your home your childhood Katara a there you are I’ve been looking all over for you is it really you what Huger anyway Kara are you okay you’re dead Mom I’m understanding the guara performance way more it’s more subdued than like the animated counterpart and she wears her pain a lot more which makes her performance more subtle Kara you’re not braiding you know I was never good

at this Saka used to tease me about where is Saka where’s Saka think he and your father should be back from their fishing Expedition soon start start questioning things honey yeah this seems really painful what you’re going through right spirit world is really messing you up honey get spend time with your mom braiding things I don’t think this is what would be happening to me in the spirit world nor you I can’t bend you will I know it someday you are going to show the world just how powerful you are man these Spirits seem super

cruel huh man seems like they’re casing her soul in some way though oh no they’re making her relive her M oh it’s just a re I why it took me so long to pick up that she’s completely reliving a specific day find the water bender I must have missed that detail they were specifically looking for her is her mom a water bender though too I think so right H okay maybe Kara we have to get inside now no I’m not going in there oh good transition there where’s the water bender we know you have one

in the village turn the bend over or die yeah I can’t believe we’re getting this whole flashback oh this is kind of scary wait it’s me I’m the water Pender damn that is tragic is that how it happened yes so oh my gosh oh my goodness I take it back the spirit world is awful they don’t shy away from showing the horrors of War for them in their world war despair what the wow the dad the spirits of water bear witness to this Mark for the strength and Leadership displayed during his ice dodging trials ice

dodging huh you did make it exciting though Botto bot BTO that’s right I lost control I didn’t know what to do this they do a good job in making the cultures feel very real we all came through in one piece that’s all that matters right hakoda one piece the one piece is real we start ice dodg and cutter or what remains of it if this is how you pass a test I’d hate to see what you do to a boat and you fail oh no he was bullied if it weren’t for you Saka would have

wrecked us it was a tricky run even I only saw the breakers at the last second why they have this conversation right out there when he really had to prove himself that he’d do better how do you not see him right there oh his dad isn’t very nice the truth is not everyone is meant to have people’s lives in their hands oh my gosh he’s just a boy the adults in this show suck I know I’m like oh these are a people but what is real life what is the spirit world twisting I mean I

think he actually saw this and this is what he’s so this why he feels like he has to prove himself so much give to your despair I don’t think this is on the same level as uh Katara to be quite honest with you dad doesn’t believe in you she saw her bom burn to yeah should have flipped that around one hurts a lot more way more tragic that should be the follow-up tick guitar store but that’s fine oh great he’s going to see all his people slaughtered I don’t think he’s going to be witness to

that he’s got to see something bad is it the what have we here it is a spider someone who can resist that can’t be possible that’s what the mask was this is horrifying do you remember this character I remember a giant sper my God cool it brought to life one of your previous incarnations tried to sleave not a spider but like a centipede why would I try to kill you it was something about stealing the face of someone coming you know all about stealing oh my gosh all I want is to find my friends disturbing

now why would I let you play with my food oh nly they progressively doing more and more horror each episode oh the Hut where the person lives remember there’s some rules about contact with that creature I don’t remember exactly hello Kat you finally made it you’ve abandoned us for 100 years now you guilt him this isn’t real it’s another illusion there are lots of Illusions here but you’ve emerged from the fog this is real recognize this one of the last games we played could still be an illusion hey your turn cheater is this real I

think it is giant spider comes out of his body how is this possible how are you here after you left the southern air Temple the fire Benders attacked no way most who perish moved on in the great cycle a I chose a different path I knew you would need me oh I don’t know anything you know a lot more than you think am I supposed to save the world if I can’t even save your friends my friends they’re somewhere in the fog that is the fog of lost souls okay I remember this sound it is

the hunting ground for Co the face Ste that’s what it was what connection okay yeah he must have the villagers too the ones we came to rescue Co will hold them there until he’s ready to feed yum yum when that happens their souls will be lost forever oh my gosh previous avatars have Tangled with Co Roku once even got the best of the spirit I need to talk to Roku except roku’s Temple is in the Fire Nation Oh that’s the problem I don’t have a choice I’ll be back what what has happening right now you

couldn’t have done anything if you’d stayed with us very true he needed to hear that was wasn’t ready you couldn’t have prevented the war you would have just died along with everyone else it’s not your fault oh finally thank you this poor kid can we talk about it when I get back of course oh no you should hurry go will feed again before too long once I save my friends want more time uh he’s probably don’t aw I hope you can help me Avatar Roku yeah just go on on to the Fire Nation I know

you’re in pain I saw your spirit he all burned up on one side look at that I’m going to make this right and I’m going to save my friends I promise sorry buddy you can’t come this time oh you do Mama it’s too dangerous I like the kid who plays a but I do have some issues I’ve got some complaints I’ve got some real issues with the way they write our lead characters specifically into the plot of story sometimes it feels like we’ll always be alone we tell ourselves we are the problem especially when things

we can’t control come our way man they’re building up to a lot that’s why we must let go of our pain and regret and remember we’re really fighting for the ones we love he’s just hoping qara and Sak will be fine I guess so he’s just able to Sky Glide for like miles hm interesting stuff interesting stuff in the midst of movie and TV show reactions such a busy schedule around here who’s got time to prep gourman meals well that’s for Factor steps in factor is a game changer delivering Chef crafted dietitian approved meals right

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um I’m sucker for anything that has a horror feel just love that Vibe the creatures I thought were cool ha the CJ is much better this episode there’s that I think well yeah I mean when you’re working with darker environments you can do better blending and to have this multiple amount of creatures I think uh really does uh help to put it in an environment that also feels surreal and mystical so you can put it in like darker backdrops which I help which I think really helps with blending your charact your you know Fantastical creatures

into these environments I like like the mood and the aura uh overall I thought was really good and and uh you know to get a couple Nostalgia Bugs see the owl there yeah the owl was really cool remember they owl they owl from library or something yes but they they brought him here they said nope slap that there throw the throw the bear here I think that’s what this is the first time that I feel like they just were like here you go uh from a standpoint of someone who’s familiar with were the animated stuff

or would you feel that way even if you hadn’t I think I probably would feel that way even if I hadn’t but it feels heavier because I am familiar with the animated show because it feels it feels like a discombobulated episode it the way it even starts I’m like this is a dramatic change from the end of the last one they’re talking about him dating a fire nation girl we didn’t see any of that it feels like a very discombobulated episode in my opinion and I also feel that a is our weakest character which is

a problem totally yeah I mean we still got a few episodes that seems like they’re putting him on his own here uh which which will make for a very interesting development I just think it’s very repetitive what they do with Ang and the way to develop Ang if you were to take a note from a I I was I actually didn’t realize I’m like this is my avatar the animated show were actually work uh for a is the way you develop a is by by developing his relationships with the people around him and the show

seems to be shying away so much from him developing connection bonding kinship with the other two charact like the the people he’s traveling with like when they’re saying like my friends I’m like they kind of just seem like buddies still like little buddy like random I don’t feel like a a like they’ve been really developing a close connection and we’re five episodes in are they’re developing like a tight friendship yeah even with their passage of time I don’t really get the sense of all these things that the the show is saying that they should be

at at this point with I know they’re not supposed to be like best buds yet or anything uh at the same time the show doesn’t really they kind of just give a repetitive dialogue and then while they got the lesson of you got to let go of that it’s not your fault like all right good you got got one little moment there that I felt was NE uh necessary for his character outside of that uh it it is starting to fall when we cut to him it falls flat yeah and uh as appealing as the

visuals are I think the show has a lot of work to do to like when we’re with like katara’s backstory I’m like oh this is great like I was I was so that we were just watching some Vision I didn’t know we were watch then they show you in a memory like oh this is messed up a and then it’s really horrific what she had to experience and they did a great job at illustrating uh the the traumas they have to overcome and and I think it made their performances uh even feel more fleshed out

especially qara who I imagine there might be some back and like I think some people really like qara and I can imagine it be some back and forth but I I have noticed she is very uh internal performance and very subdued and even before we got a flashback I was going something about her just feels like she’s in just so much pain this like kid and and then this this really drove that home as obvious as it might be from what they’ve established with plot points with their character they really drove that home this episode

uh showing that like not only did the mom die unless there was a plot Point they’ve revealed that I that we totally missed but that she died uh because they were looking for her guitar like the the amount of guilt a child would feel in a situation like that is intense more guilt than everyone being slaughtered and a being gone for all that but but I feel like that whole talk what with gatso and a would have had more impact if we felt the weight of guilt from a from some type of vision or something

if he was quickly cuz he didn’t fall into the Trap of the spirit world I almost wish he had for a little bit if they had showed that him show seeing some type of despair yeah because then it just Falls I feel like we’re not as connected to him as literally every other character no they don’t give and this is this was my concern from the first episode I was trying to say was that there’s a lack of emotional weight when it comes to Ang and it seems to like they haven’t really given the kid

like he’s a Charming kid he’s really Charming he’s he’s very very Charming yeah and the uh the writing hasn’t given him the opportunity to display that to see see if he has he’s up for the challenge at least for the depth of like yeah like you got to see if he’s the actor’s up for the challenge at least and and if they can pull and it comes down to directing there’s a lot of variables to to pulling that out of an actor and I I do think that it’s it is just like the same goddamn

dialogue from both a and what people say to a it’s just so repetitive and the way you make a more interesting is watching his connection with with other people and you and I think they are doing a really not a strong job yeah after five episodes with how much we’ve gone on uh they yeah it does feel like they’re they are missing something whereas like like Zuko still great a Zula even I’m like they’re fleshing it seems like the the I know the main writers left it seems like when the creators the creators of this

show were really interested in fleshing out and making these other characters more three-dimensional and humanizing them uh I I like the motive a lot that they’re doing with aoula because aula does show up in the animated show as a uh you know just like haha I’m the one dad loves you suck brother and she’s awesome she’s like my favorite she’s amazing and they’ve taken a very different introductory approach with her where you could see the dad is like pawning both of them and manipulating both which is probably what he’s always done even in the animated

show you just don’t see that but you see how she’s fighting for his approval and you give her these softer elements and then of course the way they’ve been fleshing out the relationship with iro and and uh he’s like none of this comes back to Here’s the the what when I make comparisons it’s not a comparison the way of going here’s what the animated show did in the plot in the story and that’s why it’s better uh it’s it’s really it’s just the show itself I’d have this I know 1 million per I would be

like yeah everyone’s really flush out except your main character he’s kind of just very repetitive everything here and he’s he’s the Title Character that’s the thing is it’s it’s hard not to compare it to the animated show when at the end of the day the back story is the same and in the animated show I feel like they did a better job of flushing out the weight a felt on him of being the last air bender and the Avatar and all of a sudden having to grow up being thrust into this world of war I

think they did a better job of showing that weight on him whereas our Ang here all of that still exists he still has all of that weight but he’s just like the the that the me to but the comfort of the show to comfort everyone else you’re doing a good job qara you know you’re doing a good job Sak like it’s he does he’s not fleshed out enough for me and we’re almost we’re halfway through the show we’re more than halfway through the show yeah no we’re we’re like deep into like when I think about

the journey they’ve been on all the all the that’s happened I think it feel like it’s been like 3 days total of everything that’s going on and and so much has happened but at the same time so little has been developing for Ang that’s the that’s the main issue cuz like I said like everyone else I’m really enjoying like everyone else I really like uh I’m really digging whenever we’re with Fire Nation people whenever we’re with them they’re they are solid and like I said like it’s actually my preferred the second that they go to

the Fire Nation I’m like awesome I’m excited yeah it’s I I just think that so much of our us talking about a is we’re fixated on it because he’s the main character Title Character and it’s a it’s it’s a real problem for me and now that they’ve set him up like I don’t even really get the choice of what happened here at the end of of leaving qara and sometimes his name sounds so similar I said I was about to be like no wait Kora no no no Katara qara and Saka in the spirit world

CU then he’s like you know buzzing off to the freaking fire I’m like wait okay I know time works differently in spirit world sort of but how did that was there something there about that they’ll be fine I think that’s why he left AA and Momo behind to kind of watch them that’s what I was imagining they’re still trapped they’re still trapped in the spir rol and I mean they could be eaten any moment number one and even his leaving gatso is like see you later buddy and him okay so I I guess I don’t

know the map that well and the show hasn’t really established the map yeah it was something that like even Game of Thrones would bother me on is is distance cuz it seems like he’s showing up right at the Fire Nation right it’s like no time but they did say that they were on the border of the Fire Nation they did say that at the beginning but still Earth that part is still earthbender people but it’s Fire Nation they occupy Fire Nation occupies and that they’re getting closer to the fire nation borders they did say that

yeah that’s true okay so they did make that clear all right right but it’s still like next scene he’s automatically there I’ve got I’m seeing the problems with the main character here I’ve got a real issue and concern that we’ve not seen him attempt any other bending not even try to learn yeah there missing a lot of things that I think that they that they establish here and he just keeps going I don’t know what I’m doing well I’m like well maybe you should start training you know why aren’t you even why aren’t you attempting

it maybe you should maybe you should be like on a path to learning every every episode inste going I don’t know what I’m doing well maybe start doing something he was in the earthbending Kingdom why didn’t you try to find an earthbender to help teach you earthbending I don’t understand and I don’t think he does that in the animated show but but the point is is it’s the it’s the search he’s not doing it’s the search and I think there was a storyline in the animated show that he was afraid because it would thrust him

to have to forced to to learn everything to be this like strength like that’s what he was ultimately afraid of so he was trying to put it off I feel like there were that that was a core storyline in the animated show whereas we’re not getting that here if we saw him like wanting if they’re like hey let’s practice bending and he’s like oh you know but no guar you need to learn more and like we saw him being afraid to do that because it forced him into the spotlight sooner and maybe forced him into

the front line of War sooner I would understand we’re not getting any explanation of that we’re not seeing any of that from him and it’s not saying that because the anim I think whenever you say any sentence like that anyone they automatically think it’s just it’s like it’s just it’s just the best example you can pull but it’s still a Core theme with your characters yeah well the show itself set that up the show itself made it explicitly clear has to learn this stuff in order to save the world but he’s like there’s no he

has to master all of the El that’s literally what everyone say that’s what he was told and there there’s like no effort being made on that and it’s really bothersome and it’s just the same repetitive and told him let the pain go yeah I’m concerned they’re going to throw it in at the last minute and he’s going to learn water bending no issue and it’s going to even the M9 shamalan movie was freaking him trying to learn about his f yeah so I’m I’m a little worried that we just ended episode 5 still better like

yeah I I just miss uh I I think the show is missing some some things that they that the show itself has already established and it’s and it’s just making the choices a little confusing and and uh just it’s not interesting like when you’re with them it’s not I really could care less about a at this it’s unfortunate because he was my favorite character in The Animated show he really was well I mean he’s a he’s a he’s he’s a very iconic character for a reason the show is huge and it’s a large part due

to him he’s a he’s the lastas airer I’m uh this is where I see the cracks this episode like I’ve loved every episode before this and this is the one where I’m like yeah I see the cracks for me because I feel like we should be at a specific point that we’re just not at and to me I really don’t I got to make it clear just for my own sake just so I know I said it is that I really don’t think it’s the the actor’s fault because n there hasn’t been a scene given

to him uh for all these things that we were talking about that make that that have me go oh it’s it’s because the actor not yeah because the actor like well we haven’t seen a scene where the actor really required to do this you know yeah uh and and that’s the that’s the that’s the sad part but we’ll see we’ll see they’ve done a I think I think the I think actually having an awareness of the animated show makes makes the the some of the things a little bit more clear where the faults actually lie

with the series because it seems like they’ve given this expansion and different approaches on everyone else but while they’re expanding they are significantly they’re for the most part taking the plot points of Ang’s journey and and and from the animated show and they’re just really condensing it so it feels thin and whereas everyone else they’re giving like extra extra time to but they’re just taking Ang’s plot points like literally the outline of his journey and they’re going cut this scene cut this scene just put this here just put this here just cut this beat Cut

this beat put this here and it’s it’s making development of a character uh feel like there’s no development oh well we’ll see it it really just overshadows a lot of what was really good about the episode actually that’s that’s the sad part because there’s a lot of good things in like the whole qara stuff is incredible I like the the CGI I I really do but I’ve got man I just am bummed about the a stuff yeah it’s a real uh real some something weird but leave your thoughts down below how wrong are we yeah

tell us why our opinions suck and your opinions are better why and why you’re right and we’re wrong tell us go ahead engage in the comments yeah I love reading those comments now we’ll start getting everything wrong next episode just so we increase that engagement I love the comments someone made um wow you guys just talk about a scene after you saw it that’s not a reaction what the what does that mean I don’t even understand what that comma means he’s like you’re not really reacting you’re just talking about a scene after after it airs

what does that mean he’s an idiot is what it means whoever made that comment we’re talking about SC you mean we’re making a he says we’re not it’s not an actual reaction we’re not reacting what is what is actual reacting apparently he doesn’t know the definition of reacting what is an actual what is actual reacting just making faces apparently I think that’s what we want faces and noises I guess so I mean sometimes you got to talk about called it’s called a a tiny bit of commentary without commentating too much to the point where we’re

missing what’s happening in the show that’s what we’re doing it’s like it’s pretty simple process here letting you in on thoughts whereas here this was I found myself trying to figure out my thoughts as I was watching it I don’t know is that like a top comment no it’s not don’t get in your head about it is like the bottom of the bottom I don’t know where watch time was pretty good on that so was it I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about average watch time they’re watching more than half reaction they’re watching

more than half of the reaction so that means that people that’s actually a really good watch time for her reaction honestly they don’t understand what the definition of reaction kind of crazy did you hear that that’s good to hear all righty we’re done Lex I got to say now that the Superman Legacy movie is coming around the name Lex is going to be popping through the ether again the Zeitgeist of Lex’s name is going to be circulating the atmosphere but the Lex that I will forever think about is not the Luther no no to that

man I’m going to thinking about the Lex who has been here supporting us this entire time the mononymous Lex I can’t believe just how long you have been pledged waiting for us to just crap out whatever craps out of our mouths while we are shouting you out just whatever we can possibly think of and this is the best that I’ve got today this is a crap out for you it’s a big crap out for Lex I am so happy to be here to be saying your name on camera yet once again because of your unflappable

support that you show our way you your exx exlex that’s what I’m talking exence exence absolutely that is so awesome oh my goodness we you you are you know Lex in some languages means like Royal means like king or or queen you know royalty that’s you are you are a royal reject Royal reject love you Lex hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day and that you can find some type of emotional intimacy with everything we have just said about the crap out party for Lex Lex rexs the crap out party

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