AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Episode 8 REACTION!! Netflix Live Action | 1×08 Finale Review!

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Avatar The Last Airbender Reaction

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and watch alongs included all right Boo Boo kuchu let’s see how Ang whoops everyone’s ass in one big gigantic episode this is my favorite moment of uh the first season so I’m very excited we’re under attack he landed wow Ang’s really going for it here huh yeah he’s got faith cool watch out guar there’s a new group coming in starbird side what is that now that is what we call Synergy not bad effects one ship down how many more to

go 48 million when you look past the Horizon there you go oh my God the wall is impenetrable and heavily guarded impossible to scale I know you think I’m being Reckless but has cornered the Avatar and he’s not going to stop until he has him one way or another this is where my journey ends no no you’re the best part of the show I know search the coastline for Fishers they could provide a pathway inside lieen would have been proud to have you as his father oh I love these two together so much love remember

your Breath of Fire you could save your life out there they have such good connection these two actors we’ll meet again after I have the avatar the last airbender he a good good actor guys look at this look at him crying is the mark of good acting everyone this is bad isn’t it they mean business but so do we it say it’s 5050 7030 6040 where are you going to even the odds what how you’re wondering why the command ship isn’t leading the attack weren’t you the one who pointed out a frontal assault on the water benders would

be fruitless well yes but so it would make sense to attack on multiple fronts yes open a new front with one ship one ship but not one vessel oh well that scientist guy really screwed things over oh this isn’t our work no this comes courtesy of our spies in omage this is just a prototype damn it it’s far too small to carry any kind of significant fighting force you of all people should know that Victory doesn’t always depend on the numbers but it should get the job done what job Annihilation wow that two hours went

by quick huh pretty cool this is where the first movie ended still waiting for that sequel I thought I made myself clear women are not allowed in combat I thought I showed you how stupid that is you know we can make a difference we how all the women are going to fight yeah let us fight man got to be at least one woman who’s like I really don’t want to get out here actually I like things the way they are what good is it relying on the past when it stops us from having a future

when it makes us do War work honey even she’s coming around maybe that’s his wife western side of the wall needs reinforcement you can help them repair the damage see if their Warriors need any other assistance and now it’s going to be on his mind the entire fight he’s not going to be focused I know he’s going to be like all those pathetic women back here I need you to go with uway and help her move the people away from the wall but most importantly make sure the princess stays safe for sure sure I swear

I won’t leave her side what a great great assignment for this guy who has to has a crush on her go women go women Parker sent you to me he told us to help you in any way we can we haven’t finished our training yet but try our best oh boy you can start by reinforcing that section if you spot any incoming Fireballs don’t try to take them on yourself let me know yes master Katara mastera call me boss boss Katara boss lady qara all right the Moon the Moon Admiral the water venders draw their

strength from the Moon the balloon I suggest you pause the attack until Daybreak no that isn’t just any moon it’s the ice Moon between the physical and spirit worlds grow thin on this night see he’s smart he is smart when I received the fire Lord’s orders to conquer the north I knew Brute Force wasn’t going to be enough I needed an edge you’re right to try looked up to the sky and learned to water bend by watching the moon push and pull the tide seem to have a lot of respect for the culture their lives

come from the spirit of the ocean while their powers come from the spirit of the Moon these same Spirits give up their immortality for one night every year to be among the water benders xia you’re not thinking of tampering with the spirit world are you godamn R wonder how big they’re going to go I mean got to do what you got to do man yeah if you want to win victory at all cost killing the ocean Spirit would deprive water benders around the world of their lives I’m not a monster oh thank God I’m only

going to kill the moon Xiao cannot be allowed to meddle with the Primal forces of nature in doing so he will throw the entire world out of balance I don’t even think oai would approve of that are you okay something terrible is about to happen everyone head to the Palace you’ll be safer there Momo just sit there I swear to God I’ll stop watching right now now I’ll stop watching right now something happens to Momo nothing Momo’s fine good job Momo you actually made yourself useful oh my God no way did they really they wouldn’t

there’s water healing his he alive barely water heel look at his poor little flopping body man that make me feel so real they wouldn’t killed that’d be too far show where are we wow they really brought that to life it’s the most sacred spot in the north the waters that feed this Grove are heated by the Earth Hot Springs makes stakes more personal I love Momo give him to me this is where the priest brought me when I was sick oh my god oh thank you Momo you dumb dummy don’t scare me like like that

oh oh poor mom if they killed off Momo is this show I would have gotten up and walked out for right now what is that something that shouldn’t be here why don’t you go warn people it’s a war balloon a war balloon stolen from AMU what I can tell this one’s not designed for combat just transport how do you know that cuz I helped design the thing help is very little important but you’re acting like you really like the spearhead of it General iro either you help me find the spirits or watch as I burn

this whole place to the ground jeez Lise such a good actor I’m so surprised I had no interest seeing Jo like n so good Avatar there’s nowhere left to run go stop Shia I’ll deal with him go easy enough people have been hurt already I don’t care I wasn’t talking to you o You’ learned some many tricks but I didn’t come this far to lose to you drown him you little peasant you found a master haven’t you yes you’re looking at her oh but his fire breath will save his life we got company we need

to stop sh he’s trying to kill the ocean of moon Spirits he can’t that would mean the end of our people Ang is aware of this guys yin and yang yes am I going to watch him kill fish right now you don’t remember this I do and I don’t want to watch it happen in liveaction form even oai wouldn’t want that oai lacks Vision you’re right oai doesn’t he can’t see the bigger picture whatever you do to that Spirit I’ll unleash on you tfold this can still work out for you iro once I take my

place as the new Fire Lord you can stand by my side as the new Fire Lord the dragon of the West can rise again as long as he bows before s the moon Slayer oh found himself a good title I am a legend now it will tell stories about me for Generation Xiao the moonslayer Xiao put that fish down no matter what you think this isn’t power do you realize what I can do fish has been out of water too long I can wipe out an entire race of Benders can you imagine what that’s like

yes you can yes I can you want to rule the world but if you do this there won’t be a world to rule so release his spirit and I’ll go with you ziao doesn’t understand science do you think anyone cares about you how much of a threat will the Avatar be once I eliminate water bending you don’t matter matter anymore knows how to cut deep man the fish has been out of water for a long time you guys it’s not a normal fish well is this as slow as I think it is or is oh

no don’t watch boy y whoa I like these visuals though this plan is so dumb why I don’t think it’s dumb and it’s con crazy shots it’s consequential for everyone city has beened none of you guys can do literally anything anymore it’s way too far yeah this is really harsh I mean yeah I think the visuals are really well done though on this black and white and the colors coming in cuz the only thing providing colors to fire right now really oh my gosh iro unleashed the Moon is gone there’s no hope now it’s over

the Avatar’s power is great but it pales before the power of the elemental Spirits that’s right yes give it to me I want it I want it now give it to me now it’s my don’t do this you’ll be lost forever I should have been lost 100 years ago this isn’t my time or my world I couldn’t save my world I can save this one even the Fire Nation soldiers are hoping he does a good job I go man go they did it give me what I want give me what I want yes Godzilla it

really is a a Kaiju what just happen Ang has given himself over to the ocean Spirit allowing it to channel its rage through him and access the power of the Avatar got to reach him there is no Ang anymore you go capture him he’s like maybe not change my mind here than this Spirit you alive what what is that that is wrath the Avatar there is no Avatar not anymore we must go no no don’t go we must we can’t we must what about guara there there she is you guys got this wow don’t let

me go this Jo can fire Ben can he yeah he can we haven’t seen him though huh he took everything from me you’re alive see can’t fire B okay I mean I assume they all can I just we Haven seen him why would you be put in charge of an army if you can’t fire just haven’t seen him do it at all yet I think we have seen him actually don’t call traitor traitor I really enjoyed the fight scenes you ruined everything the Avatar was mine my mission your mission was a sham you have to

have realized that somewhat did you really think the fire lord was going to take you back oai was playing with you it was all a game oai never actually expected him to find the avatar the last airbender and the winner is the one without the scar from Daddy oai was just using you as motivation for your sister damn he knows a lot I know and once again continuing to pit the siblings against each other you’re lying and me you’re lying who do you think was my Ally through all this oh right they did reveal that who convinced the

f Fire Lord to send me the Yuan archers who identifi the blue Spirit sword aula told me everything I needed to know it was a Zula all along you were the fire in which her iron was forged creatives was just so much more interested it’s Zuko story it’s so obvious and it’s good it’s really freaking good he’s a good actor though too like every actor they got the the the patience with the storytelling the way they breathe the emotion yeah I Ru although I feel like that fish should have been the one to kill him

for Revenge you know kill him his partner this is so cool I love it destroy everything murder them all fire you guys really should just give up huh you really should just give up I know have you seen this doing anything to it no no it’s embarrassing or it’s no it’s not doing anything is it de no whoa go let’s make it Water Godzilla I know the effects are kind of dodgy for a lot of people but I really like what I’m looking at right now oh I love this like they map this creature There’s

No Escape guys just move on especially cuz you’re in the ocean and it’s the ocean Spirit maybe they don’t comprehend that but clearly it’s an ocean creature whoa oh I love the mixture of like these super blue and the water nature always points out the Folly of man right Godzilla taught me that Ang is lost all that’s left is a vengeful Spirit who will roam endlessly looking for its partner but we’ll never find it the world will be forever out of balance there must be something we can do some way to bring the Moon Back

to Life I’ve got it s thank you I love that our eyes are so blue blue and this gray should be your first sign that something’s going to go wrong that you don’t like wait what are you doing I was touched by the moon Spirit as a child so I have its life within me it’s time for me to give it back this isn’t a sad thing it’s pretty sad do you know why the ocean and moon spirits take physical form for a night cuz they want to know what it is to be mortal why

that sounds this is awful no honey it’s worth the risk to be alive I’d rather be a spirit even for just one night especially controlling the moon or the ocean cool he don’t be an idiot you’re not just the Avatar you’re my family this is your world we are your family and youa please please don’t oh my God the poor dead fish I think they done a really good job on capturing the emotion Melancholy and all this no no like the Fantastical despair but the beauty oh he sees that his love is back I must

run to the Moon I know you think you don’t belong in this you were never meant to die 100 years ago if you had you wouldn’t be here now and the world needs you I need you it was a nice monologue bubble little ice ball it’s a nice call back to the first episode It’s Full Circle two fishes team Avatar what it ends look at all those dead people you think we’ll get a post credit scene with Toof no that would be cool though huh man I do love Toof I know she’s my favorite a

lot of people are my favorite on this show I know women do your job start healing this is why you shouldn’t be fighting yeah God so much destruction I was really connected to that guy for the five minutes he was on screen baby bummed and that other guy who had no name at all where you going I have no idea is Saka still frozen there just with the fish I’m sorry I couldn’t protect her what you’re going be with you forever she’s a moon she’s a fish now right there daughter always made her own choices

that’s why we didn’t let the woman make choices here not something you or anyone could have stopped we don’t know that she sacrificed herself for all of us me I watched it happen really you’re going to make this moment about you man I stood on the sidelines While others fought and died being the warrior I could never be in a moment when she must have been scared you made sure she wasn’t alone you don’t have to be a warrior be a hero you’re doing your duty man you’re being a protector do you remember how I

told you water is the element of change I’d forgotten what that truly meant change is the key to New Life growth equals change you reminded me of that but what if you don’t have to change cuz you’re perfect the way you already are and I’m deeply grateful that you did you know there’s a whole new generation of water benders who need training we could use your help Master qara thanks but Ang still has a journey to complete and so do I he still hasn’t even learned water bending after all the Avatar still has to learn

water bending yeah in that case he couldn’t have asked for a better Master yeah I wasn’t sure I was going to feel when I saw this like weird old guy makeup but I really like the performer very sincere I actually think beat up old guy makeup is pretty good for you what is it water from from our Oasis a reminder of what we’ve gone through and an invitation to return anytime a I’d like qara I do too A lot of people do not I know a lot of people don’t I don’t feel like she’s very

reflective of her animated counterpart but I like her for what this is what do you think Prince uko what do you want to do I don’t know I’m tired another call back to the first episode then you should rest or a second man needs his rest everyone’s getting the single tier moment this episode they were like here give me some High Drops we don’t know maybe he really did it I Costless no Fire Nation did because I failed to be the Avatar what do you mean you did the cool thing heang This Is War there’s

going to be losses there’s going to be pain none of that is your fault and the fire Benders aren’t giving up we have to prepare for whatever they throw out us next and so stop worrying about the past and start thinking about what you still have to do just train train go learn something buddy I think I understand something guat was trying to tell me he told me let go of the past or all never of a future yes that is what he said this is what a lot of people have been saying that’s right

you’re going to learn water bending and I’m going to make sure of that and then Earth bending t means back to aosu so anyone else hungry why is everything always about your stomach gu it’s where his brain is says the kid with the melon head oh I could go for a melon or a cabbages cabbages agnella took heavy damage our forces were en aable to take the city also it seems the Avatar remains alive I thought this dude died no he was attacked he didn’t die Conquering the north was always an unlikely proposition if that

was the case then why attack the north at all funes man why not distraction oh man you learned from the best didn’t you buddy he learned from the best the north was never the true Target oh my gosh for the first time in a century omashu is ours and now only Bing say stands between us and the Total Conquest of the earth Kingdom oh my goodness give me here give me here Zilla give it to me brilliant strategy was the fire lord aware Prince Zuko was among the forces at agnella loss of life among our

troops was substantial still his son he still kind of cares no I I really don’t think he does look at him cares a tiny bit no look at him if Zuko is strong he’ll survive if not sometimes you have to sacrifice the weak yeah he cares to keep yourself strong yes rise up bazula rise up omashu is ours wow for the Fire Nation what’s next season two is what’s next measuring the movements of the heavens has always proven difficult those crazy I no I’m surprised we have devised a method to better understand Celestial motion are

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Avatar the Last Airbender Review

what would you think it was good I actually like that episode I still I don’t know I really like the Godzilla character but uh I feel like in the animated version this was more Fantastical magical I don’t know but I I mean it’s animation so I guess you could do more with it make it prettier okay we’ll be on the animation side as an episode itself separating from it uh I like it a lot I have some quarrels with it I got quams Chum yeah here um I still am the least connected to a and it is Eight Episodes and the season is over and I’m like okay well I’m excited for Zuko’s Journey next season

I want to see more of the Fire Nation in isula next season this really should have just been called the Fire Nation honestly uh yeah I would I’m I’m there with you on the on the Ang quality of it I they this is the biggest they went with Fantastical for the show that is going for the gravitas and the grid like they’ve done Fantastical stuff obviously with the spirit world the other creatures there um just inherently it’s you know Fantastical with what the show is uh but to go like that big with a monster and

this is a this is a sequence that is a very popular one and to bring it to life I thought a big part of it was about nailing down the multi layers of tone there and I thought they actually did a really good job uh interesting what I don’t think they did a good job of relaying the relationship with the moon in the ocean I feel like especially that reunion could have done been done better I feel like it’s more emotional I meant just the the when the drama was going down I still feel like

the tone of emotional importance of the ocean losing his Moon oh I mean that quality wasn’t as strong to me me no it wasn’t uh but the the surrounding point of why he becomes the Vengeance monster literally the whole reason but I mean the I’m talking about the parts of it that were yeah I agree with you on on that specific quality I agree with you uh I’m talking specifically about the like the buildup with Xiao getting ready to you know kill the fish in the way he’s like laying into a and then where with

the with the um the the change in the in the lighting when it’s going from red TO gray to Blue and the destruction happening all around and the loss that was occurring while a is in this review form which is like the ultimate power but it doesn’t feel like Conquest it just feels um Bleak and I thought that’s those elements but yeah I mean they did have to like expositionally remind me of oh yeah yeah that’s why this is happening yeah you know like be be reunited because that’s one of the the problems with the with

the show as a whole I think is um it it can sometimes get bogged down and information overload in the for a show that chooses to expand upon some things it also causes a lot of things to not breathe and so there’s a lot of things that happen that I I just don’t care like I personally don’t care about like you know like the guy who whatever freaking uh ex-husband guy was to princess UA oh Han yeah he’s nice he’s a good actor uh it’s not it’s not that like I just there’s so much treatment

g a slow motion like I don’t really give a honestly like see I like that as a fight scene but the emotion behind it like they see that’s where I’m like we could have done without we could have done without Han’s backstory of being like the ex where and we could have Focus that into other things because it really doesn’t impact the story yeah no I think they if there that but this is where the show as a whole has a problem is is that it comes into and look guys it’s not a perfect show

all right I hate to break it to y’all it’s not a perfect show that it’s not a terrible show either though no I don’t I would not I saw Ron Tomatoes today it’s like got from critics it’s really bad that’s crazy me but from uh audience it’s like middling and to me I I’m I’m honestly at like a 70% with this I’m like a 70 to 75% 75% depending on where I’m at with the show at at the time what episode I in yeah like two three and four I thought were really strong six was

really good these last two honestly thought were kind of middling yeah they’re you they were fine I think what they did with like Zuko story I would definitely rank as top of the top uh Zuko and iro was a strong connection but and you know I I I don’t I think we’ve really went into it a lot and I was hoping this final episode would redeem it it doesn’t really redeem anything for me it’s like yeah you you I failed that failing is the Avatar it’s same repetitive they keep saying all the time and I

was just it was like redundant and annoying and there’s no depth and and all this stuff would like you’re my family a I didn’t the show did not spend much time with them developing like connections with each other other than they would get along you know that was about it I I was really disappointed by that and I 1 million bajillion gazillion percent I would exactly have that that’s not a comparison to does the animated show do it yeah they do it but it’s not a comparison to the animated show yeah it’s just a show

as a as a show I would 100% feel the exact same way of like I don’t understand like this whole thing with apparently there’s a lot of off screen bonding that has occurred that we just did not get to obviously you can’t spend all your screen time with them bonding but the quality of the scenes when they are together have to be above just you know Pleasant with them yeah and then a lot of things are like so I don’t know if this is just like nitpicky but the whole Momo scene so Momo is healed

and he’s there with them when they see the balloon and then Momo just disappears where the hell did Momo go he could have grabbed that bag of fish you know and like they just completely drop that part and I’m like Momo was there right why is it I don’t understand why because they’re doing with the one weird thing they decided to do here which I I understand structurally like a lot of it works for the Fire Nation but it comes at the expense of a lot of other story lines because they’ve decided to expand upon

the Fire Nation so much and it’s clear where their interest was in taking elements from season two and three and well mainly two and then throwing it into here um has allowed for honestly a really wonderful telling of of the Fire Nation characters from iro which I know was a big disagree fora Saka Zuko um I’m enjoying the buildup of aula oai Xiao they’re like excellent excellent even the 41st grou the 41st Group which is I don’t even remember jack about them for the animated like wow I I I was so surprised by that there

would be these and what I noticed is even with Momo other than like yeah of course I look at Mo how can you not love Momo it’s Momo look it’s Momo but the every moment that should have like a a I don’t know some from medium to large effect of of of an emotional payoff or an emotional resounding effect it does not quite get there even with Momo coming back like Momo being back oh thank God Momo’s back but then Saka being like Momo oh my God you idiot I had to remind myself oh yeah

like seven episodes ago they weren’t getting along you know he thought Momo was annoying like there’s not really a a a build to to to thank God it’s like yeah I like this moment but I know this show is really trying to sell me that this should be a very emotional moment for both Saka and Momo it’s just kind of like Pleasant everything is just this like medium ground and and it happens for everyone from qara qara is better but Kara Saka all them because they dedicate so much of the fire nation which is great

but they’re quality of writing is not there for everyone else I was going to say they have to find a balance going into season 2 of putting that strong writing a character development from the Fire Nation into really a and the relationships around him that that has to be a major Focus or this show is going to completely lose me because the strongest thing about a is his connection to the people around him not just the people but apaa and Momo there’s like a whole storyline of him and opa and their connection and you wouldn’t

know that from this this season like they barely have any connecting moments and it doesn’t have to be like this huge thing it could be the small details the small moments you know like like I’m not asking for a whole episode dedicated to it I’m asking for a 10 to 15 second scene at least showing me that there’s some emotion behind this to make it more believable than what what you’re handing me and expecting me to believe got to be qualitative relationships and the bonding there is so important and if they if the if the

relationships are not and and then whenever they talk about information of relationships it’s feels so just so repetitive honestly like Gat is really kind I love hearing about Gat the same time it was just kind of it got to the point where it’s getting again it’s just and now now we’re just repetitive for saying how repetitive it is you know and it’s another thing of move on you lost your moment with katoo you that is a moment You’ have lost and you I didn’t see you fully mourn that you know but I want me to

expect to believe that this has such an impact on you when even here this episode Ang is just there in my opinion he turns into the giant monster and that’s because it’s the ocean seeking Vengeance you know a isn’t doing anything they call him out on he’s learned nothing this entire season what lessons has he learned he’s got to let go of the p and move on it’s stop playing all the same Eight Episodes of the same told the entire time God yeah I don’t really like this there’s a lot of there’s time spanning here

and it and it feel and I don’t really get this it’s kind of clunky in it’s in its space spatial awareness some time it’s it’s clunky and there’s and sometimes acting can feel wooden because I don’t feel there’s a great understanding of because sometimes I think qara is great and then there are other times where I do think the way this is being captured makes her performance feel wooden but then there’s sometimes it’s so good where I’m like no I get it it’s subdued she’s a girl with who’s got a lot of pain and she’s

got like big I really liked her speed like that was the weird part to me when she’s saying like I need you Ang we’re family and like I don’t think this show has earned this moment because I don’t buy their family but I’m only kind but I like this scene only because I think the actress is doing a really good job with this monologue and that’s why I like it but the shows I I’m not into the this whole thing with like family and connection like that is an integral part but I know we’ve kind

of been harping on all this I’ve had a problem I think animated series my biggest problem with guitar was I felt she was a Mary Sue I’m pretty sure that was a complaint I had and I am having a similar complaint here I feel like everything comes easy to her from learning water bending to fighting Zuko she should not be able to hold her own against Zuko I’m sorry she really shouldn’t I remember when I remember there was like an episode where she was really struggling with learning how to water bend and like Ang was

helping her out and then she was getting annoyed at Ang for helping her out so uh I remember her being like a bigger complainer in the activated show at first uh I remember that I don’t know if I would recall the same feeling and here it it does it know that’s what I mean there’s and it keeps coming back everything that we keep coming back to is a lot does not feel earned yeah when they get to these certain moments because of the way time is spent that it’s rushing through things I’m like a lot

is happening right now but it is it can be a little clunky and then it it’s a mixed bag where a lot is really good it’s hard because you’re like the time spent is probably spent bettering the Fire Nation I don’t want them to take that away you know yeah it’s so good it’s so good I want them to put that same energy into the other characters as well I want them to share that love well but I don’t know if they’re capable of doing doing that you remember when I like it probably like the

second episode I think one of my one of my actual comparisons that I was saying I was missing um like a legit comparison was that I thought I kind of miss a little bit of the a bit bit of a light-hearted flare that the other one that the animated show would offer and this is very very very serious and I was I got I adjusted to the tone and I liked it a lot a like a lot a lot of it and I the the impression that I get is that the creators of this this

one they only really want to do the dark yeah so that’s why the Fire Nation stuff is really good because they really want to do the dark but to really know how to do more of the the side of Love or or the light side of of of the characters that literally like I’m talking like water Nation the characters don’t that don’t need the dark don’t need like they don’t need this like pending of abuse you uh they they don’t really that also requires multi-layers like the dark side the darkness requires showing the light in

iro and and and Zuko showing these Shades and the other characters it requires that in order to shine a light on them for the your quote unquote darker characters and then for your light characters you got to know how to implement both the darkness into into the light characters and that they I don’t really feel like they have a good graph on how to how to magnify uh that side of it even though I like Saka a lot I think I think the actor Saka really helps out a lot I think whoever plays him does

a really really good job I think he’s really fun um and he sells a lot of different qualities I think if there were poor actors in these roles this would be be tough it would be tough to watch it would be tough yeah a lot of the actors really save it even when you cut to like the different cultures the different tribes like I like I like how cultural the show actually feels too uh and I appreciate the amount of I know some people hate when you say this but whatever it’s a lot of diversity

on screen and and I think the I think it does make it feel more lived in yeah and the actors really help with that so I I think and the music’s been really solid and the action for the most part has been good yeah and so yeah I’m like a somewhere between making an even 73% 7 5% yeah I’m at 75% I feel like it could have been a stronger ending but I am hopeful that they will take what was strong here and expand upon it and make the rest of it great if there’s a

season two yeah they really got improving they have to they have to oh man your show is doomed if you don’t do that he is the m he’s the quintessential character yeah no it is and it’s rough sometimes when he’s on screen it is rough to pay attention to him honestly I’m forcing myself to pay attention to so they have to fix that that’s that’s a must send this review to the writers it’s really hard it’s really hard yeah um but what do you guys think overall where would you rank it what’s a 73 I

I was if I was doing a letter oh my God no I want to go that low I you wouldn’t go a c i 100% would go a c i’ say like a C+ okay so you’re looking at 7 C plus or B minus no you’re 78 I feel like B minus is C+ C+ I’m sticking with my 75% because there were some episodes that were were tough to get through they were tough to give all righty well that’s the end you tell us your thoughts what would you rate US in any rating you want

letters nine out of 10 I mean out of 10 percentages the rating system over in like the UK in the Europe na do they do grades like a plus what’s the what’s the rating over there I’m curious they have you sweep chimneys they give you tea you get a tea if you do good on a test you get tea they don’t do get fish and chips ideal me okay fish and chips yep you slurp those fish and ships why people eat them like like worm food okay this is over goodbye

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