AVATAR The Way Of Water Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Sequel Theories And Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul and it’s time to open Pandora’s Box as we dive into Avatar the way of water in this new video we’re going to be breaking down the characters plot and also the ending James Cameron has also touched on some things to do with Avatar 3 and 4 and in this video we’re gonna be going through it all this is going to be one of the big movies of the year so if you don’t want anything ruined then I recommend that you turn off now heavy spoilers from

here on out and if you enjoy the video please hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day without the way thank you for clicking this now let’s get into the way of water strong heart okay so when we last left Pandora we just seen the US military being overthrown by the navi due to slowly switching sides and leading an uprising after the defeat of Colonel quadrich the humans were forced to flee Pandora and there has been peace on the planet ever since then we learned that Jake has

created a family with materi and he’s also adopted the Son of God Rich who had to stay on Pandora born in Hell’s Gate he

was too young for cryo sleep and therefore couldn’t return home and has remained behind with the navi he’s not the only person they’ve adopted either and they’ve also taken Curry under their wing who’s quite a mysterious character voiced by Sigourney Weaver there’s a big question mark over how she came to be but the first part of the video we’re gonna be going through that now if you cast your mind back to

the first movie you’ll remember that Sigourney played the character Grace who died whilst transferring her mind into her Avatar just before her death Grace told Jake that she was with ayor and she passed away leaving her Avatar body behind who discovered that Kerry was born from her and though Grace’s Avatar was rendered brain dead it was still naturally alive she conceived Kerry who now carries human traits and these include eyebrows as well as four fingers now this was something from the first movie that the avatars carried and this is because they were all bearing human

DNA Kerry has a strong spiritual connection to the planet and this is likely due to gray seeing anywhere before her death Kiri even Witnesses Grace at one point in the film but we don’t learn too much about how she was conceived Kyrie’s deepest wishes that she could have met Grace and she often visits her Avatar and also watches through recording she left behind now due to her body being brain dead there’s three ways that she could have been conceived the first is pretty and I don’t know if we’re necessarily gonna be going that route because

I doubt Cameron’s going to touch that especially not in a Disney movie the second option is that Kiri is actually an Immaculate Conception and that she came to be after Grace came in a presence with the God she has a way to tap into the spiritual side of things I think that she may become a really important character in the upcoming movies there’s always a talk that she and Norm had thing and that she was pregnant before she passed away which means they were getting it on in their Avatar bodies Kerry can also control Planet

animal life underwater and if she can do this then it’s possible she can do it with the trees and animals on land now Grace isn’t the only character who finds New Life in the movie and both Wayne Fleet and Colonel quadrich return once more we discover that just before his death the quadrich uploaded his mind emotions and everything that made him him he has been processed through the recombinant program which has allowed him to return once more now due to him being duplicated before his death quadrich doesn’t have any memory of his because technically from

his perspective he never experienced it there’s lots of interesting things that they can do with him and potentially he may come to realize that he’s a slave that’s simply being used by the Army rather than actually having a life of his own there’s lots of deeper questions here such as what it means to be human whether a perfect duplicate becomes that or if it’s simply a copy he also hated the Nabi but is now himself become an Avatar and the dislike for quadrich is quadrich coming from him a quadrich quite richet that’s that’s my one

bad pun for the video now it’s very much a ship of this year’s situation that they could end up exploring in future movies as we know that the character is gonna be back for all the sequels now because of when he was uploaded he also carries the same hatred for Jake that the original did to him Jake is a Trader that destroyed the hopes of Humanity’s survival and with depleting resources back on Earth Sully Doom the entire species because he needed some blue cat lady his words not mine foreign land we get a one-year time

Jump and we see as Jake and the navi have started launching Guerrilla attacks on the humans spider is captured early on by quadrachina’s forces and realizing that he has Intel that could endanger their people Jake and the family decide to Up Sticks the humans have a way of basically seeing someone’s Thoughts by putting them on a what’s basically an MRI machine on drugs Jake would likely be aware of this and not want to bring his family into it and therefore he’s just like we need to get out of here because they’re using the Twirly Whirly

machine and they travel out to them at kaina who have become almost one with the ocean and the Aquatic Life that lived there the movie is basically about Jake and the tiri’s family learning to adapt there and navigating how to best handle a human threat it’s very much a fish out of way of water story and much in the same way that the first movie focused on Jake learning something new the family now have to learn something new in this new environment now along with spider and Kerry natiri and Jake have three other children or

took for short and I’ll be calling them tuck because I butchered all those pronunciations and in this movie we watch as they all start to integrate and also meet several of them at Kaine this includes Elite tanawari who’s voiced by Cliff Curtis is also his wife Ronald who I think it’s pronounced Ronald who’s played by Kate Winslet and of this the pair have a daughter Raya who sort of starts a thing with Jake’s son now Winslet said that she’d never work with Cameron again after this she got put through on Titanic and she stated interviews

that during production she’d sometimes wake up wishing for death yay well she’s back because I backed up the money truck and Winslet actually set a world record for the movie whilst filming the underwater scenes she held her breath for over seven minutes which is amazing but Cameron wanted eight so get back under the water you a quadrache in his forces use spotted to track down Jake and they also start hunting tolkiens and we learn what the humans are really there for these animals are extremely intelligent and inside them exists a fluid that completely stops all

aging within humans humanity is now whale hunting them and trying to harvest this in order to sell it on to stop humans dying towards the end of the film Jake’s kids decide to head out to get spider back and this is when they come across a Tolkien used as bait the humans and attack leading to the kids being captured and a big battle on water takes place they managed to escape with spider but Nate I am a shot jumping off the ship he ends up dying from his wounds as his body’s taken to the shore

and he very much becomes the first Blood In The Family the ending of the film someone acts as a mirror as we start by chronicling the birth of him and we end with the character’s death and throughout the movie we saw Jay giving his children a hard time due to the pressure that was caused by the humans coming back he had to turn them into soldiers rather than letting them be the family that we see them being in the opening of the movie Jake’s kids were also bullied by the Met Karina I think he feels

like this war has taken away the lives that they should have had together now back on the shore to make matters worse quadrach has Jake’s daughter is and he wants to try greatest life for theirs surrounded by fire Jake and the theory head out into the night honor the sinking ship along with spider a launching attack that wipes out a lot of the humans with an interior almost becoming fearile as she takes them out Jake frees Turk but kiri’s taken hostage by quadrich and at this point natiri grabs spider and puts a blade to his

neck though quatrich initially pretends to not care about him dying he hands Curry over when he realizes she’s willing to take her son for his son clearly quadrich cares about him and we’ll talk about this more later on in the video now Jake goes to leave but quadrich says that he won’t stop until he kills him and his whole family thus he returns to battle him again and the family are forced back under the ship as the fire from it starts to spread it slowly starts to go down and in the end Jake seemingly drowns

quadrach into the water but he’s rescued by spider Jake nearly drowns too but look travels back down there to get him and they make it out with some help from a tulkin and one land a quadrich called spider son and asks him to come with him but spider does the navi and swims back to his family this great impression and this is very much a sun for a son but rather than killing spider they’ve taken him away from his father he may never know the love that having a family brings and will likely spend the

rest of his existence fighting in this War the movie ends with a funeral at Sea and we know from the first film that the navi have a circle of life in which they’re born before they return to AWA the sun returns to the spiritual world and Jake offers to leave them at kaina but he’s embraced by the group and this now becomes his home the movie ends with them reaching out to AWA no water and Jake experiences seeing his son along with natiri Jake vows not to let quatrich take his home now going forward they’ll

make their stand there the movie ends with his eyes opening and this is much in the same vein of how the first film climax 2. going forward there’s a fair bit that we know about the rest of the Avatar films Avatar 3 was filmed alongside this movie with principal photography on it starting back in 2017. all the cast returned and it has been said that quadracho will be the villain in three four and five Oona Chaplin and David dulis have been added to the cast’s new characters and we know that the former will be called

varang as with doulas we don’t know his character name but he did say that he needed to do motion capture for the movie and has stayed in passing that his character is one of the navi you also have Michelle yo who will be playing Dr Karina Moog Cameron has stayed in interviews that he got some notes back for the Avatar 3 script he said that he must have gotten better because all he got for Avatar 4 was an email saying this is crazy the title for the third film will be the seed Bearer four will

be called the Tolkien Rider and lastly five will be called a quest for AWA we have caused me the tolkiens in the movie and these are the giant whales that live within the ocean we see Jason riding them and they’ll likely become something that the other navies learn to ride just like how in June we had the worm Riders I think that the Tolkien will be a similar sort of thing these great beasts will even the playing field in the sea and allow the navi to take down the humans the humans of course want them

too and I think that they’ll become the utmost important thing due to the fluid within them now lastly is the Quest for ayur which will be coming out in 2028 I’m guessing that this last film will have a strong focus on Kerry due to her connection to Grace who she connected with in the movie she can pretty much become the human personification of aor and it seems like when she was uploaded into the tree that she remained there rather than moving into her body like Jake did we’ll also likely learn who carries true father is

even though I think we’ll go with the whole Immaculate Conception thing now tying back to earlier in the bed and the idea of cloning and so on I do think that they could potentially start exploring this Avenue more and more although it’s possible that Jake will kill the second version of quadrich I actually think it would be more interesting if he was kept alive say that he comes to accept the idea that he’s actually quite Rich rather than being a clone and instead of living in existence based around War he decides to try and form

a relationship with his son he has seen behind the curtain of what humanity is up to and being a navi now my make him start to see empathy when he’s murdering people that look like him therefore he may leave the service in order to live in this paradise with his son instead of being like nah we’re gonna burn it all down now what would the Army do at this point well they still have his mind backed up and I think it would be crazy if they just decided that because the prior version had failed but

it was time to create another REM com using his mind there’s no rule that we can’t have two REM coms of the same person running around out there and for this newer version it would be like he’d just come off the back of uploading his mind he could have two visions of quadrich running around with one having gone through an entire character Arc whilst the other is coming fresh off having just been resurrected I think this would add such an interesting Dynamic to the entire franchise and ask what it means to be human now we

know at some point that the fight will likely be taken to Earth the rumors around Avatar 5 say that we will be journeying to the planet now this could either be because they want to stop the humans once and for all or potentially Pandora itself could be inhabited edible The Walker potentially destroy all life on the planet and mean that the navi have to flee into space the navi don’t really have the technology for space travel and thus it is interesting to think why there’d be any other reason for traveling to earth now if you

saw the Extended Cut for the first movie then you’ll know that we spent some time on Earth and that takes me into my next point which is my crazy theory about Jake’s brother that’s right you chump it’s your favorite bit it’s your favorite bit isn’t it you love it it’s your turn so if you cast your mind back to the first movie then you’ll know that Jake only got into the Avatar program because his twin brother was part of it Jake’s brother died and thus he was asked to go out to Pandora as he’d be

compatible with his Avatar I think the recombinant angle adds a lot of avenues to the movie and I’d love it if we have a Twist where it turned out that his brother was still alive his body was cremated but if his mind was duplicated then there is the potential that they could bring him back with him being a twin as well Jake lurking at him in his Avatar would add an extra Dimension to all of their interactions Jake would pretty much be faced with the way he used to look and his brother would represent the

past that he left behind Jake’s brother’s death is what pushed him on this journey and though I don’t think they go with that it could add some internal conflict within him and his brother I think the film in general could end up being about freeing those trapped in the recombinant program because those that are in it could potentially be enslaved who knows how many time quadridge has been brought back and if one awakens and doesn’t act the way they want they can just press the reset button and start all over again say the use of

fluid and tokens on the soldiers then that means quadrich is gonna be a sleigh that’s fighting the war for eternity it removes freedom and knows that don’t act the way they want are forced into a life of war and Vengeance might not happen but that’s enough anyway I’ve seen some people saying that due to Cameron’s comments about four being crazy that they could even do some wild like saying it’s all a simulation when dealing with host bodies and stuff but with the title of the fifth movie having that await in it I doubt they’re gonna

do it movies that do that stuff without the premise already being built in normally get backlash for it and I’d kick the off if that happened so don’t do it and that’s what my thoughts on the film I think James Cameron he’s bloody done it again in terms of visuals this movie is unmatched and even the first one doesn’t come close in terms of environment and the beauty that’s on display here it really is an experience that leaps off the screen and continues to remind me why Cinemas are such an important part of our culture

now the plot is a little Bare Bones and clocking in at over three hours I think there are some people who might struggle with the pacing it’s an hour into the movie before we even get to the mechaina but I think just how much the world absorbs you definitely makes up for it again this is unmatched in terms of scope and scale well and it’s something that I definitely recommend that everyone checks out in a cinema I just in the same way that the first movie was captivating this UPS the stakes too I have seen

people saying that the characters are a little shallow but I do disagree with that too I mean they’re not massively complex but it’s very much a coming-of-age story for the kids and the parents also having to weigh up the costs of War you also have some really interesting things with quadrach and Kiri that no doubt will be explored in future sequels down the line so yeah Cameron’s done it again he’s created an amazing spectacle but at the heart of it it’s a story about family that appeals Timeless now whether this tops the first one’s box

office remains to be seen and I think this does very much feel like a metal chapter or whereas that was more Standalone you kinda need to get all those people back but I think Word of Mouth for this movie will be very strong and people will probably return I also think that on the whole that most will enjoy it too now as an experience I’d say this is a 10 out of 10 Twitter Force however as two other fours however as a movie I’d probably market around the 8 out of 10. that sort of place

there’s great storytelling and things that set up the future but yeah the pacing at points and the fact that it doesn’t feel like a complete story just knocked it down from being perfect for me now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on it so make sure you comment below and let me know we are a competition right now and giving away Dawn of the Dead and Black Adam to three subscribers on the 15th of January all you have to do to be on the chance of winning is like the video make sure you subscribe

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