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sorry can you hear that and there’s the
air technology here she is i’m really
excited i was just not expecting this
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this week we are testing a new from
babyliss very exciting
that curl styler luxe and it says that
it gives
lasting loose curls which
if it does that i’m not giving this back
if you’ve got long hair you you kind of
want your curls to be quite loose
but then they always seem to drop out
after like an
hour it looks like this so it’s got all
these kind of
grooves ridges around it oh
okay so you press this button here
and then that’s what opens it it’s kind
of like
a little clapper and it says it uses
cool air technology so your hair like
cools down as it’s coming off the barrel
which then
is great for setting your style which is
i guess
where you get the long lasting finish

/> from so that sounds good to me
that’s good that if it does that for you
as well that’s kind of why
a lot of hairdryers will have a cool
button a cool shot button
and professionals will use that when
they’re doing a blow dryer on your hair
so oh and there’s the air technology
here she is
sorry can you hear that it sounds like
an aircraft
if you’re really missing going on
what you could do is just put this on
and then just pretend you’re on the
so this is really interesting i actually
thought that the
this bit would get hot but it doesn’t
it’s just the plates in the middle
so i’ve just been reading about how you
use this it’s a bit confusing to me
but i’m sure i’ll get the hang of it
eventually so what you do is you have to
place the hair section between the inner
wrap the hair around the outer barrel
and gently glide the plates down the
for easy curling in a single stroke
that’s that’s a big promise
oh like this
it’s weird like this isn’t very hot i
think that’s what’s throwing me
because i’m used to normally it’s like i
want everything like
burning hot
that’s worked well okay we got we got a
we’ve got a curl and we’ve got a kink do
you know what my hair doesn’t feel hot
that’s actually insane they’re actually
springy curls i don’t understand
it’s called the m bit i don’t think i’m
doing this right hang on
you know after you’ve curled your hair
your hair feels like mad hot
and you can’t touch it that doesn’t feel
hot at all
okay oh yeah here we go
jesus seven minutes in and i’ve worked
it out well done me
okay and it’s actually incredibly easy
i’m really excited i was just not
expecting this at all
oh that was a great one 10 out of 10 for
look at it wow well done me
i’ve messed it up it’s quite quick
though once you’ve got the hang of it
like i feel like i’m not having to hold
it for ages to get like a good curl like
i think so far the tool’s been easy to
use um it took me a little a few minutes
to kind of get hang of the twisting
like motion at first but otherwise yeah
it was pretty simple it’s just like
using straighteners really all right let
just brush these through now
oh yeah oh my gosh yes
oh it’s very bouncy especially my fringe
i think it would take me a little bit of
time to kind of get to grips with it but
i definitely would use it again
because of the fact that it does just
feel really nice after you’ve used it
your hair does my hair just feels
exactly the same as before
i would love this in a straightener form
if i could straighten my hair and not
feel like it was super hot
as it like hit my face goals
so let’s fabulous work on that please
but if i was to do this all over i would
huge movable waves um and i’m really
to see how it looks on elsie and vic’s
i’ll be honest i found this very
difficult to use
um i’m going to watch this and i’m going
to see vic and keeks
get to grips with it really easily and
because i’m quite lazy with hair
you can’t take two big sections
otherwise um
your hair slips out but all i want to do
is take big sections
so i feel that this took me longer and
i found it harder um but i think that’s
more for how i am with hair like like i
said i just want to get it done
i’m not very patient i love that you
don’t have to wait for them to cool down
i think it’s really innovative
technology but i love fabulous tongs
this one just wasn’t my favorite
overall i think it’s it’s good value for
money i like
the fact that it’s basically like using
except it’s slightly easier because it’s
a rounded curling tong i don’t know how
to explain it
you kind of just have to try it but it
is definitely
um quite easy to use once you’ve got the
initial kind of hang of it i would
recommend it yeah i would recommend it i
think if you’ve got long hair and you
want a looser curl
um it’s definitely uh one to try
so yeah all in all i’m i’m impressed
yeah i think it’s good
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