Babyliss FX3 Trimmer – Unboxing e Review

babyliss fx3 primer And then Adri, it’s worth it man, first of all Congratulations on the babyliss because this machine is sensational but it’s Watch there until the end so you can see if it’s worth it or not drink water so let’s go for another one it started again Adri is already crazy , another box arrived bro and I’ll tell you it’s another review that I’m going to bring now and it’s already connected here it’s 100% in reality it’s Adri barber director from Portugal and I’ll keep it for another review if you you still don’t know

me I’m Adri barber here in Portugal and everything is done with a lot of affection a lot of dedication a lot of love for you so here’s the thing I’m going to open this box you already know which machine it is I know there are some machines in here and who sent it to me was the barbershop here in Portugal gratitude barbershop for having loaned me The machines for me to do a review I know it’s from babyliss But I still don’t know what it is I don’t want to thank you and shave garlic Hey

people from Portugal I always recommend the barbershop recommended right because it’s a very complete store, very good, reliable, it arrives quickly, so thanks, the barbershop lent the machines, it’s already very

cool when you give the brands, it’s going to be even better Look how old the babyliss doesn’t play , right, it doesn’t play fx3 babyliss fx3 a finishing one, what a promise, let’s go man, this box is anything, huh, I already liked this machine a lot because of its ergonomics, because of its shape , the design is dead, I’ll show you right away show it

promises 7,200 RPM 4 hours of charge for 4 hours of use digital engine that delivers high power without losing speed even if the battery runs out and it has a 4- level battery indicator LED that is interesting for us, right, but without mystery As a mystery I also like the Box I’ll leave it here for now Let’s just see what comes with the medium oil kit with key cleaning brush Nice I think it’s something to hang I think a different pin charger and manual warranty tam tam tam wow wow damn man are you talking here

12 watts of power is usually five six sometimes 10 so promising 12 the weight seems to be only on the blade not on the body wow the ergonomics are very good i no Honestly it’s like that I don’t really like the material that’s how the machine is incredibly beautiful but it’s plastic it looks kind of dry But that’s just an observation like that just a thing right on the face I always like to bring these observations But in general wow it has a very good view Lana is well exposed let’s turn it on I don’t

know if it has two speeds I think it’s not different the nice noise you can hear a little beep from the engine because it’s digital its noise is different it has an indicator LED o with some scratches here you’ll see it more closely this is good good babyliss good can you hear us this is very good man You can see it you can feel it in your hand that it’s very strong It shakes a little it vibrates a little I’m curious to see it in practice because it has zero monsters this is a monster Let’s

See Let’s see it in practice let’s see the RPM weight I liked it Let’s check the weight of the fx3 the ideal thing was to have a slime here, right for us to check the weight that is a basically the same body but it doesn’t have it so it’s going to fall even though it’s being my main one with 211 grams while the fx3 has 163 grams wow it’s very light huh 163 G now time to measure the RPM Remembering that the Bible promises 7,200 Let’s see how much it’s going to hit 6,838 man I

thought it was going to hit 7000 honestly 6835 6,828 I think that’s it huh 6835 I’m going to measure it through the app now because honestly I thought it was going to hit 7 thousand 6,863 So that’s right huh at around 6,800 and it’s loaded stop measuring its decibels here in the studio with That’s it 75 I want to remind you that today is the fourth class of the workshop open hands scissors at 8 pm I’ll leave the link down here in the description for If you sign up and you’re in the WhatsApp group if

you’re not already there, you’ll also have access to the other three classes remembering that today there’s going to be an amazing surprise for you who want to evolve who want to learn more with me So enjoy and see you today at 20 hours of Brazil Beauty then check the description link final considerations babyliss fx3 streamer let’s follow that way with the score item by item to see how it did but before that it’s connected, right, it already gives that strength there already leave your like to strengthen the channel and if you are not yet subscribed,

take the opportunity to subscribe and you will always stay on top of the news that are coming out here on the channel babyliss promises 7,200 RPM and delivered 6,835 so for rtm I’m going to give an 863 grams man it’s a very machine take it even more with that power I’ll give a nine for the weight 75 of this 10 for the decibels I’ll give it an eight Because even though it’s a relevant number like that, a little high is nothing much in the day to day battery 4 hours of charge for four hours of

use a sensational lithium polymer battery later I’ll talk more about it for the battery I’ll give it a 9 sensational ergonomics reminds a lot of the body of the indie Slim Line, right, like us, as you may have already noticed Car this ergonomics is very good very good later I’ll talk because I’m not going to give a 10 but I’m going to give a 9 for the ergonomics of this machine here surreal precision man it’s very good very good even though the zero on it is kind of rough you know even kinda when scratching the

skin you have to be careful so that’s why it’s scratching so well because it has zero GAP even for precision I’ll give it a ten but ah does it deserve the quality cell phone Guilherme releases the quality cell phone there because man the machine is sensational here in Portugal right at the barber shop where i got the brand from i’ll leave the link after the barber shop here in the description if you’re going to buy some material with them say you go through the channel through adri that you end up strengthening us then In the

barbershop it costs around 150 euros in Europe in general I saw that it costs around 150 euros and in Brazil I didn’t find it available I only found the first version which is the same but red although I think there is a difference in the blades and everything else, finally the other one was around 700 800 I believe that when this one is available in Brazil it will be around R$ 800 also positive points brushless motor, it is a very nice digital motor because even when unloading it goes keep the same rotation which is very

good DLC blade which does not heat up or takes longer to grow and it is sensational the blade with me in practice did not heat up battery indicator even though it does not display because it has four battery levels Man this is very good a ergonomics there is no way I have to mention that ergonomics is a positive point man because it is thin it stays super well in the hand very very cool even the ergonomics has nothing to say it’s very good weight I don’t like it personally I like a light machine and it’s

a super light machine, it’s a toy, you can see that it has a little more weight on the top because of the blade , the rest of the body looks like it’s just the carcass, it’s so light . The precision because it’s really sensational the machine is risking very well the combination of the cutting blade with the protection blade is very good very good even the babyliss is good, right in this matter of blades Another positive point is the lithium polymer battery I already had Said that in the cutting machine in the fx3 cut it

is basically a battery that holds more energy it retains more energy because it is a flexible battery so in the same size as a common battery this one that it can retain more energy right and last longer let’s say the battery I want to mention one more observation from the manufacturer, as I said, no cutting, they also ask for five cycles for the battery to reach its maximum potential . completely and let it work until it turns off five times so these five cycles are what it takes for it to reach the maximum battery Beauty

man negative points on this machine Honestly, there’s nothing to say until one more observation that can come with a positive point, the off and on button in high relief . and the drink pays attention to these things that I think are very cool but As I said, I don’t see any negative points on the machine, it has a battery indicator, it’s not a display, but it shows the four levels of battery, which is very good, they need a very good light machine. A little more affordable would be even better but the babyliss, whether you like

it or not, the price is fair for the quality they deliver observations in practice and everything else . I gave 10 for accuracy but I have to mention that the zero is very angry, you know, a very low zero. it feels hot you know it feels hot like it’s not pinching but it feels like it’s getting there so even that’s why she’s so angry most finishing machines or even cutting machines if you adjust a zero too much a lot of GAP in which the cutting mud is from the inside, it’s practically flush with the protection

one. Man, they’re going to have a very good precision, you know, that’s not the only thing that’s going to make it cut super well . it was this adjustment that came with it that already made me like the precision so much, I can even put it as an observation here , right that the fact of having this zero so GAP bothered the customer a little bit but if I want to adjust it lower a little bit, I’ll solve it by coming back from practice both when cleaning and when scratching to do the finishing I really

liked it, you know it ‘s cleaning super well it scratches super well it’s the only thing like that I could mention maybe with a negative observation it would be that I don’t like this dry material very much on the body you see if it was a more rubbery material I don’t know how to explain it exactly I don’t think version 1 which is red right I think Bruno Portolan has already reviewed it I think maybe it has a better footprint because and I think it’s not the same material I think it’s a glossy plastic, this

one dried out here gives a feeling of being very smooth, it seems like it could slip more easily, I didn’t have a problem slipping or anything but I have this feeling so I don’t know if I had a little flu for her Baby lissionalmente There are some flus but I don’t know I feel that she is very very smooth but other than that man the machine is beautiful, right I ended up not talking about her beauty like that but her design is amazing as I said it reminds me a lot of the body I don’t

have Aids, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken it in hand because I think even the way to load it is the same as the Indies I don’t know if the structure is not exactly the index structure I’m not sure but it’s very similar, right very similar it’s not in vain I’ve already told the babyliss a few times It listens to the barbers the Bible says it seems to listen well to the professionals so I believe that to bet on this format on this body is because they’ve heard a lot about ergonomics from India

it was very good, you know, so it’s cool, right? For more than you copied the body of the one, they bet something that worked out. The last thing that’s good, man, it’s like always. information I use the machine to give my information, right to bring my feedback on what I found both in terms of information and in practice, right, because practice is what matters most, it’s no use for me to say the information is more or less but if in practice it’s good, that’s what matters But anyway, I think it’s a machine that’s worth it,

you know if one day you’re interested in investing, it’s a very good machine, you know, it’s a machine, the Bible, as I say, it’s always betting on quality and this one here tells me The cutting one surprised, as you saw, I wasn’t such a fan, but this finishing one is a machine that I would leave on the bench. I even for the price, it’s two Ju cai but it’s a very good machine I recommend it if you’re from Portugal As I said I’ll leave the link to the barbershop if you’re from Brazil I’ll leave a

WhatsApp link of a partner that sells machines in Brazil later I’ll talk to him I don’t know if he will but he will always have some brand to recommend you Just don’t forget to say that it was through Adri’s channel to strengthen us beauty man and now I want to know what you think what you think about the machine you liked it would you find it interesting design the strength everything the question, it didn’t hit 7,200 RPM but the rotation for me is super beautiful enough, that’s why I gave it an eight because if it

had reached a 7, a 7 and a little bit, it would have been a nine, right, and a 10 if it reaches what was promised but its RPM is sensational And what do you think of the machine? leave your feedback here saying what you think I hope you enjoyed it there will be more video there will be more content we’re together and if you haven’t watched it yet I’ll leave the jucaia review here for you to watch this machine is mad huh that this is together is us

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